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@aIIure97 @CalvinKlein hmmm okay then but i think we shouldn't give importance to antis or negative tweets. blonks… https://t.co/4XxPkLUFHh
30-01-2023 20:33
this edit posted on 20 jan, 23 had like less than 30k - 50k views earlier and now its at almost 600k views. it gain… https://t.co/Gyk1J4r8no
30-01-2023 20:25
@crumblecoo i dont think there's anything wrong if everyone wants to see him shirtless b/c he has that naturally. a… https://t.co/jHNpGYYl7a
30-01-2023 18:48
@crumblecoo We know, we are just drooling and joking. And there's nothing in posing like these too tho
30-01-2023 18:38
@Jeonprodigy 😭😭😭 I am already tortured enough baby
30-01-2023 18:36
RT @Iittlemaknae: #JUNGKOOK TUNED IN https://t.co/G6EGl81LKI
30-01-2023 18:35
@jeonistheace More than 12k gain now. And the other one also got over 1.1k+ followers when he was around 500 followers 😭
30-01-2023 18:34
@Jeonjungkook_SG I'm voting #LeftandRight for #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards
30-01-2023 18:33
@globalpopboy PLS
30-01-2023 18:33
@yoomyeuphoria Hahha I vote #LeftandRight for #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards
30-01-2023 18:33
RT @voiceofjeon: If we’re talking brand impact, nothing can rival what jungkook’s unintentional kombucha endorsement did for teazen… their…
30-01-2023 18:33
@Y100Michiana_ @itsBrookeOnAir Dreamers by Jungkook🥰
30-01-2023 18:31
@ShrutiG22422034 This? https://t.co/VjPSG9hlew
30-01-2023 18:30
@jkrosh1 😝 I didnot share the name but your reply made it clear🤣
30-01-2023 18:29
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RT @googiefolder: compilation of jungkook wearing Calvin Klein https://t.co/fpY3UmMqaT
30-01-2023 18:14
@mainhitmaker LET US DREAM HWAA
30-01-2023 18:13
@DAYAGGUK Exactly like we shouldnot be giving attention to fr3aks hagmys akgaes everyone to spoil our mood coz they… https://t.co/oYWzkuX4VS
30-01-2023 18:11
RT @chartdata_twt: [email protected]_twt Jungkook is currently ranked first on Google Trends In terms of 'Rising Related Topics' and 'Related Queries'…
30-01-2023 18:09
RT @prettykku: I hope jungkook gets millions of new fans who doesn't try to hold him back and don't run jealous and scared every time there…
30-01-2023 18:09
@jungkook_tiktok Yep so many people bought them coz of him
30-01-2023 18:06
RT @jungkook_tiktok: This army bought PRADA combat boots that Jungkook was wearing during Hopi’s listening party. My vote goes to #Leftan…
30-01-2023 18:06
@waterfire9597 Done. I will keep voting. My1pick is also ending tomorrow I vote #LeftandRight for #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards
30-01-2023 17:59
RT @ChartsJJK: Ongoing #BTSALLDAY playlists have Dreamers x1 and L&R x1. Some don't even include both. Jungkook supporters, please look for…
30-01-2023 17:45
i think i will k word before we get some more info😭 https://t.co/I5HqPHHK96
30-01-2023 17:36
@aIIure97 @CalvinKlein Bestie I don't think tagging them is good. I don't want them to see any negativity. Let's get it confirmed first
