Western Chauvinist (@MagaMufffin)
@TBox954 @ChuckEBreeze @Dominus_Atlas @FightHaven Im...not a lesbian 🤔 but what is the relevance of this in the con… https://t.co/81gqjzOyjp
27-03-2023 04:20
@ChuckEBreeze @gava_chiara949 @FightHaven Yes, blacks are non white
27-03-2023 04:08
@ChuckEBreeze @gava_chiara949 @FightHaven Read slower. Non-white AND Hispanic.
27-03-2023 04:07
RT @itsDevonTracey: @AuContraire9 Having dignity, pride, self respect, safety, joy and identity for a start
27-03-2023 03:59
@c_sanderist @brandan22449818 @jordanbpeterson So why don't they develop it? Why is Africa always everyone else's p… https://t.co/pfi09QTlDG
27-03-2023 03:49
@ChuckEBreeze @gava_chiara949 @FightHaven not only do blacks fuck their kids more, they physically, emotionally, a… https://t.co/qD3LzRAUhC
27-03-2023 03:43
@TBox954 @ChuckEBreeze @Dominus_Atlas @FightHaven I don't. Care to elaborate?
27-03-2023 03:36
@TBox954 @ChuckEBreeze @Dominus_Atlas @FightHaven These guys are famous for being such a rare anomaly. But THESE cr… https://t.co/HggNovHiSr
27-03-2023 03:35
@QuasiExpert @KolonizerBarbie @evil_liz @notcapnamerica @LorainPD I'm sure there's a lot more to that story😬
27-03-2023 03:23
@MrBillups2 @PharaohJones3 https://t.co/zjRP8sdrUq
27-03-2023 03:22
@MrBillups2 @valoriexoxo2 @KolonizerBarbie @truIysar Lol wrong. You're still at your lowest, and the structures y… https://t.co/xPl0fM3fdt
27-03-2023 03:21
@ChuckEBreeze @TBox954 @Dominus_Atlas @FightHaven How'd you get a cell phone in jail?
27-03-2023 03:17
@ChuckEBreeze @TBox954 @Dominus_Atlas @FightHaven Those are just albino apes...just like these 😆 you see the remark… https://t.co/TL4FWyOHHb
27-03-2023 03:16
@TBox954 @Dominus_Atlas @ChuckEBreeze @FightHaven Dear descendant of primitive, cognitively stunted apes. Egyptians… https://t.co/JD5lBjGPoU
27-03-2023 03:10
@ChuckEBreeze @TBox954 @Dominus_Atlas @FightHaven You wish buddy. Aw it is kinda sad that you have absolutely nothi… https://t.co/y4j7YOTv8O
27-03-2023 02:29
@valoriexoxo2 @KolonizerBarbie @MrBillups2 @truIysar You know your skin evolved that way BECAUSE the sun was harmfu… https://t.co/f2NHVNyW02
27-03-2023 02:21
@TBox954 @Dominus_Atlas @ChuckEBreeze @FightHaven Yes, it is my intellectually limited ape 😌
27-03-2023 02:18
@QuasiExpert @KolonizerBarbie @evil_liz @notcapnamerica @LorainPD And yes, as a white woman, racially profiling cou… https://t.co/GbBIWnJt2i
27-03-2023 02:16
@MrBillups2 @PharaohJones3 This is black vs everyone crime. and this is just in a span of 28 days. But yeah dude, pizza gate 🤣
27-03-2023 02:15
@QuasiExpert @KolonizerBarbie @evil_liz @notcapnamerica @LorainPD Yeah I do trust the police. I'm not a criminal so....
