Jacob Wooten (@JacobWo43302864) — b e e p b o o p
@GeT_RiGhT Try and keep a pma and play some val and cs2
27-03-2023 00:20
RT @Cyb4rAnGeL: This is where I am whenever i get high as hell https://t.co/OTdQKd8TwK
27-03-2023 00:19
RT @TweetsOfCats: https://t.co/4jkX6geMOC
26-03-2023 00:43
RT @ScreaM_: People forget I played CS since 2005 12 years as a professional, played 8 majors. Multiples reasons why I left but my love fo…
25-03-2023 23:16
RT @LukarWarrior: @dom04928 @manfightdragon That is not friend shaped :(
25-03-2023 23:10
@autimaticTV Lmaoo
25-03-2023 12:13
@pokimanelol Created a venmo for this :) I would like to buy pizza for my family tonight something everyone can enj… https://t.co/CyG7drZTOA
24-03-2023 23:46
@GeT_RiGhT I love doing that when were up 5v1 especially to friends.
24-03-2023 00:43
RT @capybara_baby: 王様降臨なさいました🫅✨✨✨ #マキシマムザホルモン #叫ぶ会 https://t.co/3XO35pVke4
23-03-2023 08:08
@jbtheowl1893 @GeT_RiGhT There's nothing wrong with this it just makes things more accesable and easier to understa… https://t.co/ijiSag6rnT
23-03-2023 02:15
RT @RegalMovies: its the RANGE for me 👏 👏 👏 https://t.co/rUQlBhB3Ph
23-03-2023 01:36
RT @GeT_RiGhT: Nothing better than getting an invite to CS2 from @DonHaci himself. I'm sure he will hand out a couple more invites if you a…
23-03-2023 00:12
RT @CounterStrike: Counter-Strike 2.
22-03-2023 21:59
RT @CounterStrike: Players are selected for the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test based on a number of factors deemed important by the Counter-…
22-03-2023 21:59
RT @CounterStrike: Location, location, location. Maps in Counter-Strike are core to the game, and maps in Counter-Strike 2 are being impro…
22-03-2023 21:58
RT @CounterStrike: The most important part of every Counter-Strike match? Shooting and movement. We're going beyond tick rates in Counter-S…
22-03-2023 21:58
RT @CounterStrike: Today we're excited to announce Counter-Strike 2. Counter-Strike 2 is an overhaul to every system, every piece of conten…
22-03-2023 21:58
RT @CounterStrike: The Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test begins today. Read all about it here: https://t.co/r7pmUjE3av
22-03-2023 21:55
@m0E_tv Wishing the best
22-03-2023 06:10
RT @m0E_tv: Me and the wife haven't slept the past 2 days because our little man's been sick.finally, after taking him to the ER, he's been…
22-03-2023 06:10
RT @ShitpostGate: https://t.co/LlHNLEmAwT
22-03-2023 02:49
RT @fl0mtv: I have failed us boys but this isn’t my fault. We might not get source 2 now. https://t.co/vmlxs7r5Vm
22-03-2023 02:46
RT @PridefuISin: These Chainsaw Man figurines are getting out of hand now 😭 https://t.co/lKSnzStLia
19-03-2023 23:35
RT @PridefuISin: https://t.co/k833dLGEKm
19-03-2023 23:34
RT @Noodledori1: Manga panels that get me HARD ASF [Thread🧵] https://t.co/LpGBqyMWyk
19-03-2023 09:46
@TDM_Jesus Never followed the train of thought I just stuck with the game I loved to play
19-03-2023 01:28
@Pimp_CSGO @FACEIT ❤️red heart for faceit 💚 green heard for my love for you and challenging me to be a better player
19-03-2023 01:18
RT @broky: 📝 Petition for CSGO to release Source 2 today. For: @CSGO Sign: ✅
17-03-2023 13:13
@ValorLeaks So we just ignoring gekko's annoying ass bs and nerfing KJ bc her pick rate increased due to the other… https://t.co/caX2puSHTG
17-03-2023 13:09
RT @will1us: It enrages me when my teammates say “gg” after a loss. Do you have no shame? No honor? No pride? Our very dignity and RR h…
17-03-2023 13:03
@SiM_Official @LTLFest Glad you're coming back! Can't make it to kentucky but if you're back in california I will show up for sure!
