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Just wow
27-03-2023 02:45
@constantwierd @itsgtboi01 @biodunalexa His widow said that was his plan. He didn't run for president but he would…
27-03-2023 02:43
This makes a whe lotta sense👏👏
27-03-2023 00:30
0 533
RT @Mochievous: My dad’s favourite Nigerian politician was Peter Obi. Listening to Peter Obi voice used to make him laugh but he would say…
27-03-2023 00:25
RT @ifunanyapamela: @Mochievous This is exactly my story my dad supported peter Obi until his death, he so much believed in him.
27-03-2023 00:25
0 1062
RT @Mochievous: Every time I see a picture or video of Peter Obi, I’m smiling. I’ve never felt this genuine connection towards a Nigerian p…
27-03-2023 00:24
@chimmoski @YeleSowore Dud never talk where e belly face o. He is just a noise maker. People who are really fightin…
27-03-2023 00:23
@constantwierd @itsgtboi01 @biodunalexa
27-03-2023 00:07
RT @Olu_Banty07: @biodunalexa
26-03-2023 23:54
@adisafofficial @Olu_Banty07 @biodunalexa 😅😅I was about to descend on him as well, God save am say e post the 2nd half😅
26-03-2023 23:52
26-03-2023 23:47
@YegaDonSmith So 85mins against Italy and 90mins today? This os not right...☹️. Hope he starts recovery therapy now ahead of next weekend
26-03-2023 23:43
@YegaDonSmith Dude played him for 90mins?
26-03-2023 23:38
@YegaDonSmith Asin
26-03-2023 23:38
0 511
RT @MisssMelina: See, I'm ahead of them, asiwaju. I'm a fucking baller, Ighalo ni mi. 🔥🔥 @BukayoSaka87 x @England
26-03-2023 22:43
@Akandemandator @MisssMelina @BukayoSaka87 @England @mel I had to read it well to confirm it was really Mel😅
26-03-2023 22:43
@Akandemandator @MisssMelina @BukayoSaka87 @England @mel 😅😅
26-03-2023 22:42
0 4171
RT @PeterObi: Today, I paid a condolence visit to the family of a dear friend, and political colleague, Mr Humphrey Anumudu, whom I was dee…
26-03-2023 20:06
@Kingndusmith @SaveVidBot
26-03-2023 17:55
26-03-2023 17:55
26-03-2023 17:54
😅😅😅 Soludo thought the cheers was for him till he looked up😅😅
26-03-2023 17:51
0 3194
RT @steve_hanke: On March 21, Labour Party candidate Peter Obi filed a court petition challenging Nigeria's FLAWED presidential election in…
26-03-2023 17:47
0 5209
RT @PO_GrassRootM: The President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Mr. Yakubu Chonoko Maikyau, SAN, has called for the live broadcast of the…
26-03-2023 17:46
0 7208
RT @PeterObi: Earlier today, I visited my friend and brother, Chief Innocent Chukwuma, CEO of Innoson motors. We shared some convivial mome…
26-03-2023 17:46
😅😅😅 the DJ follow cause this problem o😅😅😅
26-03-2023 17:42
You people shouldn't be giving this guy any airtime. He is just using these stunts to cashout on YouTube. Drive tra…
26-03-2023 17:29
Happy Birthday @m8arteta
26-03-2023 12:27
0 16272
RT @PeterObi: I am very grateful for the quiet time with the former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo at the Anambra airport yesterday. We…
26-03-2023 12:26
0 8511
RT @PeterObi: I was in Awka, Anambra State, today for the celebration of Gov. Chukwuma Charles Soludo's One Year in Office. As a firm belie…
26-03-2023 03:03
0 4495
RT @OGBENI_BAMBAM: Retweet for Rufai Like for Seun
25-03-2023 16:42
@CCSoludo wasting tax payers money. What nonsense is this?