30-01-2023 16:21
RT @Daily_JK97: 📢 IMPORTANT! PLEASE JOIN THE NEW RENAISSANCE STREAMING PARTY!! ♦️GOAL: 450,000 in 3 days♦️ REN: https://t.co/6iDoI00o2s M…
30-01-2023 16:20
137 165
Keep streaming and voting! My1pick app important polls are ending tomorrow. I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the… https://t.co/6zruFn5VCG
30-01-2023 15:56
https://t.co/JGZ9vqy8yp https://t.co/fbtMzIKFf6
30-01-2023 14:51
Keep streaming dreamers! I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards! https://t.co/4XvOreBBuQ
30-01-2023 14:32
@Jeonprodigy 😭
30-01-2023 14:18
920 256
not the vp of ck liking jk's white ig squares too😭😭😭 he has liked so many jk ig posts, don't know if the likes are… https://t.co/DK1fz5oxqH
30-01-2023 14:17
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RT @btschartsdailys: Zayden choo, Commercial Director of Calvin Klein has started following Jungkook on Instagram! 👀 https://t.co/OPeF7mdDQ9
30-01-2023 14:09
We have few minutes left. Everyone drop your votes now if you can't stay till end https://t.co/vGeOzN8Qar
30-01-2023 13:30
RT @stream4jk: 🎧 JJK STREAMING & VOTING PARTY🎧 ▫️GOAL : 700 SS & VOTES ▫️Drop Your Screenshot From Any Streaming Platform. ▫️Let's see…
30-01-2023 13:23
Attention everyone. https://t.co/b4HnuiVKMh
30-01-2023 11:33
@Commyskillz1 @Janz_MainPopBoy Yep for different ones. Like he can take versace for outfits. Nike for sportswear if… https://t.co/z6ohoWKfnz
30-01-2023 11:15
@Janz_MainPopBoy Nah I think that's in store too
30-01-2023 10:51
317 96
all this over a mere follow. Jungkook's power is insane. He's the clout. https://t.co/ak8oKMG3Gs
30-01-2023 10:46
@Aleksandra9249 Bestie add left and right ihaart votings too in these replies. I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the… https://t.co/Vw2hTkkyZg
30-01-2023 10:43
Mubeat voting for circle chart male awards round 2 is ending in few hours. We need to secure jungkook in Top 10 to… https://t.co/Jdxi8aWmLJ
30-01-2023 10:28
131 189
I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards! https://t.co/KEpOvdsmDr
30-01-2023 10:20
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RT @iluvekoo: #jungkook : dancing to tinnitus https://t.co/yR0Dk8dkt2
30-01-2023 10:19
@jkrosh1 @KookCharts I will k word
30-01-2023 08:52
@Sayanta72503524 Okay😂
30-01-2023 08:41
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I woke up today thinking that I will finish all the goals today and finish sm tasks but the first tweet I saw was t… https://t.co/ahhjF1zNKw
30-01-2023 08:35
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RT @Jungkook_SNS: [🌐] Calvin Klein trended Worldwide, South Korea and USA including many countries after Cédric Murac, Global Head of Creat…
30-01-2023 08:03
RT @JJK_Times: 캘빈클라인(Calvin Klein) is currently trending in South Korea at #4 🇰🇷 #Jungkook #정국 https://t.co/NHmIiPRXP0
30-01-2023 08:01
Say bye to me 😭 what if we get him fully covered lol https://t.co/x5nhZcgx9K
30-01-2023 07:41
@Daily_JK97 I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards!