16-03-2023 06:04
@heroicgg The exact reason why I am trying to go pro in val
16-03-2023 02:18
@Caddicarus @ChoccaBoo Damn you look amazing in an oversized suit can't imagine how amazing you'd look in one prope… https://t.co/78S9AhWXNC
16-03-2023 01:04
@GeT_RiGhT I love cs twitter right now
15-03-2023 02:12
RT @salmnat: Dear @KaiserNeko and @Lanipator what the flying fuck... Sincerely, an emotionally scarred enjoyer of the commentary. https://t…
13-03-2023 05:38
@GeT_RiGhT Oo sounds like a great time enjoy your day :)
12-03-2023 16:46
@GeT_RiGhT Finish my homework and hit up some valorant trying to get ascendant again. :) how about you my friend?
12-03-2023 15:15
RT @ksononair: Can I say this out loud? I LIKE GIRLS
12-03-2023 03:13
RT @Freedom_hero_4: @Mp18_ @Drained2hu This one right? https://t.co/BY81JnWVLY
12-03-2023 03:09
RT @CSunfortunate: Who else do you think had the chance to try out source 2 before anyone else? My guess is gaules and maybe some retired 1…
12-03-2023 02:38
@ValorLeaks Its gonna be like 2 small changes and nothing in the meta is gonna change teleporters will always be a… https://t.co/Ko73FISIMp
12-03-2023 02:20
@VALORANTLeaksEN Wait hold up no nerfs yet?
12-03-2023 02:19
@OnFireAnders This is how I felt a couple years ago researching the clown statue which is now a unlisted video on y… https://t.co/p1Ao9NORsO
12-03-2023 02:17
RT @f0rest: You were the absolute best, all the memories we share and all the love you have given us. May you finally rest and be free from…
12-03-2023 02:03
@Hiko Nobody asked me but personally I'm struggling to the idea of adapting to him and I don't enjoy his abilities.
10-03-2023 13:21
RT @CLGRed: We just wanted to play CS:GO 2... https://t.co/mrZpVs0PFM
09-03-2023 13:36
RT @heroicgg: to celebrate Source 2 coming we’re giving away 500 beta keys together with @DonHaci RT + DM him saying ‘Source 2’ to enter!
08-03-2023 00:39
RT @RegalMovies: NEW TEASER TRAILER for 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem' - coming to Regal on August 4 https://t.co/8t2xV7syN3
08-03-2023 00:36
@Hiko Happy birthday man :)
07-03-2023 06:02
RT @ScreaM_: 🙄
06-03-2023 00:30
RT @VALORANTLeaksEN: EP 6 Act 2 Battlepass Skins | #VALORANT https://t.co/eHKgifbhSB
06-03-2023 00:30
RT @DonHaci: source 2 this counter strike 2 that how about you mfs source yourself 2 some bitches instead
06-03-2023 00:26
RT @RyanAtDust2: Don’t worry guys, I’m on the case. https://t.co/TDYafAY3SO
06-03-2023 00:23
RT @WholesomeMeme: https://t.co/AdwwXN0hlv
06-03-2023 00:20
RT @gabefollower: join our cult, set it as your twitter banner @csgo https://t.co/q6HtPxeia4
06-03-2023 00:17
RT @WholesomeMeme: https://t.co/5Xv8qcnFTg
06-03-2023 00:10
RT @GoodReddit: https://t.co/Qow3FiG5Tl
06-03-2023 00:08
RT @VoiceQuills: I now understand those medieval nobles who saw a single portrait of a woman and went mad trying to find her
