🥚~Moonkey~🥚 (@MoonkeyEgg) — ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ /🌈, 🔞
@twinbrujahs i've watched these sequences so many times just for the animation, so i'm numb to the tit and ass shots lol
27-03-2023 06:02
takeshi honda, character acting king https://t.co/7eEsMHYwKr
27-03-2023 05:44
RT @DailyKLK: https://t.co/IkNBSv8ncr
27-03-2023 05:44
@justlookingig i'm not trying to find logic in it, i'm just having fun thinking of other possible directions they c… https://t.co/gqJSBUKqhc
27-03-2023 05:23
Maybe there could've been a secret level after the main game or even DLC with the *other* variant. The Bayo that w… https://t.co/ypHNcUqaiO
27-03-2023 04:48
*Rodin, not a Rodin b/c there's only 1 of him https://t.co/ZoXRwL3eRg
27-03-2023 04:46
China close with Luka, Egypt close with Jeanne, France close with Rosa, and maybe Japan could've been closer with R… https://t.co/n6fd52srl5
27-03-2023 04:38
Bayo would have to face a physical manifestation of her trauma, doubts, struggles, and what those could've turned h… https://t.co/9VzLjHcJFr
27-03-2023 04:35
@NatetatoOwO I agree, I just think it doesn't really match up with the "Bayonetta multiverse" theme. Maybe somethin… https://t.co/dTlO7wwoE1
27-03-2023 04:29
She could've had bayo's weapons and demons but fucked up versions of them. Like, just fueled by anger and resentmen… https://t.co/yK09Qts3rq
27-03-2023 04:27
She could've been the Bayo with the harshest background, who didn't have a Jeanne, or Luka, or Enzo, or even a Rodi… https://t.co/Iwmm5V58ia
27-03-2023 04:24
I think Dark-Eve should've been the main villain instead of Singularity. They made a game where the main gimmick/… https://t.co/fDzKiDLWYV
27-03-2023 04:21
RT @NightFawnArt: please just shut the fuck up i'm begging you https://t.co/vwqb5px6fS
27-03-2023 02:58
the world is healing https://t.co/UMGNDQvp5O
27-03-2023 02:22
my first time playing since before origins dropped, and the first voice i hear is- https://t.co/iSwXnnbPXs
27-03-2023 00:17
RT @kaka_STR: First time drawin cereza was fun #bayonetta https://t.co/JvkQqw6Nt2
26-03-2023 17:31
RT @ReyOfDawn: day 45: wife demanded bayojeanne kiss so 10 second sketch it is 🫡 #DailyJeanne #bayonetta https://t.co/gDT24TSGWw
26-03-2023 16:52
@_LunaMads yoko taro and 2b fans are quickly becoming the most pathetic ppl, and i really like yoko taro
26-03-2023 16:45
@_LunaMads agreed. i don't even agree with him, but the replies are full of awful chuds who're crying b/c they disrespected their waifu 2B 🙄
26-03-2023 16:42
RT @Yhye_Yohaye: 给浅老师的水仙贞(擦汗) https://t.co/bd3vov0bxH
26-03-2023 16:35
RT @CrimsonIrina: Viola hanging with her grandparents part 3! ✨🌙✨ Feel free to put an outfit / swimwear you’d like to see them wearing! I…
26-03-2023 16:34
26-03-2023 16:23
RT @pocket_prawn: two landscapes i did this week with acrylic paint :) https://t.co/MMQW8ndbX4
26-03-2023 16:22
small fix https://t.co/2vUFJdzwnp
26-03-2023 03:56
how tf do you make an instagram story i hate that site
26-03-2023 03:53
if you looked at my art, you'd think i only like the bayonetta gang and millia, but i like so many other characters… https://t.co/Aa6aBwt46y
26-03-2023 02:18
this is why i only draw a certain amount of characters that i'm familiar. i feel like i always ruin them or i can't… https://t.co/aGNxqp8E39
26-03-2023 02:17
i got her hair color so wrong...
