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@MsAshRocks @SirKatelyn Both of your smiles are completely contagious. They bring me so much joy to look at.
29-11-2022 01:59
@SirKatelyn @MsAshRocks Awe your smile makes me so happy to see!! Glad you had a ton of fun.
28-11-2022 05:45
@SpenZaere Mood
28-11-2022 05:43
@ggaahhhhh GOD DAMN!! My timeline has been blessed
28-11-2022 05:43
@HarleyCrusader Omg there is this lady on tiktok who is trying to look like him. You would love it.
27-11-2022 01:37
@Ms_Huffle You are stunning
27-11-2022 01:13
@HarleyCrusader SO HOT GOD DAMN!!!
25-11-2022 12:57
@TotallyKayt Yas!!!
24-11-2022 05:18
@GeefTweets Yum
23-11-2022 11:35
@Ms_Huffle Congrats!!!
23-11-2022 04:00
@RoseGardenCat Same
22-11-2022 23:13
RT @RekItRaven: A #HiveSocial discovery thread: Please post your username and or share a post here so we can follow you! @rekitraven
21-11-2022 22:02
Heyo so I created a Hive Account and I might actually just exist over there. Seems like a really nice place.
21-11-2022 21:54
@RekItRaven New Socials @mythwitch
21-11-2022 21:53
@RoseGardenCat Tip, try a bald cap they are like a few $ on amazon
21-11-2022 07:15
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RT @stinkykatie:
21-11-2022 00:29
Anyone else chronically ill and constantly gaslight themselves into saying they aren’t but yet constantly faced by…
20-11-2022 09:50
When Stream Dies for no reason. We are back. Link in Bio
19-11-2022 01:07
DnD TIME!!!! Come chill with me while we try to save our dead friend!!
18-11-2022 23:55
RT @GigiEngle: 3 reminders today: 1. Vibrators are not addictive. They do not cause nerve damage, make it more difficult to orgasm etc. 2…
17-11-2022 09:45
Thirsty humans here 👇
17-11-2022 05:20
Back with the depression streams lmao These be fucking THIRSY bitches… I am bitches
17-11-2022 05:19
@SirKatelyn Hugs. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on cutie I am only ever a dm away. No matter the time of day.
16-11-2022 06:10
@itsL4DY @TheManVita YAS!!!
16-11-2022 04:00
@ChironTheMage I agree
16-11-2022 02:22
@Gurthnog @XxiThanatos Yes its wild
16-11-2022 02:22
This is very very well done
16-11-2022 01:48
Bed head be really lmao
16-11-2022 01:44
@MylesOfGaming Ah I can guarantee that is not the issue lol. Got more sleep and I feel much better
16-11-2022 01:18
RT @Mahoukarp: shopping season
16-11-2022 01:16
@itsL4DY @TheManVita Can I join?
16-11-2022 01:05
@XxiThanatos Mood
16-11-2022 00:59
Ever wake up more tired then when you went to sleep?
16-11-2022 00:23
@SirKatelyn You so cute
15-11-2022 10:27
@SpicySir_ God damn
15-11-2022 05:59
@SuperMuffinKing Lol
15-11-2022 05:34
I JUST CLIMBED UP A POLE 8’ IN THE AIR!!! I also just passed beginner 1 pole dancing. I am godly (aka I worked my…
15-11-2022 04:19
RT @jasminericegirl: listen up warriors. i know it is cold. the sun sets at 5pm. winter is upon us and sometimes it feels sad and lonely. D…
15-11-2022 01:03
@TotallyKayt 🥺🔮
15-11-2022 01:01
@HuggableHipster AWE I love you so so much. You help me more then you know. I love our little tarot readings and conversations.
13-11-2022 05:12
@HuggableHipster Ye I dmed you on snap
12-11-2022 02:03
@HuggableHipster Miss you lots. 😘 glad you are still being your boss ass self!!
12-11-2022 01:58
@HuggableHipster The boss ass bitch energy this gives. Oof I love it.
12-11-2022 01:52
RT @RoseGardenCat: Time for my favorite part of the week! D&D!! Join the party's adventures through The Fractured Realms at…
12-11-2022 00:59
Flirting with people who like respect you and are straight up. People who don’t hide their intentions and make sure…
11-11-2022 23:59
@Soloatre Fuck ya *high five* have a potato
11-11-2022 23:31
@SuperMuffinKing Thanks
11-11-2022 23:24
Go check out the lovely Nafu for more DnD today!!
11-11-2022 23:15
Would love to hangout with you all this week but I am barely holding my mental health together. Idk how long of a b…
11-11-2022 23:13
@RoseGardenCat Fuck ya
10-11-2022 13:32
@RoseGardenCat Big mood. Can we get them together?