02-03-2023 09:23
RT @Dafydd00: Only at a UK LAN would a player stand up to shittalk and not defuse the bomb... on match point... losing his team the game
27-02-2023 03:04
RT @CSGO: @JakeSucky Because it takes minutes to understand and a lifetime to master, and the more you invest the greater your returns. The…
27-02-2023 03:00
RT @LilithLovett: Story in two parts https://t.co/Lkbm22kJqg
26-02-2023 00:39
RT @Dogen: you’ve finally remembered the difference between 賛成, 賛同, and 同感, and a native hits you with アグリーです https://t.co/NKndq5eTUE
26-02-2023 00:36
RT @Jacksepticeye: @xlunaone Septic Sluts
26-02-2023 00:28
RT @TweetsOfCats: https://t.co/cX7w6QC8Ru
26-02-2023 00:19
RT @Caddicarus: Wow he finally did an episode about me
25-02-2023 08:14
@TweetsOfCats Mf be like me fr fr
25-02-2023 07:50
RT @TweetsOfCats: https://t.co/fn7anDYCOX
25-02-2023 07:50
RT @s8n: https://t.co/l7u4F2rjPl
25-02-2023 07:49
RT @DarylBarnes_: tw: suicide I got messages telling me to kill myself and quit music for my involvement in Sinder's CPR cover. I won't po…
25-02-2023 07:40
RT @milesplaysHU: @DeadByBHVR Me at the DbD Funko Pop store https://t.co/Y2b4e3M0dO
25-02-2023 01:05
RT @kevinlieber: Cocaine Bear Heroin Duck Meth Cat Pot Shark Crack Pig Beer Goat
25-02-2023 01:04
RT @northstardoll: https://t.co/PetbwKXDEd
24-02-2023 23:15
@jvmbalee Hah what a loser fighting to live
24-02-2023 05:36
RT @jvmbalee: https://t.co/o3FSG02VpF
24-02-2023 05:36
RT @MoistCr1TiKaL: Interesting marketing strategy
23-02-2023 01:36
RT @TweetsOfCats: https://t.co/J5mb8zo4Vv
23-02-2023 01:31
RT @ArrrowCSGO: Most expensive "Liquid item" CSGO Loadout $93,694 https://t.co/Yn7CWOOhXg
23-02-2023 01:31
RT @DoobusGoobus: Real shit. I know his story is extremely overplayed. But be honest. Even if you had infinite money. I genuinely still thi…
23-02-2023 01:30
RT @chaoticcatpics: left my cat with my parents for 2 weeks and my mom made a book, a thread https://t.co/w0nkpF338w
23-02-2023 01:28
RT @jasminericegirl: talking to a guy who refers to the talking stage as "learning your lore" and I think it's so cute. like yessir let's g…
23-02-2023 01:27
RT @TohkaaZ: @PlayVALORANT Man if I was blind this would look insane 🔥🔥
23-02-2023 01:02
RT @TweetsOfCats: the crime the criminal https://t.co/sRlz5aWWEr
22-02-2023 02:41
RT @JeffLanda: Glad to see the excitement around the next Agent news and tease but want to clarify two things: ✅️ We know the role for the…
22-02-2023 02:33
RT @berdyaboi: They Threw Beans On Him 😔😢 https://t.co/dgeM6auYqg
22-02-2023 02:33
RT @HexTCSGO: https://t.co/YfDSFyKDzQ
21-02-2023 11:58
RT @TweetsOfCats: slinky boy https://t.co/LB7uqeVFVB
21-02-2023 11:58
RT @shirtsthtgohard: https://t.co/Tfvp2Dcomp
21-02-2023 11:58
RT @TweetsOfCats: https://t.co/hik9dmGixf
21-02-2023 11:55
RT @YakFan: “Ishin is set in ancient Japan” My dude it was 1867. Some of these samurais saw World War 1 and 2!
