Mika Murasaki😈💜 (@MurasakiMikaVT) — 👑Succubus Queen Vtuber🍆 ♡ Former eldritch goddess of lust🥵 ♡ Artist 🔞 https://t.co/7hyNtviSGW ♡ https://t.co/VdK41maf1f ♡ ママ: @AhLaToad
@enniccino You got this!!
30-01-2023 21:20
Good morning, my loves!💜 Friendly reminder that my stream schedule this week is a bit short! However throughout th… https://t.co/W72bGtV8yI
30-01-2023 21:19
I agreed for a moment until I saw Blue Snowball being added to here and honestly it's an amazing and affordable mic… https://t.co/O2WQxCL0Vh
30-01-2023 20:02
@AtramentumX Any of these....I'd be down to do👀
30-01-2023 08:15
@KuroKirijoVT What??😅
30-01-2023 08:12
💜Link: https://t.co/kEIWI1h9Y2 Players: https://t.co/21AUZlp4nf
30-01-2023 04:39
Come hang out!💜 It's GMOD Chaos Night with friends. I'm not streaming but my friends are! (Link in replies)… https://t.co/hC76c2elmA
30-01-2023 04:39
Check out my friends pages too~!💜 Players: @tryssthedragon @SekkaOwO @Wolf_XIIIFlames @Pirahtays @xUniTx_Ender… https://t.co/R8MBBxS3a8
30-01-2023 04:10
I'm not streaming tonight but I will be playing with some friends. Come check out the GMOD chaos tonight with some… https://t.co/HJqZAoD10w
30-01-2023 04:10
@BoltsVtuber https://t.co/tuJeAMclMu
30-01-2023 03:58
@AtramentumX I prefer to take it ;)
30-01-2023 03:58
Kinda want to give this a shot to draw... But it would be me and who, I wonder?🤔 https://t.co/fqqry16V0X
30-01-2023 01:29
[LINKS & TAGS]😈 Discord: https://t.co/EdcS55UvbH Twitch: https://t.co/ryCNk5tU09 TikTok: https://t.co/AlWEPYaYTp Of… https://t.co/yP8EVALBRC
29-01-2023 23:06
✨📅This week's schedule!📅✨ I have a shorter schedule this week due to various medical appointments. But I will be d… https://t.co/wiZaZLjymb
29-01-2023 23:06
💜Check it out here: https://t.co/hQB50UP8s7
29-01-2023 23:00
Ahh my one of my youtube shorts made it to 1k+ views! Thank you so much!!💜 #vtuber #envtuber #VTuberUprising https://t.co/t0jTVh3owg
29-01-2023 23:00
@Boargi_ Thank you for sharing this! I found 8 of them in my stream last week but wasn't sure what to make of it..
