chanelljane🦋 (@Mrspretty504) — BIGNAE🤣.
RT @ayeejuju: girls be like “time to relax” then hop on netflix to watch serial kiIIer documentaries
28-09-2022 05:40
Chile ima just call my lil sister phat 😒 because Kendra gotta know im not saying alat
28-09-2022 05:37
RT @KaySoBoujee: Y’all energy be so off, I’m quick to distance myself…
28-09-2022 05:20
Not my mama going by a puppy 🤭
28-09-2022 05:09
RT @Deep_philo: First, know your worth. Second, control your emotions. Third, never settle.
28-09-2022 04:53
Even tho I got three more years til I finish this one I wanna major in something else just to have a more under my belt 🙃
28-09-2022 04:33
I think I wanna change my major again🤭🫣
28-09-2022 04:33
RT @avantbyavant: Just heard “Don’t miss out on your life trying to get it together” and I might’ve needed to hear that more than I know
28-09-2022 04:05
RT @_tyree23: Put er on my card so she know it’s real 🥹🫶🏽
28-09-2022 03:49
RT @2ks___: ari said “ we not beefing I love her im just straight on her “ & I really FELT THAT!
28-09-2022 03:17
RT @more0fkay: A lotta shit broke my heart but cleared my vision.
28-09-2022 03:11
RT @Therealteajah: I love God real bad 🥺🤎
28-09-2022 03:11
RT @WhoTFissim: October smells like $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
28-09-2022 02:48
Hopefully I be in matching pajamas for the holidays 😂
28-09-2022 02:48
RT @deyonnaxoo: The Jeffery Dahmer jokes aren’t funny. at all.
28-09-2022 01:44
RT @wayydaminn: This next chapter of my life is going to be so beautiful and rewarding. I can just feel it.
28-09-2022 01:44
@theerealmkk 🤭🫣
28-09-2022 01:31
RT @baaadgl_: Can’t shit hurt my feelings but being broke !
28-09-2022 01:31
RT @yafavdeyj: i would do anything to be a kid again just to taste these one more time🥹🤌🏼
28-09-2022 01:30
RT @Pastor__West: Repeat after me: God is positioning me for promotion. 👏🏾👏🏾
27-09-2022 23:58
RT @thexanplug: me bringing my drunk gf home after she passes out at the family party
27-09-2022 22:52
RT @samariajdavis_: Growing up with a strict mom was so lame. My friends would be grounded for 2 days and I would be grounded for 2 months.…
27-09-2022 22:52
RT @Art0fLife_: Don't stress. God has bigger plans for you.
27-09-2022 22:38
27-09-2022 22:38
RT @TONJONAEE_: Southern boilers got the best crawfish in Br
27-09-2022 20:35
RT @boojieshay: I’m so antisocial I’ll literally walk past someone I know 😂
27-09-2022 19:21
RT @freebandsister: my budget for the new two weeks is $5 .
27-09-2022 19:21
RT @_glowprincess: when i’m happy, i’m the prettiest. I love that glow✨.
27-09-2022 19:15
RT @lyndejaj: Starting October I’m really locking in . It’s about that time 😮‍💨
27-09-2022 18:29
RT @braylon125: i love when a mf wanna see me. chill with me, want me to be around em.. allat🥺🥰
27-09-2022 18:28
RT @Pastor__West: Dear Lord, Today, I declare Num. 11:8, what God has blessed, no man can curse. The blessing on me is more powerful than…
27-09-2022 18:28
RT @icyfeen: i don’t want anything confusing in my life i want everything clear, natural, genuine, and pure.
27-09-2022 18:28
RT @_badassiee: Truly blessed.
27-09-2022 05:35
RT @brittanisade: Shoutout to the women who are moving forward. To the women who are making decisions that better serve them, and making th…
27-09-2022 04:19
RT @_badassiee: back in my bubble, it’s time to go crazy
27-09-2022 04:11
RT @l0vealicia: I’ve been in the mood for a fucking bag! A way bigger one than what I’m use to! Like I’m so ready.
27-09-2022 04:10
RT @b0ogiedown: ima good girl, a real ngga gon feel it🫶🏼
27-09-2022 04:10
@TONJONAEE_ Me too 😭
27-09-2022 04:10
RT @AusBassie: And when you pray tonight pray for appetite. God is preparing a table full of blessings in abundance. You need to sit on tha…
27-09-2022 03:18
RT @wayydaminn: October, November, and December God please let these last couple of months be good to me. I'm prepared for the next chapter…
27-09-2022 03:18
RT @MahkaiChildress: “Jeff’s GPA is a 0.45”, boyyyy my momma would’ve towmymuddafuckinassupppppp 😂😂
27-09-2022 01:31
RT @_badassiee: New week, new opportunities, new blessings. Claim it.