26-03-2023 02:14
RT @MoonkeyEgg: https://t.co/H46f3tvOxF
26-03-2023 00:49
26-03-2023 00:01
RT @flopity_flips: sexy, naughty, bitchy dante https://t.co/R2H6gbDJKr
25-03-2023 23:30
i would pirate stuff if i knew what the safer sites for pirating were. the 2 times i've gotten a virus in my life w… https://t.co/Ifs2Nwv6qO
25-03-2023 23:08
twitter wants to spoil rwby9 for me sooo bad, but i won't give in elawn, i'm waiting till this whole damn thing com… https://t.co/l394aWTXPM
25-03-2023 20:34
@Den_Ai_D i don't know much about this man, but i like him too now 😳 Great work!
25-03-2023 20:01
@PenumbranOcto 🎂🥳 big baby
25-03-2023 19:32
bending the rules isn't always successful, i understand that, but those mistakes need to be made so artists can lea… https://t.co/8b7mRuvLb6
25-03-2023 17:42
i love artists who bend the rules of anatomy and what's thought to be "correct" ppl in comment sections who try to… https://t.co/6YDTZJz6I0
25-03-2023 17:39
25-03-2023 17:35
RT @Pollo_pom: collection of wiwis https://t.co/b1S9LO1viU
25-03-2023 17:16
RT @MoonkeyEgg: come on! https://t.co/8qQMuxARNf
25-03-2023 16:37
why do i like gg missing link's sprite work more than ggx+'s sprite work lol
25-03-2023 06:10
@TheWonderBun_ your rendering skills; hand them over https://t.co/IYhtwZdZIe
25-03-2023 05:42
RT @platinumgames: #BayonettaOrigins: Cereza and the Lost Demon has been inducted into the PlatinumGames walk-of-fame, along with a gorgeou…
25-03-2023 03:27
@adreameternity @LumenSageNori I think Nori is talking about the ppl who think bayo 3 was like "an astral chain 2"… https://t.co/NXOS0G3MmM
25-03-2023 03:08
i;m probably gonna draw morrigan again b/c i feel like i didn't do her justice (which is funny b/c she looked bette… https://t.co/CgQ8Tiuet1
25-03-2023 02:30
@LumenSageNori right that was such a stupid take lmao, i hate it when ppl say that they're so different
25-03-2023 02:11
close-ups https://t.co/H0iZHpST76
25-03-2023 01:35
i used bayo's summoning suit instead or the cat suit b/c i think it suits morrigan better
25-03-2023 01:10
@kmartfacemask happy birthday 🎈🎈
25-03-2023 01:10
@CrimsonIrina tank you! you're so kind to meee 🥹
25-03-2023 01:08
i worked hard
25-03-2023 00:51
come on! https://t.co/8qQMuxARNf
25-03-2023 00:47
drawing something for all the bad bitches out there 🦇🧙‍♀️
24-03-2023 21:47
RT @_currymaster: 🌙 Good night #GGST #GuiltyGear #GuiltyGearStrive #guiltygearfanart #zatoone #zato1 #millia https://t.co/zMkq88d0v3
24-03-2023 18:02
RT @ReyOfDawn: day 44: its pouring down rain today 🧍‍♂️ #DailyJeanne #Bayonetta https://t.co/0qqo9acrpE
24-03-2023 17:55
@luxcaliburG HAPPY BIRHDAY LUX https://t.co/jCmaJ9h0oY
24-03-2023 17:54
what's that supposed to mean 0////0 https://t.co/TuOiN68uAJ
24-03-2023 17:09
RT @StreetFighter: Zangief wants to keep opponents so close they can smell his muscles. 💪 He can utilize his Level 2 Super Art Cyclone Lar…
24-03-2023 17:09
@CrimsonIrina 🥰✨
24-03-2023 16:43
RT @camalilium: also yes Bayo origins is definitely worth the price imo, I enjoyed every single second of it and as a long time bayo fan, i…
24-03-2023 05:52
RT @MoonkeyEgg: my very first greyscale painting 😊 #Bayonetta https://t.co/mHq3P1qtWT
24-03-2023 05:46
@LumenSageNori i LOVE her outfit sm
24-03-2023 03:58
