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I'm enjoying Bonnie J Jensen - Neon Soliloquy on the #LateNightJazz channel @JazzRadioNow https://t.co/RBvJAtvv5h
03-12-2022 15:00
RT @WolvesUCU: Great to hear #ucuRISING #UCUStrikes have been heard. @WolvesUCU have been blown away by the solidarity from @ucu branches a…
03-12-2022 13:36
RT @qm_ucu: HEY! @qmul! This is how it’s done… Well done, @WolvesUCU! Speaking out works (when managements remember this is their staff t…
30-11-2022 20:15
RT @ucu: WE NEED EVERY MEMBER TO RT THIS SPEECH Today is a historic day. Our biggest ever rally The bosses thought scenes like this were…
30-11-2022 20:09
RT @KirstyDevaney: In the same talk senior management went on to admit that they don’t normally get to spend much time with students as the…
30-11-2022 16:26
Hear hear! #ucuRISING #UCUstrike https://t.co/Pe3qOnzMII
30-11-2022 16:25
Watching the @ucu rally live stream while stuck in Brum and it's giving me all the feels! This song sings to me tod… https://t.co/7nc0IjCJx9
30-11-2022 16:24
RT @WolvesUCU: Late morning, thinking maybe check the email, do a bit of work on a PP? Remember: WLV staff haven't even received the UK 3%…
30-11-2022 15:22
RT @WolvesUCU: 2/2 We still await formal word that WLV staff aren’t even going to receive the 3% pay increase implemented elsewhere in HE.…
30-11-2022 12:47
RT @MarianMayer20: What Amy says, please. #ucuRISING #UCUstrike
30-11-2022 12:45
YES! GO CANADA! THANK YOU @MargaretAtwood https://t.co/UdYl59b71D
30-11-2022 12:41
RT @WolvesUCU: Our VC: "Cutting courses, pushing through sweeping redundancies and making unenforceable strike-breaking threats won't decim…
30-11-2022 12:40
RT @WolvesUCU: The solidarity from our students during the #ucuRISING strike has been utterly inspiring! ❤ #JoinTheStrikePack
30-11-2022 12:39
RT @WolvesUCU: 1/1 No picket tomorrow at WLV for tomorrow's strike. See attached for local event. But as important as last week to 'close…
30-11-2022 09:45
RT @JoanPassey: Do you want a student-facing #UCURising strike explainer? Do I have a treat for you! This pamphlet explains what trade unio…
29-11-2022 14:25
RT @WestMidsUCU: @MarianMayer20 https://t.co/Gu0ZW12etc
29-11-2022 14:25
RT @ucu: Vice chancellors: students will not support the strikes The students: https://t.co/ukrufg7ovs
29-11-2022 14:07
RT @ucu: ❗️Tomorrow❗️ 3rd day of strike action ✊ Our union's biggest ever national rally💥 Let's put on another massive show of strength…
29-11-2022 13:51
RT @JPMS_Pop: Please share! Today (Nov. 29) @ 5pm ET catch our Popular Music Books in Progress series featuring @gaylewald in conversation…
29-11-2022 12:36
RT @WolvesUCU: In the face of the hostility shown by management and their threats regarding ASOS, we are so proud to have students supporti…
28-11-2022 20:40
RT @NEGSaunders: For anyone still unaware: UK universities are so reliant on overworking and underpaying their staff that *working to contr…
27-11-2022 17:05
RT @WolvesUCU: WLV senior managers drawing attention to the university in their attempts to intimidate their own staff https://t.co/rJLO35g…
27-11-2022 15:38
RT @WolvesUCU: 🚩Keep your comments coming in🚩 Help us show our bosses how the precarity and exploitation of HE staff affects YOUR learning…
26-11-2022 19:55
