Where Is the Love? (@NorCaliTexas) — Dad, Golfer, Attorney, Writer, Espresso. Let's stick to facts, evidence, substance, and history. Tweeting fantastical thoughts based on rumor is misleading.
@DC_Draino BS. The city was concerned with violent crime. We have militarized the police without adequate training… https://t.co/0f1hGSzXSa
29-01-2023 17:58
@GOP No, he has not. Blame it on Russia, the terrorist state, and Saudi, as to oil. Blame it on OIL CO for paying… https://t.co/Oy2ozt5Ptz
29-01-2023 17:56
DeSantis' Library https://t.co/UlCIF9WPeZ
29-01-2023 17:09
@Acyn China will not renegotiate debt
29-01-2023 17:08
@itsJeffTiedrich Trump killed Ashli.
29-01-2023 17:05
@itsJeffTiedrich Putting those two together is illogical. Ashli was jumping through a window where Congress People… https://t.co/nVVfAMrX4S
29-01-2023 17:04
@4a_of Heart
29-01-2023 17:02
@RonFilipkowski And Mexico will pay for the WALL. lol.
29-01-2023 17:02
@mercedesschlapp @NEWSMAX @JohnFBachman @BiancaDLGarza PEOPLE, ATTORNEY DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THE LAW. THE L… https://t.co/qHnLED9pFE
29-01-2023 16:20
@RealAmVoice @realDonaldTrump Inflation began because of COVID and its supply chain issues, and the Russian War, th… https://t.co/9WHTMLGV3B
29-01-2023 16:17
@RonFilipkowski Agree
29-01-2023 16:14
@realLizUSA NO, HE CANNOT. He proved it over and over that he is not a good negotiator. He is a figurehead in real… https://t.co/wWgOjTxjZE
29-01-2023 16:12
@joncoopertweets Nice Suit.
29-01-2023 07:11
@RealAmVoice @realDonaldTrump HaHaHaHaHaHaHAHAHAHAHA
29-01-2023 07:08
@RepStefanik The GOP doesn't even bother with regulators.... so seriously? You are a fruitcake.
29-01-2023 07:07
@realLizUSA Sweeties, saying something is not doing it. Donald is all hat, no cattle.
29-01-2023 07:06
@frfrankpavone You are pro-life until children are born and then you abandon them. And your pro-life stance comes… https://t.co/HIJxtEnWVg
29-01-2023 07:06
@ericareport Yes
29-01-2023 07:05
29-01-2023 07:04
@JackPosobiec He had his chance and blew it.
29-01-2023 07:03
@GovAbbott NO - public schools are where our money should go. Improve the schools.
29-01-2023 07:03
@JohnCornyn @WSJopinion Maybe it is not filled with CRT? Who makes that determination? I certainly would not allo… https://t.co/dk9KnyagDQ
29-01-2023 07:02
@RealAmVoice @realDonaldTrump Can we ban right wing ideology?
29-01-2023 07:00
@realLizUSA LOL
29-01-2023 06:59
@JasonCastles @PGAPappas @vesselgolf I have a Vessel or two -- great bags.
29-01-2023 06:57
@JohnCornyn And your party always honors subpoenas.... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH
29-01-2023 06:55
@mtgreenee He will not win. Trump is done. Time to move on to sanity.
29-01-2023 06:54
@RonFilipkowski Let's save Arizona from Kari
29-01-2023 06:52
29-01-2023 06:52
@GOP BIDEN inherited a piece of crap economy in a time of worldwide inflation and supply chain issues. You know it… https://t.co/1IYlaksgpz
29-01-2023 06:50
@RepStefanik @HouseGOP Stefanik, you are a ladder climber and a fraud. See your work on George Santos. See you pl… https://t.co/v0mC7Ml7QO
29-01-2023 06:48
29-01-2023 06:47
@SenRickScott @JoeBiden Rick, your Party talks the talk and then runs from it. You guys are frauds. The last bala… https://t.co/QJu8aUdSnE
29-01-2023 06:45
@HouseGOP You won't find anything other than what we know. We don't know.
29-01-2023 06:43
@tedcruz Well, Ted, he was not a leftist. He'd been hiding in right-wing forums where people drive each other paranoid delusional.
29-01-2023 06:43
@SenTedCruz Why should he negotiate paying our bills. Biden wants to pay the bills. YOU??? NO??