30-01-2023 07:31
I will loose my mind if this happens omg https://t.co/qJjjRGU8zU
30-01-2023 07:19
RT @Daily_JK97: Calvin Klein trending worldwide & in the US, CK creative head gaining thousands of followers,video/photo edits of JK x CK g…
30-01-2023 07:09
@jungkookreport_ Jsjjske
30-01-2023 07:02
RT @starnewskorea: 방탄소년단 정국X찰리 푸스 'Left and Right', 써클차트 디지털 포인트 2억 돌파 '大기록' #방탄소년단정국 #방탄소년단 #정국 #BTS #JUNGKOOK #btsjungkook #jeonjungkook…
30-01-2023 06:56
0 17552
RT @btschartsdailys: Cedric Murac, Global Head of Creative Calvin Klein has started following Jungkook on Instagram! 👀 https://t.co/DVSWyeZ…
30-01-2023 06:53
@bnny_jeonjungko Stfu😭
30-01-2023 06:53
RT @KookCharts: Jungkook is currently #1 on Google Trends for both ‘Rising Related Topics’ and ‘Related Queries’ under Calvin Klein topic.…
30-01-2023 06:48
WHAT THE FCK OMG???😳😳 https://t.co/mbvITI1Okw
30-01-2023 05:40
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RT @jjklve: pls rt and reply ♡ i vote #LeftandRight for #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards https://t.co/XW5hRFiVZF
30-01-2023 00:08
RT @Daily_JK97: 📢 MORNING!! PLEASE VOTE FOR JUNGKOOK🙏🏽❤️ 🔺1000 REPLY 🔺500 RT/QUOTE I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo a…
30-01-2023 00:07
@Iiivey0urIife Wtf I saw 😭
29-01-2023 23:12
RT @jkoncharts: “Dreamers” now joins “Left and Right” and “POP!” as the only 2022 songs by a K-Pop soloist to spend over 70 days on Spotify…
29-01-2023 23:11
RT @voiceofjeon: “The company turns group opportunities into his.” Um, no. It’s actually quite the opposite. https://t.co/i4VF0nQfv1
29-01-2023 23:10
274 246
Jungkook is so stunning I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards https://t.co/dR84xr7883
29-01-2023 22:58
RT @jkoncharts: 🏆 TOP JUNGKOOK'S BEST SONGS 🏆 Vote for your favorite JK song and RT to vote for the iHeart Awards. — Results will be pos…
29-01-2023 22:44
😭💀 https://t.co/23q3085MSr
29-01-2023 20:17
RT @KpopVotesStore: FANPLUS giveaway 5000 VTs • follow @KpopVotesStore • RT and LIKE the pinned • RT and LIKE this poll to spread #SUGA…
29-01-2023 17:23
not possible for me to choose one video when he's the most attractive in every video https://t.co/O2eGbH5amU https://t.co/jkhvSmqwda
29-01-2023 17:22
@ThePopBase Maybe stream the songs of jungkook which are actually contributing to bts streams too. Left and right,… https://t.co/rRG4E0kjCy
29-01-2023 17:21
RT @BTSGlobalCharts: 'Dreamers' by Jung Kook departs from the Official MENA Charts. It remains as the longest charting song by a Korean Act…
29-01-2023 17:09
153 178
look at the cute baby koo🥺 I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards https://t.co/pH2jtsJfo6
29-01-2023 17:07
@JJK_Libya1 I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards!
29-01-2023 17:06
@jkteamkor2 I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards!
29-01-2023 17:05
@97SARCHIVES I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards!
29-01-2023 17:05
RT @Daily_JK97: Some ARMYs giving clout to this akgae who keeps hating and disrespecting J*K. MASS REPORT! https://t.co/l1M4TVlMHO https:/…
29-01-2023 17:05
149 133
Jungkook looks so handsome even without even doing anything I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo at… https://t.co/6vojBQLSX0
29-01-2023 17:01
*fanplus voting too I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards!
29-01-2023 16:59
191 213
We are doing amazing in votings too considering we have so many ongoing important votings right now. iheart, mubea… https://t.co/L8YYH9I24i
29-01-2023 16:56
@Iiivey0urIife Bestie i fear you won't be alive after doing cooking cleaning for so many people whole day whole life😂😭
29-01-2023 16:12
0 1268
RT @glassrtz: 🐰💜🌌 #JUNGKOOK #btsfanart https://t.co/yEV2nqlagQ
29-01-2023 14:46
RT @tandoori_jimin: #JUNGKOOK: I really love him https://t.co/jusdlJtetq
29-01-2023 14:45
*actually we need only one day more for Dreamers coz l&r already has 200+. Let's keep streaming and keeping both so… https://t.co/jQiicDILcl
29-01-2023 14:44
295 301
just one day more for Dreamers and left and right on Spotify Global Chart, and jungkook will become the first and o… https://t.co/uD6aV153vB
29-01-2023 14:41
@jkholic__ Yep I hope for smart new fans who are capable of realising and finding things on their own rather than being sheepmys of armys
29-01-2023 14:38
@LoveIU4life Exactly, it's not trolls or tweets with no likes but it's multiple hit tweets, the most disgusting fandom