25-03-2023 16:21
RT @Victorfelix042: @JaypeeGeneral Kind of ceremony Peter Obi will never Host as a sitting Governor. He can never waste Public fund to cele…
25-03-2023 16:20
0 445
RT @scrapytweets: Arsenal Dance Football Club 😋
25-03-2023 16:16
0 6562
RT @Am_Blujay: Meet Uerbert Angel the man who can tell you what you had for breakfast , how much is your bank balance , the colour of your…
25-03-2023 07:06
0 2707
RT @fdmlearn: Mrs. Adedoyin Rhodes-Vivour the Nigerian Representative on the @IntlCrimCourt . It's our prayer that the International Crimin…
25-03-2023 07:03
RT @ann_cheiwei: Happy Weekend People!!💯🥰🥰🔥💕 Cc: @afeeturi Free Chude Super Eagles BREAKING NEWS GOOAL Don Jazzy Rufai Oseni Datti haile…
25-03-2023 07:02
0 1735
RT @Cassidyfr84: Someone just sent me this picture we took exactly the day His Excellency, Peter Obi presented N 1 million each to 160 firs…
25-03-2023 06:16
0 1427
RT @LPLagosMedia: Labour Party Lagos State continues to reach out to the victims of APC thuggery. Deputy Gov. Candidate, Princess Islamiyat…
25-03-2023 06:15
0 234
RT @Realjmartins: Thanking God for a successful election win in #Abiastate be it wasn't easy at all ohhh. A fresh start with a brand new #G…
25-03-2023 06:14
0 17665
RT @chude__: Dear Nigerians , I thank you all for your love, kindness and solidarity while I was held in detention. I am most humbled and h…
25-03-2023 06:13
0 1838
RT @jibrinSAN: That I am in the legal team of HE Peter Obi does not stop me from speaking the truth. HE Peter Obi does not represent and do…
25-03-2023 06:11
0 3406
RT @AishaYesufu: #NewProfilePic The people’s mandate must be given to the one the people voted for! #MyPresident
25-03-2023 06:09
See me wey don balance to read propaganda 😅😅😅.
25-03-2023 06:05
0 2933
RT @PeterObi: I continue to condole with the Jemide and Atika families, as they buried their beloved mother, Dr. Omawumi Jemide-Lawal today…
25-03-2023 06:03
24-03-2023 19:49
24-03-2023 19:49
What is wrong with our play? The pitch is so bad, gosh! #SuperEagles
24-03-2023 19:47
0 11613
RT @PeterObi: I just came across a sad, heartbreaking video where Nasarawa women staged a topless protest as a means of registering their d…
24-03-2023 18:59
@theairbuser Who pays his bills? Tax papers. Keep playing. Every public office is employed by the people. You lots…
24-03-2023 18:58
@thenff what are we doing about Balogun?
24-03-2023 15:25
I agree to this. But then the CJN is a public official. If there is something wrong with him, then we ought to be i…
24-03-2023 15:15
RT @olawalesmd: What happens when you start abusing medications, EXPLAINED. Share and retweet with all your friends.
24-03-2023 09:42
0 7640
RT @PeterObi: I'm gratified that Barr. Julius Abure, National Chairman of Labour Party and I were able to meet with the Imo State LP Stakeh…
24-03-2023 02:52
24-03-2023 02:48
0 1763
RT @channelstv: I’ll Use Obi’s Anambra Governance Model To Cut Costs – Abia Gov-Elect Otti
24-03-2023 02:44
0 274
RT @Spotlight_Abby: Festus Keyamo cited SECTION 299 as a defence of the 25% in FCT snowball. It says the FCT shall be administered "as if…
24-03-2023 02:42
0 287
RT @playingmountain: I walked up to the Prime Minister of Barbados @miaamormottley to let her know about my work documenting the life and t…
24-03-2023 02:41
0 2364
RT @channelstv: I will run Peter Obi's Anambra model of reduction of the cost of governance, says Abia Governor-Elect Alex Otti claims. He…
24-03-2023 02:39
0 6501
RT @Ludacris: Live From The Motherland Accra Ghana 🇬🇭 ✊🏾
24-03-2023 02:38
0 710
RT @EnyinnayaNwosu: 1. Doyin Okupe was indicted and he took the option of fine in his sentence. That makes him ineligible to contest elect…
24-03-2023 02:35
0 1486
RT @Spotlight_Abby: Who else noticed the way Keyamo was badgering and almost intimidating Seun on Channels? He even bullied Seun psychologi…