29-01-2023 06:41
@Jim_Jordan Biden is right where you are.... Let's stop the propaganda and find a solution.
29-01-2023 06:40
27-01-2023 08:12
@LangmanVince We had Covid, and then the after-affects of Covid. OR DID YOU FORGET?
27-01-2023 08:10
@seanhannity Stooooopid.
27-01-2023 08:09
@KariLake Election denial must be profitable.
27-01-2023 08:08
@RepAndyBiggsAZ NO, Andy, we've got to pay our bills.
27-01-2023 08:07
@SenateGOP Oh, c'mon, he announced a new policy Why don't youse guys negotiate a bill together.
27-01-2023 08:05
@charliekirk11 Did he not sell his media company and founded others where he made his money? Or do you enjoy spreading disinformation?
26-01-2023 15:12
#RepublicanTaxHeist https://t.co/m62b0SjJXp
26-01-2023 15:08
@WallStreetSilv @Project_Veritas So you get the guy drunk to gain info. Got it.
26-01-2023 15:07
@IAmPoliticsGirl Nixon resigned because he was about to be impeached and then booted by the Senate. That was back… https://t.co/jU5qt71W1k
26-01-2023 14:57
@GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump @RealRogerStone @elonmusk You should check yourself into a psychiatric hospital.
26-01-2023 14:54
@GOLF_com Rory has a good grip on reality.
26-01-2023 14:52
@atensnut HE IS NOT WRONG.
26-01-2023 14:50
@MollyJongFast That is a ticket that will lose in a landslide.
26-01-2023 14:48
@SenRickScott You are the liar. PAY OUR BILLS and then be responsible by reorganizing the federal government and t… https://t.co/kQRam1bOwW
26-01-2023 14:47
@NUCLRGOLF @GolfMonthly Reed is the immature child, as always.
26-01-2023 14:46
@Acyn Paying your bills is responsible. Ted's mouth is not.
26-01-2023 14:45
@HouseGOP @RepStefanik Bullshit.
26-01-2023 14:43
@SenTedCruz He was doing nothing with them. Didn't even know they were there. You think he handles his documents??… https://t.co/OUg1R3j16h
26-01-2023 14:43
@SenateGOP False. Democrats want border security. Pass legislation. Pointing fingers is not a solutions.
26-01-2023 14:42
@cspanwj PAY OUR BILLS, AND THEN reorganize the government and trash the antiquated tax system.
26-01-2023 14:40
@slayer_agolf Yes
26-01-2023 14:40
@tedcruz What's more disturbing is the GOP and Donald Trump conspiring to overturn an election.
26-01-2023 14:39
@DC_Draino Prove it.
26-01-2023 14:38
@HawleyMO Josh, don't you have somewhere to run?
26-01-2023 14:37
@NikkiHaley Nikki, you are disgraceful. You had promise and gave away your integrity to Donald Trump. You are not… https://t.co/f2UosB7mlE
26-01-2023 14:36
@EliseStefanik You are a narcissistic, delusional human. Trump's impeachments were no sham - attempting to bribe a… https://t.co/ot3ThfBO00
26-01-2023 14:35
@NancyMace Look into Trump's refusal to handover documents while you are at it...
26-01-2023 14:29
@TuckerCarlson Maybe because you are irresponsible and a liar, and mislead people. Nah, that couldn't be it. You… https://t.co/3PwGTHWKEU
26-01-2023 14:28
@GOP That is a good thing - did you want them to get through?
26-01-2023 14:26
@angelaretail Let's see, perfect is asking them to get him 11780 more votes. That is asking officials to commit fraud.
26-01-2023 14:24
@JackPosobiec Spreading your disinformation is neither attractive nor responsible. You do not have facts. You have… https://t.co/tZspqIgdnp
26-01-2023 14:23
@JudiciaryGOP Stoking disinformation and lies to the American Public will unify us ... NOT. The man attempts to ov… https://t.co/ME72nwoQsp
26-01-2023 14:20
@SenTedCruz You must pay bills that are due. And the answer to lowering the deficit is reorganizing the federal go… https://t.co/ojV8cv21Oy
26-01-2023 14:16
@RepBobGood Right, since Republicans are responsible for a large percentage of illegal ballet harvesting.They get c… https://t.co/6rM9dV4OuC
26-01-2023 14:13
@Jim_Jordan That is local, not federal. So quit the disinformation campaign.