RT @WolvesUCU: Wolves members! If you can't make the rally in London on the 30th Nov, then come along to the Birmingham rally - there will…
26-11-2022 19:51
RT @ucu: Just a few picket pups from today 🐶 REPLY to this tweet with dogs and any other animals on your picket line today 👇 #ucuRISING h…
25-11-2022 20:07
RT @WolvesUCU: Our students say: "That VC never shows up anywhere. I don't even know what he does to be honest." #ucuRISING #JoinTheStrik…
25-11-2022 19:11
RT @KirstyDevaney: As I can’t be on the picket lets reminisce when @wlvPerArts staff asked senior management what the situation was for doc…
25-11-2022 19:09
RT @PlashingVole: My university: we’re down £20m. 250 of you have to go. Also university: you can’t have LAST YEAR’s pay settlement for a…
25-11-2022 12:05
RT @StaffsUCU: We’re Just casually standing outside a 40 million pound building asking for a pay rise that’s close to inflation. #ucuRISING…
25-11-2022 12:02
RT @KirstyDevaney: Can we all just remember the occasion when @wlv_uni announced brutal cuts to our jobs & courses, then offered staff a tw…
25-11-2022 12:01
RT @RichardBurgon: University staff pay has fallen 25% since 2009 - with more cuts planned. They've had 35% cuts to their pensions. 90,00…
25-11-2022 01:00
RT @DrJoGrady: EVERY UCU MEMBER NEEDS TO RT THIS. They said we were beaten. They said we didn’t have enough support. They wrote us of…
25-11-2022 00:58
More great pics from a great day! #ucuRISING @WolvesUCU https://t.co/iPOf2rDlUG
24-11-2022 16:30
RT @WestMidsUCU: Great to see student solidarity with some inter-union picket action for @WolvesUCU @CWUnews #UCUrising #StandByYourPost @u…
24-11-2022 16:00
Energizing and fabulous morning picketing with beautiful colleagues and students #UCUstrike #ucuRISING #Solidarity https://t.co/WEQTMzAF0k
24-11-2022 15:40
RT @WolvesUCU: Are you a #WLV University student? Have you been affected by the worsening working conditions of your teaching and support s…
24-11-2022 15:38
RT @CouldBeKel: I’m a 3rd year undergrad at @UniofOxford, and part of possibly the most disrupted uni year group in recent times, studying…
24-11-2022 15:36
RT @WolvesUCU: We are proud of our students! Wolves students support our strike #ucuRISING #OurWorkingConditionsAreTheirLearningConditions…
24-11-2022 14:21
RT @DrJoGrady: UCU members face some of the most aggressive and vindictive employers in the UK! This is our last chance to save the univer…
22-11-2022 13:03
RT @DrJoGrady: I'm going to keep adding to this list. I want you to support every branch. We've seen these threats overturned in the past,…
22-11-2022 13:03
RT @DrJoGrady: At Senate House (@UoLondon) members are also being threatened with 100% pay deductions if they dare to undertake action shor…
22-11-2022 13:03
RT @DrJoGrady: Pls also tag @covcampus. Where VC John Latham is similarly threatening his staff with 100% pay deductions. This is bullying,…
22-11-2022 13:03
RT @DrJoGrady: Sad to see members at @HarperAdamsUni are also being threatened with 100% deductions for ASOS. Tag VC @ProfKenSloan and let…
22-11-2022 13:03
RT @DrJoGrady: At the @uniofglos, Vice Chancellor Stephen Marston is also threatening staff with 100% deductions for taking part in action…
22-11-2022 13:03
RT @DrJoGrady: No surprise to see @QMUL on this list. Having pioneered the worst industrial relations witnessed in HE during 2022, VC Colin…