29-01-2023 14:37
@jkholic__ I think this is happening now too coz old armys started these disgusting jokes and passed on to next arm… https://t.co/P4hmhIo7Nk
29-01-2023 14:26
RT @KookCharts: “Dreamers” has now spent 70 days on Spotify Global Chart. With this, Jungkook becomes the first Korean soloist in history t…
29-01-2023 14:23
@LittIePu9 Honestly it's so lame. They act as if his idol friends are beggars or don't even a penny like all the th… https://t.co/R9FCRXb0bX
29-01-2023 14:22
RT @JJKMILLIONDOL: PLEASE RT TO SPREAD ‼️ Pls comment "👋" below/DM me if you are in USA, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, or Australia and wo…
29-01-2023 14:20
0 6607
RT @foreverkoos: wrong 😁 https://t.co/l9KPYcf1vq
29-01-2023 14:17
RT @sugarbabykoo: jungkookies angel baby vocals in like throughout the years 🥺 https://t.co/Tk73YTpnt6
29-01-2023 14:16
122 35
I still can't understand why are so called freindless looser hagmys always inserting his friendships in their fanwa… https://t.co/bAYQMsLgM1
29-01-2023 14:15
We need more voters to collect golden hearts on my1pick app for the polls. Its ending in 2 days. https://t.co/KsNpjcJpQr
29-01-2023 14:10
the way I never liked these outfits before finding jungkook... he will eat it up https://t.co/pb97iBSqYr
29-01-2023 14:00
@jkteamkor2 Done. I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards!
29-01-2023 13:57
@lickkookscum @kkugimin Stop projecting your theif friends and cousins on his friendships. They have more than you… https://t.co/IRyAY4wkwF
29-01-2023 13:55
109 162
my time 🥺❤️ I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards! https://t.co/E89FZh8uTt
29-01-2023 13:35
@Fireweed121 @singlelilith Idk but what I believe is, he's in this industry from so many years and obviously knows… https://t.co/bwgEEi3owR
29-01-2023 13:27
@singlelilith @Fireweed121 exactly, that's what I said that they don't even treat him equally and expecting somethi… https://t.co/MnItEjN57H
29-01-2023 13:24
Longest Charting Song by K-pop Soloist on Spotify Global Chart (days): #1 Money — 236 #2 Left And Right — 216* #3… https://t.co/sbz2m0ZCER
29-01-2023 13:15
@Fireweed121 @singlelilith Hmmm but honestly saying everyone wants to join bh if they get offered. no other company… https://t.co/gGRzHOnPqW
29-01-2023 13:11
@duaaa112 You are always welcome. I also replied to your other tweet with his Spotify profile
29-01-2023 13:01
@_goldenjjk97_ Exactly, I'm so proud of it
29-01-2023 12:58
@duaaa112 he has 3 songs under his own Spotify profile and 3 bts solo songs in their albums (euphoria, my time, beg… https://t.co/O4WlUPB7WF
29-01-2023 12:55
@duaaa112 hello dua! Welcome here🌸 you are from Egypt right? Also I saw you asking for his instagram, so yes he has… https://t.co/p4Cimox2VD
29-01-2023 12:53
we've kept l&r as the threshold so some may compare with it sometimes. but the issues and the success of a song are two different things.
29-01-2023 12:50
266 69
Dreamers suffered so much sabotage, on all platforms and charts but never mix it with the success of the song. It h… https://t.co/pE96djocrY
29-01-2023 12:43
@97popboy Yeah but honestly we will be happy if he gets even the same amount as them🥲
29-01-2023 12:22
@Daily_JK97 Going to wash dishes while the playlist is on. Won't be able to send more ss atleast in 20 mins. Keep s… https://t.co/XaI4SJotcY
29-01-2023 12:21
RT @Daily_JK97: 📢 STREAM TO 1 BILLION FOR JK ♦️GOAL: 2000 ss of streams : •Dreamers •Left and Right…
29-01-2023 12:20
RT @_RapperJK: Q: what song are you listening to? A: Jungkook Dreamers Oh yeah!! Man’s got some taste 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/AsesDEHwQZ
29-01-2023 12:19
@singlelilith Lets not be this much negative lol. I am sure it's 2024 if not 2023 and I am fine with it. He can do… https://t.co/D7c86UoB4t
29-01-2023 12:11
@97popboy Its just the album shipping issue for bts solos, otherwise I do think rm jhope received good promos, thei… https://t.co/08EeaiNJji
29-01-2023 12:10
@singlelilith Hmm to be honest, i don't see him leaving bh nor there's any resourceful company who comes close to b… https://t.co/pvXURhzgQY
29-01-2023 12:03
@HearttsforJk I saw alot of them saying they saw him in WC opening ceremony 🥺 I saw some mentioning L&R too in some replies
29-01-2023 12:02
@smol_kia I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards!
