Moroccan Blue KFP KR🐔-Studio B- (@MoroccanBlue002) — Hello~ HoloEN Myth Takanashi Kiara Oshi🐔🧡 KFP KR Representative kiara photographer 📷/Filming equipment: S20Fe /icon: @viscosity_2001
Good bye KFP and my dear kiara. Feeling deeply responsible for yesterday's work, I am about to pack up all my Holo…
27-03-2023 02:05
Good night kfp. I tried to end my life on my own today. I don't want to say who I am because I feel so betrayed by…
26-03-2023 13:26
To be honest, I get angry when I see people who don't sympathize with my difficulties and don't know me, and people…
26-03-2023 08:48
지금까지 저의 힘든점을 공감안해주시고 나몰라라 하시는 분들과 은근슬쩍 절 경쟁하시는 분들을 보시면 솔직히 화가나긴합니다. 그렇게 저와 이야기를 하기가 싫었습니까? 만일 이게 사실 이라면 진짜 세상을 포기할때 모든걸 밝히고 떠나겠습니다.
26-03-2023 08:48
RT @Ikanikannika09: #artsofashes  Good morning☀☀
26-03-2023 08:33
RT @Merange_SE3P:
26-03-2023 07:48
@viscosity_2001 알고리즘:"우후~상관없어"🤣🤣🤣
26-03-2023 07:26
@viscosity_2001 오늘의 명언 "상식에 사로 잡히지마~"😎
26-03-2023 07:24
RT @viscosity_2001: #kroniijokes #kronillust #drawMEI
26-03-2023 07:23
RT @mayoineko_299:
26-03-2023 07:04
RT @amanekanatach: 配信開始!!!!!!! 逃げないVSサルはじまる #天界学園放送部 #かなRO
26-03-2023 07:04
The flowers I filmed were beautiful, subtle, and sweet like her.🌺 (25/100) I think it's true that I have a crush o…
26-03-2023 06:52
RT @bdh1816: rkgk (Cute short hair lady Phoenix) #ArtsOfAshes #KFP
26-03-2023 06:41
さくらみおんです~🌺 #ミオかわいい
26-03-2023 06:41
RT @moricalliope: what the hell tutu
26-03-2023 06:08
RT @ImaginaryJib: Maybe this year’s May the 4th Ina will play the Empire Strikes Back? I want a continuation of this 🥲…
26-03-2023 06:03
After a date with Kiara, we are going home together.🧡🐔✨️
26-03-2023 06:03
RT @Yunaree: Thank you so much for 1 Million views! #callillust
26-03-2023 05:45
RT @ayaoshiro: みんな大好きお嬢のお・・・せなか
26-03-2023 05:45
RT @kuroankojamu: ラミちゃんがmocopi配信してた時、うまく体が動いてくれなくてちょいちょいファイティングポーズになってたのがめっちゃ面白くて好きww #LamyArt #雪花ラミィ #ホロライブ
26-03-2023 05:45
@HwangYongHwan16 오늘도 입안에서 살살 녹도록 잘 튀겨졌군!
26-03-2023 05:35
RT @rabbit_hole_kr: 미오의 꼬리를 만지면 안되는 이유 ミオの尻尾を触っちゃダメな理由 🐺ლ(- ◡ -ლ).............ლ( `Д' ლ)🚓 #ミオかわいい source https://…
26-03-2023 05:21
RT @rabbit_hole_kr: bless you~ thank you~ #ミオかわいい 【#1ブロSMOK】1ブロックからはじまる、SMOK生活#最終回? /MINECRAFT【ホロライブ】 https://t.…
26-03-2023 05:21
RT @rabbit_hole_kr: 아마도 이 쯤에 고양이가 있습니다. 아침부터 챠챠와 놀아주는 로보코 씨가 너무 귀여워😽🫠 多分,この辺にねこがいます. 朝からちゃちゃと遊んでるロボ子さんが可愛すぎ😽🫠 #ロボ子レクション 【朝活】もぐもぐ起きれるかな…
26-03-2023 05:20
@E_G_O_11 Oh nyo! Don't be jealous!😂
26-03-2023 05:02
Kiara also seems to like it because it's been a while since we went on a date under the warm sunlight. I also ate…
26-03-2023 04:55
@333aalloonnHD 축하드려요!!🥳🥳🥳
26-03-2023 04:44
RT @333aalloonnHD: good morning! radio is supa looooooong!!! and 3K followers thank you so much!!!!!