10-11-2022 11:45
@HuggableHipster Hot. So hot. My lord
10-11-2022 01:35
RT @CatieOsaurus: have other neurodivergents noticed that as your stress/burnout levels go up, your ability to deviate from 'safe' foods go…
10-11-2022 00:38
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RT @AJamesMcCarthy: My finished shot from this morning's total lunar eclipse. This image was captured by using two telescopes, one to captu…
10-11-2022 00:35
Feeling cute with my new hair!! #NewProfilePic
09-11-2022 07:48
@Jacks_Squared Haha thank you cutie
09-11-2022 07:47
@itsL4DY Thank you lovely
09-11-2022 06:38
Click for pew pews!!
09-11-2022 04:59
We are back with more chaos AND THIGHS!! Doing the shoot mc shooties!! NEW HAIR DYE TOO!!
09-11-2022 04:59
@dani0xide Congrats!!
08-11-2022 21:58
@HuggableHipster You look stunning as usual
08-11-2022 02:17
Bestie: “its so far in there” Me: “what your penis?” *immediately realizes what I have said and covers face* Besti…
08-11-2022 02:04
Cool fact for you all. My brain has been fully exposed to the world… bet a lot of you can’t say that.
08-11-2022 00:38
@HarleyCrusader HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
07-11-2022 03:07
I literally have a smile plastered on my face. I also went book shopping and got a tea at my favourite place. Today…
05-11-2022 23:00
OMFG there is snow!! Its fluffy snow!! Omfg I am so excited. This is an over excited happy thread. So enjoy my hap…
05-11-2022 22:58
@SuperMuffinKing This is me right now
05-11-2022 20:27
I am so tired… must drag legs to walk… must not fall back asle- zzzzz
05-11-2022 19:56
@KiwiiCorpse I freaking bet
05-11-2022 19:55
@KiwiiCorpse Cute and stunning as usual. Love that bra/top though. The rainbow so good
05-11-2022 06:46
@SpicySir_ It took me so long to spot the tan line… I just kept malfunctioning at titties lmao
05-11-2022 06:44
@TheDolv So sorry for your loss. Glad they had a good life!! *hugs*
05-11-2022 05:43
DnD here!!
04-11-2022 23:19
We are live with our DnD Chaos and me being late getting ready on stream lmao
04-11-2022 23:19
Here are both of my goobers. Jasper (left) and Stardust (right) being adorable cuties.
04-11-2022 02:31
@SuperMuffinKing Cute
04-11-2022 02:29
@HarleyCrusader Lmao big oof
04-11-2022 00:32
Lets start a wholesome thread. Post photos your pets or favourite animal below. ✨Bonus points if you share a cool fact/story about them.✨
04-11-2022 00:10
Anyone else’s dog make direct eye contact with them while they poop?
04-11-2022 00:10
@LunarWitch_ This is adorable omfg
03-11-2022 06:54
@MylesOfGaming Ah ya I totally agree
03-11-2022 06:49
@MylesOfGaming ??? Like that I did a cosplay?
03-11-2022 06:43
Okay so Dying Light 2 is so freaking good. I am enjoying this so so much!!
03-11-2022 06:39
@SuperMuffinKing Its a manual let in process
03-11-2022 06:23
Dying by nightlight here 👇
03-11-2022 03:08
We are starting Dying Light 2 today!! Come join our usual chaos, how often do you think I will scream?
03-11-2022 03:08
I am setting up a Secret Santa in the discord this year. If you want to join in on the holiday fun come join the di…
02-11-2022 23:33
There is so much snow holy shit!! 🥹🥹
02-11-2022 22:24
Stardust has little snow booties… except they are just snow stuck to his leg in the shape of booties. He shook th…
02-11-2022 22:22
@tardymicrobe970 Thank you!!
02-11-2022 06:47
@MylesOfGaming Haha mood
02-11-2022 04:36
@MylesOfGaming Ikr
02-11-2022 04:14
@MylesOfGaming Well it was more of a “omg the sex was so good I came multiple times” which heavily indicates that it is abnormal
02-11-2022 04:06
@MylesOfGaming Yes this is true and fair but it was coming from a straight person. I was still flabbergasted
02-11-2022 04:00
Here is the finished Sally Cosplay!! First time using face paint. Pretty happy with how it turned out.
02-11-2022 03:59
@JanananasT Oh… dear… you poor soul. *hugs* (if you want them)
02-11-2022 02:57
@MylesOfGaming Hahaha
02-11-2022 02:56
@SuperMuffinKing Right
02-11-2022 02:55
@MylesOfGaming Ya I just heard it normal for straight people to like only cum once and I was like WHAT?!? For peopl…
02-11-2022 02:54
@NelsWaith Glad to here it!!
02-11-2022 02:17
❤️Self Love Check Point❤️ What is your favourite quirk about yourself?
