Oliver 🦦🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🔜AFW (@LittleOtterBoi) — lvl 24 🔞 gay af 🏳️‍🌈 short king 🏳️‍⚧️ lover of christmas 🎄 p: dillionthedingo 🐕
so sad i won't be at mff this weekend but y'all have fun and be safe!!!!!
29-11-2022 02:50
RT @jupitermutt: @OmnidadCreation this guy is up for preclaim for $650! his design has changed just the smallest bit from the concept but t…
29-11-2022 02:49
RT @LilySuits: @OmnidadCreation This guys open for preclaim! Redoing his eyes and still need to add his teeth! https://t.co/czMpZyi5xS
29-11-2022 02:44
@dillonthedingo okay it's cute but not THAT cute
28-11-2022 23:44
@dillonthedingo https://t.co/pTzOfGP2Em
28-11-2022 17:24
same but not sorry https://t.co/aUqzPBTLtn
28-11-2022 06:41
@dillonthedingo awww thank you so much 🥰🥰
28-11-2022 06:41
@Ozalope @dillonthedingo thank you so much 🥰
28-11-2022 06:40
@dillonthedingo DID YOU GET IT????? that's so cute
28-11-2022 06:40
RT @Komorkis_Kiaayo: Don't forget *taps sign* https://t.co/fSXkl3rgsM
28-11-2022 01:56
@dillonthedingo no, he was toxic, manipulative, controlling, and irresponsible. it was a very no bueno relationship… https://t.co/Xk9vIIJRbX
28-11-2022 00:38
@dillonthedingo thank youuuu! it's my favorite 🤩 inside each little pocket is a little stuffed ornament in the shape of a disney character
28-11-2022 00:37
@dillonthedingo thank you!! i also have these two shelves set up 🥹i fucking love christmas 🎅🏻 https://t.co/QRQh6jT3K2
28-11-2022 00:34
#Bluey just vibin in the christmas tree farm! (i need more christmas trees for the farm, im working on it lol) https://t.co/wOX3BfwugP
28-11-2022 00:26
look who made it into my christmas decoratioooooonss! @dillonthedingo https://t.co/BJQueQLLcc
28-11-2022 00:26
RT @OfficialBlueyTV: What an amazing couple of weeks! Thanks for sharing the Bluey love 🇺🇸 💙 🎨 by Beth Harvey, Bluey Animation Director @v…
26-11-2022 22:38
RT @In_Otter_News2: Otterly Adorable https://t.co/eOEoQvqwa2
26-11-2022 20:23
@dillonthedingo i cheated and went to the #dabloon tag and just started liking every single video lmao now i'm kind… https://t.co/kNVj5tTGBy
26-11-2022 18:53
@dillonthedingo oh bro happy birthday!!!!!!!!!
26-11-2022 18:51
@dillonthedingo okay but after i saw that video i left dabloontok?!?!? idk how but i saw this video how the president died then nothing.
26-11-2022 17:39
@dillonthedingo i'm literally in shock like i audibly gasped https://t.co/mfVZhMb8u1
26-11-2022 08:49
@dillonthedingo oh lit congrats!!
26-11-2022 08:47
26-11-2022 08:44
@dillonthedingo do iiiiit he texted me the other day and i didn't respond since then. you should do it and lemme know how that goes 👀
26-11-2022 07:58
RT @Gay_Boi_Charlie: Hot retail worker https://t.co/Pf21YOz26I
26-11-2022 06:42
should i text my ex 👁👄👁
26-11-2022 06:31
@dillonthedingo that was my original plan but my family said noooooo that's dishonest 🙄
26-11-2022 05:27
RT @dillonthedingo: @LittleOtterBoi love that for you
26-11-2022 05:24
@dillonthedingo there's an elton john (tribute) concert right after but booooo we don't have tickets to that one so… https://t.co/Mo9qdsjVcK
26-11-2022 05:24
@dillonthedingo oh yes 💯 my family was watching me like 👁👄👁 the whole time but i was feelin it and let my gayness explode 🏳️‍🌈
26-11-2022 05:22
@dillonthedingo i'm at an ABBA (tribute) concert rn and i know all the words. I'm with my familia and they are from… https://t.co/Ys4qeB2BUa
26-11-2022 04:54
i've never felt as gay as i do rn
26-11-2022 04:50
RT @In_Otter_News2: https://t.co/IgzH1QGv9F
26-11-2022 00:06
RT @SaneFurryStrug: Dudes on a short leash for violating pie law-🐺 https://t.co/lytKgyUzI4
25-11-2022 18:15
@dillonthedingo i deadass thought it was like midnight rn bc we ate so early but it's only 7:30. i'm ready for bed.… https://t.co/5xYzFX5Nfl
25-11-2022 03:25
@dillonthedingo my family ate at 3 🙂💀💀
25-11-2022 03:22
@AarontehOtter @RealTwelveNine i want one of these with Oliver omfg 🥹
25-11-2022 02:53
whenever i'm high i become an extra big furry
25-11-2022 02:52
@dillonthedingo @ShepGoesBlep holy shit this looks so good!!!!