27-03-2023 02:13
@Jenfromdabay @filmandcamera @lakevibe_365 @fidesh4 @FightHaven So you're referring to a handful of highly publiciz… https://t.co/f9x4SUvj88
27-03-2023 02:11
@TDotKom_ @Jenfromdabay @KolonizerBarbie @poppa5hot @GuyWithSwords I wasn't talking to you hoe
27-03-2023 02:08
@FTFOGANG @FlippingPenny @ChuckEBreeze @FightHaven Aww...denial 🥺
27-03-2023 02:07
@ChuckEBreeze @gava_chiara949 @FightHaven Lol "we" 🤣 you can't even keep a job as a tsa agent Drequan
27-03-2023 02:04
@ChuckEBreeze @Ebs16583114 @FightHaven Where? I think that's a mexican
27-03-2023 02:02
@TBox954 @Dominus_Atlas @ChuckEBreeze @FightHaven Lol I love how this is you're favorite way to one up white people… https://t.co/owY9m1MpEn
27-03-2023 02:01
@dark_times852 @ImAdapt73 @fidesh4 @FightHaven Lol, yeah having a clean criminal record and being able to legally p… https://t.co/KWIORaCg18
27-03-2023 01:55
@fidesh4 @FightHaven Shoulda shot that ooga rittenhouse style 😎
27-03-2023 01:53
@QuasiExpert @KolonizerBarbie @evil_liz @notcapnamerica @LorainPD Sooo you can't answer the question because you kn… https://t.co/TpXeftENQg
27-03-2023 01:50
@PharaohJones3 Look who's enslaving God's people to the tune of 12 million+ in 2023 😃 https://t.co/vTtXVWs55d
27-03-2023 01:47
@PharaohJones3 Schools shootings numbers don't even come close to comparing to the mass shootings by blacks on a da… https://t.co/ZE4pcRFv9C
27-03-2023 01:46
@PharaohJones3 Hmm, it looks like bestiality is your thing too 😬 https://t.co/mMNjmqr0Hi
27-03-2023 01:41
@PharaohJones3 Blacks are admittedly the most racist group. Specifically against White Europeans and Asians. Ya kno… https://t.co/xxSjtHeb2k
27-03-2023 01:36
@PharaohJones3 Incest is most prevalent in North Africa, and the middle east. And what race populates northern Afri… https://t.co/8KrQ3WtFUQ
27-03-2023 01:34
@MrBillups2 @truIysar Africans developed the english language now? 🤣 Honestly, where do you even get this shit? Wha… https://t.co/SE8S0Gn7qJ
27-03-2023 01:18
@MrBillups2 @KolonizerBarbie @ericareport Well, yeah
27-03-2023 01:14
@ShangoBenGideon @PharaohJones3 https://t.co/IA4XYtH9Zm
27-03-2023 01:13
@ShangoBenGideon @PharaohJones3 https://t.co/w2jCvTFtT1
27-03-2023 01:09
@QuasiExpert @KolonizerBarbie @evil_liz @notcapnamerica @LorainPD So answer the fucking question. Are you on the si… https://t.co/SZO2hg6juS
27-03-2023 01:07
@QuasiExpert @KolonizerBarbie @evil_liz @notcapnamerica @LorainPD Legally, in Ohio you have to provide a name, date… https://t.co/oYnyV2r1qI
27-03-2023 01:02
@QuasiExpert @KolonizerBarbie @evil_liz @notcapnamerica @LorainPD Lol you think those kids were legal scholars and… https://t.co/oSaiErw3Kv
27-03-2023 00:58
@Jenfromdabay @KolonizerBarbie @TDotKom_ @poppa5hot @GuyWithSwords Well, ya see I would shabooboo, but I live in a… https://t.co/MicdTZEB4g
27-03-2023 00:41
@Jenfromdabay @KolonizerBarbie @TDotKom_ @poppa5hot @GuyWithSwords Lol amazing 😆 what is the point of blocking some… https://t.co/NV754XOsI4
27-03-2023 00:37
@QuasiExpert @KolonizerBarbie @evil_liz @notcapnamerica @LorainPD Yep. They have criminal records, and they aren't… https://t.co/sVEXKolrQl
27-03-2023 00:30
@ExhaustedMom5 @MagaMufffin @notcapnamerica Of course it's true, there are police records 😄 they probably did get arrested, it was in 2017.