29-01-2023 21:09
RT @ZawinZala: #Live2D Get this free Live2D controller ! plugin for vts :https://t.co/IzTHcelyRS Download this Live2D https://t.co/I1PlqiKX…
29-01-2023 13:17
RT @setoya0102: YouTubeとTikTokに「Overdose/なとり」の歌ってみた動画を投稿しました💊💊 カットアップもmix師さんに制作いただきました💪💪💪 YouTube: https://t.co/u5k0uxTNIK TikTok: https://…
29-01-2023 09:56
@DorkLordAshVT Wishing you a speedy recovery~
29-01-2023 09:04
@DorkLordAshVT damn..might need to see dr if you can for it as soon as possible. Keep sipping water/warm water if y… https://t.co/xUoxTvunxS
29-01-2023 08:39
@LamshanksTTV ...Darktide👀 https://t.co/uPxmeSVtvW
29-01-2023 08:34
@DorkLordAshVT Might need antacids like tums then & stay elevated for now, dont really lay down unless you have to… https://t.co/6oKHvvmSmw
29-01-2023 08:33
@DorkLordAshVT If it's food poisoning, you might just have to wait it out. If it's discomfort try tums if you can g… https://t.co/LAGGqajche
29-01-2023 08:29
@xONIKAIIx I would recommend @BuniLust c:
29-01-2023 08:26
But remember my twitter is curated to me and my comfort Also, I'm a lewdtuber/unseiso vtuber. That's not everyon… https://t.co/MkJ5xr3OGZ
29-01-2023 08:12
In the midst of all this unfollowing drama, I just have to say one thing: You are never obligated to follow me. If… https://t.co/5lQ0VWNMoh
29-01-2023 08:12
RT @mistressdoomvt: I'm not going to apologise for setting boundaries that make me feel comfortable. I won't apologise for asking to be tre…
29-01-2023 08:04
@sh1nobu6 Yes..I have many times already~
29-01-2023 02:40
29-01-2023 02:32
@_AlbaTheMad_ https://t.co/lX909qKTRU
29-01-2023 02:32
29-01-2023 01:27
@cravedcuddle @_AlbaTheMad_ bruh https://t.co/KsrpwcRzKC
29-01-2023 01:09
RT @shxtou: TITS. https://t.co/kzTTkHpalq https://t.co/IDC7VwiKN6
28-01-2023 22:21
@Krontoga https://t.co/ggIeyGQ2lE
28-01-2023 21:57
@Krontoga Best girl... https://t.co/I2Z7rbJMZf
28-01-2023 21:55
Lots of stressful things on my plate/mind lately but I went for a jog after being back to back sick and cleared my… https://t.co/NLDPUPgQiz
28-01-2023 21:54
Faaacts. I've already shown and reminded people at the start that I'm unseiso/seisont but my content will from time… https://t.co/osa7Sqo8Wb
28-01-2023 21:52
@DariusBearVT ...I love this..
28-01-2023 21:51
RT @DariusBearVT: When Dragonborn unfollowed me for no reason, saying I was doing shouts he wasn't comfortable with (he liked'em before), I…
28-01-2023 21:51
I'm a cusp....so Pisces/Aries🫣 https://t.co/S1YDeZRovO
28-01-2023 21:51
@shxtou Sending much love to you, Shoto!!💜💜
28-01-2023 21:50
More info coming tomorrow!💜 If you're interested in assisting me through this pls feel free to order me a cup of c… https://t.co/jX0cqZGJJq
28-01-2023 21:49
I'll also be opening NEW commissions and or doing an art request stream (per cup of coffee) just to help me catch u… https://t.co/9Oui8qjeIT
28-01-2023 21:49
Good morning, my loves!!💜 A thread of ✨IMPORTANT✨ announcements: I'll be offline today to work on commissions bef… https://t.co/022lQZbJKT
28-01-2023 21:49
RT @CovfefeChan: gentle reminder, you are loved. on quiet days that feel meaningless, during long nights when loneliness consumes you, when…
28-01-2023 09:20
@FreyaAmari It can be so fucking mentally damaging too if someone starts to care so deeply about who follows/unfollows them..
28-01-2023 08:55
@Abraxas_VT yes...it me
28-01-2023 08:49
@hellzgatez1999 Heh thank youuu
28-01-2023 08:07
@Krontoga I'm not sorry for my actions ;)
28-01-2023 08:07
@Krontoga I think it's a fact hmmmmm
28-01-2023 07:03
@Pirahtays Indeeed~!