24-03-2023 02:27
#FUT23 #FUT #potm
24-03-2023 01:11
RT @BUDT1981: @Gunnersc0m @M10 Was at Liverpool game in 2015 when he and Alexis were on fire. Nice view of his free kick…
23-03-2023 18:34
0 1709
RT @Arsenal: ✅ Four wins ⚽️ 14 goals scored 💪 Two clean sheets 👔 The boss has been nominated for March’s Premier League Manager of the Mon…
23-03-2023 18:33
@Gsjm19 @utdrocky @thfclp__ Opposition fans eat sour grapes for us😅😅. Anything to pull Arsenal down for them. They…
23-03-2023 16:09
@utdrocky @thfclp__
23-03-2023 16:08
@JacobScott_7 Do you realise what u are saying? Any footballer can be targeted with false accusations by people and…
23-03-2023 16:05
Nwoke anaaaaa
23-03-2023 15:09
0 988
RT @JaypeeGeneral: Peter Obi’s lawyers are very smart. It will be an interesting legal battle. Listen to what Kayode Adeluola, SAN said abo…
23-03-2023 15:03
I dont believe any word from Wike's mouth. Nwa oba nshi! 😅
23-03-2023 14:47
0 378
RT @VictorIsrael_: Massive Jubilation in Lagos street Umuahia over the announcement of Alex Otti as the incoming Governor of Abia state 🔥🔥…
23-03-2023 14:44
0 13885
RT @PeterObi: It is heartbreaking that citizens who simply went out to exercise their civic duties and vote candidates of their choice were…
23-03-2023 14:19
0 428
RT @MoghaluKingsley: Yesterday in Abuja I had a nice lunch with a European Ambassador to Nigeria. Lunch over, time to pay (I was hosting).…
23-03-2023 14:19
0 4251
RT @AfricaFactsZone: Mr Ibu starring John Okafor, Osita Iheme is the most popular Nollywood movie in South Africa. The movie was released…
23-03-2023 14:02
RT @chimmoski: @FinPlanKaluAja1 whatever you do, wherever you, you MUST head to Abia State. Rascality has ended in Abia. You are going ho…
23-03-2023 12:56
23-03-2023 12:54
0 387
RT @torty_mercy: My name is Mercy, I'm from Abia, @alexottiofr is my Governor and brother! Thank you the resilient people of Abia, We can't…
23-03-2023 11:53
0 620
RT @Sir_BiolaPr: It is indeed a privilege to be one of the Obedient lawyers/counsel fighting to get our mandate back. The petition has be…
23-03-2023 11:53
0 8811
RT @PeterObi: During this very sombre time in our nation’s political history, I would like to enjoin our Muslim brothers and sisters as you…
23-03-2023 11:52
0 818
RT @Whitesprings22: Dear Lord, deliver @PeterObi from the enemies of this nation and defend him from those who rise up against him. Give th…
23-03-2023 09:33
0 1720
RT @BukkyShonibare: This was July 8, 2022. It was the day of my matriculation at the University of Oxford. I’m sharing this for a purpose…
23-03-2023 09:32
0 6439
RT @frjamesa: My open letter to Mr. Peter Obi. Dear Mr. Peter Obi @PeterObi I have been eagerly waiting for an opportunity to express my…
23-03-2023 09:24
23-03-2023 09:19
U am not surprised the liberation of the east has started with God's own state🕺🕺
23-03-2023 09:18
0 1682
RT @Realjmartins: We have just received the people's Governor Elect of Abia State Dr Alex Chioma Otti ( OFR ) @alexottiofr at the Owerri sa…
23-03-2023 00:26
0 13741
RT @firstladyship: 1 GOVERNOR. 8 SENATORS. 34 HOUSE OF REPS. 68 STATE OF ASSEMBLY MEMBERS. No one campaigned harder than him. He joined LP…
23-03-2023 00:26
Epic clap back😅😅😅
23-03-2023 00:25
@Luckynero6 @PIDOMNIGERIA @SaveVidBot
23-03-2023 00:23
0 11748
RT @DavidHundeyin: Abia State becomes the first state in Nigeria's 4th Republic to successfully elect a governor from an independent politi…
23-03-2023 00:19
These are heavy statements back by the law. Are we now afraid of the laws of the land of Nigeria? @seunokin are yo…
22-03-2023 23:02
0 170
RT @Spotlight_Abby: Swearing in a ticket that has not met the constitutional requirements is ending democracy. — Sir Datti Indaboski. 2/ ht…