22-11-2022 13:03
RT @DrJoGrady: Likewise Prof Rob Warner the Vice Chancellor (@MarjonVC) of @marjonuni thinks his staff should be docked 100% of their wages…
22-11-2022 13:02
RT @DrJoGrady: At @PlymUni, Vice Chancellor Judith Petts has threatened her staff before strike action this week, confirming she intends to…
22-11-2022 13:02
RT @DrJoGrady: Prof David Green, who earns £320k as Vice Chancellor of @worcester_uni, has said that members will be docked 100% of their p…
22-11-2022 13:02
RT @DrJoGrady: I NEED EVERY UCU MEMBER AND SUPPORTER TO RT THIS THREAD. University bosses are rattled. Across the UK they are threatening…
22-11-2022 13:02
RT @ucu: Today is #EqualPayDay Women working in higher education will effectively work the rest of the year for free - earning £4k less th…
20-11-2022 16:26
RT @LeoBeletsky: Wish Elon had bought Teams
19-11-2022 14:03
RT @WolvesUCU: 2/2 With 1) remember: WE are the educators, with 2) they're illogical & possibly illegal. Similar attempts to intimidate wor…
18-11-2022 14:06
RT @WolvesUCU: 1/2 WLV staff (& students) received this email today from the head of HR. The acknowledgement of the right to strike etc is…
18-11-2022 14:06
RT @tedgioia: Over a dozen public libraries in the U.S. and Canada have begun offering their own music streaming services to patrons, with…
15-11-2022 15:56
RT @Leah_LLPB: Don’t get why my uni is sending information suggesting they’re doing everything they can to minimise the effects of strikes…
15-11-2022 15:56
RT @WolvesUCU: Get your colleagues to join, spread the word #ucurising https://t.co/qhmoO61xu1
15-11-2022 15:56
RT @ucu: We are however encouraging all non-members to join UCU as soon as possible You can do so in just a few minutes on the following l…
15-11-2022 11:48
RT @ucu: 🚨IMPORTANT UPDATE🚨 University management are attempting to intimidate UCU members ahead of taking strike action - we will not acc…
15-11-2022 11:48
RT @E2EShakespeare: ‘All that glisters is not gold’ The Merchant of Venice, act 2, sc 7 #Shakespeare lines often get a life of their own.…
12-11-2022 21:48
RT @JPMS_Pop: Please share! Nov 15 @ 5pm ET, Popular Music Books in Process Series is excited to present @FrancescaRoyst1, author of Black…
11-11-2022 17:33
RT @FattProjects: 🎶If this ain’t love… why does it feel so good?🎶 Some snaps of the community who made up our Mobilise @BirminghamPride pa…
10-11-2022 17:49
RT @Donne_UK: Are things better for women in POP & Film music? Here you can see our latest analysis of names credited as ‘Music by’ or “C…
09-11-2022 20:31
✘ Too broke to play: how touring is turning musicians (and us) penniless https://t.co/Ztme5qkUkB
08-11-2022 23:34
RT @ucu: Today is #DisabilityPayGap day. In UK Universities there is a 9% disability pay gap and two weeks ago our members overwhelmingly…
07-11-2022 21:29
YES. GO ONTARIO. https://t.co/cGtLpBvgDt
07-11-2022 21:18
RT @PleaseBeGneiss: guy tried to come in as the cool substitute teacher and gave everyone detention before third period
07-11-2022 21:17
RT @FattProjects: 🪩Thank you Mobilisers!🪩 What an amazing night we had together, as always! Your continued support has made this event wh…
06-11-2022 16:38
RT @FattProjects: It’s here: The LAST MOBILISE OF 2023! Birmingham’s Accessible Sober Queer Dance Party is back, back, back again. FREE…