29-01-2023 11:28
@bnny_jeonjungko @simplywheng I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards!
29-01-2023 11:27
RT @kpopvotes_ga: - Mubeat Global Choice Round 2 (Male) 🎟️30 tickets rules: - follow @kpopvotes_ga - like and rt - drop proofs #SEVEN…
29-01-2023 11:27
@kopfkinonight 🥲
29-01-2023 11:26
RT @Daily_JK97: 📢We are behind.. please we need more participants.. at least 1000 to meet the goal. 🥹☹️🙏🏽 Join here: https://t.co/sGUFmrtc…
29-01-2023 11:26
@harbor_jjk @JUNGKOOKBUFF dragons omg I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards!
29-01-2023 11:26
@Daily_JK97 I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards!
29-01-2023 11:25
393 497
i vote #LeftandRight for #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards https://t.co/KA6BqHeEc7
29-01-2023 11:25
RT @lissyorlulu99: You know, it also bothers me and at the same time makes me sad to see all the injustice towards JK, but I have learned t…
29-01-2023 11:22
232 75
we need to start asking for physicals to be shipped on the same day for jungkook album when we feel its close. such… https://t.co/Ar4Ca8bhr5
29-01-2023 11:19
RT @GoldenJKUnivers: “Dreamers” by Jungkook has now surpassed 150M streams on Spotify. It is now the fastest solo song by a Korean soloist…
29-01-2023 11:14
RT @starnewskorea: 방탄소년단 정국, 美빌보드 인기 질주..'Dreamers' 9주→'Left and Right' 30주 차트인 #방탄소년단정국 #방탄소년단 #정국 #BTS #JUNGKOOK #JEONJUNGKOOK #BTSARMY…
29-01-2023 11:02
Coward mf https://t.co/UCZWJJ0JVR
29-01-2023 00:18
liar with lie in the @ lol. anyways stop involving jungkook and his friendships in your so called fanwars. He's his… https://t.co/7aGyoxm04G
29-01-2023 00:10
RT @ChartsJJK: Dreamers by Jung Kook has now surpassed 150 million streams on Spotify. It is the fastest solo song by a Korean soloist and…
28-01-2023 21:43
208 48
jungkook's eyes are literally prettier than even girls https://t.co/rtKy0Nz30E
28-01-2023 21:15
0 3239
RT @minarmy_art: Glesses👓 #jungkook #btsfanart https://t.co/40QCtu8lis
28-01-2023 20:28
RT @ChartsJJK: Prioritizing years old songs over currently charting ones that contribute directly to the group's streams is a ... strange c…
28-01-2023 20:20
@jks_dreamers @Daily_JK97 Butook at the title of playlist..