22-03-2023 23:00
0 1342
RT @Spotlight_Abby: Datti Baba-Ahmed dressed like a gentleman for this interview but there was nothing gentle about his mien and his words.…
22-03-2023 22:57
This is how people celebrate when the people's choice is delivered
22-03-2023 22:56
0 3999
RT @realkenokonkwo: The National Chairman of Labour Party, Julius Abure, wants to bring it to the notice of the whole world the exposed int…
22-03-2023 22:54
0 3293
RT @jimiagbaje: The claim by Sam Omatseye, in his column titled ‘Electoral Bulala’, that Jimi Agbaje promised to install an Igbo King in La…
22-03-2023 19:48
0 860
RT @Whitesprings22: Dear Lord, deliver @PeterObi from every snare of his enemies. Lord, let your truth be his shield and covering. May all…
22-03-2023 02:34
0 2690
RT @mr351_: I want whoever is reading this message to screenshot this tweet and today's date. Believe it or not, Peter Obi is going to be t…
22-03-2023 02:31
0 4987
RT @DavidHundeyin: After the failed attempt to smear my name with some nonexistent "scandal" at Oxford University, APC despicables are now…
22-03-2023 02:16
0 6202
RT @AJEnglish: Nigeria’s opposition Labour Party candidate Peter Obi petitions court over disputed presidential election…
22-03-2023 02:15
You see eh, this is the biggest issue with us Nigerians and blacks. For me, all the names there are Nigerians. So…
22-03-2023 02:15
0 2456
RT @YunusaTanko: Dear Obidient Movement kindly trace any suspected fake news to counter negative narrative in the social media against our…
22-03-2023 02:11
0 1558
22-03-2023 02:09
0 866
RT @david_hile: Proudly Legal Team @PeterObi ! Proudly Obidient!! We move!! @AishaYesufu @DavidHundeyin #PeterObi4President2023 #nigerianee…
22-03-2023 02:06
0 5046
RT @SaharaReporters: Tinubu Linked With Drug Trafficking By US Court; Not Qualified To Contest Nigerian Presidency, Peter Obi Tells Electio…
22-03-2023 00:16
0 2404
RT @JaypeeGeneral: “We will hit them where they don’t expect. Swearing in Tinubu and Shettima is like swearing in the Nigerian Amry.” —Sen…
22-03-2023 00:14
0 305
RT @BishopPOEvang: Security discouraged Nigerians from voting. Early opening of ballots, uploading results, the overall voter participation…
21-03-2023 23:50
0 767
RT @AtedoPeterside: The refrain "GO TO COURT" has been pilloried recently in some quarters & prematurely dismissed as futile in 2023 Nigeri…
21-03-2023 23:46
It's a man City fluid 2-1-3-2-2😅😅. With a false 9 and false wingers
21-03-2023 23:45
0 480
RT @OneJoblessBoy: For those who require context:
21-03-2023 23:42
@ajikobiabdul @Spotlight_Abby Ok na
21-03-2023 23:05
@chimmoski @EmekaOkoye Where e wan host am locally? Zinox computers?😅
21-03-2023 22:53
0 1446
RT @Spotlight_Abby: "The constitution is not a puzzle. It is a working document to be followed. Constitutionally-speaking Security-speaking…
21-03-2023 22:51
@ajikobiabdul @Spotlight_Abby "Select"
21-03-2023 22:50
0 300
RT @Spotlight_Abby: The Court or Judiciary is not in place for the Rich and Mighty Politicians to brazenly refer smaller politicians to aft…
21-03-2023 22:49
21-03-2023 22:41
21-03-2023 22:41
0 3033
RT @Sports_Doctor2: Peter Obi kept Tinubu and his team busy by asking to inspect election materials and they were busy manipulating IREV on…
21-03-2023 22:41
@ayansoladare You can say that again😅
21-03-2023 21:26
@chimmoski @Chuks_Eric_ Shell camp is still in Owerre till today
21-03-2023 21:23
RT @chimmoski: @Chuks_Eric_ That's why they move shell to PH from owerri to appease them. They also told the world oil was discovered in Ol…
21-03-2023 21:23
RT @Chuks_Eric_: An Elderly Grandma from Ijaw explaining how the British Govt. then poisons the entire Nigerians to hate ndi Igbo. 😥😥😥 Is W…
21-03-2023 21:21
0 2039
RT @HenshawKate: Absolutely loving this new character.....