26-01-2023 14:12
@NancyMace Sweets, we've already spent the money so we must loosen the debt limit to pay bills that are due. That i… https://t.co/zMh5zbKsye
26-01-2023 14:09
@marceelias Yes, having a delusional, narcissistic, serial liar spew his nonsense to a significant percentage of… https://t.co/hr5MR7tqio
26-01-2023 14:07
@angelaretail @Jomomma53168572 The Van Tweeto never tells the entire story. He leaves out the party where his actions are lawless.
26-01-2023 14:02
@Acyn She is an irresponsible, disinformation, warped, narcissistic human. She should not be in a position of leadership.
26-01-2023 14:00
@WalshFreedom Oh, sure. The government should indict a man who stoked an overthrow of the government, not social m… https://t.co/07vT6vmO88
26-01-2023 13:58
RT @RonFilipkowski: Can Herschel Walker please give Donald Trump a lesson on how to disappear after losing an election?
26-01-2023 13:52
RT @itsJeffTiedrich: holy fucking shit, Donald Trump's tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy are responsible for a QUARTER OF OUR NATION'S ENT…
26-01-2023 13:52
@RepAndyBiggsAZ We've heard this before from you. IT IS FALSE.
26-01-2023 07:26
@SenTedCruz Ted sure did not attempt to control it when Trump was making record deficits.
26-01-2023 07:25
@RepBobGood Oh, Bob, why not serve your Country and stay off social media. You are embarrassing yourself.
26-01-2023 07:24
@GOP We already know that doesn't work. 2008, 2020, Huge Deficits.
26-01-2023 07:23
@ksorbs First, you must commit a crime.
26-01-2023 07:22
@Jim_Jordan Really, Jim, don't be a bigger ass than you already are.
26-01-2023 07:21
@BrentBozell No evidence that Biden did so or that anyone saw him doing so. LOTS of evidence that Trump flushed and… https://t.co/aHKIdhuheJ
25-01-2023 14:49
@ScrewBiden2022 @IsabellaMDeLuca @Norman_baby911 Guess you did not watch the Jan6 hearings where Trump officials we… https://t.co/dh7T1MyjWc
25-01-2023 14:40
@HouseGOP They helped impeach Trump. And Swalwell takes all of you apart on twitter. He should back off. But this… https://t.co/1Ts5VKcxwF
25-01-2023 06:55
@LouStagner Divorce... or a Marital Agreement with golfing provisions
25-01-2023 06:53
@JoJoFromJerz All is lost ...
25-01-2023 06:50
@RonFilipkowski @SpeakerMcCarthy So you are happy with the Intelligence Committee lacking intelligence. Got it.… https://t.co/NuSqcW8Gem
25-01-2023 06:49
@dallasnews Do not argue with a Flight Attendant.
25-01-2023 03:30
@RepMattGaetz Breaking News: Mar-A-Lago is not a Presidential Library and I bet some former Presidents actually wa… https://t.co/FvwweiszfQ
25-01-2023 03:29
@travis_5head2 @RonFilipkowski Gosh, how did she give birth to two kids? Immaculate Conception?
25-01-2023 03:24
@GiannoCaldwell My girlfriend broke up with me because I was not sufficiently conservative for her - Can I sue for… https://t.co/vvcPE7AIZS
25-01-2023 01:17
@davidmweissman @MonicaCrowley They can't. You cannot have a discussion with MAGA. You must enthusiastically agree… https://t.co/f42KR1vi7J
25-01-2023 01:05
@MonicaCrowley Barack wipes his bottom with recycled classified docs. You heard it here first.
25-01-2023 00:55
@oneunderscore__ Are they saying climate change is woke? Gosh, woke just means being aware and then deciding the e… https://t.co/5vGWXJZLWB
25-01-2023 00:51
@RonFilipkowski BFD ... mountains out of thin air
25-01-2023 00:49
@nathaliejacoby1 Conspiracy Theories
24-01-2023 23:31
I've concluded that I cannot discuss politics with MAGA Republicans. I said,"Gosh, everyone has classified document… https://t.co/MxvfjGjeuU
24-01-2023 23:30
@RonFilipkowski Antifa is sooooo 3 years ago.
