OT Loser (@OTLoser) — Cursed as a Canuck fan.
@etown_ter @HockeySportPod Jokes are hard to understand bud, you’ll get it next time, slugger!
25-03-2023 21:58
@The_Kassian @fakenewshaterr Petterson needs to be at center
25-03-2023 11:46
@kingston_jj @mervmagoo @LeafSingh Lmao weak. KeEp PoLiTiCs OuT oF SpOrTs. Ones about human rights and ones about war crimes.
25-03-2023 04:32
@DanielDAmour Currently? Karlsson should be there
25-03-2023 04:28
@dcodysweet @TheDiscoStu Forgetting about this lgbt country legend? https://t.co/p4kaQCauI9
25-03-2023 02:16
@WGFBruin @IanKennedyCK Lmao yeah okay. That’s why a bunch of Russians have already worn the jerseys?
25-03-2023 02:15
@329erYOW @cspotweet You mean like the jersey? I guess it’s cool if McDavid just decides his his faith doesn’t agre… https://t.co/756GU4F2KB
25-03-2023 02:12
@rosanne_keen @DJRB2006 @Radio_Brent Imagine thinking criticism = bullying. He’s a big boys I’m sure his coaches have been harsh too.
25-03-2023 01:52
@TheoFleury14 Theo can you define communism for me?
25-03-2023 01:49
@twiggybones555 @passittobulis John and Don would be fun
24-03-2023 08:50
RT @GraphicComments: Chicago pride. https://t.co/I7BuMNrN50
24-03-2023 06:26
@TheStanchion https://t.co/B490TDUTQL
24-03-2023 04:49
@rude_canuck He was the most peculiar man
24-03-2023 04:44
@vince_nero @JustinWillhoit @cullenthecomic No one’s asking them to suck dick, imagine being such a snowflake that… https://t.co/YvuhlKj5Tb
24-03-2023 04:28
@TheStanchion I do this regularly
24-03-2023 02:29
0 202
RT @TheStanchion: I’ve sat through countless dinners where the people wanted to do a prayer beforehand and I just let them do their thing.…
24-03-2023 02:29
@Cdav261 @mhockey911 @Nelly70435525 @Steve_Dangle If it’s just a piece of fabric I hope he doesn’t mind this pictur… https://t.co/AoL5psSBJw
20-03-2023 00:03
@mhockey911 @Nelly70435525 @Cdav261 @Steve_Dangle And look at the outrage that sparked lol
20-03-2023 00:00
@mhockey911 @Cdav261 @Nelly70435525 @Steve_Dangle What about military night, you guys would lose it if a player ref… https://t.co/osZDZ3XYcE
19-03-2023 23:57
@MattBonam @FanaticsSupport @OnlyCraftBeer Relax it’s not the twitter guys fault
19-03-2023 21:27
@marcc06 @alyssaturnz Lol you know this isn’t the kind of pride they are talking about. I’ll assume your not a proud American.
19-03-2023 20:52
@jingoflagwaver @alyssaturnz Is it bullying when you bet on a team losing?
19-03-2023 20:49
@vivabuck @Raezillaa @thetuscangrill @male_wife They killed gay people specifically because they were gay they didn… https://t.co/saxCAOzMox
19-03-2023 20:46
@burner314159262 @mhockey911 @Steve_Dangle I’m aware I’m just not going to pay to edit
19-03-2023 04:48
0 714
RT @brubauers: if you look close enough, Grubauer has a cross on his helmet but he’s still wearing a pride jersey. It’s not that hard y’a…
19-03-2023 04:12
@scadden87 @Kyle_Cush Lmao okay I’ll ask your permission next time I want to criticize someone
19-03-2023 01:50
@jabo_vancouver Said book also doesn’t have to have that interpretation, it’s just used as a get out of jail free card for homophobia
19-03-2023 01:21
RT @Multifand0mboii: @SanJoseSharks I just love the pride jersey ❤🧡💛💚💙💜 https://t.co/NZhJrfGx7Q
19-03-2023 01:18
@TLAW_Szn @KenniCrosby87 @know_tru @cmasisak22 Who said that?
18-03-2023 23:51
@TLAW_Szn @KenniCrosby87 @know_tru @cmasisak22 To be clear I’m not anti solider but definitely against the system in which they exist.