05-11-2022 21:20
RT @FattProjects: 🪩🏳️‍🌈PURE QUEER JOY🏳️‍⚧️✨ We’re obsessed with these portraits from our Mobilise @BirminghamPride Parade 😍 Join us this…
03-11-2022 22:54
RT @JILLSLASTWORD: #BREAKING: I've been removed from the House just now for calling @fordnation a liar AKA A SPADE A SPADE. I guess some r…
02-11-2022 22:53
RT @FattProjects: Hello hello hello - we really need someone who can drive to help the PALAVER cast get to our upcoming show in Cambridge t…
02-11-2022 03:48
I'm enjoying The George Shearing Quintet with Dakota Staton - The Thrill Is Gone on the #LateNightJazz channel… https://t.co/yPz1Qc6WXv
02-11-2022 03:48
RT @Maxx_Gentleman: This Wednesday night, babes!!! Come daaaaaance 😘 https://t.co/C9PBScQI3j
01-11-2022 13:49
RT @FattProjects: What’s your plans this Saturday? Come party with Mobilise! Drag, bubbles, glitter & dancing 🪩 🎟Free tickets & event det…
01-11-2022 13:49
RT @TessaRDavis: Most people suck at running meetings. They run over time, the same people talk, + nothing gets decided. Here are 10 simp…
31-10-2022 14:42
RT @FattProjects: Drop your fave tracks below that you want to hear at our next Mobilise Queer party⬇️ We’ll start… All the lovers by Kyl…
31-10-2022 14:40
RT @FattProjects: We understand that for some members of the LGBTQ+ community, travelling to places can hold extra anxieties. Mobilise has…
27-10-2022 15:24
RT @FattProjects: WHO’S READY FOR A FREE QUEER CAMP SILENT DISCO 🪩 ⭐️Free event- https://t.co/7sir7CAh19 ⭐️Saturday 5th November ⭐️8pm-Mid…
26-10-2022 15:36
RT @NoContextFBUK: https://t.co/TsnYmLZA1D
23-10-2022 12:05
RT @putasinghonit: ONE LAST DANCE? Join us for our last MOBILISE event! 📍BIRMINGHAM 🗓SAT NOV 5TH ⌚️8PM-MIDNIGHT ‘𝑫𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒆, 𝒊𝒕'𝒔 𝒂𝒍𝒍 𝑰 𝒘𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒂…
23-10-2022 11:55
RT @FattProjects: We’re doing one last free MOBILISE party Saturday 5th November! 🪩 Expect lots of drag, glitter, bubbles and all around ✨…
19-10-2022 15:19
RT @FattProjects: And more. https://t.co/WavQbB15Qn
18-10-2022 10:47
RT @FattProjects: And more… https://t.co/pPLwI84hF5
18-10-2022 10:47
RT @FattProjects: Some of the mobilisers turning lewks in these gorgeous monochrome outfits created by our designers Kerfuffle Studio for M…
18-10-2022 10:47
RT @WolvesUCU: #UCUrising is as much about the 50 things you've got to do now as your pension. It's as much about your colleague facing red…
18-10-2022 10:46
Excited to DJ @fiercefestival Fierce After Dark party @BMusic_Ltd starting soon! https://t.co/2L2pRz8xcV
14-10-2022 00:27
RT @WolvesUCU: The post box is there, down the street, ready for your Yes vote. Use it #ucuRISING https://t.co/amrs8R0ogB
13-10-2022 12:27
RT @KirstyDevaney: Viggo is looking very stern in this photo but it is a serious matter! Please consider joining your union & voting. What…
11-10-2022 02:02
Please share! #Lydialunch & #Jasminehirst are creating a documentary film about "Artists: Depression, Anxiety and R… https://t.co/tauRdYzB21
08-10-2022 12:22
@FattButcher GORG! XXOO
08-10-2022 11:41
I'm enjoying Renee Rosnes - The Winter of My Discontent on the #LateNightJazz channel @JazzRadioNow https://t.co/RBvJAtvv5h
07-10-2022 23:13
@KirstyDevaney @wlvPerArts How fabulous!