28-01-2023 07:02
Thank you so much for the fun stream!! I'll see you guys again next week for more fun Happy Friday and stay safe~!… https://t.co/9f3ijZA5uy
28-01-2023 07:02
If you guys want to watch different perspectives, I've set up a multistream link~! https://t.co/0j9jwtevnq
28-01-2023 05:57
Stream Link: https://t.co/fdGdA5gCZl
28-01-2023 04:18
[🔴LIVE] Drunken GMOD nights!! Gaming with some awesome people tonight: @Wolf_XIIIFlames, @Pirahtays,… https://t.co/kz6LgallWT
28-01-2023 04:18
@AtramentumX All credit goes to you for your writing!! I merely played a part~ https://t.co/tJHI3Hyvlt
28-01-2023 03:49
Decided to do another one hehe💜 #inkyscripts #lewdtubers #voiceacting #ScriptChallenge #vtuber… https://t.co/hLbkBBoO2h
28-01-2023 03:13
@Nino20l Glad you agree~
28-01-2023 02:43
Succubus girls are the best girls to wake up to~ https://t.co/Ds67rfGMQR
28-01-2023 02:28
Doin some research to find a nice arcade stick for my pc to play fighting games again.... If you have any recs, pl… https://t.co/KKfbJ0jI6K
28-01-2023 02:20
RT @Mysta_Rias: Smile! Sweet! Sister! Sadistic! Surprise! Service!
28-01-2023 00:25
RT @NekomancerVT: I think I speak for most vtubers or streamers or just people in general when I say PLEASE for the love of god do not join…
27-01-2023 23:50
Good morning, my loves!!💜 Friendly reminder that tonight's stream will be 'Drunken GMOD Game Night' w/ friends. If… https://t.co/UlxGdFL55S
27-01-2023 21:35
@junebugscorner Yay congrats Momo~!!
27-01-2023 08:53
@jiyabratvt Just shootin my shot 🥹👉👈 💜https://t.co/ryCNk5tU09 https://t.co/g6QnsLBZWL
27-01-2023 06:10
@BuniLust Yeahh makes no sense but I gotchu if anything starts up. You're a wonderful person and their accusation o… https://t.co/8l1lHtiXNT
27-01-2023 05:39
RT @BoltsVtuber: We are going live! Come watch me get scared out of my mind playing horror games that I've never touched before ;A; https:…
27-01-2023 03:18
RT @EmrysEstilo: 🔴 LIVE NOW ON TWITCH!🔴 Year 1 end of Stardew! Lots of planning and prepping for the new year. https://t.co/iCxey8WTw3…
27-01-2023 03:18
@DariusBearVT ..gotta go fast..? 😅
27-01-2023 03:17
@EmrysEstilo Appreciate it! <3
27-01-2023 01:55
Cancelling tonight's stream! I'm not having a very good mental health day so I'm just going to take this time to re… https://t.co/1uBHFnlI8L
27-01-2023 01:47
RT @BuniLust: Time to play some genshin impact! 🛑LIVE NOW 🛑 Asset by: @UshikoVT https://t.co/fSazkkw851
27-01-2023 01:46
If you see this, do it😈 Pronouns: She/Her Height: 162cm (cursed) & 214cm (canon) Zodiac: Pisces/Aries Cusp Smoke:… https://t.co/zKjo3uC7iA
27-01-2023 01:44
@Yuitansss Yoohoo is so good thooo
27-01-2023 01:31
Uhh my bad about that last tweet, I thought it was something lewdy not something fucked up https://t.co/Sd4njBuuu6
27-01-2023 01:07
@onlyyouwould115 oh whoops...NOT ME THEN
27-01-2023 01:05
RT @redbeanporri: you're in love? get well soon
27-01-2023 00:56
RT @meiwowowo: 💝VD animated emote Raffle!💝 ♡Like ♡Retweet (No QRTs) ♡Follow me ♡Drop your ref/PNG Ends 2nd February 💕 Good luck!! 💖 ht…
27-01-2023 00:53
Benefits to selling your soul to me and becoming one of 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒯𝑒𝓂𝓅𝓉𝑒𝒹: - Exclusive chat + voice chat (The Dungeon) -… https://t.co/NeCnYtSrH6
27-01-2023 00:51
Content exclusive to my subs will be announced next month. Finally putting those souls you sold off to me to good u… https://t.co/5fTigkz2Zx
27-01-2023 00:51
@Yukitsune__ @SekkaOwO heheheh
26-01-2023 23:29
RT @Yukitsune__: 💖FREE NSFW ART 💖 Love is the air~❣️ I'll draw for 1 #Vtuber or #roleplayer a high definition 𝐥𝐞𝐰𝐝 𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞 (like in…
26-01-2023 23:28
@Krontoga but of course~!