21-03-2023 20:08
0 3651
RT @AbdulMahmud01: "The strength of Obi's case... doesn't appear strong to me", a tweep expressed in a DM to me. Well, Obidients, you're b…
21-03-2023 20:07
0 15483
RT @DavidHundeyin: Well, well, well. Interesting to see how even though it is so prominently mentioned in the most important lawsuit in th…
21-03-2023 19:38
@iamDareLawanson @MrOdanz Just shut it😅
21-03-2023 19:19
0 2256
RT @dj_switchaholic: I am a full blooded Igbo girl… through and through. My late father was from Udi LGA, Enugu and my mum from same LGA, E…
21-03-2023 19:18
😅😅😅 wait let Obi reclaim his Presidential mandate, you will resign from senate without being told to.
21-03-2023 19:16
Inec should not try this in my Abia state o. Just grant the people their wish, chikena
21-03-2023 19:15
When election is peaceful and fair, even Obidients will recognise defeat and congratulate the winner. We no dry vex…
21-03-2023 19:14
0 2226
RT @PatrickDakum: I have just called Caleb Mutfwang to congratulate him as elected Governor of Plateau State and pray Gods guidance for him…
21-03-2023 19:12
🙈🙈 please who is this?
21-03-2023 19:12
0 3008
RT @JamiluSufi: I humbly express my gratitude to Allah and all my fellow friends, obidient family home and abroad who supported my family d…
21-03-2023 19:10
@chimmoski @Jack_ng01 😅
21-03-2023 19:10
0 4949
RT @InibeheEffiong: Reports that @PeterObi in his election petition is not seeking to be declared the winner of the election is false and m…
21-03-2023 19:10
0 3199
RT @Spotlight_Abby: Summary of Peter Obi x LP's Petition: 1. BAT not qualified to run 2. BAT not duly elected by majority of lawful votes…
21-03-2023 19:09
0 13488
RT @USinNigeria: The United States is deeply troubled by the disturbing acts of violent voter intimidation and suppression that took place…
21-03-2023 19:04
0 6560
RT @PeterObi: I received reports of the fire outbreak in Main Market, Onitsha. Preliminary reports suggest that the fire started early in t…
21-03-2023 19:03
@okohonyemechi3 @AYCOMEDIAN @SaveVidBot
21-03-2023 16:54
This is so true😭😭
21-03-2023 16:52
0 4938
RT @AYCOMEDIAN: Now that d elections are officially 'over' in Lagos State, I am sure all these talks about BIGOTS & MAGGOTS will end on d…
21-03-2023 16:51
0 21732
RT @PeterObi: After due enquiries, I regret to say that the arrest of Mr Nnamdi @chude__ is a further confirmation of Nigeria’s poor and de…
21-03-2023 16:50
0 1647
RT @NaijaMostWork: @Spotlight_Abby Tee Mac saying it as it is 😏😏
21-03-2023 13:27
Please we don't need him. You guys should be careful.