26-09-2022 22:57
RT @realmainfeeling: Idcc how y’all feel about section 8… I wanna pay $12 for rent too shit😭🗣
26-09-2022 22:57
RT @wayydaminn: Officially stepping into my "quiet girl" era, I don't have much to say about anything anymore. It is what it is and life go…
26-09-2022 22:36
Mane where is my refund fuck
26-09-2022 20:01
RT @OhDolll: I’ll forever credit God, He pulled me out of some really dark places.
26-09-2022 19:58
RT @yslkii: heart aches are real idc what ppl say, when you find out some shit about somebody you fw heavy it’s like ya chest cave in 😭🫤.
26-09-2022 18:05
It’s grinddd time babyyy
26-09-2022 15:09
RT @tinksolavish_: How Jayda’s friends are loving her and celebrating her life for her birthday is top tier. It’s hard to come across genui…
26-09-2022 06:30
RT @kekefineasx: Ima girl but I’m that nigga fr.
26-09-2022 06:30
RT @RealMona_: i’m so private even my parents don’t know me.
26-09-2022 06:13
Mannnnnn ion even use the shit prolly just on my hands & feet but MY face FAWK NO
26-09-2022 04:50
RT @Art0fLife_: Pain really changes you.
26-09-2022 04:49
@TONJONAEE_ Girl fa her to really be mad about gloves bitch that killed me 😭😭😭😭
26-09-2022 03:03
@theerealmkk Literally nothing ☺️
26-09-2022 02:18
RT @mrssaksfifth: in my quiet era now, doing more.. saying less and disappearing out ppl lives. 🙂
26-09-2022 01:43
RT @rawestbrattt: I try not to get mad cause my mad different 😂
26-09-2022 01:43
RT @og__quitaa: OCT, NOV & DEC will be FULL of Blessings, positivity & good news CLAIM IT ❤️
26-09-2022 01:43
RT @tianalenai: manifesting a good week 💞
26-09-2022 01:43
RT @_badassiee: I can go to sleep at 3 am and still be wide awake at 6am….hate it 😩
26-09-2022 00:43
RT @kekefineasx: I wake up every single day grateful asf no matter what situation I’m in…
26-09-2022 00:43
RT @Flashyasf: Setbacks gone happen go get it again nigga
25-09-2022 23:51
Bout to knock this 12hr down 🫣🤑
25-09-2022 15:06
RT @shak_2much: Stop thinking small. You need to be thinking big.
25-09-2022 15:05
I think it’s time for me to go get some new glasses I broke my other ones 😭
25-09-2022 15:05
I can’t see at night when I be driving
25-09-2022 15:05
RT @iconraeona: tatt my name on you so I know it’s real
25-09-2022 02:40
I know I gotta happy ending after all this shit !
25-09-2022 02:28
RT @darkskindoll3: Idc how bad I complain about working, bitch I’m gon clock in 😭
25-09-2022 02:22
RT @kekefineasx: Drink your water & go make that money.
25-09-2022 02:22
RT @livewithnoregrt: love what you have before life teaches you to love what you lost
25-09-2022 02:21
RT @PRADAXBBY: manifesting
25-09-2022 00:01
RT @ayeyorahh: Once I love you, I love you forever. I may change how I deal with you, but I’ll always love you.
24-09-2022 23:48
RT @KandonDortch: a gun range date is fosho a vibe
24-09-2022 22:28
I can’t wait till I’m able to say i got someone who genuinely loves me like not about no money or material shit jus…
24-09-2022 21:52
RT @mickeywon234: If a CHILD tells you they’re uncomfortable around an ADULT, PLEASE LISTEN
24-09-2022 21:51
RT @Onenonlydondon: Shit be looking so good on the internet but too many sweets like this make me sick to my stomach in person
24-09-2022 21:51
RT @csaldana2442: A tattoo been callin my name for a while now😬
24-09-2022 20:32
Can’t wait to get my nails , hair and lashes done for this trip 🥰🤭
24-09-2022 20:31
RT @Jameca2011: Manifestation is real. Start speaking positivity into your life. ✨
24-09-2022 19:42
RT @realmainfeeling: don’t invite me to no haunted houses if you ain’t gonna let me be in the middle, i got no business leading that line a…
24-09-2022 19:30
RT @JeLaminah: I’m publically private. I share a lot and y’all still don’t know me like that. Only what I give you.