23-03-2023 08:30
@ExhaustedMom5 @MagaMufffin @notcapnamerica My god I hope you don't fuckin vote lady 🙄 you're irretrievably dense.… https://t.co/MPT8WnIiQF
23-03-2023 08:29
@ExhaustedMom5 @MagaMufffin @notcapnamerica The stop was for jaywalking and reasonable suspicion. No, the statement… https://t.co/BI6f06yEdq
23-03-2023 04:08
@ExhaustedMom5 @MagaMufffin @notcapnamerica Mary Hildreth is the mother. That was obviously her kids involved in th… https://t.co/KSm9MY63H7
23-03-2023 04:05
@ExhaustedMom5 @MagaMufffin @notcapnamerica The cops might assume they were armed because of their criminal history. Get it?
23-03-2023 04:02
@ExhaustedMom5 @MagaMufffin @notcapnamerica You can tell from the 2 seconds that the kids are in the frame? Lady...… https://t.co/HjFF0XXfM3
23-03-2023 04:00
RT @ZeekArkham: I’m scared for my little girl because we’ve raised her to be a loving, compassionate, caring person, and I’m starting to th…
23-03-2023 03:07
@evil_liz @MagaMufffin @notcapnamerica @LorainPD Conducting and investigating isn't harassment. She WAS charged fo… https://t.co/a6xTlz6gna
23-03-2023 02:57
@evil_liz @MagaMufffin @notcapnamerica @LorainPD Jesus christ....ma'am...the definition is right there 🤦🏼‍♀️ they w… https://t.co/8GaTUFdQYl
23-03-2023 02:55
@evil_liz @MagaMufffin @notcapnamerica @LorainPD To keep it in chronological order
23-03-2023 02:52
@evil_liz @MagaMufffin @notcapnamerica @LorainPD Would you give them a pass because you don't want to "racially pro… https://t.co/L44RuEC80X
23-03-2023 02:51
@evil_liz @MagaMufffin @notcapnamerica @LorainPD That's way better than some innocent child getting caught in their crossfire, no?
23-03-2023 02:50
@evil_liz @MagaMufffin @notcapnamerica @LorainPD Imagine you lived in this neighborhood (god forbid) and you had ch… https://t.co/1qp11BHfX6
23-03-2023 02:47
@evil_liz @MagaMufffin @notcapnamerica @LorainPD No you moron! 🤦🏼‍♀️ it had nothing to do with their race. They wer… https://t.co/gfUERrALD2
23-03-2023 02:44
I knew this guy looked familiar. Same voice and everything https://t.co/mXPsSXaZVj
23-03-2023 02:40
@regnab82 @MagaMufffin @notcapnamerica Show me where it says they DO NOT have right to stop and question you if the… https://t.co/ZAjkwg94Gz
23-03-2023 02:37
@regnab82 @MagaMufffin @notcapnamerica https://t.co/I2s1ThrH7R
23-03-2023 02:36
@evil_liz @MagaMufffin @notcapnamerica @LorainPD And that particular block they were on is an area that gets an ins… https://t.co/mM21Y3y25n
23-03-2023 02:26
@evil_liz @MagaMufffin @notcapnamerica @LorainPD The cops have been called to that address 24 times in the last 2 y… https://t.co/wMYYHNhpui
23-03-2023 02:26
@evil_liz @MagaMufffin @notcapnamerica @LorainPD That's just not true lady. Jesus who doesn't know this shit by no… https://t.co/MQY31VHebl
23-03-2023 02:21
@Blaknblue290765 @MagaMufffin @evil_liz @notcapnamerica @LorainPD Lol NOPE. That's called law enforcement. That's… https://t.co/4OkW9irLTc
23-03-2023 01:48
@Yobwrites @MeidasTouch @RzstProgramming Don't heart your own tweets lady 🤣
06-03-2023 19:03
@Yobwrites @MeidasTouch @RzstProgramming Your intellect!!?!🤣🤣🤣 Oh Yolanda...that's just adorable
04-03-2023 07:42
@Yobwrites @MeidasTouch @RzstProgramming Smart response 👌 🙄
03-03-2023 02:08
@SusanHill195961 @MagaMufffin @RebelCQWGIRL Yeah that's what I thought. Lol dont try to deflect. You have ZERO proo… https://t.co/GgxsHydUCd
