jax62 (@Jax62KK) — Retired, Conservative, Play a little Golf now and then, Course Record holder, Lab owner, UK Wildcat Fan….🇺🇸⛳️🥃
@Steve_Flesch @ClayTravis @espn Where are all the title 9 supporters??? Why aren’t women’s groups speaking out agai… https://t.co/14Cy21ltZl
27-03-2023 04:28
RT @mchooyah: I’m watching the tournament. Is traveling still a thing or no?
26-03-2023 23:47
@HeathMayo So, you hate a conservative candidate so much you would vote for someone that totally contradicts conser… https://t.co/S9ef22cRhH
26-03-2023 23:44
0 255
RT @BuzzPatterson: The most American thing you’ll ever! If you haven’t witnessed it in person, you owe it to yourself. 🇺🇸💪
26-03-2023 23:34
0 3200
RT @SparksN123: Hooyah! https://t.co/9ALbLSYLUn
26-03-2023 22:29
@TristanUda Amen!!!
26-03-2023 14:56
RT @whiteybk: Now that we have all seen President Trumps tax returns, can we please see all the other tax returns of all past Presidents? W…
26-03-2023 14:53
@KipHenley Cause they got dudes….
26-03-2023 06:11
@AntonioSabatoJr We have the dumbest most corrupt people in the world in charge!! God help us all!!!
25-03-2023 22:04
@BuzzPatterson WTF!!!!! We are screwed!!!!
25-03-2023 06:26
0 6680
RT @charliekirk11: UPDATE: Kelisa Wing, the Pentagon's "Diversity Chief" will receive no disciplinary action after a probe into her anti-wh…
24-03-2023 05:03
@SenJohnKennedy Why does the treasury secretary remind me of my second grade teacher??? This lady has no idea what… https://t.co/vaFf7qZQxM
24-03-2023 05:02
@dandinohill @RealHickory Absolutely!!!
24-03-2023 04:55
0 7699
RT @Chicago1Ray: (RT) if you think Alvin Bragg should be charged with prosecutorial misconduct https://t.co/s9C1C6kelI
23-03-2023 21:07
@VernonForGA Hell yes!!!!!
22-03-2023 22:38
@DC_Draino @Steve_Flesch @Jim_Jordan When does he testify before congress?? You need to make sure that it is televi… https://t.co/JvP9MZdbYu
22-03-2023 14:52
@BuzzPatterson He is an educated idiot that thinks he is smarter than every other person on the planet….unfortunate… https://t.co/Hzkuda7qVi
22-03-2023 14:50
0 112
RT @BuzzPatterson: Fauci is such a condescending, pompous, germ-fearing, hand sanitizing, arrogant, ass.
22-03-2023 14:48
RT @Steve_Flesch: The work of the intelligence community to hide all of this has been nothing short of astounding. Having said that, every…
22-03-2023 14:46
RT @MakersMark: https://t.co/5zXwvNnfqN
22-03-2023 05:58
0 9045
RT @ForgiatoBlow47: Imagine If The Democrats Saw This Post https://t.co/SvI8vie2UO
22-03-2023 05:52
@JackPosobiec Sucks doesn’t it!!!
22-03-2023 03:26
@THANS50 Lasted about as long as your nba career….how did UNC do this year???
20-03-2023 20:16
@KY__Clips The hacking and hand slapping is out of hand in the game. It appears that there are multiple coaches tha… https://t.co/azcaVlEZJt
20-03-2023 18:45
@RealHickory How can they arrest a Florida resident on a state charge in New York if the alleged criminal is not in New York??