@camalilium but it's still great, bayo 3's choices will never take away team little faeries' achievements with this game
24-03-2023 03:52
@camalilium origins' story in a nutshell: AMAZING on it's own and very well done, but when you think about it's rel… https://t.co/GhwtxUGVwS
24-03-2023 03:50
@adreameternity tysm jackie 🥹 💕
24-03-2023 03:27
my very first greyscale painting 😊 #Bayonetta https://t.co/mHq3P1qtWT
24-03-2023 02:52
@cherise_6666 i'm PRAISING rodin, i'm saying him being bald is a good thing for him lol
24-03-2023 02:22
@LumenSageNori daddy jin ☺️
23-03-2023 23:47
bald flirting vs. bald harassment https://t.co/OpY3MO9mcw
23-03-2023 23:22
irl pic of me drawing with clip studio paint https://t.co/mTL9IMAtnv
23-03-2023 22:43
i don't use fancy layers or effects; not b/c i think i don't need them, but b/c i'm an idiot
23-03-2023 22:43
@Galatea_ZX @RE_Games @Nik_apostolides the lighting looks so good
23-03-2023 21:49
RT @Galatea_ZX: survival is just the beginning…🧟 can’t wait to play this tonight. so excited. #RE4 #ResidentEvil4 #ResidentEvil4Remake ht…
23-03-2023 21:48
@LumenSageNori oui
23-03-2023 21:48
very old kaine https://t.co/Dui6ANW5Ym
23-03-2023 19:21
RT @zephyrmetalwing: thursday posting https://t.co/sM1rEGSxf5
23-03-2023 19:10
@pocket_prawn oh you played gris too??! that game was so lovely and beautiful, origins definitely gives me a similar feeling when playing it
23-03-2023 18:31
@jazminywbreder yeah we totally can, i hope you liked what you saw 👉👈
23-03-2023 17:24
@twinbrujahs is it?
23-03-2023 17:22
23-03-2023 17:17
RT @taropon_axe: rkgk https://t.co/k0uzmeXPpD
23-03-2023 17:16
23-03-2023 17:14
RT @platinumgames_j: / 📣開発ブログ更新🆙 \ 『ベヨネッタ オリジンズ: セレッサと迷子の悪魔』絵本のような美しいアートスタイルについてディレクターティナリとアートディレクター西井がお話しします🐈‍⬛なぜ絵本モチーフとなったのか…?ご覧ください👀 htt…
23-03-2023 17:14
RT @_sassy_noodle_: https://t.co/1C1Je8RkHt
23-03-2023 05:58
RT @_sassy_noodle_: A thread of my sona drawn in various reaction images. https://t.co/d7NAC7Yy3R
23-03-2023 05:57
RT @xelgot: Third illustration of my #StreetFighter series: Yang Lee 👊🏼💥 https://t.co/sJgc02mR4D
23-03-2023 05:51
@Pollo_pom I'm so mad they didn't get to do anything. They didn't just get shoved to the sidelines in Strive, they… https://t.co/C2EMvFJRBx
23-03-2023 05:33
unfortunately it's trapped in a game that doesn't want you to hit the enemies
23-03-2023 05:21
chain chomp is the best slow/heavy weapon in the entire series https://t.co/xF5UEfRZRz
23-03-2023 05:20
@zephyrmetalwing i don't know about happy but.... https://t.co/NGj2vA7KRL
23-03-2023 05:05
also, it seems like a certain mechanic from astral chain is gonna be PG mainstay lol b/c it popped up in CATLD too
23-03-2023 05:01
not a ton of ppl are talking about it, but bayo origins' combat is really nice, i was expecting it to be a lot simp… https://t.co/fUlTGlZKK7
23-03-2023 04:59
i wanna take some pics of bayo origins on my second playthrough, after a few more of my moots beat the game
23-03-2023 04:38
bump just in case someone who knows where these are sees this https://t.co/oWn51LGiHt
23-03-2023 04:34
RT @MoonkeyEgg: #BayonettaOrigins spoilers i only need two more things: one more pearl and one fruit. if anyone knows how to get to these l…
23-03-2023 04:33
@jazminywbreder 🥺 thank youu
23-03-2023 04:20
RT @Gountro: an old hsienko I still like https://t.co/vGCwK8px3h
23-03-2023 03:18