02-11-2022 02:15
WAIT a minute… do people really just cum once during sex? Is that a majority?!?! 😳 I should have know I was kinky so much earlier…
02-11-2022 02:12
@dani0xide God I feel this. Had to do this after one of my breaks. I totally recommend. Gave me so much space to ha…
02-11-2022 02:06
@Ms_Huffle Omfg you are adorable
01-11-2022 10:09
Come check out the Cosplay!! Still live
01-11-2022 07:29
Sally Cosplay Here 👇
01-11-2022 04:49
Cosplay stream live now!! See how well I do the Sally Cosplay makeup!!
01-11-2022 04:48
To define little bit, I mean 30-45 minutes
01-11-2022 02:44
@Sarkie1096 Thank you we will
01-11-2022 02:43
Hey cuties going to have to push stream back a little bit. I am going trick or treating with my nephews
01-11-2022 02:15
I just gay panicked moaned at a video game… 😳😳😳😳😳😳🥵🥵🥵🥵
01-11-2022 02:11
@SirKatelyn HAPPY BIRTHDAY STUNNING GODDESS!! I hope its an amazing birthday 🥳
31-10-2022 22:20
Special Stream Today!! Going to get into the Sally Cosplay on stream. Come watch me attempt at face painting @ 8:…
31-10-2022 22:16
@SuperMuffinKing All movies I have never seen. Some good choices though
31-10-2022 22:14
HUGE thank you to @itsL4DY for the stream night with Left 4 Dead 2. It was such an amazing night and much needed. R…
31-10-2022 09:59
🎃Halloween Time Wooot🎃 Favorite Halloween movie to watch? Bonus points if we share it!!
31-10-2022 09:52
Huge shout of to my friends. You good peeps and I love you!! 🤟
31-10-2022 08:24
@itsL4DY You are to sweet to me cutie
31-10-2022 08:24
@AhshraGaming Hahaha
31-10-2022 04:14
Chaos here
31-10-2022 03:57
Lil Late but still live with Left 4 Dead 2!! Come join the chaos with @itsL4DY
31-10-2022 03:57
@HuggableHipster Thank you so much
30-10-2022 23:52
@AhshraGaming Omfg twix is sooo good
30-10-2022 23:51
@Jacks_Squared Thank you
30-10-2022 23:51
I wasn’t going to share this but I think this is a pretty cool thing to witness. I am in shock a little bit. I hav…
30-10-2022 15:27
@RoraPickles This is sooo good
30-10-2022 08:20
@CBH94 Thanks
30-10-2022 08:18
@HuggableHipster Ya its on the list to be planned tbh
30-10-2022 03:25
@HuggableHipster Thank you. Miss you!!
30-10-2022 02:48
@SuperMuffinKing Thanks
30-10-2022 01:48
I hit another milestone on my healing journey. Before, I could barely tolerate people hurting/triggering me (when…
30-10-2022 01:28
@5nuggl3bu77 Ooo excellent choice
30-10-2022 01:27
Favourite Halloween Candy, Go!!
29-10-2022 23:49
@HuggableHipster You are so stunning my god
29-10-2022 04:15
@Ms_Huffle SO HOT DAMN 🥵
29-10-2022 03:07
I am back with more!! Apparently I killed people woot!!
29-10-2022 00:46
Can I roll a nat 20?
28-10-2022 21:47
We are back with more DnD!! (Stream will be in two parts, I have an appointment mid-way through)
28-10-2022 21:46
Would you ever watch my favourite comfort movie series with me? Even if its a “cringe” series
28-10-2022 20:03
@SoulTaker982648 Peepo sad. Still proud of you
28-10-2022 05:50
@MylesOfGaming @GFuelEnergy @DeadByBHVR Omfg I need this!! I just need more dbd merch in general.
28-10-2022 00:19
For anyone who wants to hangout for Halloween I will be having a party in the discord on Saturday @ 6:00 pm EST!!…
28-10-2022 00:19
Who is excited for more DnD tomorrow? Whats your go to DnD race and class or the one you want to try next?
27-10-2022 21:32
✨Something you might need to hear✨ I am so proud of you for existing. If you are struggling right now, please kno…
27-10-2022 21:22
@MylesOfGaming Yes, even just standing outside for a few minutes. Though sitting in nature is better. You get praises for it, if you want.
27-10-2022 18:20
✨Hey, you are doing an amazing job. Just thought you should know.✨ Also while I have your attention remember to dr…
27-10-2022 17:34
Chaos found here
27-10-2022 03:06
We are back with the duo spicy chaos!! More Borderlands with Ms.Huffle
27-10-2022 03:06
RT @Hamb1no: Honestly think Subway should start selling 3 inches. 6 inches is way too much. I think 3 inches is a very respectable size. 3…
27-10-2022 01:20
My dog just slapped me with his tongue…
27-10-2022 01:12
@SuperMuffinKing Haha glad I can change some minds. You know us zombies are just kinky
26-10-2022 04:45
Come close if you want to see if I will bite… 😈 #cosplay #zombie
26-10-2022 04:12
We are back with more CHAOS but make it zombie chaos!! Finishing Bioshock 2 then moving over to Dead by Daylight!!