06-10-2022 19:10
@LMGM @FattProjects Bloody gorgeous! x
25-09-2022 12:38
RT @MagsonRachael: Absolutely blown away by the theatrical, powerful, political parade from @FattProjects @BirminghamPride @birminghamcg22…
25-09-2022 12:36
RT @FattProjects: ‘OUR JOY IS POLITICAL’ MOBILISE at @BirminghamPride 2022, over and OUT. 📸 - Emma Jones. @birminghamcg22 @ace_midlands…
25-09-2022 12:33
RT @ucu: University vice chancellors: a true story. Watch, share, and then Vote YES. #ucuRISING https://t.co/VPEVuBEs5f
24-09-2022 18:36
RT @ELawson_Star: The Wolverhampton branch of the UCU union @WolvesUCU will be staging a protest in the city on Saturday. "While this is…
23-09-2022 13:28
RT @BrumHour: MOBLISE to lead Birmingham Pride 2022 Parade Sep 24 Read more via @DianeParkes1 for @FattProjects & @BirminghamPride on #Bru…
23-09-2022 13:27
RT @ELawson_Star: "It's a shambles": Wolverhampton University axes 138 courses but is advertising for lecturers to replace the staff who ha…
21-09-2022 23:15
RT @Georgin51337405: @FattButcher @FattProjects https://t.co/yKhgel8Cgi
21-09-2022 23:13
RT @FattProjects: Here’s some glittery glimpses of what we’ve been up to in the Fatt Projects HQ ✨ The rhinestones, tulle and campery will…
21-09-2022 23:11
RT @TUCBham: Please go along and support this if you can - these cuts are outrageous and @WolvesUCU needs our full support in opposing them!
21-09-2022 01:03
RT @JPMS_Pop: Please share! The IASPM 2023 Conference CFP is here! https://t.co/KSfg1drerY. Happening in Minneapolis June 26-30, 2023, this…
18-09-2022 19:19
RT @JPMS_Pop: Please share! On Tuesday, Sept 20, 5pm ET Popular Music Books in Process Series presents Right On Target: San Francisco’s Dis…
17-09-2022 19:27
There's some more information, which I can share via DM if you’re interested, or you can email [email protected]… https://t.co/2aT5vvaJ4m
16-09-2022 17:30
✨VOLUNTEERS NEEDED✨ We are on the lookout for volunteers to help support @FattProjects and our gorgeous… https://t.co/TBS9dcGfjb
16-09-2022 17:29
RT @mholland_music: I was upset when my colleagues left because key staff were not identified by management. I am apoplectic that just 14…
16-09-2022 15:47
RT @FattProjects: ⭐️VOLUNTEER CALL OUT⭐️ We are looking for members of the community to support our @BirminghamPride parade performance on…
15-09-2022 19:59
RT @putasinghonit: In the final in the series of drag interviews, Drag King “Crip Ladywood” spoke with me about being new to drag as a whee…
12-09-2022 18:03
@putasinghonit LMFAO!
10-09-2022 17:18
RT @FattButcher: A statement regarding the postponement of the @FattProjects MOBILISE Queer Power Party: https://t.co/z7oqZvpQ5U
09-09-2022 23:28
RT @thewillchoy: Nations, everyone in England is distracted. It’s the perfect time to get your stuff back from the British Museum.
09-09-2022 14:13
RT @FattProjects: HEY BAB! Tomorrow is our last Mobilise party so come and join us for a night of drag artists, glitter and floorfiller dan…
08-09-2022 15:52
RT @FattProjects: What a gorgeous couple of days we’ve had in the first rehearsals for MOBILISE at @BirminghamPride. These are just some o…
07-09-2022 04:02
RT @FattProjects: Check out the Fatt Projects website for- ✨FREE TICKETS✨ 💕event details 💕full accessibility information 💕transport bursar…
05-09-2022 18:32
RT @FattProjects: 💛Plastic bendy straws for those who need 💛Dressing spaces 💛Quiet space 💛Travel fund to and from events 💛On site support 💛…
05-09-2022 18:32
Join us this Friday September 9! https://t.co/hXmnvKGZ1y
05-09-2022 18:32
RT @carlzoilus: Popular Music Books in Process returns on Tues, Sept 6 @ 5 pm ET with Michael Tau discussing his forthcoming @feralhouse bo…
04-09-2022 23:07
RT @JPMS_Pop: Pls R/T! Our Popular Music Books in Process Series is back biweekly for the rest of the year, as you can see on our calendar…
04-09-2022 23:06
@FattProjects What a great pic!