@LumenSageNori this is such an iconic moment but that boss fight was ASS
23-03-2023 02:17
@_LunaMads why are flying parts even a thing 😭 bayo fought in the air in 1 all time without needing to give us a mo… https://t.co/nPzF03UTsj
23-03-2023 01:58
RT @CrimsonIrina: 🌙Viola Bayonetta-vied concept🌙 This is kinda how I imagined her as an adult, but Im still not sure on a few things lol…
23-03-2023 01:45
RT @CrimsonIrina: 🌹✨Chibi drawing of Rose I made a couple of years ago.✨🌹 This is her standard pose, but I couldn’t draw it with human pro…
23-03-2023 01:45
#BayonettaOrigins the baby beehive won, makes sense. all of them are really cute, but i can't switch from the long… https://t.co/YJ5f2eLDa6
23-03-2023 01:44
RT @Raspberry__Rose: D'Angelo 🔥🐺⛏️🔶🔸 (twitter hasn't been showing my Art tweets to people so RTs appriciated 🥺👉👈) #originalcharacter #oca…
23-03-2023 00:33
i've wanted to draw...bayo x i-no and millia x jeanne... for so long now but do i have the wiiilllll and the skiii… https://t.co/sP2DWkwwEP
23-03-2023 00:20
@CrimsonIrina thank you 💕
22-03-2023 23:52
RT @HORIKWAWATARU: https://t.co/yUJ7dVqfPa
22-03-2023 23:24
RT @LumenSageNori: Out of all 4 bayonetta games bayonetta 2 is the only one without a dance ending..
22-03-2023 22:51
RT @Matthewnoid8: Bayonetta print wip, I’ll be selling these after I make some edits https://t.co/eMO7nMnHHX
22-03-2023 22:26
@Baeyonetta who's doing these voices, they sound so accurate it's crazy!!!
22-03-2023 22:15
@Baeyonetta luka is definitely high
22-03-2023 22:13
@camalilium and cereza's little "HMPH" sound when you check stuff 😭
22-03-2023 22:12
RT @Baeyonetta: Bayonetta and friends play Mario Kart! 🌈🚗🏎️🏍️🛻 https://t.co/DiQf7FNE6Y
22-03-2023 22:10
@camalilium it's just the best, i love it so much
22-03-2023 21:59
old millia sketches https://t.co/dAaa3GT0SJ
22-03-2023 21:14
22-03-2023 20:57
uh oh, have a nice death looks really good, may have to cop 👀
22-03-2023 20:56
i took french in high school 💀
22-03-2023 20:47
i got a lot of spanish-speaking followers now, which is great i love you guys, but i feel so bad b/c i can't unders… https://t.co/yiCpQaRWX9
22-03-2023 20:46
^ https://t.co/82Ei9qoNvj
22-03-2023 20:07
^ https://t.co/bcGeng0ZhR
22-03-2023 20:06
RT @sonofakula: @_StillTheShawn saggin spelled backwards is guess what???
22-03-2023 19:48
@Galatea_ZX lady (DMC)
22-03-2023 19:48
@MaddyIad pretty sure it's based on this art from dmc v's manga artist https://t.co/4CeW3wBtHN WHERE'S THE COSTUME CAPCOM
22-03-2023 18:23
RT @gebback_dark: 신기.. https://t.co/5LP7jkFjLJ
22-03-2023 18:15
@zephyrmetalwing it's a variant that doesn't have the mole, it's fine 😊
22-03-2023 17:31
@zephyrmetalwing https://t.co/JRafHn249l
22-03-2023 17:30
RT @MoonkeyEgg: "jeanne stop posing like that, you're scaring the children" #bayonetta https://t.co/dOlZcuThuV
22-03-2023 17:28
RT @_sassy_noodle_: Today’s warmup brought to you by female rage. #TRIGUNSTAMPEDE https://t.co/iCL5SKqWrT
22-03-2023 05:42
and somehow i always hate how i drew them most recently more than the previous way 😭
22-03-2023 05:39
i've never drawn bayo's golden chains the same way twice https://t.co/bcGeng0ZhR
22-03-2023 05:37
or he's just insane idk
22-03-2023 05:02
especially that kotaku article was translated using Google Translate so i'm not sure if their is some sort of tone… https://t.co/SVHSCjZi51