03-03-2023 01:35
@rodgergriffin71 @MagaMufffin @TalbertSwan @msjbe20a No one cares Rodger. Why don't you address the actual points I… https://t.co/39DnmPwH4v
02-03-2023 01:16
@ItsTerryTime_ @RealBurgerGod @UnrulyBarbieee @WomenPostingLs Don't be fooled by fake hair, and a filter bro
01-03-2023 09:14
@Yobwrites @MeidasTouch @RzstProgramming He's just realistic and logical. His thinks with his brain, not his emotions
01-03-2023 06:23
@PeterSmithSings @JackDunc1 Only thing that matters is that he was white 😌 just another glorious and legendary white man ❤
01-03-2023 06:17
@DominiqueChance Why don't you take a wild guess 😄 BLACK PRIVILEGE. The innocence FRAUD project, virtue signaling w… https://t.co/S4GnyzM3BX
01-03-2023 06:15
RT @ObviousRises: Scott Adams is 100% correct. White people have nothing to gain by trying to live with or help black people. I say this as…
01-03-2023 06:03
@raggapegs I'm glad.
01-03-2023 06:02
@raggapegs GOOD
01-03-2023 06:00
@raggapegs How are people still saying shit like this?? This case has been settled for over a year, how are you sti… https://t.co/CD6pbL8KGY
01-03-2023 06:00
@cenny_khamp @RonnieRapist @RonnieRadke Dude go to the doctor. Get your cholesterol checked. You look veeeery puffy
01-03-2023 05:53
@jakesyummyy @RonnieRadke Lol it's never enough 🙄 absolutely isn't even worth trying. Just don't engage with these people period.
01-03-2023 05:52
@LeeonardoMarcus @can_sny @wayotworld Umm objection, relevance?
01-03-2023 05:45
@LeeonardoMarcus @VirtusAlex109 @wayotworld Your right...Peanut butter's pretty cool I guess...Thanks😐
01-03-2023 05:43
RT @TruthsBeTolds: @QenNigma @wayotworld This sums it up nicely https://t.co/30lwr4liNQ
01-03-2023 05:41
@TruthsBeTolds @QenNigma @wayotworld Amazing 😆 holy shit
01-03-2023 05:40
@SoraWasntHere @dalsx11 @EndWokeness Jesus, you're slow
01-03-2023 02:56
RT @EndWokeness: If a white celebrity said this, she would be unemployed within hours https://t.co/Hbv8XjaUgX
01-03-2023 02:53
RT @itsDevonTracey: White people have been victims of those exact same things. You aren't special. Quit whining about shit, loser.
01-03-2023 02:52
RT @itsDevonTracey: It's okay to be Dilbert https://t.co/ygxtPmCK1h https://t.co/zP7W94RvIU
28-02-2023 20:50
RT @itsDevonTracey: Your daily snuff. Disregard races involved. Disregard pattern here. Disregard stats. Disregard your moral compass. St…
28-02-2023 18:55
@TimFey1 @MagaMufffin @Bornking808 @TalbertSwan Lol mmmkay https://t.co/8AZmsQEYZ0
28-02-2023 18:49
RT @RebelCQWGIRL: INBOX: The Akron-Canton Proud Boys brought over 5,000 dollars worth of water, food, and cleaning supplies to the resident…
28-02-2023 18:44
RT @itsDevonTracey: The internet age giveth and it taketh away. The bleeps have profited off of it as they vent their vile racism to the ap…
20-02-2023 18:27
@Tyykgrendo @JoshFri77332689 @Badawan_ @KEEMSTAR Maybe im edgy AND racist 😯
20-02-2023 09:12
@Tyykgrendo @JoshFri77332689 @Badawan_ @KEEMSTAR Ask him how his kid ended up being a Marxist
20-02-2023 09:10
@Tyykgrendo @JoshFri77332689 @Badawan_ @KEEMSTAR 🫢
20-02-2023 09:09
@JoshFri77332689 @Tyykgrendo @Badawan_ @KEEMSTAR Im not fuggin talking to you josh 😠
20-02-2023 09:02
@JoshFri77332689 @Badawan_ @KEEMSTAR Wow you're a real intellectual huh?