26-03-2023 04:43
RT @kazamairohach: 📣注意📣 エゴサしてたら何件か質問頂いてたのですが! かざまTwitterのサブアカウントは今のところもっていません⚠️ よろしくお願いします( . .)"!!
26-03-2023 04:37
RT @tymo_3d: #ameliaRT #3Dprinting
26-03-2023 04:29
RT @hrhr_357: 🧟‍♀️#graveyART
26-03-2023 04:29
RT @LemonRain0802: #ksonART 🙏👑✨
26-03-2023 04:29
RT @kokoro_ga_daizi: 🍶酔っぱラミィの絡ミィ酒☃ ©2016covercorp #LamyArt
26-03-2023 04:29
@TomB23652614 Oh Kikkeriki!
26-03-2023 04:25
RT @Chigusa_24zono: WWWWWW😂😂😂😂😂
26-03-2023 04:23
RT @XingggXing: Idols unite! ✨ *★,°*:.☆( ̄▽ ̄)/$:*.°★* 。 #inART #gawrt #IRySart #callillust #artsofashes #ameliaRT
26-03-2023 04:23
RT @EvansL117: She's so hilarious lmao 🧡
26-03-2023 04:15
@SamurasLoL What are our cute baby chimkins doing?🥰
26-03-2023 04:12
@SalubriousBeets She watches over our employees anytime, anywhere.👀✨️
26-03-2023 04:11
RT @takanashikiara: art by @LadyM3LT 💓
26-03-2023 04:09
RT @takanashikiara: next stream→【Diablo IV】 After Diablo II, Kiwawa returns to hell in this open BETA!!!!! AM EGGCITE ディアブロ2を小さい頃と去年やって以来!…
26-03-2023 04:09
RT @besta21233: 오늘 KFP분들을 만나서 홀로라이브 웨하스 카드깡 했습니다!한번씩 뵙고 싶었던 분들을 실제로 만나니 뭔가 신기했습니다! 카드는 아쉽게도 고자루랑 후부키는 만나보지도 못해서 아쉽지만 그래도 요즘 새로 생긴 오시인 시온을…
26-03-2023 04:07
@sharoo0913 샤루님도 좋은 주말입니다ㅎㅎ
26-03-2023 04:07
Kiara watching you. 👀✨️
26-03-2023 04:06
@luisgar182 Thank you! Today is the day to move lightly.
26-03-2023 04:06
RT @The0neulost: Kiwawa finished sketch! #kfp
26-03-2023 03:17
26-03-2023 03:13
RT @uki_kabo: EXPOから1週間てマジ????? これはいろんな衣装のもちすいを抱えてご機嫌なオタク (貸してくれた方ありがとう)
26-03-2023 03:13
RT @planetdropper: release in a few hours :D
26-03-2023 03:13
@333aalloonnHD 눈빛으로 잡아먹을것 같은..크와앙👀!!
26-03-2023 03:09
RT @333aalloonnHD: Panette wawa #ArtsOfAshes
26-03-2023 03:09
RT @TenkoNashi: Just This Time. #callillust #oyasumori
26-03-2023 03:08
RT @antsplorer: solitude #artsofashes
26-03-2023 03:08
@SamurasLoL Ehehe...thank you so much!🤭🧡
26-03-2023 03:08
@ImaginaryJib Congratulations on becoming a full-time employee biss!!🥳 She will surely be delighted.🧡
26-03-2023 03:07
RT @ImaginaryJib: I’ve grown big enough to fit my new uniform now! #kfp
26-03-2023 03:06
RT @beguzemu0728: ドヤ顔みおしゃと得意気みおしゃ! #みおーん絵
26-03-2023 03:06
@SamurasLoL wawa? or me too?😳
26-03-2023 03:06
RT @Rima0902: #いなート #inART
26-03-2023 03:02
@E_G_O_11 Teaching something to someone you love is very meaningful.😎
26-03-2023 03:01
RT @miyamoto_ver02: Takamori family #callillust #artsofashes #TAKAMORI
26-03-2023 02:50
RT @AnimeBoston: Would it even be a convention if we didn’t bring in the very concept of Chaos itself, Hakos Baelz? (@hakosbaelz) #hololive…
26-03-2023 02:50
RT @SerodinSedranor: THE LOOK ON HER FACE WHEN THE GAME CALLED HER A CHICKEN LMAOOOOO I guess this definitely makes 3 houses the better ga…
26-03-2023 02:48
RT @ImaginaryJib: I’m watching Ollie’s Unarchived karaoke on the side of Kiara’s stream (don’t be mad boss) Even though it doesn’t say it…
26-03-2023 02:48
RT @Snipe4hire: She better follow through with trying to make this monstrosity Imagine #kfp
26-03-2023 02:48
RT @of_eys: ok Panette is our new oshi wdym that's not Panette, that looks like Panette, and she's holding a fearsome weapon just like Pan…
26-03-2023 02:48
RT @ImaginaryJib: Done in another 8 turns! 🤩 Also Marni got what was coming to her (that little shit) #kfp
26-03-2023 02:48
@rinda_march Good morning rinda!