24-11-2022 21:27
RT @AarontehOtter: I got me some uppies thanks to a great artist! I might puke though 🤢 🎨: @RealTwelveNine https://t.co/xHq9QNCMz3
24-11-2022 20:53
RT @gn0med: Bluey is coming to destroy goku https://t.co/60sKtAuBjN
24-11-2022 20:52
@dillonthedingo oooog i haven't gotten any revolution yet that's so interesting. yeah definitely acab. any cop vide… https://t.co/052VGwlW3g
24-11-2022 18:59
@dillonthedingo i'm on the dnd/traveler side but i guess there's purge night tonight on the capitalist side ??? i v… https://t.co/dMVVac7Ha0
24-11-2022 18:59
@dillonthedingo and i love how there's so many videos, so we're all seeing different things. AND there's 2 differen… https://t.co/Bcz4EbMO81
24-11-2022 18:58
RT @OfficialBlueyTV: There she is! 💙 #blueyballoon #MacysParade https://t.co/cdwwahfa1B
24-11-2022 18:54
@dillonthedingo oh nice!!!! i bought a crusty ass shack in the woods for only 11 dabloons! ngl i wish this was a re… https://t.co/0BGI2b1sDR
24-11-2022 18:54
@dillonthedingo i downloaded an app specifically to keep track of everything 💀 https://t.co/DTZr6UaBCW
24-11-2022 18:13
@dillonthedingo so glad it's not just me
24-11-2022 18:00
@Ozalope yes!!!!!! i love it! i'm keeping track of all my dabloons and items i've "bought" from their little "shops"
24-11-2022 18:00
RT @UmbraWolf: Happy Thanksgiving yall! I just wanna say I’m super thankful to all the friends I’ve been super lucky to make over the past…
24-11-2022 17:47
the thanksgiving parade opened with Lea Michele. i feel like i'm watching glee
24-11-2022 17:01
@LeShadowCouncil imagine drowning in ranch 💀
24-11-2022 16:40
is anybody else on dabloon tiktok??
24-11-2022 16:40
@jamesstankiewi7 why you so obsessed with me
24-11-2022 06:49
@jamesstankiewi7 girl what
24-11-2022 06:47
i want a boyfriend
24-11-2022 06:43
RT @dillonthedingo: remember this thanksgiving that we are on stolen land ✨💙
24-11-2022 04:24
RT @MaxFluffys: https://t.co/d3g9z29Mnn
23-11-2022 19:22
@dillonthedingo i'm actually feeling very relieved. and happy about my decision. i went into work contemplating if… https://t.co/oGeU3SQhF5
22-11-2022 21:14
@dillonthedingo and i tried to say bye to one of my friends and Andy ran up to me and yelled "YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO… https://t.co/YYq2urR4H0
22-11-2022 21:03
22-11-2022 21:02
@dillonthedingo and when we explained what happened he had a really condescending tone with me "tHiS iS wHy We SaY… https://t.co/MagGVFSX23
22-11-2022 21:02
@dillonthedingo it started out as a normal shift then i accidentally spilled some boiling water and it apparently g… https://t.co/jS6gvlAc2V
22-11-2022 21:02
RT @ShepGoesBlep: WAIT WAIT WAIT https://t.co/IRdZtsHIrC
22-11-2022 18:17
i ended up quitting, they won 😔✌🏻
22-11-2022 17:35
it was very dramatic and mid shift (i've never done anything like that before)
22-11-2022 17:13
soooooo i quit 🫢