20-03-2023 18:21
0 2208
RT @MonicaCrowley: Fauci took his big bag of bullshit to a DC neighborhood to persuade residents to get the mRNA shots and gets his ass han…
20-03-2023 18:17
0 35680
RT @bennyjohnson: Dr. Fauci went to the hood to pressure black people to get vaccinated. Little did Fauci know his career would be destroy…
20-03-2023 18:14
@SenatorDurbin Thought all those shots were supposed to keep you from getting the virus??? Couple more boosters should do it….🤔🤔
20-03-2023 18:14
0 3013
RT @JudicialWatch: RETWEET if you think Congress should investigate Facui! https://t.co/7wtsMzJcir
19-03-2023 20:26
RT @tsnmike: Those who suggest Matt Painter is anything less than one of the very best coaches in college basketball might as well admit th…
19-03-2023 20:25
@RepMTG You all have the power to do something about this clown….DO IT!!! No more talking, meeting, investigating b… https://t.co/mqRnbJe1YL
19-03-2023 20:12
0 5419
RT @DerrickEvans_WV: Let’s get everyone sharing this song & video of President Trump & #J6 #PoliticalPrisoners It was #1 on iTunes until t…
19-03-2023 16:07
0 2769
RT @DerrickEvans_WV: When will the GOP controlled US House stop tweeting and start taking ACTION? Take control of DC jail and release the…
19-03-2023 15:09
@andyroddick Andy, you should stay out of this, you have no idea what you are talking about!! Being a former tennis… https://t.co/3g3StmOVxR
19-03-2023 15:04
@KipHenley Disagree…does offensive player not have the right to have room to move???
19-03-2023 05:38
@BarstoolBigCat Duke…..kings of the flop!!!!
19-03-2023 05:34
@RandyRRQuaid Plausible deniability…they are not playing dumb!!! Watch Tony bobulinski interview!!
19-03-2023 05:29
0 11934
RT @catturd2: I'll give credit where credit is due - This should be what every Republican in the USA is saying right now. This is bigger th…
19-03-2023 04:06
RT @KipHenley: I’m no huge Trump fan but if he is in handcuffs before Biden then we are ALL witnessing the greatest miscarriage of justice…
19-03-2023 01:20
0 2090
RT @BoSnerdley: There MUST be a political response from the REPUBLICAN PARTY to this naked persecution of Former President Trump. Any ele…
19-03-2023 01:18
@RudyGiuliani AMEN!!!!
19-03-2023 01:14
0 4100
RT @RudyGiuliani: Bragg’s indictment of President Trump for a created crime is the final straw in Bragg’s destruction of the reputation of…
19-03-2023 01:14
0 12187
RT @catturd2: Make no mistake about - the Democrat party and Biden regime are going to arrest their 2024 political opponent for POTUS. Wi…
18-03-2023 20:59
@RealMacReport My guess is he goes there for medical treatment…how about someone investigating that??
18-03-2023 13:43
0 9747
RT @KariLake: Fauci forced us into masks & tortured us for YEARS. He knew he was peddling LIES. 😡 He should be forced to wear a muzzle fo…
18-03-2023 05:42
0 530
RT @KentuckyMBB: RT if you love Antonio Reeves from three 🔥🔥🔥
18-03-2023 05:27
@CollinRugg Plausible deniability…have you heard of that before? Ask Tony bobulinski….
18-03-2023 05:26
@CBSSports Fox the damn video fees on the Kentucky/Providence game!!! This is pitiful!!!!
18-03-2023 02:31
RT @BuzzPatterson: Oh, no, you definitely are. @JoeBiden
17-03-2023 22:21
@TheyCallMeTomO1 She is “high” all the time!!!
17-03-2023 15:39
@Steve_Flesch Where does the government find these idiots??? She has no clue as to what is going on in America!!!
17-03-2023 15:35
@TheChiefNerd The treasury secretary is a complete and total idiot!!!! Where does the government find these incompe… https://t.co/GcnnCdgYMk
17-03-2023 15:30
0 2657
RT @RickyDoggin: https://t.co/g579KVMqGq
17-03-2023 15:24
0 4989
RT @TulsiGabbard: As Lincoln warned: the biggest danger to the United States doesn't come from abroad, but from within. Our freedoms are be…
17-03-2023 15:15
@Shawn_Farash And why hasn’t he been subpoenaed to appear before Congress??? Republicans need to get off their asse… https://t.co/XFkTJS9Rom
17-03-2023 05:26
@hodgetwins Fauci can suck it!!!