01-09-2022 04:40
RT @sueores: New additions to New The F-list Fresh playlist, & the weekly featured artist playlist, by the super talented @TinaBoonstra @c…
01-09-2022 04:38
RT @FattProjects: TELL US WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU! We want to hear from our community, what messages do you want to see front at centre at…
30-08-2022 15:38
RT @FattProjects: Come and experience a hangover free, sober party with us at Mobilise! Our next event Friday 9th Sept is looking to be the…
30-08-2022 06:49
@FattButcher Go Canada!
29-08-2022 17:49
RT @CBCMusic: [email protected]'s new album Renaissance, a tribute to her gay uncle, is a powerful reminder to fight for our freedoms | @CBCArts…
27-08-2022 18:08
RT @FattProjects: Mobilise isn’t just about dancing, it’s a safe area for community members to enjoy music, meet others and relax within an…
26-08-2022 15:52
Pioneering female DJs deserve recognition for their contribution to club culture | Dance music | The Guardian https://t.co/GzkbdDTE60
24-08-2022 21:12
RT @FattProjects: ✨NEXT EVENT ALERT✨ Thank you to all the mobilisers who came to our party last Friday! There was dancing, laughing and lo…
23-08-2022 18:13
RT @MathildePetford: This has been one of my fave things to work on recently, genuinely the most accessible and joyful event! This is the l…
22-08-2022 22:51
RT @FattProjects: Looking for something to do tonight? Come to Mobilise! Our free LGBTQ+ silent disco will be taking over The Exchange fro…
19-08-2022 18:37
RT @FattProjects: 🪩MOBILISE IS TOMORROW BABS! Come join local LGBTQ+ movers and shakers for some floor filler music, glitter & feel good le…
18-08-2022 22:20
RT @FattProjects: ✨MOBILISE IS THIS FRIDAY!✨ Are you ready for another Silent Disco with floor filler classics, glitter & drag queens?! Ou…
16-08-2022 16:18
RT @FattProjects: BABS, have you ever wanted to lead the @BirminghamPride parade? Well now’s your chance. FAT, TRANS, DISABLED, QTIPOC, OL…
16-08-2022 16:18
RT @FattProjects: 💕Dressing spaces at Mobilise💕 Next event 💖Friday 19th August 💖8pm-Midnight 💖The Exchange, Centenary Square, Birmingham…
10-08-2022 17:30
RT @JNRaeside: If you’re a Tory supporting Sunak in his mission to make students do “proper” subjects which lead to jobs, you should have y…
10-08-2022 06:52
RT @SaffronRecords: Spread the word 📣 We’re bringing our courses and community to #Birmingham and we're looking for 5 people to help deli…
09-08-2022 20:56
PLS R/T! Join Mobalise at Birmingham Pride on Sept 25! https://t.co/cmVZla50a6
09-08-2022 19:25
West Midlands Queers! Mobalise wants your fabulous queer self at our Silent Disco Aug 19 and we will cover your tra… https://t.co/jc4ZvVWC93
09-08-2022 19:23
RT @JPMS_Pop: Pls R/T! Today, 8/9, 5pm ET, Zoom into the Popular Music Books in Process Series for LJ Müller (author) in convo w/ @manu_ep_…
09-08-2022 19:20
Please share! The Gospel Revisited Project seeks collaborators with academic expertise. GRP celebrates #gospelmusic… https://t.co/2No6y2qQVQ
09-08-2022 19:17
RT @FattProjects: Check out the Fatt Projects website for event details, full accessibility information, transport fund application and to…
05-08-2022 16:58
RT @FattProjects: 💛 Step free access throughout venue 💛All gender bathrooms 💛Seating 💛Sober/substance free 💛Plastic bendy straws for those…
05-08-2022 16:58
RT @FattProjects: We wanted to ease some of those worries at Mobilise events by providing transport financial help and private areas to get…
05-08-2022 16:58
RT @FattProjects: Do you get anxious before and arriving at social gatherings? Many people get that pre social anxiety and we understand it…
05-08-2022 16:58
Why dance music is out of step with female and non-binary DJs https://t.co/b4go8eT9Z2
04-08-2022 02:29
RT @FattProjects: Everyone deserves the space to feel free, let loose and dance however they feel comfortable. Mobilise is on a mission to…
03-08-2022 19:10
RT @theflistmusic: Incredible report written by @JaguarWorldwide highlighting the inequalities in electronic music with shocking statistics…
03-08-2022 19:10
RT @FattButcher: Please universe @GinnyLemon69 for celebrity big brother!