22-11-2022 17:13
RT @In_Otter_News2: So squeaky! https://t.co/VyHYvK7hKl
22-11-2022 14:24
@BearMeek44 @Techn0Fox literally me ??? you gotta make it every day, even if it's just half assed
22-11-2022 04:47
RT @Techn0Fox: If you ever meet someone that says "What's the point of cleaning if it's just going to get dirty again?" Run. Run FAR awa…
22-11-2022 04:47
@toothpickisgay i fucking love those nacho fries so much
22-11-2022 04:41
RT @toothpickisgay: this is me on my way to taco bell when they bring the goddamn nacho fries back motherfucker
22-11-2022 04:41
@dillonthedingo @niobrarafox i was a top, then i started T, and now i'm a bottom but a part of still feels the need… https://t.co/mWno3h2xY9
22-11-2022 03:23
@niobrarafox @dillonthedingo used to be a top but now a verse bottom
22-11-2022 03:21
fun fact i don't like the shortened word "sona" for some reason so you can peel the full word "FURsona" out of my cold dead furry hands
22-11-2022 03:15
i wish my #fursona was real 😔
22-11-2022 03:14
RT @RowdyReindeer: Holly and Jolly ⛄️ https://t.co/i4Lnl1ES8M
22-11-2022 01:41
RT @BouToon: Be proud of who you are... We are all unique in our own ways 🦌🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ https://t.co/en72KclyjR
22-11-2022 00:12
@RawPornMoments @swagmaster69bot https://t.co/xvgcTizmxk
21-11-2022 04:09
@dillonthedingo literally same ? like eating it as an adult feels so weird/wrong to me idk.
21-11-2022 01:39
RT @NosHyena: i'm queer https://t.co/ODSdsAhCZt
20-11-2022 21:34
RT @JUNlPER: how much longer do we have to say that family and friends accepting trans people significantly reduces suicide rates. how muc…
20-11-2022 20:52
@dillonthedingo their name is Basil Appleby on Facebook and I'm getting two christmas themed art of Oliver! Similar… https://t.co/wgd2RxhBKo
20-11-2022 19:49
RT @In_Otter_News2: Little nip https://t.co/OljBACRZOU
20-11-2022 18:15
RT @AmiraAllis: Cat blobs https://t.co/7oWlCMF3bp
20-11-2022 17:03
just ordered my very first commission!!! 😁 im so excited!
20-11-2022 17:03
RT @sparky_dino: Okay,I'm late for this. #TransAwarenessWeek but I just wanted to say that this, without a doubt, was the best decision of…
20-11-2022 16:32
@Ozalope @dillonthedingo my current favorites are Pocari Roo and Beta Eta Delota! Pocari Roo doesn't upload that of… https://t.co/7tKNLRbgqE
20-11-2022 16:31
RT @OtterBoiMilo: I👏like👏men👏
20-11-2022 05:46
who's everybody's favorite furry YouTuber!?? i need more creators to watch
20-11-2022 05:08
RT @BetaEtaDelota: What’s the furry drama this week?
20-11-2022 05:07
RT @platttenbau: Me looking in the mirror in the morning https://t.co/PvMgkqsizw
20-11-2022 02:48
@JollyGotRacks @CuracaoTiger literallyyyyyy i only send one in if they won't allow me to submit the application without one
20-11-2022 02:40
@CuracaoTiger honestly same i hate them so much like what is the point ??????