21-03-2023 11:38
0 3003
RT @chiomakpotha: Will I even heal from this tribal hate ? Horrible words spewed on me just because I came out to vote in a land I have alw…
21-03-2023 11:34
0 7808
RT @EUinNigeria: "Obstruction and organised violence limited the free expression of the will of the voters, despite efforts by civil societ…
21-03-2023 11:32
@HRH_onyx Pathway to what nonsense? Please we just want a new Nigeria.I am not fixated on an Igbo Presidency. I jus…
21-03-2023 10:13
RT @NobleCommentary: “Benzema…”🤩 Real Madrid vs Liverpool with Darren Fletcher and Steve Mcmanaman @DFletcherSport #championsleague #ucl…
21-03-2023 10:01
0 161
RT @NobleCommentary: “One step, one little step closer”🤩 Arsenal vs Crystal Palace with Peter Drury and Stephen Warnock @StephenWarnock3 @A…
21-03-2023 09:55
Biggest fraud of the century
21-03-2023 09:55
0 4296
RT @chymaker: Let it be on record that by the end of working hours yesterday in London, I formally filed a petition at Scotland Yard agains…
21-03-2023 09:54
0 1729
RT @MissPearls: BREAKING: HE Peter OBI Has Filed His Petition to The Presidential Elections Tribunal (PET) in Abuja. Victory Is Coming!…
21-03-2023 09:53
0 235
RT @JosephOnuorah: 🔥🔥🔥 It is official - the Labor Party Presidential candidate HE Peter OBI has filed his petition to the presidential el…
21-03-2023 09:53
0 1429
RT @FS_Yusuf_: #BREAKING: Labor Party Presidential candidate Peter OBI has filed his petition to the presidential election tribunal in Abuj…
21-03-2023 09:51
0 1248
RT @NgLabourSupport: DO NOT BE DECEIVED. There's no war between the Yorubas and the Igbos. It's a war between light and darkness. A lot of…
21-03-2023 09:51
0 1954
RT @vceethegreat: Aisha Yesufu in the video she shared, accused Catriona of telling Nigerians to accept what can’t be accepted in her home…
21-03-2023 09:49
0 7969
RT @SEzekwesili: There’s only one candidate that said “Emi Lo kan” “Yoruba Lo kan” and topped it off with a same faith ticket. That candi…
21-03-2023 09:49
0 13247
RT @NgLabourSupport: If only we understand the amount of endorsement deals the likes of @falzthebahdguy and @mrmacaronii have lost just fo…
21-03-2023 09:33
0 4840
RT @femkevanzeijl: Scrap the phrase 'voter apathy' in connection to #Nigeria. I have seen voter disenfranchisement, voter intimidation, vot…
21-03-2023 09:33
0 2207
RT @Realjmartins: At the collection center INEC HQ in Umuahia Abia State while final collection is ongoing as we expect the announcement of…
21-03-2023 01:46
0 2124
RT @Arsenal: Bend It Like Bukayo 🤩
20-03-2023 20:35
0 3237
RT @akintollgate: We will be Embarking on the largest Obidients 4 Labour Party Membership Drive for Lagos State & Across Nigeria this week.…
20-03-2023 16:36
0 2198
RT @AaJessehalliday: While we were being beaten for doing our job in line with the law, Thugs came and started beating us, The police and t…
20-03-2023 16:17
0 18603
RT @falzthebahdguy: You were not re-elected. You selected yourself. Everybody saw it unfold. You are only deceiving yourselves
20-03-2023 16:08
@JosephsNonso Hahaha! At all. Football no be maths.
20-03-2023 11:50
20-03-2023 10:24
@JosephsNonso Let me make it make sense to you😅😅. Same Madrid that beat Liverpool like their home and away, same L…
20-03-2023 10:17
0 1604
RT @UgochukwuCFR: When I arrived the United States in August last year without knowing anyone; no friend, no family member, just a total st…
20-03-2023 10:13
0 6899
RT @DavidHundeyin: I have just been reliably informed by a high level source that @chude__ was arrested by the police in Anambra following…
20-03-2023 10:12
0 5226
RT @HenshawKate: God bless Mr Timothy, who returned N10.8M naira that was mistakenly transferred to him. You will not lack favour, peace, a…
20-03-2023 10:10
0 1174
RT @josh_obodai: Its that duo again.(Peter Drury X Arsenal🔴⚪️ @Arsenal
20-03-2023 01:25
0 419
RT @saltimes: Zinchenko celebrating another win with Arsenal fans, driving past the Tollington Arms.