20-02-2023 09:01
@JoshFri77332689 @Tyykgrendo @Badawan_ @KEEMSTAR Yeah my daddy is jared taylor ❤
20-02-2023 09:00
@Tyykgrendo @JoshFri77332689 @Badawan_ @KEEMSTAR Cool bro. I'd rather not get suspended over you though. But just k… https://t.co/FIh64rwqnS
20-02-2023 08:59
@JoshFri77332689 @Badawan_ @KEEMSTAR Duh.
20-02-2023 08:54
@JoshFri77332689 Ooh good one nerd 🤓 were you homeschooled? Or are you just autistic?
20-02-2023 08:54
RT @cincinati51: Slaughter To Prevail-Bonebreaker (live) 🤘🏿☠️🤘🏿 https://t.co/ZoBL4qFSfl
20-02-2023 08:37
@JoshFri77332689 @Tyykgrendo @Badawan_ @KEEMSTAR https://t.co/eZZjcTc6Jj
20-02-2023 08:32
@JoshFri77332689 @Badawan_ @KEEMSTAR You probably think George Floyd is a hero
20-02-2023 08:31
@JoshFri77332689 @Tyykgrendo @Badawan_ @KEEMSTAR Please don't call me racist 🥺 it really bothers me
20-02-2023 08:30
@Tyykgrendo @JoshFri77332689 @Badawan_ @KEEMSTAR Where's your dad now? 👀
20-02-2023 08:29
@JoshFri77332689 @Badawan_ @KEEMSTAR Lmao of course!🤣 that is THE only response you fuckers ever have. Oh its so tiresome
20-02-2023 08:27
@Tyykgrendo @JoshFri77332689 @Badawan_ @KEEMSTAR You'd like that wouldn't you?😏
20-02-2023 08:25
@HighImpactFlix Hell yeah bitch 😎
20-02-2023 08:19
@Tyykgrendo @JoshFri77332689 @Badawan_ @KEEMSTAR Ok. You're an N word
20-02-2023 08:12
@Tyykgrendo @JoshFri77332689 @Badawan_ @KEEMSTAR Suuuure dick lips
20-02-2023 08:10
@Tyykgrendo @JoshFri77332689 @Badawan_ @KEEMSTAR Saying cringe is cringe
20-02-2023 07:54
@Larrymaxwell14 @Alm18703 @NoWhiteGuiltNWG This is funny dude 😆
20-02-2023 07:31
RT @JimmyJo55610885: @Alm18703 @NoWhiteGuiltNWG No culture? Bitch, you're riding a fucking train invented by Europeans. We have archeologic…
20-02-2023 07:30
@FittyAfAndBeatz @FreedomFactor76 @Alm18703 @NoWhiteGuiltNWG They put themselves in ghettos 😅 it's not our fault yo… https://t.co/l4wv7HWQIa
20-02-2023 07:27
@FittyAfAndBeatz @Alm18703 @NoWhiteGuiltNWG Awww did slavery happen? Poor blacks 🥺🥺🥺 generational ptsd isn't a thin… https://t.co/aNRBpffGwH
20-02-2023 07:22
RT @Alm18703: @NoWhiteGuiltNWG https://t.co/QaESYVBnre
20-02-2023 07:20
RT @NoWhiteGuiltNWG: Your wife or daughter murdered for being White? Would you share this story if she was yours? A stranger, Christina H…
20-02-2023 07:19
@Bm1523 @jordanbpeterson Literally no one is scared of Sam seder
20-02-2023 06:54
@JoshFri77332689 @Badawan_ @KEEMSTAR Yeah any day now right josh? Been saying this shit for six years but I think y… https://t.co/T4lG7QdcF5
20-02-2023 06:52
@therealsmeaagol @TenPointPG @ZeekArkham Wwwwwow. he blocked me too. What a total phag
20-02-2023 06:46