24-09-2022 19:29
RT @braylon125: my love language is all of em, do everything
24-09-2022 19:29
RT @2fresh_1: all fun & games until the girl who really loved you don't even wanna fw you anymore
24-09-2022 19:29
One thing about me I’m gon shake 🤣 wit no booty and all bitch ima dance
24-09-2022 08:09
RT @therealdessyb_: i know i’m gone get a happy ending when it’s all said & done.
24-09-2022 07:56
RT @mvlakay: I want a Marc jacobs tote, y’all can keep the teflar bags
24-09-2022 06:39
I can’t wait till I fall in love , I’m definitely getting a nigga name tatted 😭🤭
24-09-2022 06:38
RT @AusBassie: And when you pray tonight..pray for the ability to attend to yourself. We often jump extremely high for other people and exp…
24-09-2022 04:03
RT @gg_germani: God loves me for sure!!! && I’m so so so so thankfulllllll
24-09-2022 03:47
RT @aaguccii: drunk me sooo fun 😭😭like I be having the time of my life
24-09-2022 03:47
RT @wayydaminn: I don’t wanna talk about a nigga all the time. Let’s talk business, let’s talk about our goals, shit we gotta get done.
24-09-2022 02:55
RT @WhoTFissim: I love hearing “I wanna see u“ from a person I wanna see too
24-09-2022 02:20
RT @lontimonah: i’m so ready for everything to fall in place for me.
24-09-2022 00:44
RT @iamprincekash: I suck at cuddling, 5 minutes in and I want a healthy long term relationship 😂
24-09-2022 00:43
RT @livewithnoregrt: hope my story got a happy ending cus i been through some things i never deserved
23-09-2022 23:35
RT @fwtatajr: I ain’t forcing no vibe, Imma fall back & get $
23-09-2022 23:00
RT @MillsReggie: i save me, i heal me, i got me, i have me.
23-09-2022 23:00
RT @makeit_reyn: My motion will never be dependent on another person.
23-09-2022 22:23
RT @Kheumani: A man that asks for nothing, gets everything.
23-09-2022 22:02
RT @Flashyasf: Loyalty Is Everything 💙
23-09-2022 21:52
RT @adoreanise: i like my nigga medium crazy 💯💯💯 don’t be tryna kill me and shit fr 😭
23-09-2022 21:22
RT @KandonDortch: missing out on temporary fun to grow stability is not a loss, it’s maturity.
23-09-2022 21:02
RT @livewithnoregrt: i could be ur biggest flex or ur biggest loss
23-09-2022 21:02
RT @shyabyaa: Next year I’ll be making 6 figures
23-09-2022 19:37
RT @itsmontyj: I’m a “wya?” “Be safe” “you good?” “Did you eat?” type of person…
23-09-2022 19:37
RT @hecraveskay: im coo wit goin 50/50 cause i could go 100 by my damn self
23-09-2022 19:12
RT @Maxthepapi: People don't realize how hard you be riding for them, until you park.
23-09-2022 19:12
RT @ayonnnah: I love dates, I’ll go on a date everyday. With my man, with my friends, by myself. I think dates are imperative
23-09-2022 18:49
RT @1playvell: bad bitches listen to Brent Faiyaz
23-09-2022 18:16
RT @Flashyasf: when you speak on me make sure you say “ that nigga gone get some money “😂
23-09-2022 17:51
RT @noahtheicon: act right so we can have matching pjs by christmas
23-09-2022 17:03
RT @DoeBoyOfficial: All gangsta shit aside i’ma lover fr 🥲
23-09-2022 17:03
RT @DRESPITFACTS: really big on ghosting for my peace idc at this point
23-09-2022 16:28
RT @jaylamiyonn: I love a nigga that just keep me smiling all day & just a good ass vibe
23-09-2022 11:37
RT @AriTheDon: I wanna be a billionaire so fucking bad.
23-09-2022 07:06
RT @khilanii: i like to shop ALONE cause you not boutta rush me.
23-09-2022 05:57
RT @Pastor__West: Tonight, I’m praying for everyone who feels overwhelmed. With work, with love, with life. Be gentle with yourself and tak…
23-09-2022 05:10
RT @ojae__: i love serial killer documentaries, am i okay?..