28-01-2023 20:10
@Daily_JK97 the account has now added total 4 dreamers but l&r is still 1 and all are so low after so many days 😭 @… https://t.co/9tqdrk3ZGn
28-01-2023 18:59
@97SARCHIVES I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards https://t.co/tsVWo3kawq
28-01-2023 18:37
@jeonDTD_ @1997_sep01 I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards
28-01-2023 18:20
RT @GoldenJKUnivers: Jungkook is now the first and only Korean soloist to spend 10 weeks charting on Global Spotify Weekly with multiple so…
28-01-2023 18:19
RT @Daily_JK97: Dreamers’ Producer ‘Redone’ once again talked about Jungkook. “He didn’t record the song with me. I sent him the song and…
28-01-2023 18:16
@97SARCHIVES I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards https://t.co/HweiQjVqu3
28-01-2023 18:07
RT @CloutNewsMedia: BTS #Jungkook’s ‘Still With You’ Was The Most-Streamed Pop Song on SoundCloud in 2022 https://t.co/Mx9EcB8MnI
28-01-2023 18:00
@97SARCHIVES I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards https://t.co/EQ3HoTAJnM
28-01-2023 17:42
@97SARCHIVES I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards https://t.co/gWfwP1PvII
28-01-2023 17:37
@btspoema @Pk_bts_land We are so tired 🥴
28-01-2023 17:27
@97SARCHIVES Dreamers focussed playlist. I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards… https://t.co/7bgjLEHycq
28-01-2023 17:26
@btspoema @Pk_bts_land I literally told you we dmed them an hour ago. They don't give a fck about him or the songs… https://t.co/7dlDf6Xp7V
28-01-2023 17:23
@97SARCHIVES I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards https://t.co/FX5pcZIcHf
28-01-2023 17:23
@97SARCHIVES I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards https://t.co/Z7ZK8tq7Hh
28-01-2023 17:23
RT @JJK_VotingTeam: 🗳️VOTE FOR JUNGKOOK ON MUBEAT ROUND 2 currently #11🚨 Push to top 10 guys🙏 Open multiple accounts and collect tickets…
28-01-2023 17:20
@btspoema @jeonitboyjk @Pk_bts_land Do you think they are blind to not see the hundreds quotes? And we dmed the fb… https://t.co/qFeDFFsarf
28-01-2023 17:18
RT @97SARCHIVES: STREAM FOR JUNGKOOK!! 💙 GOAL: 1000 ss of streams: •Dreamers •Stay Alive…
28-01-2023 17:15
@btspoema @Pk_bts_land https://t.co/j8lIbBZVmG
28-01-2023 17:14
@almostdita dreamers is a newest release than so many songs which you have added above. And left and right is at th… https://t.co/tu1REmI6wB
28-01-2023 17:10
RT @jungkooktrends: Use these dreamers and left and right focused playlists and lets increase the daily streams on spotify global. Drop the…
28-01-2023 16:44
@Rayajrk @simytime @aIIure97 @unknownjm13 @79kth @illbebaiann @widGuck Aww thank you sm❤️
28-01-2023 16:32
@Daily_JK97 I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards
28-01-2023 16:31
185 58
not these ot6 hagmys showing their true jk anti colors in every single streaming party. Fck these antis.… https://t.co/2LkitOB88C
28-01-2023 16:29
RT @jeonprotector: Also the audacity of armys to use jk records for fanwars but can't even do the bare minimum to support him is just hilar…
28-01-2023 16:29
@Daily_JK97 34k likes?? Wtf. Cass pls share the playlist link or the twitter account who made them. I will try to a… https://t.co/YyQr7VzKJv
28-01-2023 16:26
@Rayajrk @simytime @aIIure97 @unknownjm13 @79kth @illbebaiann @widGuck Thank you raya, you are so cute ❤️ tho I don… https://t.co/RxQwQh48Q5
28-01-2023 16:25
@Daily_JK97 Fck these [email protected] honestly
28-01-2023 16:21
101 17
@Pk_bts_land Sorry but l&r increase is not due to streaming party else dreamers would have also increased. L&r has… https://t.co/FzluYGz2Bs
28-01-2023 16:17
@btschartsdailys @BTS_twt Not the hypocrites trying to take credits of l&r increase when this is the playlists they… https://t.co/gRpZAyHyVC
28-01-2023 16:15
@BTStreamingID Check your dms
28-01-2023 15:55
@im_not_shaa @Daily_JK97 They are never fair to him and his songs like they support others just coz his songs are l… https://t.co/eVIxxTBLDz