@TenPointPG @therealsmeaagol @ZeekArkham What did you debunk?? All you did was post the same picture twice that pro… https://t.co/RwPqhwtgd5
20-02-2023 06:41
@TenPointPG @therealsmeaagol @ZeekArkham Maybe, but not necessarily. You know those people personally? You know the… https://t.co/duEtkx650H
20-02-2023 06:39
@TenPointPG @therealsmeaagol @ZeekArkham Antifa was there, Q anon weirdos were there....a lot of crazies were there… https://t.co/vXUdKPwvXM
20-02-2023 06:34
@TenPointPG @therealsmeaagol @ZeekArkham Do you think he was speaking directly to those people in that picture? He… https://t.co/QLJ6D57ggu
20-02-2023 06:28
@itsDevonTracey Might sign up just for the dick pics 😏
20-02-2023 04:38
@BritishMegann @HumzaYousaf Ya know what's been really bothering me...everyone is Japan is fucking japanese!!😡
20-02-2023 03:48
@cpalimeno @Bronson610_ @IsabellaMDeLuca That's hilarious.
20-02-2023 03:41
@therealsmeaagol @TenPointPG @ZeekArkham Pffft 😆 so embarrassing
20-02-2023 03:29
@CompoundBoss Imagine what America would be like if it was just whites and Asians 🥰
20-02-2023 03:27
@Left4Lib @ZeekArkham What slave owners??
20-02-2023 03:15
@TenPointPG @therealsmeaagol @ZeekArkham What substance??🤣 you libtards all post the same stupid memes. You have nothing
20-02-2023 03:11
@phillyfanbrian @ZeekArkham They get encountered disproportionately for a fuckin reason. What unnecessary unlawful… https://t.co/g4sIB5SiQk
20-02-2023 03:10
@akebbay @snoopsmom123 @ZeekArkham The 90s?
20-02-2023 03:07
@minkoff_steven @snoopsmom123 @ZeekArkham K cool memes bro...you got an actual argument or what?
20-02-2023 03:05
@snoopsmom123 @minkoff_steven @ZeekArkham Lol it's always "oh man where to begin, there's so much I could say but m… https://t.co/Dikelb4WEa
20-02-2023 03:03
@minkoff_steven @snoopsmom123 @NonejaBiz @ZeekArkham That Eric Dym guy is fuckin hot holy shit 🥵
20-02-2023 03:01
RT @larryelder: Part 1 If it were the other way around in comes #BlackLivesMatter, @BenCrumpLaw, @TheRevAl, @CNN, @MSNBC, @JoyAnnReid, @Va…
20-02-2023 02:53
@CompoundBoss This kids getting a lot of press, and rightfully so, but I never see this amount of vitriol when a bl… https://t.co/CZXL9nzYkd
20-02-2023 02:47
RT @itsDevonTracey: https://t.co/wM7IhEb5y8
20-02-2023 02:39
@Sports_Schlub @deadheaddad81 @JoeBiden Highly qualified Christians
20-02-2023 00:13
@JohnBolder2 @kobe4evergoat @JoeBiden Ugh! 🤮 You're out of the white race.
20-02-2023 00:10
@kobe4evergoat @JoeBiden https://t.co/byNfAS6wA1
20-02-2023 00:06
RT @MagicBelle1: Yesterday morning, Brian Dykes was shot with his own gun at a Dunkin' Donuts in Decatur, GA. 17-year old Lamorian Orr grab…
20-02-2023 00:04
@MagicBelle1 Lamorian??...are we suppose to pretend that's a normal name?