22-03-2023 05:02
guys i think kamiya was joking
22-03-2023 05:01
RT @yokotaro: プラチナさんから「ベヨネッタ オリジンズ: セレッサと迷子の悪魔 |」を頂きました! こういうゲームを作りたいなー、と羨ましい気持ちになります。ちなみにアートはオートマタの絵本パートを描いて下さった西井さん。素晴らしい。 セレッサと迷子の悪魔 h…
22-03-2023 04:58
"jeanne stop posing like that, you're scaring the children" #bayonetta https://t.co/dOlZcuThuV
22-03-2023 04:03
6 bookmarks 😳 https://t.co/82Ei9qoNvj
22-03-2023 01:30
LRT i love eugene, he's hot af but this was a necessary sacrifice 😔
21-03-2023 23:59
0 25767
RT @westleydraws: There. He's been stabbed. No more controversial take memes. You're free. https://t.co/IxBVGyhM2g
21-03-2023 23:57
@platinum_pink_ i think we ALL love janberry https://t.co/CXf5Uc0lu0
21-03-2023 21:36
RT @MoonkeyEgg: THAT jeanne pose #Bayonetta https://t.co/UZhLwBms9s
21-03-2023 21:08
#BayonettaOrigins spoilers i only need two more things: one more pearl and one fruit. if anyone knows how to get to… https://t.co/9BrPBd1kZ1
21-03-2023 20:47
#BayonettaOrigins spoilers CRYING https://t.co/MFusOxwrzm
21-03-2023 20:42
@manny_oe THIS fr 😭
21-03-2023 19:48
https://t.co/82Ei9qoNvj she's here
21-03-2023 19:31
THAT jeanne pose #Bayonetta https://t.co/UZhLwBms9s
21-03-2023 19:29
jan art soon
21-03-2023 18:32
@zephyrmetalwing yes 😭
21-03-2023 16:36
@zephyrmetalwing maryland https://t.co/tJzgodWI8K
21-03-2023 16:27
RT @MoonkeyEgg: #BayonettaOrigins spoilers, poll time Which hair style do you like best for Cereza?
21-03-2023 16:15
that "im too thicc for my pants" meme needs a damn tag i can mute b/c i'm so tired of that being the only thing on my TL
21-03-2023 15:48
RT @manny_oe: What upppppp Wrapping up some gigs, so I thought I'd plop this here. https://t.co/HQY6cj7DwM
21-03-2023 15:45
RT @randomsakuga: Key Animation: ??? Anime: Photon (フォトン) (1997) https://t.co/kb4bolgbhs https://t.co/9RFsmonvuw
21-03-2023 15:36
RT @sutegoro4403: ミリア(再) https://t.co/cFguUoD1Mk
21-03-2023 15:34
@LumenSageNori LITERALLY 😭 i only need a few more things but there is NOTHING in terms of guides yet
21-03-2023 15:33
RT @tanabanata: 昨日月蝕を眺めていたら ふと浮かんだ魔女の姿。 🫥念のためセンシティブに設定しております🫥 #BAYONETTA #ベヨネッタ #fanart https://t.co/xbrCCSQsrC
21-03-2023 05:02
i need someone to make a compilation of every time jeanne says bayo's name and every time bayo says luka's b/c it always gets me
21-03-2023 04:41
bayonetta calling him luka instead of cheshire and jeanne calling bayonetta cereza >>>>>>
21-03-2023 04:40
@notdebbiegoh thank you
21-03-2023 04:17
#BayonettaOrigins we gettin' there https://t.co/Bg7sWFGb6Q
21-03-2023 03:35
RT @damien_max: @aquatic_ambi https://t.co/UbBIH6uoGE
21-03-2023 00:34
@MaddyIad they'll put bayo in nintendo directs, show her whole ass on their twitter account, and promote the hell o… https://t.co/tCQcS89DId
21-03-2023 00:29
RT @giwono0708: レンダリング前のもの https://t.co/oHzIRH4lq4
21-03-2023 00:07
@CrimsonIrina thank you 🥰 no those were just alt. outfits i gave them lol
20-03-2023 23:56
reposts https://t.co/110LlxMT5T
20-03-2023 23:28
so...in the end did cereza save rosa? is that a goal she's still working on?? i was a bit confused b/c the game did… https://t.co/Pt4C4EtoAj
20-03-2023 22:04
20-03-2023 21:51
RT @Galatea_ZX: heroes in a half shell… 🐢🐢🐢🐢 #TMNT https://t.co/vY1DzRIf7h
20-03-2023 21:43
#BayonettaOrigins spoilers, poll time Which hair style do you like best for Cereza?