23-09-2022 04:36
RT @jaicypenny: ain nun a blunt can’t fix
23-09-2022 04:35
RT @only1arw: im so rdy to hv everything i deserve..
23-09-2022 03:59
RT @ArmoneyWarren: This my lowkey twitter so here yall go….. 💛
23-09-2022 03:59
RT @shehawaiin: New season 🍂 new blessings ✨. FALL about to be a GREAT season! I’m ready for all the blessings that’s about to come. ❤️
23-09-2022 02:07
RT @Wavymafia: It’s crazy how having a good heart can be your biggest downfall.
22-09-2022 23:11
RT @NolaAngelMedium: I’m such a lover girl. I’m thankful I didn’t let the lessons & hardships harden me. I love how love feels & looks on m…
22-09-2022 23:11
RT @DJNAE_: both law & order's & stabler show come back, ima be watching like 5 shows at once 😂
22-09-2022 23:11
RT @wayydaminn: A pure heart with genuine intentions wins every time.
22-09-2022 22:44
RT @wayydaminn: i love a nigga that’s real tender about me. keep me soft, sweet and loving.
22-09-2022 22:14
I swea y’all hoes be so miserable
22-09-2022 22:14
RT @boojieshay: The realest thing about me is that I’m not trying to fit in or be like no one else. I do my own thing, stay in my own lane…
22-09-2022 22:14
RT @ynd4w_quick: Be a nigga peace that’s all.
22-09-2022 22:13
RT @Pastor__West: God is going to give You much more than You asked for... Money, good health, opportunities and influence is coming in abu…
22-09-2022 22:13
RT @Wavymafia: You ever talk to someone and think "damn you not even you no more"
22-09-2022 19:45
RT @wayydaminn: That toxic shit played out, i wanna be happy, travel, get money.
22-09-2022 19:45
RT @wayydaminn: Dear self ... I’m getting you together just hold on a little longer.
22-09-2022 18:25
RT @WhoTFissim: No cocky shit but every person I’ve met loved my energy
22-09-2022 17:11
RT @DRESPITFACTS: sometimes u gotta back away from shit u love, just to see if it love you
22-09-2022 17:11
RT @Pastor__West: Dear Lord, Today, I declare that every weapon pointed at me will misfire in this season. Shake off the arm of the sniper…
22-09-2022 17:10
RT @Wavymafia: Never let NOBODY make you feel like you just trippin for no reason.
22-09-2022 07:23
RT @ayeyoQ__: A girl that gives both best friend and wifey vibes is super rare to find
22-09-2022 05:17
RT @Pastor__West: In the middle of the struggle remind Yourself God answers prayer...
22-09-2022 04:47
RT @Pretti_Shan: People Who Really Wanna See You Win, Help You Win.
22-09-2022 04:00
RT @foreignwhite: Love to pop out occasionally but being home & ugly in peace is top tier😭
22-09-2022 00:22
RT @Rollitupk: I can’t lie i actually so fall in love more everyday. It’s always a way to get better in your relationship even when nothing…
21-09-2022 23:53
RT @Flashyasf: Run yo money up and stay away from bad vibes 🚫
21-09-2022 23:45
RT @daBADDESTone_: my 30s will be my prime. wealthy, healthy & fine as fuck.
21-09-2022 23:27
RT @lifeasmkyiah_: i got this, even with tears in my eyes! ❤️
21-09-2022 22:36
RT @Flashyasf: She kept it so real I fuck with her forever 💜
21-09-2022 20:58
RT @Wavymafia: Ain’t nobody too busy for you. If they wanted to, they would.
21-09-2022 19:12
This the type of shit I’m into
21-09-2022 19:12
RT @logotti3: having your own bread as a female is so MANDATORY that’s why i go so hard ‼️
21-09-2022 19:11
21-09-2022 19:11
I learned sometimes you gotta get your heart broke to go harder ,
21-09-2022 17:44
RT @Flashyasf: sometimes u gotta back away from shit u love, just to see if it love you
21-09-2022 17:26
RT @aanelin_: My car concerts alone are my fav 😂
21-09-2022 17:25
Real shit ! I fall in love to fast then be looking stupid aab
21-09-2022 05:56
RT @ysmammri: i will tat your name above my eyebrow that’s why i can’t play w love
21-09-2022 05:55
RT @itsmontyj: I just wanna get paid and stay out the way.