26-03-2023 02:47
It's frustrating to stay at home on my day off, so I'll go on a date with my beloved Kiara.🧡 #kfp
26-03-2023 02:46
@E_G_O_11 Oh....😳 t..thank you so much! s..spicy!🤣
26-03-2023 02:29
@SalubriousBeets Thank you beets.🙏
26-03-2023 02:03
RT @takanashikiara: i just found out this was a joke and i am sad :( i was gonna actually go eat it if i was near a little caesars.... tim…
26-03-2023 02:00
@sharoo0913 샤루님도 좋은 아침입니다. 감사해용~
26-03-2023 01:47
@E_G_O_11 Good morming EGO, Thank you for always supporting me. O7
26-03-2023 01:45
Good morning KFP. I'm still not strong enough because of my weak energy, but I'm refraining from extreme activitie…
26-03-2023 01:38
RT @takanashikiara: Smoothie mad at me for not getting out of bed even though I've been awake for 40 minutes ehe
26-03-2023 01:36
RT @eon_sean: I never drew any Ryza Kiara fanart up till this point, so I decided to rectify that. #artsofashes #絵ニックス #kfp…
26-03-2023 01:36
RT @BingSardina: I like spicy chicken #artsofashes
26-03-2023 01:35
RT @saucedarudaru: #ArtsOfAshes
26-03-2023 01:35
RT @takanashikiara: started already long time ago come!! youre late!! おそいぞ!もうとっくにはじまってるよ!!!
26-03-2023 01:24
RT @viscosity_2001: #FineFaunart  #IRySart #galaxillust #drawMEI  #BaelzBrush #kronillust
25-03-2023 13:54
Good night KFP. Today, I was not feeling well, so I was treated at the hospital and prescribed medicine, but the m…
25-03-2023 12:53
RT @emamu_u: 『みんな、ありがとう!』 #AZKiART
25-03-2023 10:44
RT @kapybara_san: #みおーん絵
25-03-2023 10:44
RT @sorashitatoge: #callillust
25-03-2023 10:44
RT @CrManzana: 🚨EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS🚨 My parents are going through a serious problem and I need to help them any way I can I will accept a…
25-03-2023 10:44
RT @gorani_euak: and I use picture for my photo card!! #kronmei
25-03-2023 10:44
@rpe_lee Yes!😎✨️
25-03-2023 04:54
@pesi_drw 더블 키아라!🧡
25-03-2023 04:52
@rpe_lee 데뷔...하시겠습니까?🤣
25-03-2023 04:52
RT @pesi_drw: #ArtsOfAshes 더블 브이 더블 피스? 저는 토요일날 결국 일하게 되었습니다... 주말에 열심히 그림 그리려 했는데 일단 점장님이라도..
25-03-2023 04:52
RT @333aalloonnHD: tenchou morning~!