17-03-2023 04:57
@MarshaBlackburn Don’t talk about it..DO IT!!!!
17-03-2023 04:33
@RealHickory And the horse he rode in on!!!
17-03-2023 04:29
0 4244
RT @thebradfordfile: Biden was using his son and brother to launder millions from China. The FBI knew. None of them have ever been raide…
17-03-2023 04:22
@RepClayHiggins When??
15-03-2023 19:11
@TheCatsPause247 @ChrisFisher247 Why don’t you people quit heaving expectations on these kids and let them develop… https://t.co/RaVbwYsoXj
15-03-2023 17:42
@GeraldoRivera You really are naive aren’t you?? Get your head out of the sand!!!!
15-03-2023 15:57
RT @JessTodd_KFVS: Historic season for SEMO ends tonight, but a new excitement for the program begins. Coach Korn said as much. Seniors Chr…
15-03-2023 15:43
@townhallcom Has there ever been a bigger idiot in the government??? 🤔🤔
15-03-2023 15:40
@kristinkorn @coachBkorn BK!!!!!!!
15-03-2023 04:19
RT @kristinkorn: Ranking the NCAA tournament men's basketball coaches as players @coachBkorn comes in at # 31! https://t.co/IcxQsYXBJg ht…
15-03-2023 04:18
RT @kfvsnews: “There’s so much that happens off the court, it’s so much more than that,” said Kristin Korn, Coach Brad Korn’s wife. https:/…
14-03-2023 17:51
RT @kristinkorn: Many thanks to Crystal Britt and the KFVS-12 team for this moment. ❤️ Anytime I can share more about this team I’m honored…
14-03-2023 05:57
@kristinkorn @coachBkorn BK & 2K….let’s do this!!!!
14-03-2023 05:45
@townhallcom He is a lying piece of crap!!!
13-03-2023 23:33
RT @rosejam181920: 𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮,𝐊𝟗 𝐕𝐞𝐭s....♥️❣️♥️❣️♥️❣️♥️ 🇺🇸 https://t.co/CCVq3c0bHL
13-03-2023 17:06
@JBills1495 Nice jersey!! How you doing??? Ready for some golf??
13-03-2023 16:20
0 2015
RT @EricMMatheny: Trains derail, they blame Trump. Banks collapse…they blame Trump. We are being governed by the most incompetent administr…
13-03-2023 16:04
@Anxsks Not only no, but, HELL NO!!! Joe Biden is the worst president in the history of the USA.
13-03-2023 06:59
@brithume Has anybody asked where the treasury gets their money?? Do they really think the taxpayers are that stupi… https://t.co/u3shmrbQ18
13-03-2023 06:53
@JStein_WaPo Where the hell does the treasury get its money??? The taxpayers!!! What a bunch idiots!!!!!
13-03-2023 06:51
@stoolpresidente BINGO!!!!
13-03-2023 06:31
RT @SEMORedhawks: That’s a wrap. Great feature with Coach Brad Korn and senior Chris Harris on CBS this morning. See you for the Selection…
13-03-2023 06:28
0 1215
RT @thebradfordfile: Biden has been president for over two miserable years. He owns ALL OF THIS.
13-03-2023 06:13
0 433
RT @GuntherEagleman: Keith Olbermann is a fucking idiot…! Twitter trash.
13-03-2023 05:59
RT @MattBrucker20: So damn proud of @coachBkorn. Can't put it into words. See you in Dayton, my man! #ThatsMyCoach #SEMOBasketball
13-03-2023 05:56
@kristinkorn Have fun!!!!