26-01-2023 22:21
@Krontoga Yaaay congrats~!! https://t.co/mN27skUDtD
26-01-2023 22:19
@DorkLordAshVT Congrats!!
26-01-2023 22:18
RT @missusmummy: I love gifts! The best gift you can give me? Your TIME! That shit is irreplaceable ♥
26-01-2023 22:18
@Pirahtays Am ready https://t.co/lLz9gcyjjj
26-01-2023 22:18
@AkumaMikoVT I scrolled by way too fast and read this as "pissing on" lmaoooo
26-01-2023 22:16
@DorkLordAshVT https://t.co/G0nHONj18j
26-01-2023 21:22
@Pirahtays No mercy, tall person https://t.co/WM6fklvHWx
26-01-2023 20:56
RT @pluslunar: Which boss is this for you? https://t.co/xJcFc1AZXn
26-01-2023 20:47
@RieSonomura @OliverBaelVT Annnnd that's an instant block for me lol...
26-01-2023 20:45
@DorkLordAshVT See this is the only immersion break I'd ever consider doing since I own a bunny suit...but I don't… https://t.co/eHZ4DxCWnK
26-01-2023 20:43
@marragony Please don't apologize, your health always comes first. Just focus on taking care of yourself and getting well💜
26-01-2023 20:30
@xUniTx_Ender ....fair... LOL
26-01-2023 20:03
Friendly reminder that Gmod Nights will be back this Friday! We're adding drunkeness to the already chaotic vibes we share LOL
26-01-2023 19:36
Guess I can't be trusted...even as a teammate LOL #vtuber #envtuber #vtuberclips #VTuberUprising https://t.co/ItH26yWWOb
26-01-2023 19:35
Good morning, my loves~!💜 Anyone else still love listening to pop punk music? I'm having one of those days and I'm… https://t.co/21ABaM4YOc
26-01-2023 19:15
@Krontoga @DorkLordAshVT Backing up the simp king for recs
26-01-2023 12:42
@__ariru The "Rice water oil cleanser" from the FaceShop is my go to! Best and easiest way to melt all the makeup a… https://t.co/jjXSHyhOJO
26-01-2023 12:40
@Krontoga You have betrayed best girl... https://t.co/GcnQJU1oPZ
26-01-2023 10:32
@Pirahtays Valid LOL
26-01-2023 08:39
RT @tryssthedragon: I’ll see you guys in 15 minutes! https://t.co/yuSAuQuhG1
26-01-2023 07:37
RT @mogyiu: 🤍 mini comms + quick art raffle open! 🤍 [ shares are appreciated ] 💌 mini commissions here!: https://t.co/5GozVE8cGo 🌼 art ra…
26-01-2023 07:34
@kunitoro Careful what you wish for, you might not be walking after https://t.co/ZyrL14jYIJ
26-01-2023 06:13
@Kassie_Malice I think I know why, but rather than explaining themselves like an adult and give you a chance they j… https://t.co/oWZx3dey7I
26-01-2023 06:09
@kunitoro Gomen https://t.co/J1uilkhJIh
26-01-2023 06:07
@Abraxas_VT Indeed~
26-01-2023 05:49
@onlyyouwould115 Fair enough https://t.co/KVZPuPngBw
26-01-2023 05:49
RT @KudiyVT: Time for some more DBD Killer solo queue, looking forward to seeing you there~~. Link Below: #Vtuber #ENVtuber #VtuberUprisi…
26-01-2023 05:29
I walk the middle road of the Unseiso/Seisont https://t.co/qYuuERVBYJ
26-01-2023 05:28
@IzumiCat3 I-Izumi you sound so cute wtf https://t.co/b3Z68MMAic
26-01-2023 05:10
RT @AtramentumX: LIVE 🔴 Playing some FIST Forged in Shadow Torch! I had a crappy day so come by and say hi! Could use the serotonin. 😉👌…