20-02-2023 23:49
RT @ValorLeaks: Agent 22 Teaser | #VALORANT https://t.co/DIUmyGVjdF
20-02-2023 23:48
RT @Saitamagoated: first line spoken by each of the JOJO protagonists in the manga https://t.co/RuZUP6jfsL
20-02-2023 08:39
RT @youtooz: stop scrolling! pet the cat         __       />  フ       |  _  _ l       /` ミ_xノ      /      |     /  ヽ   ノ     │  | | |  / ̄|…
20-02-2023 08:27
RT @JammerJammy: i really hate the mischaracterization of Cheryl in dbd, she killed hundreds of monsters and a god you think she'll be scar…
20-02-2023 08:19
RT @TweetsOfCats: https://t.co/hOweX82z0s
20-02-2023 08:17
RT @IronPineapple_: the physical comedy of Fromsoft games is unmatched
20-02-2023 01:56
RT @TweetsOfCats: he has it all, but it cost him everything https://t.co/ojeDfS0bge
20-02-2023 01:56
RT @CatsTakeTheName: They got school tomorrow. Chill. https://t.co/NUNbRLuUe9
19-02-2023 07:01
RT @TweetsOfCats: do I even matter.. https://t.co/2SrBDXQ0hz
19-02-2023 02:53
RT @MAHfromSiM: しゅごい
19-02-2023 00:14
RT @TweetsOfCats: Literally me, so eepy 😸 https://t.co/bZMQ91KNQw
19-02-2023 00:14
RT @shirtsthtgohard: https://t.co/UYEZC2rtes
19-02-2023 00:12
RT @ShitpostGate: https://t.co/WI9f64lw5w
19-02-2023 00:11
RT @JammerJammy: Why didn't we use tech to make games look like ps2 cutscenes instead of photorealism or whatever
19-02-2023 00:11
19-02-2023 00:10
RT @RGGStudio: To celebrate the release of Like a Dragon: Ishin! we've teamed up with the Shin-Sen-Gumi Restaurant Group! Enjoy the taste…
19-02-2023 00:10
RT @shirtsthtgohard: https://t.co/KqHGTu5Ifi
19-02-2023 00:10
RT @AkiraYamaoka: For the future of someone and their families, this is nothing. https://t.co/1V46T0BANs https://t.co/kwT6jiLFmX
19-02-2023 00:08
RT @TweetsOfCats: https://t.co/u7D6pokVux
19-02-2023 00:07
RT @Caddicarus: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah…
19-02-2023 00:02
19-02-2023 00:01
RT @AkiraYamaoka: 骨髄ドナーとして移植手術をした。 3時間かけ腸骨から骨髄液を取り患者さんへ。自身が健康であり、家族、仕事仲間の理解があって、コーディネーターの方、ドクターの方々の助けをもってここまで来れた。誰かの未来、その誰かの家族、友達の笑顔の為なら、こん…
19-02-2023 00:01
RT @TweetsOfCats: Hello, this is TweetsOfCats mother. I opened up this app due to the notifications and wouId Iike to let you aII know his…
19-02-2023 00:00
RT @GigiDutreix: my twitter rn https://t.co/7xbYs46aUy
18-02-2023 03:26
RT @HOUNGOUNGAGNE: 😂🔫 https://t.co/PFfRW7T3kg
18-02-2023 03:25
RT @NezukoSocial: Man what the hell 😭 https://t.co/Xa8QFaz6nR
18-02-2023 03:25
RT @ProjektMelody: Being an adult means not having to care what other people think, to make your own decisions, & live honestly. I'm gonn…
18-02-2023 01:43
RT @yugiohtas: I’m about 30 minutes into Halloween Ends. Hrrrrrrm.
17-02-2023 10:33
@PNKYTTV @C9Mang0 I actually don't remember I believe she was bleach hovered jett for like an hour but had to switc… https://t.co/R9JXJr0S5z
17-02-2023 05:12
RT @TweetsOfCats: she likes to collect rocks https://t.co/frkb9oMayz
16-02-2023 12:49
RT @GreenTextRepost: https://t.co/OCLe6gw2XI
16-02-2023 12:46
@C9Mang0 Worst bit it was 11-3 we lost 11-13
16-02-2023 12:45
@C9Mang0 Recent game... https://t.co/WtFizpVJNO
16-02-2023 12:44
RT @sagistarbb: “I’m sorry I’m so defensive, my father used to debate with me about mature topics at the age of 7”
16-02-2023 06:24
@PlayVALORANT how much for purple lightning skins? Like the awp lightning strike in CS:GO asking for a friend
16-02-2023 04:31
RT @MayorSilent: The thing they don't tell you about being a landlord is just how many umbilical cords people leave behind
16-02-2023 04:24
RT @flusha: wanna learn how to git gud? watch vid.