21-09-2022 05:55
RT @deairrajanae: I’m quick to post and delete, feel like I be talking too much 😭
21-09-2022 05:32
RT @cordaijah7: Get on yo knees & pray. Then, get on yo feet & hustle 💪🏽
21-09-2022 05:31
RT @braylon125: when im in love i be obsessed, how tf do y'all be cheating? 😂😂
21-09-2022 05:31
RT @Kheumani: i love me a simp, tell me how much you miss me bby.
21-09-2022 05:31
RT @boojieshay: One thing I love about me is that I’m a hustler I’m going to make it happen by any means necessary.
21-09-2022 04:27
RT @DeVonFranklin: God will sometimes break your heart to save your heart.
21-09-2022 04:26
RT @jawnnthadonn: I’m such a loyal client! Once i like your work I’m never leaving you😩
21-09-2022 04:26
RT @Campaign_Self: Cheating is played out. Settle down. Take trips. Get money & be happy TOGETHER.
21-09-2022 04:26
RT @Franajaa_: i wanna hear ily 100x a day , huge and kiss me all day , take random pictures of me , tell me how pretty i am 😭😩 i like mine…
21-09-2022 00:41
RT @TONJONAEE_: Y’all b so grown & sooo damn childish
21-09-2022 00:40
20-09-2022 23:32
RT @LyricDashae: idm how much I love or fwy I will cut you off!!
20-09-2022 22:36
RT @AusBassie: And when you pray tonight..pray for choice. You cannot choose what life throw at you. However, you can choose how you see it…
20-09-2022 22:35
RT @realprettyygirl: My lick back is me being me
20-09-2022 21:49
RT @DRESPITFACTS: my way of dealing w shit is by going completely mute. it don’t be shit to talk abt fr.
20-09-2022 21:49
RT @__meghvn: i can’t wait to get married and start my family
20-09-2022 19:17
RT @a_monay: dear me in 2023, ima make you so damn proud girl 💞
20-09-2022 19:17
RT @SpeakingOfKe_: This year went by so fast, it’s really about to be 2023.
20-09-2022 18:42
RT @Pastor__West: Dear Lord, Today, I declare that I shall be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Today I am going after eve…
20-09-2022 18:42
RT @hottiehaless: If I calmly leave you alone I'm never coming back, now if I act crazy... I'm coming back. 🤣
20-09-2022 07:08
RT @realmainfeeling: lover girl 🫶🏽 but my demon time be wicked
20-09-2022 06:15
Straight Smashing these empire wings 😭😭😭
20-09-2022 04:56
RT @Wavymafia: When my heart finally agrees with my mind ain't no coming back from that.
20-09-2022 04:29
RT @ayeyoQ__: Aint 2 many girls out here thats gon ride witchu & struggle witchu.....
20-09-2022 03:22
RT @realmainfeeling: been practicing waking up with a clear mind & heart
20-09-2022 02:20
RT @chanfrfr: I wanna have an Adult Spelling Bee. Get it wrong, TAKE A SHOT! 🤣🤣
20-09-2022 00:33
RT @_badassiee: New week, new blessings.
19-09-2022 23:08
RT @RCooleyy_: ‘ solid bitches with pure hearts gone forever be blessed .
19-09-2022 19:45
RT @Kheumani: I love fat babies so much.
19-09-2022 17:47
RT @ItsThaiBih: I like niggas with motion, The kind that just Handle shit & make you feel protected & provided for. Anything less is an ins…
19-09-2022 15:44
RT @AngelictheVirgo: I need a real ghetto lit night out before I lock it down for winter.
19-09-2022 06:47
RT @aaguccii: one day I post 10 stories and the next i disappear for 2 months mabe 5🥲
19-09-2022 06:23
RT @ayeyoQ__: Lord protect the path I’m on and don’t let me quit for nothing.
19-09-2022 05:40
RT @Ka_orii_: my biggest flex is my Mom , i feel like i talk about her all the time but i feel it never enough I’m so grateful WHENEVER in…
19-09-2022 04:50
RT @_badassiee: When it comes to food, I won’t say NO!
19-09-2022 04:31
RT @_badassiee: blessings on blessings
19-09-2022 04:02
RT @keolalove: I need 30+ bands right fkin now!
19-09-2022 02:26
RT @theonlymiyam: A very blessed girl.
19-09-2022 00:27
RT @Flashyasf: My mama gave birth to a hustler. I’m gone figure shit out one way or another.
19-09-2022 00:27
Disappearing, improve and later return with a whole new life 🤭🥰
18-09-2022 22:00