26-01-2023 05:06
@MillieParfait Good friends fr fr
26-01-2023 04:55
@SekkaOwO https://t.co/3m3ColdPUC
26-01-2023 04:54
@SekkaOwO Fuuuck yeah!! Just need to find time to get art LOL
26-01-2023 04:52
RT @SekkaOwO: Your Chimera Girl has some exciting stuff, I'll be going to vtuber prom with @MurasakiMikaVT for the valentine's prom. hopefu…
26-01-2023 04:52
@EllyVtuber Niiiice https://t.co/I7jhpiDYoS
26-01-2023 04:51
@SekkaOwO The joke is, I don't~ https://t.co/QpRP3P4T92
26-01-2023 04:48
@LuxCerastes oh wow these are so pretty
26-01-2023 04:40
@DorkLordAshVT Ohoho, let's hope it's worth my time, yes?
26-01-2023 04:34
That is only a mere fraction of unhinged I'll be channeling next month during your human celebration of... *gags*… https://t.co/PMKXDdutUS
26-01-2023 04:32
@KBgamin71711595 I'll watch the teeth, dw~
26-01-2023 04:30
@AtramentumX https://t.co/zI92NEVXEz
26-01-2023 04:30
@DorkLordAshVT But of course~ https://t.co/vYLJ99EoiY
26-01-2023 04:23
26-01-2023 04:20
Sure, I'll gladly give your offering a taste. But that doesn't mean I won't savor every last drop of it~… https://t.co/5LQoVdlhXv
26-01-2023 04:20
RT @Nalu_thesealpup: REFLECT Gawr Gura Cover My first full cover, with an MV that moves!!! Reflect has always been a song that I’ve relat…
26-01-2023 04:06
@EmrysEstilo Right????
26-01-2023 04:06
RT @BoltsVtuber: First schedule! Excited for my first collab tomorrow with @Vanni_exe, @NeoBlaze_7 and @SoggysWaffles where we'll play Phas…
26-01-2023 03:43
RT @Kassie_Malice: 🎉Hello again!🎉 We're gonna be hanging out and continuing our Dead Island story tonight w/ da bois! Come say Hi! (Starti…
26-01-2023 03:36
@puresera_ ...cursed
26-01-2023 03:35
@EmrysEstilo Figuring out how lewd I can make my outfits without getting in trouble https://t.co/DaoOmqpj0A
26-01-2023 03:33
RT @tryssthedragon: Today we recreate Atelier Lumi! Link below! #pngtuber #Vtuber #VTuberEN
26-01-2023 03:28
@Pirahtays LOL Pirah pls
26-01-2023 03:27
I'm a succubus/eldritch horror heh.....I don't think you'd ever want to see me in your dreams~… https://t.co/IzsrK9W6pU
25-01-2023 22:04
@KBgamin71711595 Pretty good~
25-01-2023 21:54
@xUniTx_Ender https://t.co/KjIRpAXqa9
25-01-2023 21:54
RT @ZionZeep: This is the last time I will talk about this, to the minors who keep coming into 18+ spaces saying they are mature enough to…
25-01-2023 21:53
@KBgamin71711595 Good good~
25-01-2023 21:44
@SekkaOwO LOL sup
25-01-2023 21:44
Good morning, my loves...now say it back.💜 https://t.co/XxcYqivrlo
25-01-2023 21:26
25-01-2023 19:29
@BoltsVtuber BLUUUUUUE
25-01-2023 19:12
@RenalucentVT ^^Exactly this ughhhh
25-01-2023 19:09
RT @missusmummy: HOT TAKE - VTUBERS, you cannot cry broke if you are out there commissioning a million pieces of artwork from some of the m…
25-01-2023 18:24
@missusmummy Faaacts
25-01-2023 18:24
@Krontoga https://t.co/80WILgd5cP
25-01-2023 18:24
RT @Krontoga: I've seen and heard a lot of mommies do ara ara's, when can I see and hear a daddy do a yare yare daze or an oya oya