24-01-2023 06:37
@distinguish2030 @CalltoActivism Economy is doing well in Texas. Most economists admit they erred and we are not i… https://t.co/aQwJTRUaxJ
24-01-2023 06:25
@CalltoActivism 8/10
24-01-2023 06:23
@RealSkipBayless Well, you have him for more years. I suggest JJ does what the Niners did - give Dak a speedy runn… https://t.co/QmbLeyxYwi
23-01-2023 20:23
@RepBobGood Why not say "thank you." This demonization of both parties has gone on too long. It affects personal r… https://t.co/3XlbXiRuGY
23-01-2023 20:18
@JonathanTurley Jonathan, Grow Up. You were once a respected attorney and professor. Now you are a hack.
23-01-2023 17:55
@theoldgreywolf Agree. Dak needs more weapons to be effective. The 49ers take the pressure off the QB with playmake… https://t.co/rlmKQzpZKN
23-01-2023 17:50
@RonFilipkowski He drives in a cart although golf is mentally taxing.
23-01-2023 17:47
@SportsSturm One reason to be happy in your 60's is that I saw the Laundry years and the Jimmy Years... The Jerry years suck. lol.
23-01-2023 17:44
@SportsSturm Dak needs more weapons ala the 49'ers. They protect a QB with massive playmaking talent. Dak needs tw… https://t.co/nw9DohAssq
23-01-2023 17:41
@EndWokeness Fraud and malpractice does not make one a hero.
23-01-2023 02:29
@MonicaCrowley Facts? Or is that your opinion like most MAGA? Of course, if you are MAGA, you have no facts, but y… https://t.co/2ELaB0Puu0
23-01-2023 02:26
@CalltoActivism @HouseGOP are the biggest threat. They don't want us to pay our bills and want a 23% (really 30%)… https://t.co/H3qScNZmqP
23-01-2023 02:22
@ThisIsKyleR Killer, that has nothing to do with his optimism. Biudewn turned them in when discovered. But your bo… https://t.co/2Dq7UbGAEm
23-01-2023 00:33
@KariLake You lost. You both lost.
23-01-2023 00:31
@JudiciaryGOP Because you will turn it into a political circus. You people are ridiculous, spew propaganda, and are liars.
21-01-2023 17:11
@WillHurd True. But GOP in the past is not interested in lowering deficit. Under Trump deficit climbed from almost… https://t.co/qh0dRqKt7n
21-01-2023 17:06
RT @RikHavic: This sums it up.
21-01-2023 16:59
@amartinezlaw @nytimes You really think Biden totes classified documents around and knows where others place them?… https://t.co/wQd7XF7stq
21-01-2023 16:54
@nytimes Questions: Did DOJ ask Biden's advisor not to publicize the discovery of documents? Do you know about the… https://t.co/4vkafka1KC
21-01-2023 16:52
@RonFilipkowski She was always a liar ... Arkansas bought into her lies.
21-01-2023 16:45
@RonFilipkowski The Great Awakening ... code for QAnon
21-01-2023 16:44
@RepBuddyCarter Buddy, that is not a fair tax. That is a tax to drive the economy to ruin. I suggest you go back t… https://t.co/IYzyjPxfVf
20-01-2023 07:18
@RichardGrenell You need negotiating partners that are willing to negotiate.
19-01-2023 23:28
RT @CalltoActivism: BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy has agreed to bring to the floor a bill that would impose a new 23% national sales tax on Amer…
19-01-2023 23:28
@KariLake Nice lighting
19-01-2023 23:24
@madnugget1969 @KariLake Maybe her facts are not facts
19-01-2023 23:24
@Christine4500 @KariLake Maybe her facts are not facts
19-01-2023 23:24
@KeeneStew @KariLake Maybe her facts are not facts.
19-01-2023 23:24
@tedlieu Rogers is a well known nutcase
19-01-2023 17:37
RT @RonFilipkowski: In Trump’s final year in office, with his supposedly secure borders, the US had 91,799 drug overdose deaths, of which 5…
19-01-2023 17:35
@DC_Draino @PolitiFact The GOP is soooo stupid.