20-11-2022 02:40
RT @UCHUKAPI: Nirvanaっぽい https://t.co/NOhZ82BZMR
20-11-2022 02:39
RT @In_Otter_News2: https://t.co/rju3hWfVxB
20-11-2022 02:39
RT @tumblr: whats your third favorite animal? ours is a capybara :) https://t.co/vhaY1iE1Nv
20-11-2022 02:25
@ShepGoesBlep 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁
20-11-2022 01:02
@Ozalope dooooo iiiiiit
20-11-2022 01:01
@Ozalope oh my god that's awesome congrats!!!!! that's so amazing and i can't wait to see all the art of your furso… https://t.co/YTr36zeTB7
20-11-2022 01:01
RT @DakeRapper: gay furries always have the best music taste
19-11-2022 18:57
this otter 🦦 likes to party 🎉
19-11-2022 18:49
i. am so hungover. 🥴
19-11-2022 18:49
@swagmaster69bot ohhhh during the great 🌽 ban/yahoo buyout??? crazy how we're all turning back around
19-11-2022 18:48
why don't we say "worm" to mean mood/same anymore? let's bring that back
19-11-2022 16:26
@swagmaster69bot ngl i didn't think it was possible to be banned from tumblr. but worm i'm kinda excited to watch t… https://t.co/CBxSMX294Y
19-11-2022 16:25
@ShepGoesBlep @dillonthedingo oh my god no way! congrats dude that's awesome!!!! i'm so happy for you !! 🥳🥳
19-11-2022 16:22
@swagmaster69bot do you have a tumblr by chance? incase twitter explodes and we lose contact? all the cool cats are… https://t.co/hZ22NjVLCb
19-11-2022 16:06
RT @tumblr: Reason to🦀Join Tumblr #9: We🦀have🦀crabs🦀
19-11-2022 16:00
bleb 😛 https://t.co/PnHmd7qtMw
19-11-2022 15:45
i love these new twitter statuses
19-11-2022 06:04
@Ozalope aww thank you! i never would've thought of the name oz tbh but i think it fits your sona so well i love it… https://t.co/2oPYPSpXeZ
19-11-2022 06:03
@Ozalope that's a crazy coincidence wtf ???? that's insane lmao. but Oz is suuuuch a good name i love it
19-11-2022 05:36
i am gay.
19-11-2022 04:40
@Ozalope Oliver definitely came into his name. his originally name was Bradford/Brad but that never quite fit him,… https://t.co/sEZd3E19Hn
19-11-2022 04:30
@Ozalope my sona originally had a similar name to me but i realized it didn't quite fit with him and it was just me… https://t.co/1rbT3XU3O7
19-11-2022 04:28
@Ozalope @dillonthedingo oh no way that's so sick!! i need to look more into these fursuit//accessory makers
19-11-2022 04:24
@Ozalope @dillonthedingo i definitely think imma buy a partial in the near future. or at least just a tail or paws… https://t.co/Fe6SVXIrsB
19-11-2022 04:22
@Ozalope @dillonthedingo definitely my current sona. Oliver needs to be real
19-11-2022 04:20
@Ozalope i need a damn fursuit
19-11-2022 03:50
@Ozalope tooootally forgot until i saw one (1) #FursuitFriday post
19-11-2022 03:49
@dillonthedingo @Ozalope fuck yeahhhhhh
19-11-2022 03:25
19-11-2022 02:59
@dillonthedingo @Ozalope did you make a tumblr 👀
19-11-2022 02:57
@dillonthedingo @Ozalope i'm so jealous you watch it every year i'm so excited to watch it this year :3
19-11-2022 02:54
@dillonthedingo @Ozalope my family is a "watch football on thanksgiving" type of family and i HATE it! but this yea… https://t.co/eTjr8qdZfL
19-11-2022 02:53
@TalchoTheFolf @imkrisyim stop that's the only thing i could think of too 💀
19-11-2022 02:52
RT @dillonthedingo: @LittleOtterBoi @Ozalope https://t.co/qQKBZg1Q5W
19-11-2022 02:50
@dillonthedingo @Ozalope NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!! i'm hyped oh my god imma make my family watch it this year i'm so excited wow
19-11-2022 02:50
@Ozalope @dillonthedingo I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THE PARADE!!!! i'm literally so excited
19-11-2022 02:45
@finchbites these are so great omfg !!!! i love them they're so cute
18-11-2022 22:27
RT @finchbites: Happy #pokemonday! Here’s the silly goofy Pokémon I’ve done! https://t.co/Mf4aWcJsO3
18-11-2022 22:27
@dillonthedingo i bought them 🙂 including a funko of the target dog in a spider-man sweater https://t.co/5bUfoqkipt
18-11-2022 22:27
@dillonthedingo omfg they're at the beach! there's hermit crabs and a seagull stop these are the cutest things i've… https://t.co/e2bxWyhcLY
18-11-2022 22:11
@dillonthedingo You're welcome!! they're so adorable i haven't decided if i'm just getting Bluey or Bingo too (or… https://t.co/cHGLEjf76C
18-11-2022 22:09
@dillonthedingo ONLY $5 AT TARGET 😭😭😭 THEY WETE IN THE CHRISTMAS SECTION!!!! (like hidden int the back with all the candy at my target)
18-11-2022 22:06
18-11-2022 22:04
@Ozalope @dillonthedingo here's my tumblr!! https://t.co/K41gXpCq9l
18-11-2022 15:16
@Ozalope @dillonthedingo i have no idea about telegram or even what it is or how to use it but i feel like it's rea… https://t.co/CFIOWWMyGy
18-11-2022 15:12
RT @Ozalope: They look so cozyyyyy
18-11-2022 07:06
RT @BaFloof: It is insanely cold and I don’t have anyone to cuddle with, it’s tragic 😭
18-11-2022 07:00
@Ozalope which one(s) are you thinking of going to?!? i totally feel the same. i want someone to go with or know pe… https://t.co/jQ6mSZv5dv
18-11-2022 07:00
@Ozalope @FluffyArcticFox ZOOTOPIA WAS SO GOOD. such a good introduction to the furry fandom i don't blame you.