25-03-2023 04:32
@besta21233 병원이에요...오늘도 쉽니다ㅠ
25-03-2023 03:08
@takanashikiara Yes, I love meat dishes, but I also love fish dishes. In particular, the shell is crispy and savor…
25-03-2023 03:00
RT @takanashikiara: Kiwawas kitchen Oven baked Hake filet ontop of mashed potatoes with roasted zucchini and chervil cream sauce 🐟🥔🌿🥒🍽 Y…
25-03-2023 02:58
RT @888hatimittu: おはみおーんミオしゃ #ミオかわいい #みおーん絵 #主線なしイラスト
25-03-2023 02:58
RT @unyang1434: #illustrayBAE #BaelzBrush rkgk
25-03-2023 02:56
RT @zawa_ma_: #ameliaRT 🐶Ame💛
25-03-2023 02:56
RT @gurumie1229: She can lift!🐀
25-03-2023 02:52
RT @shirokawashion: アニメ化フブキ #絵フブキ #白上フブキ #AIart
25-03-2023 02:52
RT @jygfams: #BaelzBrush
25-03-2023 02:51
@takanashikiara The lemon will remove the fishy smell from the fish and make it more refreshing!
25-03-2023 02:01
RT @takanashikiara: Making feesh tonight
25-03-2023 01:59
RT @takanashikiara: and thank you @KoeiTecmoUS for providing an ULTIMATE version code!!!!!!!!!!!! the outfits are sooooo good 💓
25-03-2023 01:23
RT @takanashikiara: playing Ryza again was a lot of fun, I will definitely continue in my bed with my steam deck 💓 thanks for watching! htt…
25-03-2023 01:23
Good morning KFP. I have to go to work on the weekend as scheduled, but I feel so dizzy the moment I wake up, I fe…
25-03-2023 00:01
RT @ImaginaryJib: I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing you finally perform and look so beautiful while putting on a great performance. From b…
24-03-2023 11:00
RT @ourokronii: Come on and dance with me 👑 「Kimagure Mercy」-
24-03-2023 10:59
RT @Z_Mika_L: zeta 🦖 ?? #Zetacrylic
24-03-2023 10:59
@rpe_lee 그동안 수고많으셨습니다! 잘 다녀오시기 바랍니다!
24-03-2023 10:52
RT @felutiahime: “おまえかわいいなぁ” #ほしまちぎゃらりー #星街すいせい5周年LIVE
24-03-2023 10:42
@YurkoGruha With the sudden bad news, I want to help you with all the encouragement and support I can. I don't kno…
24-03-2023 10:41
@YurkoGruha No no no...I don't know what happened, but don't undermine your position too much. Kiara needs a warm colleague like you.
24-03-2023 10:14
RT @l3jJy64vXvzaVyZ: 簡易的ですが百均のフェルトとマジックテープでnewゴーグル作ってみました🥽 ¥¥が一番好き😂 #ししらーと
24-03-2023 09:08
RT @hiiragik: ライブお疲れ様でした💤☄️🌸 #ほしまちぎゃらりー #miko_Art #みこめっと
24-03-2023 09:08
RT @doll_x_x_o: ありがとうだよ🌸 #ひろがるホロライブDAY1 #miko_Art #みこちみてくれ
24-03-2023 09:08
RT @MiniGCyt: Lemme do it for you.. #graveyART #Kureiji_Ollie
24-03-2023 09:08
@EvansL117 together forever.🧡 together forever.🧡 together forever.🧡 together forever.🧡 together forever.🧡 together…
24-03-2023 09:02
@EvansL117 Marry me, on the premise that you give me milk every day!😎
24-03-2023 08:52
@rpe_lee 눈에 초점만봐도 얼마나 편안한지 알수있는ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
24-03-2023 08:49
@rpe_lee PC 본체가 따뜻해서 잠이 잘 오나보네요ㅋㅋㅋ
24-03-2023 08:48
@EvansL117 What? who?? maybe...wawa?
24-03-2023 08:45
@EvansL117 Evans...? Chu chu?😏🧡
24-03-2023 08:43
RT @archinoer: 🍏#FineFaunart
24-03-2023 08:38
RT @MoYoMo8: #drawMEI
24-03-2023 08:38
@EvansL117 Good night evans~ Every time I listen to her song, I feel thrilled, I feel good.😏🧡
24-03-2023 08:38
RT @EvansL117: Good night, everyone (⁠◡⁠ ⁠ω⁠ ⁠◡⁠)💤
24-03-2023 08:36
@rabbit_hole_kr She is god.
24-03-2023 08:33
新しい友達ができました! 巨大なキアラがですね!🥰 #ミオかわいい #ころねすきー #kfp
24-03-2023 08:21
RT @gyoku_seisyoku: 新衣装みこち #miko_Art #さくらみこ
24-03-2023 08:07
@E_G_O_11 Don't worry, I fixed it!