18-03-2023 23:35
@TLAW_Szn @KenniCrosby87 @know_tru @cmasisak22 Individuals who are often taken advantage due to poverty. Don’t see… https://t.co/QcpYvSGfMR
18-03-2023 23:34
@TLAW_Szn @KenniCrosby87 @know_tru @cmasisak22 The people sent by a government to feed their arms industry so all t… https://t.co/mkHAJm3hYM
18-03-2023 23:29
@ChadLaRoche @ActOfDog2 @cmasisak22 @RussoHockey Dog that even true. Conspiracies can be true just not the ones you’re peddling
18-03-2023 23:21
@ChadLaRoche @cmasisak22 @RussoHockey Because of people like you 🤷‍♂️
18-03-2023 23:20
@mhockey911 @Steve_Dangle What other conclusion is there to draw?
18-03-2023 23:13
181 1
@mhockey911 @Steve_Dangle If you’re opinion is a group of people shouldn’t exist than I have no respect for it
18-03-2023 23:10
@StuffCalebSaid One of Caleb’s less egregious takes
18-03-2023 22:03
@dstewseattle @Sleazybynature @samanthacp_ You’re the one who makes it sexual like that. Think about the kid with t… https://t.co/ouHHbgfi4c
18-03-2023 19:11
@LapierreJeff @brianhwc Very much not $999 sick lol
18-03-2023 10:08
@Hockey_Robinson Silovs still got the shutout over him at Young Stars (meaningless but still fun)
18-03-2023 08:05
@LapierreJeff @brianhwc That’s kinda sick ngl
18-03-2023 08:03
@BobHamm16 @MayorTomDyas @PamDamoff Wtf are you talking about lol just some brain rot nonsense
18-03-2023 06:42
@kelsieswrites Chiropractors practice pseudoscience that harms tons of people. It’s crazy how accepted that field is.
18-03-2023 04:37
@Sleazybynature @samanthacp_ Do you think gay people only started existing 13 years ago?
18-03-2023 04:32
@dmddusseau @scratch66 @spittinchiclets “Yeah you must be a pussy if you don’t want teenagers with developing brain… https://t.co/EDOaAO61yA
16-03-2023 04:38
@Nabatron He still has 42 points so far. Acting like he’s an AHL level guy is a little silly.
13-03-2023 04:40
@shaimonluke @OriginalBstee @barstoolsports His parents probably did that’s how he turned out like that
09-03-2023 07:05
@maverick1979z @LeafSingh Very pro Pride but banning Russians is dumb. Don’t think they should get to play if they… https://t.co/b495uATeH7
09-03-2023 00:09
@sekeresandprice Perfect storm to lose headway in the lottery, schedule, Demko and Tocchet
08-03-2023 20:26
@TheStanchion Have it in Buy Low in osoyoos
06-03-2023 23:42
@MrBeast I’m not facing Mr Beast treats
04-03-2023 04:00
0 109
RT @passittobulis: All-time reaction from @ThomasDrance to the Filip Hronek trade. #Canucks https://t.co/m0HLhsmOLE
02-03-2023 06:10
@WTFIUD @ladymtm @malik_whom @Fate_____ @vidsthatgohard He already knew he ducked up
01-03-2023 16:39
@pups71 @taj1944 How many Petterson are we targeting?
01-03-2023 09:02
@WTFIUD @ladymtm @malik_whom @Fate_____ @vidsthatgohard There’s an explicit threat and the kid is running with shee… https://t.co/WIQVf1G7Za
01-03-2023 08:11
@ladymtm @malik_whom @Fate_____ @vidsthatgohard What lesson is she teaching, he made a mistake and then did everyth… https://t.co/RBJSGE5e88
01-03-2023 02:57
@AdamWylde Leafs don’t have the assets needed
01-03-2023 02:48
@jabo_vancouver Too many hits to the head causes this kind of idiocy
01-03-2023 02:34
@deuceman72 I used to live like 15 minutes walk away. Scary.
28-02-2023 07:36
@lewisschenk https://t.co/FztvNEueh5
28-02-2023 05:00
@Wolfe2010 @WhereIsMalgin https://t.co/6oROTwSAxL
27-02-2023 05:52
@StuffCalebSaid @ThomasDrance https://t.co/Rq262Iu1Wb
26-02-2023 20:37
@Stocky_77 @PKSubban1 Feelings hurt?