16-02-2023 04:19
RT @iBUYPOWER: On the way to @LVLUPEXPO 🚗💨 https://t.co/y8Wz5JsOgY
16-02-2023 04:18
RT @CursedVideos: https://t.co/qMsSCJlyvd
15-02-2023 14:07
RT @NIPCS: Happy Valentines day you beautiful people ❤️ https://t.co/ADj0BDBPQV
15-02-2023 12:05
RT @cremanata_art: weegie + daisy 💘 https://t.co/jtNzgBxmGi
15-02-2023 05:43
RT @fribergCS: GUYS we lost @olofmeister, but @heapcsgo grew a beard fast and joined us PogChamp #BOOMERDEMONS
15-02-2023 05:23
RT @HumansNoContext: https://t.co/u3NMK90N0J
15-02-2023 05:21
RT @RLewisReports: This Astralis deleted Tik Tok really shows how seriously they are taking their participation in ESL Impact. Esports. htt…
15-02-2023 05:21
RT @flusha: washed up violence https://t.co/iGCeiJvYkH
15-02-2023 05:20
RT @C9CSGO: We've got you covered 💙 https://t.co/pljDbxghYH
15-02-2023 05:20
RT @Afourteeeeeeeen: You aren’t doing it wrong if nobody knows what your doing
15-02-2023 05:19
RT @heroicgg: heyyyy @NIPCS 👉🥺👈 https://t.co/Uqh7D3f5lu
15-02-2023 02:36
RT @EuanYours: "We didn't want this" Well what the fuck did you want, you didn't want her to be referred to by her name or pronouns, you d…
14-02-2023 12:25
RT @TweetsOfCats: https://t.co/kNR5A0P9OK
14-02-2023 12:22
RT @LocalBateman: https://t.co/HjCCmY4qzN
14-02-2023 12:21
@NIPCS @AleksibCSGO Goodmorning its 1:20 am I'm going to sleep :)
14-02-2023 12:21
RT @LexicatTV: I'm sorry this is the funniest thing I've ever seen 💀 THIS JUST IN: The new DBD killer will have...a WEAPON 😭 Stop thisssss…
14-02-2023 12:17
RT @iBUYPOWER: pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc pc p…
14-02-2023 03:33
RT @GreenTextRepost: https://t.co/KBVXP4VhYZ
13-02-2023 04:44
RT @Metallica: We can’t believe @rihanna didn’t ask us to be her backup singers… #SuperBowlLVII #AppleMusicHalftime https://t.co/OyWgQNyyWD
13-02-2023 04:43
RT @HumansNoContext: https://t.co/LF8KSZaM2I
12-02-2023 23:47
RT @sorzwho: a thread of big boobs 🧵:
12-02-2023 23:40
@SPUNJ @caspercadiaN @MACHINEgg @vENdettaCSGO @Hiko Truly such fun times :)
12-02-2023 14:25
RT @ThreatNotation: https://t.co/J4dJdPjkoM
11-02-2023 00:44
RT @ThreatNotation: They’re playing our song https://t.co/NW3s6sdV08
11-02-2023 00:23
RT @ThreatNotation: Test https://t.co/zRREqCMflp
11-02-2023 00:21
RT @ThreatNotation: https://t.co/toGz7iUU2a
11-02-2023 00:21
RT @HOUNGOUNGAGNE: Great, now the typical no com, anime pp, purple will be able to throw your games but with a weebs m4 https://t.co/N7nvn5…
10-02-2023 23:05
@jvmbalee https://t.co/KXgvB1gBwv
10-02-2023 23:03
@jvmbalee https://t.co/IRQXZuPGRj
10-02-2023 23:02
RT @NIPCS: Nahh wtf is that @elonmusk ?! https://t.co/CJnXFk1TYs
10-02-2023 23:01
RT @NezukoSocial: https://t.co/Q85gXDIYiK
10-02-2023 22:58
RT @ENCE: Katowice experiENCE 🥲 https://t.co/Ywu1HfYjrQ
10-02-2023 12:02
RT @shouldhaveaduck: Omg look at the last one! 😭😂 https://t.co/KYMcSj9wdI
10-02-2023 12:01
RT @CSunfortunate: Bro thought he's m0nesy 😭 https://t.co/ANDNFePiMC
10-02-2023 12:00
RT @TweetsOfCats: https://t.co/4WKlwk1HYA
10-02-2023 11:59
RT @will1us: https://t.co/GSKSXNyeir https://t.co/roRtG64FjA
10-02-2023 11:59
RT @DonHaci: nahh the new skins were 100% picked for the weebs https://t.co/4JMzx1OZVA
10-02-2023 11:58
@paszaBiceps Papito has dropped so much weight for competition love your work my friend
10-02-2023 11:55
RT @WholesomeMeme: https://t.co/713GLbp5Tk
10-02-2023 11:53
@fl0mtv Common flom W
10-02-2023 11:52
RT @fl0mtv: Opened the new case tonight. Got a blue. Goodnight.