24-03-2023 08:05
@E_G_O_11 @rabbit_hole_kr Good night EGO! Sweet dream wawa!😊
24-03-2023 08:05
@bluecatonrope @rabbit_hole_kr She is too soft.🥰🧡
24-03-2023 08:04
@ImaginaryJib @rabbit_hole_kr I'm so surprised!🙄🧡
24-03-2023 08:03
@ImaginaryJib Fortunately, I fixed it simply with glue! I didn't even drop it!😭
24-03-2023 08:02
RT @ImaginaryJib: Time to get those pesky G’nats that Tenchou’s been dealing with #kfp
24-03-2023 08:01
@E_G_O_11 @rabbit_hole_kr I'm not scared! I love you!🧡
24-03-2023 07:41
Jimmy...i'm so sorry!!😭😭😭
24-03-2023 07:38
RT @kisara_mikami: 遅刻! 祝5周年&お誕生日!! #ほしまちぎゃらりー
24-03-2023 07:33
@E_G_O_11 @rabbit_hole_kr Wawa was this big?😨
24-03-2023 07:33
Big wawa?😨 Thank you very much @rabbit_hole_kr for lending!🧡 #kfp
24-03-2023 07:29
@ImaginaryJib Good morning biss! I've never seen such a cute chimkin!🥰
24-03-2023 05:50
@takanashikiara Oh? Did you have any problem?
24-03-2023 05:12
RT @takanashikiara: Sorry guys I'm re-tweeting the stream announcement because some fans seem to be unhappy with it which I understand!🙇‍♀️…
24-03-2023 05:12
RT @takanashikiara: next stream→【Atelier Ryza: 3】 Return of the ryzaaaa! For a one time only stream I am gonna take a look into the new fr…
24-03-2023 05:12
RT @takanashikiara: also that game i mentioned at the end was not at all what i thought i was thinking of lol nvm that
24-03-2023 04:01
RT @takanashikiara: who the hek is Sara Gutenberg
24-03-2023 04:01
@EvansL117 Nyo! Cafe!🤭🧡
24-03-2023 03:59
@EvansL117 Good morning evans! I'm filming a sweet date with her today!😍🧡
24-03-2023 03:53
@E_G_O_11 It's a secret. I were on a date.🤭
24-03-2023 03:43
@SamurasLoL Thanks to you, I gain strength!
24-03-2023 03:37
@E_G_O_11 Yeah..
24-03-2023 03:37
RT @yomo_gi815: #ししデコ #SSRB #ししらーと
24-03-2023 03:31
RT @ichiran6213: #みおーん絵 #ミオかわいい  深夜のまったりウクレレおおかみ マイナスイオンどばどば
24-03-2023 03:31
@E_G_O_11 Good morning EGO! She appeared in my dream again today.🙄
24-03-2023 03:29
24-03-2023 03:25
RT @rabbit_hole_sab:
24-03-2023 03:24
@sharoo0913 사실상 저에겐 마지막 불금이자 주말엔 오픈 더 헬게이트를 맞이하는 날입니다ㅋㅋㅋ
24-03-2023 03:22
@88Kotori Good morning kotori! I want to press the shutter button a lot today!😆🧡
24-03-2023 03:20
@SamurasLoL Good morning Vayne! I'm so happy today! Yes!🥰
24-03-2023 03:20
RT @Legz0s: ねっ子だ! #ねねアルバム
24-03-2023 03:18
RT @0725akaba: 何も見てない。いいな? #laplus_artdesu
24-03-2023 03:18
RT @Gaecho_123: #artsofashes #drawMEI Ghost Rule
24-03-2023 03:18
@sharoo0913 좋은 아침겸 불금입니다!😆🧡
24-03-2023 03:15
RT @fuwafuwa_35: Byebye
24-03-2023 03:14
Good morning KFP! Today, the sunny sunshine that welcomes my refreshing holiday is shining on me! 📷"Click, click!"