26-02-2023 19:46
@patdubois POV: you’re watching JP say the most transphobic thing you’ve ever heard while the audience cheers https://t.co/bLnihbUsh6
24-02-2023 02:22
@IanKennedyCK @Oshawa_Generals Based! Love that it’s a Junior team too, these kids will hold these values
23-02-2023 17:01
0 1266
RT @althiaraj: This attack of CBC journalists is unacceptable. It will likely create a chill in newsrooms across the country, no doubt what…
18-02-2023 22:13
@critty91 @chancewinston13 @davidspeller @seangentille @TheAthleticNHL You sound like you treat your child like an… https://t.co/L2M11BXYJx
18-02-2023 10:10
@CRgypsy31 Cristall
17-02-2023 03:35
@Isuckatpicking You’re right though.
15-02-2023 18:42
@nafofella6 @whitewindbear @TheoFleury14 https://t.co/RjSgOCFZvb
11-02-2023 23:15
@TheoFleury14 @jodyvance @steeletalk @CaulfieldTim Theo and Jamie say the craziest things on a daily basis and then… https://t.co/4LId97UNMt
11-02-2023 04:43
@Nitro_Pancho @harshbirbrar03 @irfgaffar @TheFourthPeriod @NHLNetwork Shhh just let them take the deal
11-02-2023 04:09
@NathanGraviteh It’s not that bad, seems pretty unserious and lighthearted
11-02-2023 00:36
@patdubois Cheryl owning the libs by showing their parents their publicly wide know views. Lmao
10-02-2023 23:08
@trackwanderer Delusional oh my god. Someone buy her a history textbook
10-02-2023 22:02
@bigfid25 @StuffCalebSaid I’m stealing thanks
10-02-2023 21:55
@spookyghourl https://t.co/Itl3ZR6mJ4
10-02-2023 10:00
@BuddJacket A lot of us experienced our formative years during his tenure.
10-02-2023 03:15
@TRigatone @wiley_canuck https://t.co/QnloJHsFku
09-02-2023 21:08
@IanKennedyCK I really hope someone skips on Military night just to see all the people who defended Provorov do some crazy mental gymnastics
09-02-2023 07:06
RT @billburr: Now I understand why New Jersey was wearing those ref sweaters. Brutal
07-02-2023 08:35
@OilerProud @BigFlamesGuy1 https://t.co/pqPloiVjyM
06-02-2023 10:44
@PierrePoilievre Because punishing drug users has worked so well 🙄 decriminalization makes it much easier to get treatment
05-02-2023 23:13
@Robert_Bohlken @UncleLaleet https://t.co/0dCDlFFSZq
05-02-2023 22:30
@AdamWylde @ThatMikeSchmidt Think Metroid
05-02-2023 22:28
@UncleLaleet These grifters seem to be the touchiest. All they do is spew garbage and hate but cant take the slightest push back.
05-02-2023 21:02
@Robert_Bohlken @UncleLaleet You acknowledged racism exists? Racist confirmed.