28-01-2023 15:54
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@BTStreamingID [email protected] dreamers is a newest release than so many songs which you have added above. And left… https://t.co/oMMjQi9SNB
28-01-2023 15:46
RT @TRlVIAL0VES: korean acts with the most cumulative weeks on the hot 100 in 2022: 1. Jungkook - 18 weeks 2. BTS - 12 weeks 3. BP - 9 wee…
28-01-2023 15:43
180 217
He's crazy. I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards https://t.co/Qnu3jk6sXl
28-01-2023 14:54
162 196
Focus on the songs counting for Jungkook streams on Spotify. Dreamers, Left And Right, Stay Alive and 4 L&R remixes… https://t.co/LBy8udRbKO
28-01-2023 14:15
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I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards https://t.co/4VXbXFCUBC
28-01-2023 13:53
RT @jeonprotector: Funny how bighit is so quick to release other members behind scenes and photo sketches for their solo works but we still…
28-01-2023 12:55
RT @ChartsJJK: Jungkook needs 3.2M daily to become the fastest k-pop act to reach 1B. Let's not let the opportunity slip through our finger…
28-01-2023 11:02
@jeontheprince @glowinguks 😭😂 he has also stopped his restaurant tour for now I guess. let's see what's he doing. I… https://t.co/AHW54yHHeH
28-01-2023 09:40
@jeontheprince @glowinguks 😭 jjks forgot everything as they are missing him jajaja 😭
28-01-2023 09:37
@AsiaJK97 I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards
28-01-2023 09:35
@glowinguks This is from August 2022
28-01-2023 09:33
RT @JJK_VotingTeam: 🔴Jungkook supporters, we have so much work to do. We have imp polls like mubeat, idolchamp- kmusic, Iheart, fanplus whe…
28-01-2023 09:33
@PopLikeJK I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards
28-01-2023 09:33
@jkoncharts I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards
28-01-2023 09:33
RT @jeonstandsout: Left and Right has charted on Spotify global for more than 200 days now, Dreamers is still charting after 2 months of re…
28-01-2023 09:32
@_BTSMoments_ I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards
28-01-2023 09:32
@Jeonjungkook_SG I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards
28-01-2023 09:32
@globalpopboy Stfu this is one of the first tweets I saw after waking up
28-01-2023 09:31
@Daily_JK97 I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards
28-01-2023 09:30
@GoldenJKUnivers I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards
28-01-2023 09:30
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RT @GoldenJKUnivers: Let’s go! Please give me 1000 replies: I am voting for #LeftandRight as #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards
28-01-2023 09:30
RT @starnewskorea: 방탄소년단 정국 'Still With You' 사운드클라우드 2022 최다 스트리밍 팝송 1위 #방탄소년단정국 #방탄소년단 #정국 #BTS #JUNGKOOK #JEONJUNGKOOK #BTSARMY #stillw…
28-01-2023 09:11
RT @starnewskorea: 방탄소년단 정국, 미스 유니버스 코리아도 ♥..'글로벌 초인기남' #방탄소년단정국 #방탄소년단 #정국 #BTS #JUNGKOOK #JEONJUNGKOOK #BTSARMY #StarnewsKorea https:/…
28-01-2023 09:11
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everyone's songs go up except jk during armys streaming wether i-armys or k-armys lol. look at the decrease in posi… https://t.co/bHYllZLwQm
27-01-2023 19:14
RT @Daily_JK97: 📊 Jungkook is the first Korean Soloist in history to spend 30 weeks on Billboard's Vietnam Hot 100 Chart with 'Left And Rig…
27-01-2023 17:42
@winnttaebear @hopeliinks I vote #LeftandRight for #BestMusicVideo at #iHeartAwards
27-01-2023 17:28
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RT @myoujks: #JUNGKOOK whenever you smile ♡ https://t.co/kyexfJCFuv
27-01-2023 15:15
RT @Daily_JK97: 📢PLEASE JOIN THE NEW RENAISSANCE PARTY!! ♦️GOAL: 450,000 in 3 days Link: https://t.co/Ex1fMNsXVs Main playlist: https://t…
27-01-2023 15:14
@Daily_JK97 I’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards
27-01-2023 15:14