24-03-2023 03:14
RT @SalubriousBeets: Today's member stream has been amazing, man I love Kiara so much. Kept me smiling this whole afternoon. I hope great t…
24-03-2023 03:12
RT @ImaginaryJib: 🐥: How many Hello Project songs are you going to sing? 🐔: YES! #kfp
24-03-2023 03:12
RT @takanashikiara: I want chimkin nuggets... NOW
24-03-2023 02:36
RT @takanashikiara: 【MEMBERS ONLY】play gaem!!!!!!! STS or smth else!!!!!!!!
24-03-2023 02:36
RT @watsonameliaEN: test
23-03-2023 14:27
RT @mI0I7: wip🧟‍♀️ #graveyART
23-03-2023 14:27
RT @gorani_euak: Hey! #drawMEI
23-03-2023 14:27
Good night KFP. My leg pain disappeared after a good rest. I'm very proud of what I do and I feel like I'm doing m…
23-03-2023 14:21
@takanashikiara 브뤄~
23-03-2023 14:08
RT @takanashikiara: Baelz is a
23-03-2023 14:08
@junseok_miopa 그..그렇게 권유하신다면야..미안해 지미쿤!😛
23-03-2023 13:58
@junseok_miopa 아직 저녁을 못챙겼는데 이런 사진을 올리시면 매우 감사합니다!!😋🧡
23-03-2023 13:53
RT @junseok_miopa: 국밥 맛있게 먹었습니다!!😆❤❤ グッパをおいしくいただきました!! (グッパ_マシケ_マグアッ、スムニダ)
23-03-2023 13:52
@junseok_miopa 우리 직원이에요오~ 맛있어요오~🤣🤣🤣
23-03-2023 13:52
RT @AuroraAustral66: #ひろがるホロライブDAY1 KIWAWAAAAA😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
23-03-2023 13:48
RT @AuroraAustral66: I'm so happy she's enjoying the game🥹 #kfp #kfpmemes
23-03-2023 13:48
RT @carrot_011: Maid Mori at ur service!!! #artsofashes #callillust
23-03-2023 13:47
RT @Minchi_anda: 옛날에 그렸던 그림+ 회상소재
23-03-2023 13:47
RT @pepentyo893: #大神ミオ #みおーん絵
23-03-2023 13:47
RT @neko_yama: 昔作ったこれのミコチバージョン作ろうかと思ったけど作業量考えただけで挫折した
23-03-2023 13:47
RT @333aalloonnHD: JazzMEI #drawMEI #Commission by @GwonYuseon !!! thank you!!!
23-03-2023 13:47
@rabbit_hole_kr @HwangYongHwan16 지미...그는 도대체!🤣
23-03-2023 13:45
RT @hebi_neco: #みおーん絵 #大神ミオ みぉーん!
23-03-2023 13:42
RT @ramito312: 確かに....... 成長したんだね....
23-03-2023 13:39
RT @now_os_: hololive 4th fes. Our Bright Parade Day 1- EN ending Stage ✨🪶🐔🔎🐙✨
23-03-2023 13:39
RT @ookamimio: ⏰23時から⏰ 深夜にまったりウクレレの弾き語りだよ~♬ 寝たい人、作業用などなど、まったりしにきてね✨ 放送こちら➡ サムネillustrator:やみあらーさん @yami40oji http…
23-03-2023 13:37
RT @SK_Jynx: HoloCouncil // ETERNAL "Astral keeper, let your unyielding embers burn forever to keep the universe alight." 11/11 #galaxillu…
23-03-2023 13:36
RT @_Senriyama_: #三億アカウントの中から私を発掘してください ホロ描いてます🙏
23-03-2023 13:36
RT @macropolis01: 今助けるにぇ!!!!!! #みこTwitterを救う会
23-03-2023 13:33
RT @bluecatonrope:
23-03-2023 13:33
RT @bluecatonrope: #kfp i got the MYTH 2nd Anniversary Celebration merch will bring Tenchou go to THE CAFE with me…
23-03-2023 13:33
RT @yamagamiamami: ショッピング #Luillust
23-03-2023 13:31
RT @vroz_official: [VROZ 단신] 3월 22일 공개된 빌보드 재팬 주간 다운로드 앨범 차트에서 홀로라이브와 DECO*27의 음악 프로젝트인「holo*27」이 1위, 2위를 차지하였다. #ホロライブ #holo27
23-03-2023 13:31
@HwangYongHwan16 어제부터 제 동료 지미에게 연락이 안닿던데 혹시...🤣
23-03-2023 13:31