05-02-2023 08:36
@MoistCr1TiKaL Dude sounds like a real jerk
05-02-2023 08:25
0 102
RT @AndroooL90: When you break up but the vacation was non refundable #Canucks https://t.co/hGSlyDRlvQ
05-02-2023 07:29
@NathanGraviteh The only reason I’m not calling it way worse is because the bar is already so low
05-02-2023 07:24
@cshanny56 @profondo331 @Rupper17 Average leafs fan https://t.co/VnQ9FrGYdx
05-02-2023 06:50
@StuffCalebSaid @Hughes4Norris @abbycanucks I hear they want a goalie from California 🙂
05-02-2023 06:43
@StuffCalebSaid @Hughes4Norris @abbycanucks He’s getting playoffs in LA, wouldn’t have if he stayed
05-02-2023 06:41
@JClipperton_CP Can someone please stop cutting onions
05-02-2023 06:30
0 137
RT @JClipperton_CP: Bo Horvat on playing with Elias Pettersson at the all-star game: "It was little sad to know that was gonna be the las…
05-02-2023 06:30
@StuffCalebSaid @Hughes4Norris @abbycanucks Edler earned the right to leave. Gave his all to this franchise, let hi… https://t.co/bqCw5byE0a
05-02-2023 06:28
@StuffCalebSaid @Hughes4Norris @abbycanucks Sutter isn’t owed anything, players leave and new players take their nu… https://t.co/fy0fqtKD3V
05-02-2023 03:16
@StuffCalebSaid @Hughes4Norris @abbycanucks What did Sutter do in Vancouver that was so special that his number is… https://t.co/Xaeh3rBDRu
05-02-2023 03:15
@StuffCalebSaid @Hughes4Norris @abbycanucks Lmao Sutter and Gretzky is totally the same thing
04-02-2023 23:57
@MizzzAlia @TomMendozaTalks Hughes kids too, all top 10 draft picks
01-02-2023 03:24
RT @patdubois: Pretty telling that far-right grifters who attended the @jordanbpeterson show last night have barely tweeted out anything he…
31-01-2023 23:43
@QHughesHugeDong I really want Cristall
31-01-2023 23:39
@canucksprayoffs Didn’t know he was still alive tbh
30-01-2023 22:27
@Tarnjitkparmar Tried using my floppy disc but there was no port! What a cash grab
30-01-2023 21:56
@hockey_samurai Mike Mindanao
30-01-2023 01:12
@BR_OpenIce @icemancometh Stech!!!
29-01-2023 23:31
@NathanGraviteh Demko should be here
29-01-2023 07:10
@jeanchastel1 @_Solunar_ @sneako It’s easier if you just put pedo in your bio
29-01-2023 07:09
@jeanchastel1 @_Solunar_ @sneako Lmao this is not the own you think it is
28-01-2023 23:27
@RedpillSentinel @JackPosobiec If that’s the case that’s even worse
28-01-2023 22:09
@CheyenneSulli14 @NikkiMcR Bruh “jerks at the very least” they beat him to death not steal his lunch money
28-01-2023 09:42
@riotsurvivor Is this really that unpopular?
28-01-2023 09:38
@burrows_henrik @DalleGenie What a beautiful cat
28-01-2023 09:33
@wiley_canuck It definitely feels like this watching from home. He deserves way more appreciation from the fans, he… https://t.co/YzYlDqEASC
28-01-2023 09:32
0 234
RT @fourthoverall: It’s not just that Ivan Provorov was a homophobic coward and didn’t warm up in a pride jersey. It’s that bigots feel emb…
28-01-2023 09:19
@SatiarShah So embarrassed
28-01-2023 08:22
@TheStanchion Seinfeld theme
28-01-2023 07:34
@r_h3h3 Landrew Langlin
27-01-2023 05:02
@eddielack @VibroTweed @danriccio_ Can’t believe I need to tell a goalie shooting percentage would be a lot higher without goalies
25-01-2023 16:55
@MizzzAlia Toffoli
25-01-2023 08:13
@PaulVinje @JasJohalBC I’m sure you’d want them to if it were your friend or family member
25-01-2023 04:39
@tmlfaninvan I thought Rick Dahliwal reported it first
24-01-2023 01:37
@sekeresandprice I love this team. I care about this team. I care about the players AND Bruce. What I don’t care about is revenue. 🏴‍☠️
22-01-2023 12:07
@CanucksNostalg1 @JKokol Fair point. https://t.co/KVT979wB31
22-01-2023 06:24
@taj1944 The Kelowna in me is super hyped about Foote
22-01-2023 06:08
@CanucksNostalg1 @JKokol More like blaming his systems and coaching style when we all know it’s a roster construction issue.
22-01-2023 04:36
@VerlonMundall @passittobulis Yeah no it’s just tasteless
21-01-2023 22:54
@NathanGraviteh I got Pasta at 32
21-01-2023 22:49
@StuffCalebSaid I don’t think most Canucks fans issues are with Tocchet, they’re with management and owners blatant… https://t.co/b0Wj6izP4B
21-01-2023 08:46
0 368
RT @TheStanchion: Bruce after the loud "Bruce there it is" chants https://t.co/xO5BHyOERW
21-01-2023 08:20
0 169
RT @greattweetjoce: Fuckin rights we do https://t.co/vgbTcrMcpn
21-01-2023 06:54
RT @ThomasDouglas30: Guy had a “ we stand with Bruce “ sign Canucks black costs immediately down to shut it down @TheStanchion https://t.c…
21-01-2023 06:54
@canucks Maybe let the Bruce signs shine before we get “fin you’re the best at winning” type signs again
21-01-2023 06:52
@lexfridman Everything awful ends too
21-01-2023 04:31
@NathanGraviteh Disrespectful
21-01-2023 04:30
@patersonjeff Sounds serious, maybe a doctor should check that out.