12-03-2023 17:28
0 174
RT @coffee_anytime: https://t.co/bYgPO2pOVm
12-03-2023 17:24
0 6992
RT @1Nicdar: 🚨In case you’re too young to remember, ‘Hanoi Jane Fonda’ once visited POW’s while in Vietnam. These captured Americans secret…
12-03-2023 16:47
0 9232
RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: I don’t remember banks collapsing under Trump… but don’t worry guys it’s only a matter of time till Biden/media blames…
12-03-2023 16:42
@JackPosobiec Maybe they should have focused on running a bank…[email protected]
12-03-2023 16:39
0 4614
RT @its_the_Dr: Vietnam Veterans hate this woman for what she did! https://t.co/s1Ogw44g7m
12-03-2023 16:04
@VivekGRamaswamy Okay, so if you increase the FDIC “guarantee” that is actually insurance that the institution pays… https://t.co/eyfO0LZc8f
12-03-2023 16:00
0 2776
RT @catturd2: #ArrestFauci
12-03-2023 15:54
RT @coachbruceweber: Let the madness begin! Can’t ask for anything better than seeing your former players and assistants succeed. Congrats…
12-03-2023 07:26
0 1956
RT @SGTreport: One of the most powerful videos I have ever watched. It was a C O U P .
12-03-2023 06:30
@lindyli Your a lying sack of crap!!!
11-03-2023 08:10
@KariLake He is a worthless piece of blubbering crap!!! Our country is slowly spinning down the crapper!!! How can… https://t.co/ccB82Ho3Pf
11-03-2023 08:09
@Steve_Flesch Does cal stay or go???
11-03-2023 08:05
0 244
RT @KentuckyMBB: #SECTourney time. RT if you're with the Cats 😼 https://t.co/wt3ZHmdK0X
11-03-2023 05:31
RT @SEMORedhawks: Calling 🗣️ All 🗣️ Redhawks 🗣️ We need everyone to fill the Show Me Center this Sunday for the Selection Show Watch Part…
10-03-2023 21:26
0 11254
RT @catturd2: Every single person involved should spend the rest of their lives in prison.
10-03-2023 21:21
0 5441
RT @catturd2: 😂😂😂 biggest damn liar in history.
10-03-2023 04:29
0 666
RT @Super70sSports: "I want a hamburger. No, a cheeseburger. I want a hot dog. I want a milkshake. I want potato chips ..." "You'll get no…
09-03-2023 20:48
RT @CharlieDaniels: Keeping Charlie's legacy alive. - TeamCDB Benghazi ain't going away! #BenghaziAintGoingAway https://t.co/Tl9Nc45YEy
09-03-2023 19:09
@johnrich This video should infuriate EVERY American!!! This is the worst administration in the history of the USA!… https://t.co/Q3iS3MrQys
09-03-2023 17:33
@HawleyMO This video should make EVERY Americans blood boil!!! This administration and that includes both sides of… https://t.co/LiZq4YoZaS
09-03-2023 08:38
@KipHenley A good one iron into the wind….
09-03-2023 07:26
@1Nicdar YES!!!!!!!
08-03-2023 15:53
0 338
RT @EricMMatheny: Ray Epps needs his ass hauled before Congress.
07-03-2023 17:46
@FoxNews Who cares?? Guess they didn’t get all the damage done to the country that they wanted to. He is the second… https://t.co/9kxe5IOCRR
07-03-2023 15:53
@WalshFreedom @TuckerCarlson Walsh, how about you prove that he is lying?? What facts do you have that prove that t… https://t.co/k0E7rkjiYW
07-03-2023 15:49
@Jim_Jordan This is Bullshit!! He should be allowed to play!!! The USA is becoming an embarrassment to the world!!!… https://t.co/4GQLWUxxo4
07-03-2023 15:44
@JackPosobiec Subpoena him!!!
07-03-2023 06:56
0 2347
RT @catturd2: This is 100% bullshit.
06-03-2023 20:20
@RepMTG Then arrest the SOB’s, time to quit being so fricking nice and politically correct!!!
06-03-2023 06:55
RT @baseballinpix: Pete Rose gets hit No. 4,192 to break the all time record, 1985 https://t.co/kbTWKcXoFm
06-03-2023 00:37
RT @kristinkorn: ❤️❤️❤️🏆
05-03-2023 23:31
@coachBkorn BK!!!!! Nice job!!!