20-03-2023 00:51
0 3946
RT @premierleague: Arsenal are the first side in English Football League history to win as many as nine London derbies in a single league s…
20-03-2023 00:50
0 900
RT @OBIMAKAMA2023: My dear online Obidient supporters, I have been defeated and announced as the runner-up for the Gombe State House of Ass…
20-03-2023 00:45
0 5574
RT @DavidHundeyin: Final tweet of the day: I know I'm nobody and I no help anybody papa, but please if you are happy to affiliate yourself…
20-03-2023 00:40
0 3882
RT @Spotlight_Abby: This is a special appreciation tweet ❤ for Professor Ofo Iwe, Enugu State Returning Officer. Right from the Presidenti…
20-03-2023 00:40
0 1991
RT @Jack_ng01: Dear OBIDients, We can now start scouting for good leaders across Nigeria, invite them to LP and build structures around th…
20-03-2023 00:13
0 1998
RT @NnamdiUmunna: I have spoken with @chude__ . He has confirmed his location which is Force Headquarters, Abuja. He mentioned that Gov Sol…
20-03-2023 00:13
RT @BarristerJuliet: If only all 200 million and more persons in Nigeria understands the principle of Our Common wealth for Our Common goo…
20-03-2023 00:11
What is happening at Abulado? In this same Lagos?
19-03-2023 23:50
What is this na😭😭😭
19-03-2023 23:48
0 2619
RT @francis_ngannou: You are a champion with or without a piece of metal my brother. Your legacy is already cemented in the history of the…
19-03-2023 23:42
This is Crazy
19-03-2023 23:41
RT @BarristerJuliet: For years,Fear of the unknown has prevailed over people’s want to participate in Nigeria’s election. It is therefore t…
19-03-2023 23:40
19-03-2023 23:40
RT @RiversUnitedFC: CAF Confederation Cup Update - FULL TIME ↘️ Rivers United 2-2 Diables Noirs (Congo). The result is good enough to s…
19-03-2023 23:39
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RT @gabimartinelli: I’ll never get tired of playing for this badge ❤️👊 @Arsenal
19-03-2023 23:38
Ahhhh! PSG lost😅😅. Just checked their results. Lost at home
19-03-2023 23:06
I hope PSG lost😅😅. She was our bad omen
19-03-2023 23:05
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RT @JeffreyGuterman: To @POTUS and @SecBlinken: You got it so wrong when @StateDeptSpox congratulated Tinubu for Nigeria's presidential ele…
19-03-2023 23:03
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RT @onyi_ella: Yesterday I saw my neighbors telling thugs “this one na Omo ibo” and rejoicing when they were beaten. I saw my family runnin…
19-03-2023 21:01
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RT @TheLotaChukwu: I still can’t believe a non-indigenous governor of Lagos State and his people managed to convince anybody at all that GR…
19-03-2023 21:01
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RT @GRVlagos: Firstly, I would like to thank all Lagosians, especially our supporters for coming out to vote yesterday for us. I’m convince…
19-03-2023 20:58
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RT @obyezeks: The mayhem @officialABAT and his criminal enterprise gang unleashed in Lagos today against innocent citizens is what he wants…
19-03-2023 13:15
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RT @Sports_Doctor2: He ran to a police officer and held him begging him to save him from thugs and the officer couldn't help. It shall NEV…
19-03-2023 13:05
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RT @BishopPOEvang: There was no election in Lagos
19-03-2023 13:05
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RT @singhcredible: The biggest lie they tell you: You have to suffer through your aching knees. Here are 13 elite exercises to kill your…
19-03-2023 12:53
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RT @BishopPOEvang: Man got stabbed at polling for voting labour Party. We can't keep living like this in this country, just because of elec…
19-03-2023 12:53
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RT @TheOfficialPOMA: Chude is yet to be released after lengthy and exhausting efforts. Reports confirm he's been flown to Abuja. No explana…
19-03-2023 12:51
19-03-2023 12:49