20-01-2023 23:47
@racheldoerrie This is heartbreaking.
20-01-2023 23:05
@HilsNoglander @hockeynight Being religious is a choice, bring gay isn’t.
20-01-2023 22:59
@Eric_mascot93 @DonTaylor5 Taking the blue out of the logo and keeping it white would make it much easier to see
19-01-2023 10:14
@Heretorek @philly_adjacent I gi#t some bad news about the guy in your profile pic then..
19-01-2023 08:30
@horn_zoot @VoodooChild38 @racheldoerrie @Courtney_sjc How’s your front office job going?
19-01-2023 08:29
@LeftCoastFlyers @seanyboyflys @StephaliciousD What about Club Q in Colorado? And the response of the shooters fath… https://t.co/lHuoaZhOiA
19-01-2023 08:25
@VoodooChild38 @racheldoerrie @Courtney_sjc Lmao why?
18-01-2023 21:53
Torts is a joke. Letting Provorov play last night was pathetic. https://t.co/bOFHp6ygcg
18-01-2023 21:52
@rude_canuck Have you ever seen a trade deadline before?
18-01-2023 21:50
0 1325
RT @theJagmeetSingh: Trudeau gives $775.5M to Ontario for surgeries backlog. Doug Ford passes $24 million of it to CEOs of for-profit Ame…
17-01-2023 20:26
@keeks_2021 Where are the bodies, Garth?
17-01-2023 04:00
RT @tommykippes2: https://t.co/huVvsgdUMQ
16-01-2023 11:11
0 120
RT @patdubois: Seeing as more anti-drag protests are popping up around Canada today here’s your monthly reminder that 100% of anti-drag pro…
16-01-2023 03:00
Gino 💔
16-01-2023 02:45
@Sid_Seixeiro Hitting a little too close to home? Sounds like projection to me.
15-01-2023 21:15
@UncleLaleet https://t.co/usBYWPslKW
15-01-2023 08:47
@wiley_canuck I’m sure it was a little more calculated then that but who knows. He’s also gotta worry about what ha… https://t.co/2sAfBOdoXo
15-01-2023 04:33
@Jessificashun https://t.co/oXVWpot0Ia
15-01-2023 02:24
0 1036
RT @BuffaloInBoston: Giveaway 101. Your Choice is back. Any card, any team, any player. 1 winner will get a $150 eBay BIN listing. You se…
14-01-2023 23:19
@KarenmpPark @lotzof_gas @TorontoMarlies A fair question especially if you attended the game. People aren’t asking… https://t.co/Z3lFY33AH3
14-01-2023 23:12
@middayautumn @hasanthehun Can confirm as someone who grew up in very rural Canada in a big family. I was born in 1… https://t.co/g7VBQjTO32
14-01-2023 06:04
@orangeclarke98 @realkajamae End of next season
13-01-2023 21:23
@NBCSports https://t.co/3YrSQVSmby
13-01-2023 21:21
@PatriotNorth1 @patdubois Inflation is a global issue rn, not unique to Trudeau. I mean I don’t like the guy either… https://t.co/FJPKxUmBnM
13-01-2023 18:18
0 307
RT @Canucks: #NHLAllStarVote #TylerMyers RT to vote Myers
13-01-2023 07:16
@racheldoerrie The league wants to pretend like it takes head injuries seriously but then you see this shit happen. Pathetic.
13-01-2023 07:10
RT @Shaun3339: Phew that was close at the end. Go team tank #canucks
13-01-2023 05:54
@wiley_canuck The ref could smelled that punch it was so close
13-01-2023 05:51
0 980
RT @Canucks: #NHLAllStarVote #BoHorvat RT to vote Bo
12-01-2023 23:38
0 100
RT @JaysKid_RHP: We're gonna love Belt. https://t.co/JB7kx6688e
10-01-2023 08:21
@EdenShevel Peach Pit!!!