18-11-2022 06:57
@FluffyArcticFox a random furry i saw at Rose City Comic Con in 2018 (and Nick Wilde)
18-11-2022 06:56
@dillonthedingo @Ozalope totally a smart move. hopefully just a few days of rest and choosing health will set you u… https://t.co/jB2n8NG1M5
18-11-2022 06:55
18-11-2022 06:54
i say 🔜 AFW but it's not until may
18-11-2022 06:52
RT @_Holly_Fox_: me, age 16: wouldn't it be so weird if i woke up tomorrow morning a girl, like wouldn't that be crazy? hahaha, whoa me, n…
18-11-2022 06:51
@_Holly_Fox_ MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (but reverse) i always thought "every teenage girl wants to be a man right?!? like t… https://t.co/8QjbX3SJ3v
18-11-2022 06:51
RT @Manga_Kamen: I'm too old and crotchety to leave.
18-11-2022 06:49
RT @Manga_Kamen: Me and twitter. https://t.co/EhFOLTVzkD
18-11-2022 06:49
@dillonthedingo @Ozalope awwwww thank you so much 🥰🥰
18-11-2022 06:48
@Ozalope @dillonthedingo i made the mistake as making my first job be a line cook and that's the only jobs i've bee… https://t.co/5WiKMWl8Zo
18-11-2022 06:48
@dillonthedingo @Ozalope thank you!! i don't have anything lined up yet buuuuuut i recently graduated with a degre… https://t.co/7gOozdSaYJ
18-11-2022 06:46
@Ozalope hell yeah thank you!!the management is really shit and the owners have 0 idea what they're doing it's insa… https://t.co/9Znl6mtmyw
18-11-2022 06:45
@dillonthedingo @Ozalope oh totally thanks! yeah they hired like 20 people in the span of a month which was a red f… https://t.co/IFjKtipdhu
18-11-2022 06:44
@dillonthedingo @Ozalope right!! the whole time i thought I was the problem, then i started thinking more and no it… https://t.co/tJGEYl73Ol
18-11-2022 06:42
@Ozalope i was being trained and had hella shifts until i called them out on paying me less than they should've AND… https://t.co/LqQ8WOdiEr
18-11-2022 06:41
@Ozalope i have ZERO server training (i've been a cook for 5 years) and no other line cooks also have server shifts… https://t.co/62RSD3QLKq
18-11-2022 06:40
@Ozalope so they promised me a certain pay and have been paying me less and ever since i called them out on it and… https://t.co/JP5jEZVhKY
18-11-2022 06:38
@dillonthedingo @Ozalope it'll just be us 3 until the bitter end 😔✌🏻
18-11-2022 06:37
@dillonthedingo @Ozalope it sucks but i'm going to be on twitter probably forever, even past the explosion of it, s… https://t.co/2f6JKPmtar
18-11-2022 06:36
@Ozalope the only other account i have is tiktok & discord but i definitely want to stay in contact and/or find another rad place to go
18-11-2022 06:34
RT @Ozalope: So it really sucks that as soon as I start making friends on here there’s apparently a big thing happening with twitter possib…
18-11-2022 06:34
@Ozalope I KNOW RIGHT!!!! i finally started making friends and living my life openly via twitter and el*n m*sk has to ruin it for us 😭
18-11-2022 06:34
@dillonthedingo sending you good vibes ✨✨✨✨✨✨ making take some vitamin C if you have any ??? maybe that'll kick you… https://t.co/G2aRoKBITe
18-11-2022 06:32
guess who's gonna have an f-u attitude now and milk them for all they're worth 😈
18-11-2022 06:31
i just came to the realization my job is trying to get me to quit 😡
18-11-2022 06:31