20-03-2023 21:34
i like the long hair with the braids the most, it's so cute
20-03-2023 21:32
like they could've legit made that "training" outfit on the bottom her actual SF6 outfit and i would've been cool w… https://t.co/Ruh9j4hPjS
20-03-2023 20:46
I hope at least some of these costumes return for Street Fighter 6 I really like her new outfit and we'll probably… https://t.co/hxoObp9aDu
20-03-2023 20:44
@adreameternity every time he's on screen i keep asking myself....WHAT IS HIS BEEF WITH BAYO??? WHY IS HE SO PRESSE… https://t.co/65NyfY33EX
20-03-2023 17:45
@LumenSageNori yeah i found it b/c there was someone who QRT'd it with a really lovely, positive spin on it by edit… https://t.co/dxTIhAxo7L
20-03-2023 17:43
RT @davilorium: Asuka #evangelion https://t.co/zqTMJLd5lF
20-03-2023 17:38
even though it's a "joke" (reddit style), it's designed to feed your worst thoughts, it certainly worked on me
20-03-2023 17:34
just found that "you are not special" children's book joke thread all my fellow mentally ill friends do not scroll… https://t.co/M3atnffD5m
20-03-2023 17:32
RT @tsulala: #DEVILSCANDYCOMIC UPDATE 03/20/23: CH15 • P22🔥 --------------------- https://t.co/Ab3MmA7wO2 --------------------- CH15 start:…
20-03-2023 16:30
RT @LumenSageNori: I should have been more clear. If you don't wish to buy origins, that is FINE. However i know some of you also spread ne…
20-03-2023 16:26
RT @adreameternity: People are acting like this is gonna be the new face of the franchise, it's a spin off series. We'll still get hack n s…
20-03-2023 16:26
RT @adreameternity: I really love this game. Thank you PlatinumGames, I wish I wasn't tired, cuz otherwise I'd play again rn
20-03-2023 16:25
RT @adreameternity: I think I'll tag spoilers for another few days, so feel free to mute me or those tags.
20-03-2023 16:25
@MaddyIad "marriage is between an umbra woman and another umbra woman"
20-03-2023 16:24
RT @lesbiangendr: spaghetti when you boil it:
20-03-2023 16:22
also i LOVE rebecca sugar's art. i love her designs and her style, any moment in the show that had her storyboardin… https://t.co/vv4ChgldAk
20-03-2023 16:16
i'm having a bit of hard time remembering exact details, but just know everything about this show had me in a choke… https://t.co/jCfmed6gyF
20-03-2023 16:14
@PallasAthena209 athena drops yet ANOTHER iconic banger, we love to see it also enzo looks so cute in your style 😭
20-03-2023 16:12
RT @PallasAthena209: 🎁🎀 #bayonetta #watercolor https://t.co/vlPhSyJzLC
20-03-2023 16:11
@LumenSageNori agreed!
20-03-2023 16:10
@terminal_emil Millia Rage
20-03-2023 16:10
RT @loped00: Jamie Alternative RKGK https://t.co/mYLkQmfWmF
20-03-2023 16:08
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RT @loped00: Cammy! https://t.co/egNlJyuWFh
20-03-2023 16:08
RT @JV_Draws: 1❤️ 2💙 3💜, Which is your favorite? #Bayonetta3 #bayonetta #bayonetta2 #digitalart https://t.co/6X19ySugnn
20-03-2023 16:07
@JV_Draws ❤️
20-03-2023 16:07
@adreameternity these 2 times were the first times it happened and it scared the shit outta me b/c i thought i'd ha… https://t.co/ug9S711ihP
20-03-2023 16:05