10-01-2023 05:19
@AmeryEnjoyer @Yanky_Pollak @sourpatchlyds @ClownWorld_ It’s a tax on the poor. Most any time I’ve iverdrafted it’s… https://t.co/7qTWcBekb9
09-01-2023 02:29
@Dallas2501 @AVancity259 @imacSportsnet Way to move the goalpost lol
07-01-2023 02:44
RT @tommykippes2: LOL spas https://t.co/j9FoGqD5bJ
06-01-2023 09:00
0 360
RT @SarcasticallyAJ: Always https://t.co/H6PkZGSqyZ
06-01-2023 07:09
@EdenShevel @Sid_Seixeiro What about the Oilers 3 1st Overall picks in 4 years?
05-01-2023 02:11
0 4275
RT @blprnt: Here's my 🐙 in one clean thread: When I was about 22 I worked as a naturalist at the Vancouver Aquarium (@vanaqua). As well as…
04-01-2023 13:47
@HuggyxHoggy @lucjsea Probably one of the most infamous draft stories of all time. There’s endless info on this on YouTube and Google
04-01-2023 13:44
@jt_wack I wanna agree with those exemptions but trade Kuz is an opportunity to build stock that not many teams get… https://t.co/IEZeiQtJBe
04-01-2023 13:41
@seaneensullivan @siomoCTV @Harryslaststand Not $40
04-01-2023 06:45
@elonmusk You know you’d be the bad guy in these books right?
04-01-2023 05:53
0 418
RT @tommykippes2: happy first game day of 2023! i'm feeling generous, every person that likes and retweets this tweet get's a chance to win…
04-01-2023 01:06
04-01-2023 01:03
@keeks_2021 @CoreyHirsch Knowing and understanding is life changing. Glad you got to make that step!
02-01-2023 01:30
@jordiepolla @ChrisConte79 Tough look, he should take a stroll at east Hastings and see how nonexistent that blue line is
01-01-2023 04:16
@NathanGraviteh Got three days in and broke my hand
01-01-2023 01:33
@j_mcelroy Fields 100%
30-12-2022 08:49
@bluesbuzzblog Tarasenko 4-1
28-12-2022 00:20
@keeks_2021 10000%
26-12-2022 06:00
@keeks_2021 Me currently https://t.co/u1cILEW77Z
26-12-2022 04:45
@tommykippes2 Appreciate your presence here throughout the season. Thankful for this team and community. Merry Christmas!
26-12-2022 04:37
@JohnVukanovich @BuckFoston_ Please tell me more about who’s playing better right now https://t.co/gaVowOx3nN
23-12-2022 23:24
@NJTHabs22 @danpell73689091 @yuuuzey Don’t forget Trump
19-12-2022 04:15
@tymetwx @David_Leavitt @elonmusk https://t.co/SMrfPoj4g1
19-12-2022 04:14
@jimbobenning1 Remember when y’all wanted to trade EP40?
19-12-2022 04:07
@Twistitup22 @JaysFan9293 @parsel14 @nostroborous @Necroeric @LondonKnights It ain’t the vaccine you clown
19-12-2022 00:56
@KralikJuraj @TheBrattPack63 @rwesthead @robyndoolittle Chicago the Avengers for SA in hockey
19-12-2022 00:55
@leahck55 I can’t imagine not having game pass on my Xbox
19-12-2022 00:51
@Twistitup22 @parsel14 @nostroborous @Necroeric @LondonKnights That’s not right either
18-12-2022 01:47
@Twistitup22 @nostroborous @Necroeric @LondonKnights There is definitely evidence pointing towards he fell, the onl… https://t.co/btz2ZiD0cR
17-12-2022 23:42
@riotsurvivor @Raymond_Hatt @ellav96 @ThomasDrance I disagree he’s opened up as a leader in the last year or so. Hi… https://t.co/EWNmOYAeBX
17-12-2022 23:25
@Twistitup22 @nostroborous @Necroeric @LondonKnights How is that a bigger stretch??
17-12-2022 23:09
@sl4dky @Rubbers29 @Necroeric @LondonKnights If you know nothing about how they died which there are millions maybe… https://t.co/923uXeLicw
17-12-2022 23:07
@SatiarShah Is it gonna take Bo leaving to finally feel like the Benning era is actually over?
16-12-2022 21:58