20-02-2023 00:02
@EdenShizzle @Rellie80218381 @sicssorluv Nah it's pretty glorious actually.
19-02-2023 23:57
@EdenShizzle @Rellie80218381 @sicssorluv Yeah it wasn't until you spasticity wrote 3 long tweets about it. You're f… https://t.co/fLTnVVVFhX
19-02-2023 23:56
@citgrad62 @Cailzmaster @veryvirology Haha same dude
19-02-2023 20:17
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo "We only care about ourselves? Yeah that’s cuz we’re the fucking minority you dumb cunt" Ok… https://t.co/K3BnqmQr6N
19-02-2023 19:55
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo PROWL. UPON. INNOCENT. AND. TIMID. BLACK. MEN.....WHAT!??🤣🤣🤣 please elaborate on that one, holy shit.
19-02-2023 19:53
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo See here you go again, blaming everyone but yourself. Do you realize that welfare is availab… https://t.co/Qq9Xjxnohl
19-02-2023 19:49
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo So the hugely disproportionate amount of drugs in black neighborhoods are all plants?? That… https://t.co/xF14u2qoDv
19-02-2023 19:46
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo So yes, you are most definitely the problem and no matter how a hard we try we can fix you.
19-02-2023 19:40
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo We've thrown money at you, made you 70% of every movie, show, and commercial, prioritized yo… https://t.co/Ob4xUnhboo
19-02-2023 19:38
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo Wtf do you mean we look the other way when you complain about police?? Were you in a coma th… https://t.co/cBQSPI7dZp
19-02-2023 19:34
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo And you're still shit. You can't blame everything and everyone else for your failure at this point.
19-02-2023 19:30
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo Dude...You've had 158 years to get your shit together. Blacks in the late 1800s could use th… https://t.co/2KsA4b2ihP
19-02-2023 19:27
@OzthanyOztano @Ale_M_o7 @itsDevonTracey I hope your hormone replacement therapy makes you so sad you swallow a des… https://t.co/5pdBWxj8Vz
19-02-2023 06:58
@OzthanyOztano @GenX975 @itsDevonTracey I'd love to see one example of devon saying anything even remotely fascist...
19-02-2023 06:51
@Kawautter @StrangeAnimal10 Grow up tard
19-02-2023 04:31
@BigManJames_ @StrangeAnimal10 @jeffcharlesjr You...you think it was a good thing?? 😅 what good came from that shit… https://t.co/yGPOakk5tH
19-02-2023 04:30
@prageru Demonizing white people
19-02-2023 04:23
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo So anyway fuck you and your litter of crack babies and future criminals 🖕🏼
19-02-2023 04:01
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo YOU are the problem. You fuck up our entire system with your inferiority complex and lack of… https://t.co/698iMABR6b
19-02-2023 03:55
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo Yeah you contradict yourself a lot. Guess that's that IQ thing again. Hahaha black man rapes… https://t.co/oenIud2ug1
19-02-2023 03:52
@Cailzmaster @veryvirology heh heh...you said farter
19-02-2023 03:42
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo I don't think you guys are gonna like our movement. We don't have little parades and slogans. We get shit done.
19-02-2023 03:16
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo Nah you people are too Intellectually limited to actually opress anyone. But we don't like s… https://t.co/7DuJ6xOYRb
19-02-2023 03:14
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo Sure there's some, but we don't even come close to touching the black on white stats. And y… https://t.co/y8Ebu37yGP
19-02-2023 03:10
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo Of course. Because you know im right
19-02-2023 03:07
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo No clearly you do need more white critique, your demographic is a fucking disaster! Your bri… https://t.co/rloSJ6OhcO
19-02-2023 03:06
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo Police aren't abusing their power when they arrest a criminal for breaking the law or being… https://t.co/Mak9tVSt4X
19-02-2023 03:03
@DaniRai @DiphyCue @larryelder Why is it that they commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime everywhere else in the world then?