25-01-2023 18:23
RT @RenalucentVT: WELL HELLO THERE FANCY SEEING YOU HERE. Did you know, we are- 🔴LIVE ON TWITCH! 🔴 Looking at and redoing some old childho…
25-01-2023 12:40
Not every bigger vtuber who has a smaller following to large followers ratio is follow baiting. I'm sorry if someon… https://t.co/ZzeVym3Kaa
25-01-2023 12:39
Jfc this is a horrible take. Stop acting like we're obligated to follow back just bc someone followed us, or are yo… https://t.co/yaz5KNn0EN
25-01-2023 12:39
@BoltsVtuber @BBNarciTotz @GremiVT No need for thanks, you did all the work!! Glad I was able to make it tho! https://t.co/X72i3kA7lf
25-01-2023 06:57
@caoinrose Oooo some purple themes!! I will offer myself🥹💜 https://t.co/ID6yFikKYr
25-01-2023 06:56
RT @_MikanMedia: A bunch of my art mutuals streamed art today! Are you also a vtuber that streams art sometimes? Lemme follow you! ♡ #vtu…
25-01-2023 06:55
@SekkaOwO LOL
25-01-2023 06:54
RT @BoltsVtuber: Debut stream was a huge success! Got to talk to so many of my amazing friends and felt the overwhelming love from those I'…
25-01-2023 06:49
Thank you so much for the chill art stream + spontaneous Overwatch grind before bed! Also thank you to… https://t.co/s4tYJDLlWC
25-01-2023 06:45
Stream Link: https://t.co/fdGdA5gCZl
25-01-2023 04:20
[🔴LIVE] Chill Art Stream Tonight!💜 Do you hear those wedding bells? Working on some commissions while chilling wit… https://t.co/B1FrekQJeM
25-01-2023 04:20
We're continuing the chill streams today with some art~ I'll be working on commissions & con prep things c:
25-01-2023 03:28
...it's the daddy issues I swear..
25-01-2023 03:11
Not @BoltsVtuber reminding me I was once down bad for fuckin General Alister Azimuth from the Ratchet & Clank serie… https://t.co/6WhjlGqUor
25-01-2023 03:10
Wow was not expecting this many people to vote but thank you for the feedback~! I'll be sticking to unseiso conten… https://t.co/kdFh4NQqB8
25-01-2023 02:24
I'm at work rn but please come cheer Bolts on as they do their debut today!! They're playing one of my favorite gam… https://t.co/3uYtdyCzTf
25-01-2023 02:14
RT @whimsiez: You are not responsible for the false perceptions someone creates of you 👍🤠👍
25-01-2023 02:12
@OliverBaelVT Idk what people are angry about, but there always has to be something. Do people not realize sometime… https://t.co/aomOAPsHS9
25-01-2023 02:11
@BoltsVtuber Ughhh OG R&C was so iconic and amazing!!
25-01-2023 02:08
RT @BoltsVtuber: We are LIVE! Come around and say hi :3 Chatting for a bit before playing some classic ratchet and clank! https://t.co/LlQ…
25-01-2023 02:08
@Ebru_Hime The Empress or the Devil~! https://t.co/wJ1wqfZLJ6
25-01-2023 02:05
RT @senpaihinotama: https://t.co/z3mWD3xAdQ DETECTIVE IS NOW LIVE
25-01-2023 02:03
This goddess demands her seat...but nothing will come out of it. I'm just a little sadistic and want to feel you st… https://t.co/rVsJJfsz24
25-01-2023 02:00
@DariusBearVT ...shame..?