03-08-2022 18:36
Music professor breaks down Critical Race Theory and why it’s crucial for 21st-century music education @classicfm https://t.co/dycyrzSlTz
27-07-2022 18:00
RT @JPMS_Pop: Tomorrow (Tues, 5 pm ET) is the last session of Popular Music Books in Progress before we take a brief hiatus. Join us as @mi…
26-07-2022 01:08
RT @JPMS_Pop: Please share! @JPMS_Pop seeks a new Associate Editor for our "Field Notes" section! Field Notes is a non-peer-reviewed front-…
25-07-2022 19:28
RT @FattProjects: We had the most GORGEOUS time at MOBILISE: Birmingham’s Accessible Sober Queer Dance Party last night. Thanks to everyone…
18-07-2022 15:55
RT @SceneLGBTQ: More dates have been announced for MOBILISE, a series of radical and joyous #queer dance parties in #Birmingham. #LGBTQ @Ca…
13-07-2022 14:42
Pls R/T! Have you heard about Mobilise, Brum's fabulous, LGBTQ+, accessible, silent disco? Happening this Saturday… https://t.co/pEEJQ3e7bl
12-07-2022 21:41
@badcoverversion Schitt’s Creek, Canadian comedy series with Eugene Levy and the absolutely brilliant Catherine O’Hara.
12-07-2022 11:23
RT @1995ChloeC: Please can everyone share this. Birmingham is having its first trans pride late this year. @ExpressandStar @bbcmtd @andy4wm…
11-07-2022 17:56
RT @JPMS_Pop: DATE CORRECTION! TUESDAY JULY 12, 5pm ET, Zoom into Popular Music Books in Process Series to hear author Shanté Paradigm Smal…
11-07-2022 12:07
RT @WolvesUCU: For the last 4 years staff in the School of Performing Arts bought period products for their students to help address period…
11-07-2022 11:58
RT @NormalComposers: Herbie Hancock fixing the mixer.
08-07-2022 15:11
RT @KirstyDevaney: Today when asked about what the plans were for existing students inc. doctoral students, as most staff leaving in a few…
08-07-2022 11:53
Just posted a photo https://t.co/6ZV1SvDaHN
07-07-2022 19:54
Just posted a photo https://t.co/wGVuH3FmtN
07-07-2022 19:52
Just posted a photo https://t.co/mAWY2E5waZ
07-07-2022 19:50
RT @imshanereaction: If you ever need cheering up just remember that every July thousands of Kate Bush fans gather around the world to perf…
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RT @tagaq: https://t.co/8JMHoW3Tcy
01-07-2022 22:23
The Guardian view on the arts and humanities: under threat on campus | Editorial https://t.co/w6IFrWrq2S
30-06-2022 16:21
RT @JPMS_Pop: Please share! Today! 6/28, 5pm ET, Zoom into the Popular Music Books in Process Series for Steve Waksman in conversation w/ S…
28-06-2022 14:20
RT @FattProjects: Today, and everyday, we stand with those who are persecuted and live in fear of persecution. We send our thoughts, hopes,…
25-06-2022 20:41
RT @FattProjects: A STATEMENT RE TONIGHT’S PARTY. Dancefloors have long been sacred spaces for our community, they are the places we have…
25-06-2022 20:41
RT @PPact: We know what politicians want because it's already happening: to ban abortion state by state—& eventually a national ban. But, l…
24-06-2022 20:19
We have bursaries to get you to the party! https://t.co/QRswOk38kg
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I’m spinning! Come prance with me! https://t.co/FAvfc1HXmc
24-06-2022 16:55