05-03-2023 23:31
RT @SEMORedhawks: We’re going dancing 🕺 #LetsSoar https://t.co/Ek3Yap44m5
05-03-2023 16:34
RT @GoodmanHoops: SEMO becomes the second team to punch a ticket to the NCAA tourney after winning in overtime against Tennessee Tech in th…
05-03-2023 16:30
@leslibless Biden is an absolute embarrassment to our country!!!!
05-03-2023 16:30
0 253
RT @espn: The first men's NCAA tourney ticket is punched! @SEMOMBB is going dancing for the first time in 23 years! 👏 https://t.co/X9RCqvM…
05-03-2023 16:24
RT @CoachDnutt: Congratulations Coach Korn. Great job SEMO!!!! https://t.co/RI9NGnf4xG
05-03-2023 16:22
RT @OVCSports: Hear from the 𝓒𝓗𝓐𝓜𝓟𝓘𝓞𝓝𝓢 🏆🏆🏆 ... #OVCit | #OVC75 | #OVCTourney @SEMOMBB | #LetsSoar https://t.co/01sqAtsncx
05-03-2023 16:22
RT @SethDavisHoops: SEMO. Sharpie.
05-03-2023 09:23
RT @SEMOMBB: We’re going dancing 🕺🕺🕺 #LetsSoar https://t.co/xXhN1qCNcH
05-03-2023 09:21
RT @kristinkorn: God got us ❤️@coachBkorn https://t.co/1sUcX7OEid
05-03-2023 09:20
RT @SEMOMBB: OVC CHAMPIONS!!!!! #LetsSoar https://t.co/1pgDF9Pmkj
05-03-2023 09:08
0 313
RT @GolfMonthly: Ben Hogan and Arnold Palmer at the 1966 Masters - still one of golf's all-time greatest photographs. https://t.co/ZXMUpx32…
04-03-2023 14:13
RT @SEMORedhawks: WON’T QUIT #LETSOAR https://t.co/udm8KBdJt1
04-03-2023 06:44
RT @JonRothstein: OVC SHOCKER: SEMO over top-seeded Morehead State to advance to the OVC Tournament title game for the first time since 200…
04-03-2023 06:20
@PATBR0DY Can’t make this shit up!!! This country is screwed!!!!
04-03-2023 03:52
@charliekirk11 Where is congress??? How does one man have the power to spend all this money on his own with no over… https://t.co/AJLKt5tEms
04-03-2023 03:50
@RepMTG Then do something about this stuff!! No more talking, tweeting, etc. take action and make it stick!!!
03-03-2023 23:07
@ericareport Are you really this naive and uninformed?? Oops, should have known by your bio, a Democrat that worked… https://t.co/7nxhd2Jfqf
03-03-2023 20:25
0 600
RT @NickAdamsinUSA: The refs got this one RIGHT! https://t.co/mjUB1TXYQi
03-03-2023 20:21
0 6864
RT @catturd2: The real @jimmykimmel ...
03-03-2023 17:17
RT @Steve_Flesch: Biden should be charged with treason. Corrupt to the core
03-03-2023 05:21
@BasedMikeLee @POTUS Biden is a worthless piece of trash and should be impeached!!
02-03-2023 17:19
RT @kristinkorn: That’s a WINNER!!! ❤️🏀🖤
02-03-2023 06:54
0 648
RT @flushingitgolf: Throwback to the dumbest covid precaution ever. https://t.co/4fhHsE8yXg
02-03-2023 04:17
02-03-2023 03:26
RT @SEMOMBB: SEMO is in the OVC Tournament for the third-straight year under Head Coach Brad Korn. All-time, this is the Redhawks 18th OVC…
02-03-2023 03:26
@__TEAM_USA 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋
02-03-2023 03:16
0 8533
RT @johnrich: Had to update my phone and guess what I found? Go to: settings-battery-battery health&charging-Clean energy mode? “Clean ener…
02-03-2023 02:56
@The_Trump_Train 🙋🙋🙋
02-03-2023 02:55
@bennyjohnson Why isn’t that kid in school???