26-10-2022 04:11
@ChironTheMage That is an amazing way of putting it
25-10-2022 23:42
Look at my sweet boy waiting for permission to go outside. He has never done this before.
25-10-2022 23:41
Anyone else walk into a room and completely forget why you went in there only to go back to what you were doing, re…
25-10-2022 23:35
✨A conversation I had last night✨ Me: “I need to go find my gallon of blood” Person: “What?” Me: “Do you not just h…
25-10-2022 23:34
@SirKatelyn I offer cute baby and Stardust
25-10-2022 10:30
@Ms_Huffle Stunning
25-10-2022 04:56
@Hamb1no Happy Birthday!! Thank you for always brightening my day with your streams and content
25-10-2022 03:29
@SuperMuffinKing Its a good metaphor for sure
24-10-2022 22:40
@Soloatre Ya that can be super rough. Hugs if you want them
24-10-2022 22:40
Anyone else feel kind of lost? Like they are just drifting along with life.
24-10-2022 22:10
Well I learned something in therapy that may help you beans today. When you get anxiety instead of trying to solve…
24-10-2022 22:09
PURE CHAOS found here
24-10-2022 03:15
We are back with our usual programming of PURE CHAOS!! Finishing BioShock 2 today come join us!!
24-10-2022 03:14
21-10-2022 21:55
I AM ACTUALLY LIVE FOR ONCE!! We are back with the 3rd episode of DnD. Come join the chaos!!
21-10-2022 21:55
“Its smells like someone shit their pants and didn’t wash it for a few days. First cow shit, then strong liquor,…
20-10-2022 01:46
0 15708
RT @ellie_is_jelly: Gay trans fish! I repeat,we have a GAY TRANS FISH!
20-10-2022 01:41
0 53090
RT @fasc1nate: Baby elephants typically don't learn to control their trunks until they're about a year old, which may result in behavior li…
20-10-2022 01:39
@Ms_Huffle Woot!!
20-10-2022 01:07
RT @Ms_Huffle: Just a reminder that Ulta is out here not just quietly being ok with trans folks, but featuring us and lifting us up. I hav…
18-10-2022 00:48
@SpicySir_ Fucking nice
18-10-2022 00:30
@SuperMuffinKing Lmao
18-10-2022 00:29
RT @alphaINTEL: Catalyst is the first transgender woman in Apex Legends 🏳️‍⚧️
18-10-2022 00:27
@HuggableHipster HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY!!! Eeee you look so freaking GORGEOUS. Stunning!!!
18-10-2022 00:27
@SuperMuffinKing This is such a comfort show for me. Its so cringe but good. I have watched it like over 10 times probably closer to 25 tbh
18-10-2022 00:26
*New Kink Unlocked*
18-10-2022 00:24
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RT @faecuddlebug: this is literally me just saying
17-10-2022 06:34
Very excited for Stream on Tuesday at 9:00 pm EST!! Missed you guys this week. Thank you for letting me take time off. You cute!!
17-10-2022 06:32
17-10-2022 02:08
16-10-2022 05:12
This fruit really said it wanted to be something different. Changed career paths to be a sex worker for sure. Gua…
14-10-2022 02:06
RT @WholesomeMeme:
14-10-2022 01:51
The conversation proceeded and he middle fingered the road in a gesture, not see the person on the road who clearly…
13-10-2022 18:38
I love how my father and me were talking about what happens when the car finally dies (its like 17 years old in con…
13-10-2022 18:35
Does anyone actually understand subtext? It has literally never made any sense to me.
13-10-2022 03:28
Here is the whole set!!
08-10-2022 02:44
@okeebzo Good I am glad, if you want a hug or anything let me know
08-10-2022 02:44
@LunarWitch_ Omfg I just got this mug a couple weeks ago too
08-10-2022 02:15
@okeebzo How have you been lately?
08-10-2022 02:14
@SOGTrueBeliever Me 24/7 on stream
08-10-2022 00:35
Look at my pretty dice!! You can come see them live right now.
07-10-2022 23:59
@okeebzo Hi 👋
07-10-2022 22:49
DnD this way!!
07-10-2022 21:53
We are back with more DnD!! What will Lilrith get into today?
07-10-2022 21:53
HALP!! I am trapped and need to get ready. He is sleeping on me. Ahhh what do I do?
07-10-2022 20:30
@LorelaiG22 Actually not really a favourite thing of mine in the slightest.
07-10-2022 20:17
@SuperMuffinKing Ah, its not that bad really. I love getting mine they help so much
07-10-2022 02:33