19-02-2023 02:54
@DiphyCue @DaniRai @larryelder So fucking wrong 🤣 holy shit
19-02-2023 02:51
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo You think I give a fuck about your promise or your perception of things right now? That mean… https://t.co/4xoGOFGL3I
19-02-2023 02:45
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo Why can't you figure that out? Jesus that average IQ of 80 shit is REAL 🤣 Yall are borderline down syndrome with guns
19-02-2023 02:42
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo This isn't 1950 you dumb motherfucker, no one's treating you like shit. Do you realize that… https://t.co/IlWEWlgYcN
19-02-2023 02:39
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo K well that was a hypothetical. These little white 3rd graders aren't foaming at the mouth… https://t.co/vsvjFAysIF
19-02-2023 02:34
@trillspeaker @2023shitz @MrAndyNgo @SpencerportCSD Yes it fucking matters.
19-02-2023 02:27
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo Are you people really that fucking fragile?? Someone calls you a mean name and you all unani… https://t.co/TKN1NPIgWG
19-02-2023 02:22
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo Yeah? Show me. Is that what happened in this video? Or the last video that went viral? Or th… https://t.co/bOwnFxzMV9
19-02-2023 02:13
@EdenShizzle @Rellie80218381 @sicssorluv TYPICAL https://t.co/t90QKzXg9A
19-02-2023 01:53
@EdenShizzle @Rellie80218381 @sicssorluv Ew...what makes you think I'm invested in your sexuality? Haha someone cal… https://t.co/M1Fi7Ym1cr
19-02-2023 01:52
@theveggijerk @spectervoltaire @EndWokeness Haha don't you have to be from the hood to be a hood rat? Trust me, I w… https://t.co/hGdUAryQ7r
19-02-2023 01:41
@TYredoftheclimb @CymbalaJessica https://t.co/h5qjFmOKd5
18-02-2023 04:06
RT @AntiWhiteWatch1: Google (or better yet use Brave search) "interracial divorce rates". Can anyone guess which dyad leads the pack by far…
18-02-2023 04:05
RT @EndWokeness: Diversity quotas for pilots. What could possibly go wrong? https://t.co/cyaaHC465N
18-02-2023 03:41
RT @ramzpaul: Pull you kids out of black schools. https://t.co/mehyXMKHNb
18-02-2023 03:36
RT @MagicBelle1: A Black male enters a Boost Mobil store and punches the pregnant White clerk in the face knocking her to the ground. He th…
18-02-2023 03:24
@Patreon Do @itsDevonTracey 's members a favor and allow him back on your platform. Or atleast provide some kind of… https://t.co/EJofLqqst3
18-02-2023 03:23
RT @itsDevonTracey: Part 1 of 10 This is the story of how Patreon has banned me, after 10 years, for no good reason and won't tell me what…
18-02-2023 03:07
RT @larryelder: As to white-black homicides, there about 750 per year. 500 whites are killed by blacks; 250 blacks are killed by whites. As…
18-02-2023 03:01
@TYredoftheclimb @CymbalaJessica You're slow 🙄
18-02-2023 02:46
@TYredoftheclimb Saying proud boys that are married to black women say "a bunch of racist shit" is a pretty heavy… https://t.co/C4P53mcXX0
18-02-2023 02:38
@DiorsMafia @MrAndyNgo Looks like a pretty obvious pattern to me. Why are there so many videos just like this one… https://t.co/142AYklqMT
18-02-2023 02:32
@TYredoftheclimb What...the fuck...does that have to do with the proud boys? You found a couple of people from the… https://t.co/tRAt28ct0W
18-02-2023 02:25
@EdenShizzle @Rellie80218381 @sicssorluv I wasn't even talking to you chomo, you responded to my response to someon… https://t.co/LB9TNRopJQ
18-02-2023 02:17
@TYredoftheclimb Got an example of the "racist shit" they've said?
17-02-2023 18:08