02-03-2023 02:54
@EricMMatheny He owns Biden and knows that Biden will do whatever he says…because he knows all the corruption of Jo… https://t.co/an2IbKtsHt
01-03-2023 01:21
@Michele_Tafoya You have hit the nail on the head!!!🔨🔨🔨
01-03-2023 01:15
@RepJeffries Hey, simple fact for you to ponder. You sign a loan agreement to get money, in the agreement you agree… https://t.co/2xCnhmbJwl
28-02-2023 03:52
@theblaze What a fricking embarrassment!!!! That guy should be impeached immediately!!!!
28-02-2023 02:01
@JackPosobiec @MakaveliMemez Are you sure that is him??
28-02-2023 01:40
0 6054
RT @atensnut: Biden was the dumbest Senator, he was the dumbest Vice President…. and is now he the dumbest President in history…. and…
27-02-2023 21:00
@WarlordDilley @CaseyDeSantis So, how far did Biden grow up from East Palestine?? Let’s do him, and by the way he i… https://t.co/ObMbTiL7EU
27-02-2023 16:53
0 6162
RT @barstoolsports: 11 years ago today. A moment in sports that will be remembered for generations. https://t.co/IoWRmriCRj
27-02-2023 16:50
@DrEliDavid He knew he would get rich!! The guy belongs in jail!!!
27-02-2023 16:02
@ACTBrigitte Paul Ryan….
27-02-2023 06:53
@patriottakes Do your research, the confederate flag is part of the history of the United States of America..last t… https://t.co/SAAw1rL5GO
27-02-2023 00:52
0 17681
RT @MarshaBlackburn: Retweet if you want Communist China banned from owning farmland in the United States.
26-02-2023 01:44
@JackPosobiec Good!!
26-02-2023 01:43
0 6243
RT @__TEAM_USA: Zelensky is now slamming Americans, claiming it's dangerous for us to question how much of our own money is being sent to U…
26-02-2023 01:40
@harryjsisson P.S. Jill is NOT a doctor!!!! And we can only all pray that the idiot in chief does not run again!!!!… https://t.co/VBfJendHfA
25-02-2023 20:38
@The_Trump_Train F&$K OFF!!!!
25-02-2023 20:36
0 1083
RT @leslibless: WHY are WE the TOP country sending ukraine OUR American tax dollars? https://t.co/tY0o6vc612
25-02-2023 20:30
@Steve_Flesch And enough is too much!!!!
25-02-2023 19:43
0 4544
RT @JDunlap1974: RETWEET if you believe this man is a scammer https://t.co/2yfHOSaHdU
25-02-2023 15:32
@johnrich @BradPaisley WTF??? What is Brad paisley thinking?? 👎👎👎
25-02-2023 15:26
@alx He is a lying POS!!!!
25-02-2023 04:01
@alx What a fricking idiot!!! God help us all!!!!
25-02-2023 03:44
@AyannaPressley NO IT IS NOT!!! Not sure what planet you are from but there is nothing in our constitution that pro… https://t.co/D2aa9CGGUu
25-02-2023 03:35
@RNCResearch KJP finally told the truth!!!! First time ever!!!!
24-02-2023 07:41
0 2898
RT @bennyjohnson: RT if you think that Pete and Chasten should use water from East Palestine, Ohio to make baby formula to prove it’s safe.…
24-02-2023 07:39
0 3173
RT @ACTforAmerica: Joy Behar should be fired and The View should be cancelled! https://t.co/mHOQqRsBKM
24-02-2023 07:33
@JaniceDean @JoyVBehar @TheView Well said Janice!! There are millions of Americans the agree with you that joy beha… https://t.co/3vB5kCUTqP
24-02-2023 07:24
@MonicaCrowley In plain sight…
24-02-2023 05:45
0 2589
RT @JDunlap1974: RETWEET if you think this is one of the most ignorant people on television https://t.co/lF4Ie9PKYM
24-02-2023 05:00
@laurenboebert Then do something to stop him!!!