25-01-2023 01:39
43 mins left to help give me insight as to how I should start moving my content around from this moment onwards~! https://t.co/bijFamwKfx
25-01-2023 01:37
@SekkaOwO *gasps* how lewd~!
25-01-2023 01:03
RT @BuniLust: Bendy Part three starts soon! Come join in as we maybe end this chapter. 🛑LIVE NOW🛑 https://t.co/q1hLx3ZVXx
25-01-2023 00:59
@SekkaOwO Wtf????? Who am I fighting? https://t.co/GdUNRUWMeb
25-01-2023 00:01
@Yuitansss Chibi peen? ; A ;
24-01-2023 21:53
Wow 59...? Damn thought it would be higher haha https://t.co/utHzcJHhTk
24-01-2023 21:51
Test link: https://t.co/j0WFb9VdIx
24-01-2023 21:42
Ah~ I'm a rare breed..tho I should be more difficult to breed ;) Also I'm only loyal to those I count as my family~ https://t.co/9Ig81UA07y
24-01-2023 21:42
RT @_MikanMedia: I am someone who improves at a fast pace. 3 months ago, I was streaming with the one on the left. From here, I only get…
24-01-2023 21:39
RT @RenalucentVT: 🌠 SCHEDULE! 🌠 Tonight we're going to be chilling and looking at/redoing old art! I'd love to do a "professional looks at…
24-01-2023 20:51
Bumping up~
24-01-2023 19:06
@senpaihinotama ...im listening..
24-01-2023 08:26
RT @Saruei_: I've always been alone my entire life, unable to be part of a group or to make friends. I'm glad I found another way to connec…
24-01-2023 07:11
@senpaihinotama N O P E
24-01-2023 07:11
Thank you for the wonderful chill stream tonight~! We passed the stream over to my lovely friend @SekkaOwO! She's s… https://t.co/5RWbBHbLmT
24-01-2023 06:23
💜Stream link: https://t.co/fdGdA5gCZl
24-01-2023 03:59
[🔴LIVE ] Let the Hunt Begin!! Hunting down monsters in Monster Hunter Rise! Come hang out with me tonight~! Link i… https://t.co/Elbx93XZig
24-01-2023 03:59
RT @Tawaki_inku: MonHunt Plushies! I love my Cat and Dogo (Tanya and Tabork) Go to✨https://t.co/LUZ4OusMzI ✨ #MHR #MonsterHunter #MonsterH…
24-01-2023 03:50
RT @OnigiriEn_: Thank you for creating such a beautiful model and breathing life into my silly ideas😊 🍙Lunar Giri Outfit🍙 🎨Artist: @clusel…
24-01-2023 02:26
@Allister07777 https://t.co/mzU8UWjKP1
24-01-2023 02:22
✨💜Interest Check💜✨ Quick interest check, my loves. I'm reviewing my recent content and could love some feedback D… https://t.co/Luh6HZM2cY
24-01-2023 02:19
RT @AltairVT: happy bunny new year!! 🧧🐰 🏮祝大家大吉大利, “兔”飞勐进, 前“兔”无量, 兔年顶呱呱!🏮 #Vtuber #ENVtuber #VTuberUprising https://t.co/UK5q2SQeac
24-01-2023 02:15
RT @vt_milla: pretty please https://t.co/3d7dvBlLJZ
24-01-2023 02:15
I'm thinking of cranking up the levels of spice for the month of lust...I mean, love~💜 Shall we crank things up to… https://t.co/oZIlptssGq
24-01-2023 02:01
RT @Elysian_Phantom: Chat: Phantom, why are you always threatening to fight people? Me: https://t.co/y2VHBtKfen
24-01-2023 01:57
@GetaVr ⭐️⭐️
24-01-2023 01:56