RT @MsAngelineTW: Why did #MeToo bypass the music industry? Just look at the gatekeepers | Tamanna Rahman https://t.co/Q4E6SczIhB
24-06-2022 09:38
Just posted a photo @ The Exchange, Centenary Square, Birmingham https://t.co/0YSw7naNhp
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Just posted a photo @ The Night Owl https://t.co/xOn070TEcp
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21-06-2022 18:40
RT @annabel_ross: I was apprehensive about publishing this but I think the only way we move forward is to talk about these things. I wrote…
18-06-2022 12:22
Join us this Sunday! https://t.co/P4hokzdiE3
16-06-2022 17:15
Lady Of The House Announce Launch of record label with a month-long competition | Skiddle https://t.co/RurrEisGIN
16-06-2022 15:20
RT @WolvesUCU: @DrJamesLovelock established the 2017 LGBT Performing Arts Research Project and has directed 3 concert-lectures with them. H…
16-06-2022 15:19
RT @WolvesUCU: @DrJamesLovelock has been teaching for over 20 years. At Wolverhampton, James teaches across vocal, acting, theory and produ…
16-06-2022 15:19
RT @WolvesUCU: @DrJamesLovelock’s research focuses on LGBTQ+ representation in the arts. His book on queer characters in musical theatre fo…
16-06-2022 15:19
RT @WolvesUCU: Showcasing more research and teaching from some of the incredible colleagues whose work is currently threatened in the cuts…
16-06-2022 15:19
15-06-2022 18:35
RT @WolvesUCU: @Claire1Hampton's new research investigates selfies as autobiographical acts of performance for people experiencing cancer.…
15-06-2022 15:31
RT @WolvesUCU: @Claire1Hampton teaches performance, ensemble training, movement, devising & applied drama practice. As a feminist, she beli…
15-06-2022 15:31
RT @WolvesUCU: @Claire1Hampton is a performance studies scholar with an interest in selfies! Her research considers how performance theory…
15-06-2022 15:31
RT @WolvesUCU: Showcasing more research and teaching from some of the incredible colleagues whose work is currently threatened in the cuts…
15-06-2022 15:31
RT @JPMS_Pop: Please share! Today! June 14, 5pm ET, Zoom into the Popular Music Books in Process Series for @carynrose, in convo w/ @Alison…
14-06-2022 19:08
From my amazing colleague. My anger and sadness are overwhelming me. https://t.co/cvdoec4uCT
13-06-2022 14:44
RT @WolvesUCU: "It really feels like the impact on students hasn't been considered. The focus has been on saving money" #stopthecutsUoW htt…
08-06-2022 19:09
It's true. One doesn't know whether to laugh or cry... https://t.co/dxSu7wvN50
08-06-2022 15:29
RT @SaraNAhmed: So much power & violence works through exhaustion: the exhaustion of people's capacities to resist; the exhaustion of peopl…
06-06-2022 20:20
RT @CBCPitchbot: BREAKING: Ontario loses the 2022 provincial election
04-06-2022 14:07
Had a blast chatting with @MsAnaMatronic about #Régine for the forthcoming podcast series Goodtime Sallies, I learn… https://t.co/NnclV1I7Jf
01-06-2022 19:33
This is was so fun! https://t.co/MgAEqEmyne
29-05-2022 17:23
RT @KirstyDevaney: Up to 500 jobs at risk at University of Wolverhampton in cuts says union | Express & Star https://t.co/sfq2m1saXb
29-05-2022 17:17