24-02-2023 04:58
@sav_says_ Keep up the the good work!!! Don’t back down!!!
23-02-2023 19:25
@CollinRugg Nut case!!!
23-02-2023 19:24
@JennieSTaer @DailyCaller Did you ask him why he wanted your picture and what he planned on doing with it?? Be care… https://t.co/asc1KunboM
23-02-2023 08:31
0 5020
RT @gregkellyusa: The only Good News in this train debacle: the exposure of the MONUMENTAL FRAUD that is @petebuttigieg. https://t.co/WWWGZ…
23-02-2023 08:27
RT @Michele_Tafoya: Seriously? You want to tax the crap out of Americans but act like you’re looking out for people with this “Junk Fee Pr…
22-02-2023 07:43
@RepRaskin Hey dumb dumb, if there is nothing on the tapes to worry about, then why are you worried?? You democrats are killing the USA…
22-02-2023 07:21
0 10975
RT @RonnyJacksonTX: Retweet if you want TRUMP back in the White House!!
22-02-2023 04:51
0 3030
RT @DineshDSouza: I don’t think Trump needs to attack DeSantis. Nor should he. Makes DeSantis look like the presumptive nominee, when Trump…
21-02-2023 21:08
@The_Trump_Train 🙋🇺🇸
21-02-2023 18:52
0 4914
RT @MattWalshBlog: When discussing the trans agenda, my words do reflect anger. That's true. Guilty as charged. I'm angry. I'm a father. Th…
21-02-2023 15:32
@NYCMayor @GovRonDeSantis Eric, are you really this stupid?? Why are thousands of New Yorkers moving to Florida…you… https://t.co/R2kZkfDAMs
21-02-2023 03:32
0 722
RT @SteveHiltonx: So Biden can go to Ukraine to try and steal the valor of brave Ukrainian fighters...in a war that Biden himself enabled w…
21-02-2023 03:14
0 488
RT @GuntherEagleman: Biden is a POS, is trending… Wonder why it’s not, Biden is a fucking idiot?
21-02-2023 03:14
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RT @ScottPresler: After a shooting in Buffalo, Biden visited the city within days. After a chemical spill that’s left the air & water uns…
21-02-2023 03:07
@bennyjohnson And what about that carbon footprint?? No conversation about the amount of fuel and exhaust that is u… https://t.co/YRl4IMyPNS
20-02-2023 21:48
@RepMTG IMPEACH the SOB!!! No more talking and meeting about it!!! Take action now!!!
20-02-2023 17:04
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RT @JamesBradleyCA: Am I the only one who’s pissed off that Joe Biden chose #PresidentsDay to spit in America’s face by giving more money t…
20-02-2023 17:03
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RT @RobFinnertyUSA: Joe Biden goes to Ukraine… Trump goes to Ohio. Which president is America FIRST? @NEWSMAX
20-02-2023 17:02
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RT @JackPosobiec: I want a president who puts the American people first
20-02-2023 17:02
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RT @WarlordDilley: I hope Joe Biden doesn't come back from Ukraine. They can keep that treasonous fuck.
20-02-2023 17:02
@RepMTG IMPEACH the SOB!!! No more talking, get it started!!! You people are elected to represent the citizens of the USA, do it!!!
20-02-2023 16:49
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RT @RepMTG: This is incredibly insulting. Today on our President’s Day, Joe Biden, the President of the United States chose Ukraine over A…
20-02-2023 16:48
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RT @sayitnspinit: The president of the United States of America cares more about protecting Ukraine then he cares about protecting the Uni…
20-02-2023 16:47
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RT @GuntherEagleman: Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell are RINO piece of shits... Worthless fucks
20-02-2023 16:46
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RT @catturd2: This is awesome - btw.
20-02-2023 15:33
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RT @catturd2: Hopefully, Joe will stay in Ukraine where he and his crackhead son belong.
20-02-2023 15:22
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RT @JamesBradleyCA: I don’t know what to say about Joe Biden being willing to fly into an “active war zone,” but not to the southern border…
20-02-2023 15:17