@dillonthedingo no 💖 especially since your sick bestie you gotta rest. also 7:30 is a great time, maybe wait until… https://t.co/jQqoQwvTI2
18-11-2022 06:29
RT @shadowfang92: Have some of my favorite Jester pics in these trying times. #fullsuit #furry #furryfandom https://t.co/2a2Ouj8K9C
18-11-2022 06:28
@dillonthedingo ooh man i hate that... when you're just baby sick but know it'll get worse... hopefully you nursed… https://t.co/4kaFybSAdp
18-11-2022 06:27
@LakeMutt shiiiiit idk i love chocolate and tortilla chips (not together though)
18-11-2022 06:26
RT @LakeMutt: ✨ CUSTOM BEANIE GIV3️⃣AWAY ✨ 1️⃣ winner will receive a Custom Beanie of their fursona ‼️ RULES: - RT post ! - Follow me !…
18-11-2022 06:25
@dillonthedingo also you rn https://t.co/cajSPh30mb
18-11-2022 03:11
@dillonthedingo oh no you're actually sick sick ?!?!? 😭😭😭 that's so sad i'm sorry man! tea, cough drops, and rest s… https://t.co/y3fSuONKLe
18-11-2022 03:11
@dillonthedingo FOUR - EIGHT?!?!?! why are they barely ever open ??? that's crazy
17-11-2022 06:14
@dillonthedingo panda is hella good though so
17-11-2022 05:16
@dillonthedingo that is the saddest thing i've ever heard i'm so sorry for your loss my guy... https://t.co/LQLfQ6aQIy
17-11-2022 05:16
@RingerShep @aleksiswoof i know this is a ✨sexy✨ tweet but i would love to play the cup stacking game
17-11-2022 05:05
@dillonthedingo i know season 4 is so rough... i deflinitely cried during my first watch through... im excited beca… https://t.co/1kYVApIxCN
17-11-2022 05:01
@dillonthedingo literally same. so i watch it whenever i work out now and a few times i've had to stop to workout t… https://t.co/tXAhNiRGNp
17-11-2022 04:14
@dillonthedingo FUCK YEAH STONEY BALONEY #HighPals also gr8 secret 5th option
17-11-2022 04:13
i really wanna work out right now ????
17-11-2022 04:12
@dillonthedingo SAME!!!! i'm rewatching it rn for like 3rd time and it's still so good
17-11-2022 04:11
@dillonthedingo https://t.co/pSXcQA3UeU
17-11-2022 03:40
@Latia42565023 💖no💖 i love weed thank you very much
17-11-2022 03:39
sike, actually i'm drunk https://t.co/86SkUbg0al
17-11-2022 03:39
@dillonthedingo https://t.co/M6t5jtd26V
17-11-2022 03:38
@dillonthedingo i was torn between mexican or in n out
17-11-2022 03:13
RT @WildDogWorks: Vey the Otter is all finished! My first otter ^-^ https://t.co/bqJSs0Zyz7
17-11-2022 02:57
@WildDogWorks @swagmaster69bot oh my god i love this suit so much !!!!!!!
17-11-2022 02:56
@dillonthedingo https://t.co/uRUkhAE9Tp
17-11-2022 02:50
@dillonthedingo stop that's the cutest thing i've ever seen 😭 where do you work omfg i love that pencil so much it's so cute !!!!
17-11-2022 02:41
oh fuck i think i'm high 🦦 👁👄👁
17-11-2022 02:40
RT @swagmaster69bot: See a lot of furry couples happy and just wished I could have that happiness again
15-11-2022 14:31
RT @dillonthedingo: y’all ever miss your ex?
15-11-2022 14:31
@dillonthedingo i was JUST thinking this 😭 and yes... he was awful but especially now in the cold i miss him so muc… https://t.co/b6rWNfV527
15-11-2022 14:31
@Ozalope @dillonthedingo @Jacki_The_Corgi @Apple https://t.co/o2hxE2TAP6
15-11-2022 03:38
@Ozalope @dillonthedingo those are so dope omfg ! they look so futuristicy i love it!
15-11-2022 03:38
@dillonthedingo @Ozalope @Jacki_The_Corgi @Apple i guess you could be "i'm in a pickle 🥒" but that's so lame
15-11-2022 03:28