10-02-2023 11:52
@100Thieves Idk who october is 😭 now on a rude note can we replace him with Hiko?
10-02-2023 02:47
RT @BradenIsBased: I feel like if the LGBTQ+ community started denying climate change, conservatives would solve it just to try to own us.
10-02-2023 02:44
@will1us Facts except I solo queue :(
10-02-2023 02:41
RT @will1us: i still can’t get over how that dude was embarrassed over his gf outfragging him i got my duo playing reyna so i can fall as…
10-02-2023 02:41
RT @Minecraft: ┳┻| ┳┻| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| _ ┻┳| •.•) where the blaze spawner at ┳┻|⊂ノ ┻┳|
09-02-2023 04:44
@jackielationFPS Think you dodged a bullet m8
09-02-2023 04:38
RT @jackielationFPS: tbt when my ex got mad at me for being better than him at val💀💀💀 https://t.co/w3bFnqzOCT
09-02-2023 04:35
RT @normalgirl222: Wtf is a “W2 “ Im literally a girl
09-02-2023 04:34
RT @Sydsnap: Today has been a fucking trial and when I finally come home and use some new eyedrops I bought My eyes start BURNING. Because…
09-02-2023 03:58
RT @HooXiCSGO: Welp.. It was a good run boys 🫡😥
09-02-2023 02:11
@CShines81 @Jillsince1996 I do miss it in a way
08-02-2023 13:28
RT @RealYouTubeKids: You know J. K. Rowling was drafting up names for her like… https://t.co/B02ZvT5KSO
08-02-2023 12:22
RT @256GBMemes: https://t.co/W9GMcOn2uK
06-02-2023 14:42
RT @NIPCS: R-EZZZZZZ https://t.co/6XDCB2WaB9
06-02-2023 14:40
@Pimp_CSGO The unfortunate side effect of optimizing every aspect of the game but I wouldn't want it any other way
06-02-2023 14:40
06-02-2023 14:39
@paszaBiceps @HIGHLeaguePL Lets go papito :)
06-02-2023 14:38
RT @paszaBiceps: @HIGHLeaguePL szczurekPapito 😭
06-02-2023 14:38
@Jillsince1996 I didn't even process that'll we'll be able to walk through doors without loading screens
06-02-2023 14:37
@will1us The rizz master strikes again
06-02-2023 14:35
RT @mike27356894: Can’t believe PewDiePie had sex. I thought he was a gamer. This changes everything. https://t.co/8o8giPo48k
06-02-2023 14:33
RT @_niyers: Ain’t no way YouTube just snatched berleezy’s channel. DURING BLACK HISTORY MONTH?!? https://t.co/ZbczWftjZw
06-02-2023 14:31
RT @RespectfulMemes: https://t.co/Lg2Eiasqhx
06-02-2023 14:31
RT @InternetH0F: https://t.co/qbVSfDJMJc
06-02-2023 14:28
RT @paszaBiceps: przekroczę 1 kilogram wagi to potrącane jest 20 % z wypłaty, kolejny kilogram to 30 % 🙉 jak on mógł kazać mi się odchudzać…
06-02-2023 14:28
RT @KaiserNeko: Trunks coming to a rather uncomfortable realization. Art by @BrachyZoid https://t.co/A1vbRl3jJ0
06-02-2023 14:25
RT @laeswrld: this is so real https://t.co/aXQfKYim4x
06-02-2023 14:24
@jvmbalee I've always understood 💪
05-02-2023 06:29
@jvmbalee You're right you're https://t.co/98EEeqXc4Z
05-02-2023 06:27
RT @hunter_hhhh: it makes me so fucking mad that germans call jerking off Meatënschlappen
04-02-2023 12:39
RT @sonic_hedgehog: What has been seen cannot be unseen. https://t.co/AaRyoPthUm
04-02-2023 07:51
@Nath5642 @PlayVALORANT Yeah so seangares in his latest video says it measure about 5 to 10 meters wider then haven
04-02-2023 07:36
@TheAn1meMan Do you have the blank format? Kinda wanna do it myself
04-02-2023 03:22