19-01-2023 15:21
@SpeakerMcCarthy So you let this conspiracy nut on Homeland Security Committee? What kind of fool are you? https://t.co/utEVnY6uXW
19-01-2023 15:19
@NickKnudsenUS That high rate will wreck the economy. The rate needs to be low single digits with exemptions AND a… https://t.co/MhRtBZ4iON
19-01-2023 13:19
@elonmusk Ask Fox News, OAN, and other right-wing networks. Ask them to report and opine on facts, not fantasy.
19-01-2023 12:03
@SpeakerMcCarthy Kev, apparently you don't understand economics of a household/government If you've already spent… https://t.co/Kml7e4EFz8
19-01-2023 05:05
@johnrockshomes @RepAndyBiggsAZ Are you nuts? We must pay our bills. It is debt already incurred. Don't pay your… https://t.co/yMC1qOYgJ9
19-01-2023 01:41
@RepAndyBiggsAZ That's incorrect. Andy, are you nuts? If we do not pay our bills, we are talking about economic co… https://t.co/8plGxOKYKg
19-01-2023 01:39
@GeoffYoung4KY You are hopeless.
19-01-2023 01:32
@GOP It seems even your counting is fraudulent. You can't do anything right. Change.
18-01-2023 08:39
RT @WalterKlingler: PLEASE RETWEET #Consequences #Jan6thInsurrection #FBI is seeking to identify this person involved at the U.S. Capito…
18-01-2023 08:36
RT @danielsgoldman: 1) because Trump obstructed justice by failing to comply with a subpoena. Biden volunteered all docs. 2) It’s standar…
18-01-2023 08:33
RT @LiddleSavages: Another Republican sex trafficking criminal. Oh, by the way, that’s Don Jr. with him. https://t.co/ogYGarNXta
18-01-2023 08:32
@GOP Why do you people do this? Are you envious that Biden is doing a good job after saying he has dementia, is ol… https://t.co/Kjh87YEiet
18-01-2023 08:32
@BadMedicalTakes ??? to Mr. Musk.
18-01-2023 08:25
@BradMossEsq She has no facts, as usual. So irresponsible. It's all a power game to them. The GOP has no policy, th… https://t.co/yCT3Gx3L3C
18-01-2023 08:16
@SpeakerMcCarthy Wait. Biden is bringing down the deficit without you. How about working with him? He seems to kn… https://t.co/d2HoS8kH3g
18-01-2023 04:49
@RonFilipkowski Can we start with accountability for @laurenboebert ?
18-01-2023 04:47
Sweet. https://t.co/lzYbQWyvbG
18-01-2023 04:46
It does not catch loopholes... https://t.co/MFq6DxUsnQ
18-01-2023 04:46
@gordonkeith @thehangzone @dfwticket Thrilled, Thrill.
17-01-2023 21:12
@SpeakerMcCarthy OMG, you are a coward. Do you have no ethics? How can we believe anything you do is not political… https://t.co/ru29tyR3w8
17-01-2023 21:12
RT @OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: George Santos is caught in ANOTHER humiliating lie as a 2020 podcast emerges in which he insults the "youth…
17-01-2023 19:31
Seriously? What Trump has wrought ... people have come out in the open with their far right wingedness. At least… https://t.co/dvm0jMyZTT
17-01-2023 18:55
@HowardA_AtLaw I don't feel badly for you tonight.
17-01-2023 07:51
@RonFilipkowski If the Lord takes revenge, @RepMTG won't be happy. HE will be coming for her.
17-01-2023 07:42
17-01-2023 05:34
17-01-2023 05:32
@Jim_Jordan Your facts may be off, as usual, AND YOU KNOW IT IS POLICY TO NOT PUBLISH POTENTIALLY SPECIOUS INFO RI… https://t.co/ve1hPpCM9q
16-01-2023 20:44
@ProudElephantUS Projecting again?? It's you, bro.
16-01-2023 20:41
@LePapillonBlu2 It means he is a killer.
16-01-2023 16:33
@LIVTracking @SonyOpenHawaii LIV has turned off golfers to watch - I no longer watch any golf.
16-01-2023 16:29
@chenweihua You are incorrect. Western media covered it all.
16-01-2023 16:28
@BradMossEsq We are supposed to keep visitor's logs to our homes? GOP Intrusion.
16-01-2023 14:47
@RealDJTrumpNews For what?
16-01-2023 14:12
@Jomomma53168572 @Jami08885175 I searched and found info on a fact-check website. Did not want to post possible di… https://t.co/GpdnNNPO3E
15-01-2023 18:30
@flushingitgolf Anything stronger than 4 Hybrid is a fairway wood (16.5, 20 degree) and driver.
15-01-2023 18:22
@FrankD1965 @GeraldoRivera They found them in November. Election was Nov 8? Even if found before the election, ther… https://t.co/9MWf62SQlq
15-01-2023 18:20
@Jami08885175 That's "loud and clear"... and yes I agree. But the quote, we don't know. It was cut out of publicati… https://t.co/OVUmceDVeq
15-01-2023 18:17
@Jami08885175 @Jomomma53168572 Trump said many things about Ivanka and his attraction to her but this quote can't be confirmed.
15-01-2023 18:14
@SenateGOP Maybe you don't read. Biden changed policy to better protect the border. NOW DO YOUR JOB AND PASS A BI… https://t.co/qh27CWFN1Z
15-01-2023 17:54
@swaggy_t1 That is funny.
15-01-2023 17:52
@Todd12168 @tribelaw https://t.co/AMEcjr9pvi
15-01-2023 17:49
@KeepingUHonest1 @tribelaw Armed and ready... https://t.co/ZHkvVq2t0J
15-01-2023 17:47
@broshane1 @deejuliano1 @tribelaw Right ... Jan 6 insurrectionists were armed... https://t.co/y2mK93TVds
15-01-2023 17:46
@deejuliano1 @tribelaw They were armed... https://t.co/qryUGpRzKA
15-01-2023 17:45
@ScottBaio Is that better than Trump's cleaning closet?
15-01-2023 16:46
@MuellerSheWrote *loser
15-01-2023 16:45
@SenateGOP Try living in the present. Biden has a new policy. ISN'T YOUR JOB TO PASS LEGISLATION?? NEGOTIATE AND… https://t.co/ykj9DbXrAs
15-01-2023 16:44
@RonFilipkowski Lunacy. Propping up delusional, selfish, egomaniacal people is what the GOP does.
15-01-2023 16:43
@GOP Some do work. You are truly a sorry ass party. Both parties have great ideas BUT BOTH OF YOU do not think l… https://t.co/UN4H5qq9Hd
15-01-2023 16:42
@MattWallace888 No
15-01-2023 08:14
@LIVTracking @SonyOpenHawaii HEY, thanks for being a-holes.
15-01-2023 08:11
@HouseGOP C'mon you jerks. It's not Biden, and inflation is slowing thanks to the administration. Check out Russia… https://t.co/BUxnK15hhU
15-01-2023 08:10
@JamesBradleyCA No Try facts and probability. That might help you.
15-01-2023 08:08
RT @RonFilipkowski: When you vilify teachers and make them the enemy to fit a narrative for your selfish political ambition, this is what h…
15-01-2023 05:22
@RonFilipkowski How about a rally against irresponsible teens carrying assault rifles into crowds and killing people.
14-01-2023 10:50
RT @georgehahn: Pro tip: while you’re waiting in line, use the time to make up your mind about what you want. I’m astounded by people who d…
14-01-2023 10:43
@Jim_Jordan Didn't do anything wrong? You should resign and check yourself into a mental hospital. You do not live in the real world.
14-01-2023 10:38
RT @OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: Joe Biden scores a HUGE win as the Treasury Department announces that the U.S. federal budget deficit fell f…
14-01-2023 10:33
@JoJoFromJerz no
14-01-2023 05:25
@JoJoFromJerz Right-wing maga whacko
14-01-2023 05:15
@RepSwalwell @SpeakerMcCarthy Texas Duels are called road rage
14-01-2023 05:11
@WalshFreedom VP can classify info and choose a date to declassify... Upon reaching the date or event, the inform… https://t.co/A3Q1Y4jpGm
13-01-2023 17:24
Upon reaching the date or event, the information shall be automatically declassified.
13-01-2023 17:22
EO13526 Sec. 1.5. Duration of Classification. At the time of original classification, the original classification… https://t.co/M16CSzinWg
13-01-2023 17:21
@RonFilipkowski I guess they've chosen death because Trump is not coming back.
13-01-2023 17:04
@DavidSacks Why would they? Biden turns the papers over as soon as found. Trump - says he turned over everything w… https://t.co/Ij4LagHADK
13-01-2023 16:00