Isy (@Izsisu) — Artist and Writer. Senior Developer for Paizo. She/her I guess…
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RT @thenothingmaker: A commission for August on Twitter of Chaos and Zagreus sharing a quiet time together in the void ! Thanks a lot ✨ #Ha…
09-12-2022 10:32
0 1932
RT @jramseyi: Drawing of a Mouse Samurai
09-12-2022 10:20
RT @archeohistories: A Roman stone palette, and bronze medicine box with a sliding lid and separate compartments to store medical substance…
09-12-2022 10:19
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RT @archeohistories: A 4th Century CE, Roman floor mosaic of the Villa Romana del casale in Piazza Armerina, Sicily, Italy. #archaeohistor…
09-12-2022 10:19
0 111
RT @rennatelier: snowman friends in a snowy world ☃️
09-12-2022 10:19
RT @komomorebi: probably my fav desktop wallpaper setup for this year 😋
09-12-2022 10:19
0 18425
RT @Yoda4ever: Beware! Dragon on the loose...🐲😅
09-12-2022 10:18
RT @johannamation: [2019] My grave cleric Raife, and his spiritual weapon, a scythe made of a Metric Heck-ton of Graves 🪦…
09-12-2022 10:16
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RT @Iron_Spike: Kind of in love with this recreation of "The Shaman of Bad Dürrenberg." She was a 25-to-35-year-old woman who lived 9,000 y…
09-12-2022 08:55
RT @97sgub:
09-12-2022 07:46
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RT @AlannaMode: For everyone stanning the flute guy at #TheGameAwards (as you should) his name is Pedro Eustache and he is a legendary flut…
09-12-2022 07:42
RT @vickinerino: Tadaaahhh
09-12-2022 06:40
0 3176
RT @ouiouhie: through tartarus #HadesGame
09-12-2022 06:40
0 8995
RT @Malkaiden: this is why i struggle to fully convey to americans just how bad they have it
09-12-2022 06:38
0 1457
RT @Mahoukarp: he has a side quest
09-12-2022 06:36
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RT @CanYouPetTheDog: You can pet the frog in Hades 2
09-12-2022 05:06
RT @arcasian: Just a lil heads up that my shops will be closing on December 10th! 🚨
09-12-2022 04:46
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RT @WholesomeMeme:
09-12-2022 04:42
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RT @MinovskyArticle: Indie comic publisher @Peow are sadly shutting down for good at the end of the year. If you want my advice, grab one o…
09-12-2022 04:42
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RT @SupergiantGames: Meet the Princess of the Underworld in HADES II, the next game from our studio! Details about Early Access coming in…
09-12-2022 04:36
RT @shingworks: How was this comic was made for me specifically? I’m such a dumbass for not finding it earlier. Absolutely gorgeous book by…
09-12-2022 04:31
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RT @roseflarea: GUYS…
09-12-2022 04:30
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RT @USFWSPacific: Wisdom, the world’s oldest known wild bird, recently returned to Midway Atoll! The beloved Laysan albatross, or mōlī, is…
09-12-2022 04:21
RT @SprintingOwl: Three days left to get 70 TTRPGs.
09-12-2022 04:20
RT @mushroomyhouse: 🦉Hooty-hoo!🦉 The wonderful @hootalex's shop drop is now LIVE!! Get your fix of bird- theme washis, memo pads, patche…
09-12-2022 04:20
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RT @sewgoodsplush: Store is open! Now I have to disappear for an hour because I forgot and set this shop opening at the same time as an app…
09-12-2022 04:20
RT @crosberg: Husband: You got a small package. Me: I did? OH, MY CRABS! H: ...your...crabs? Thank you for these amazing crabs @shingwork…
09-12-2022 04:18
RT @poliscibitches: You’re telling me the entire Siberian Orchestra is trans
09-12-2022 04:17
0 1462
RT @maruti_bitamin: scratchy socks 🔪
09-12-2022 04:08
RT @AlongsideWild: “I’ve worked here for 17 years, so she was already here when I arrived...”
09-12-2022 03:06
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RT @Lolligag_love: My students wanted English names for class and they decided to go with their literal kanji translations as their names s…
09-12-2022 03:02
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RT @keymonster: Sunflower Blossom Kitten 🌻 #digitalart #Procreate #artistsontwitter
09-12-2022 03:01
RT @chloeneill: Don’t confuse your memes, sirs.
09-12-2022 03:01
RT @fleffie: “Katamari” 🌈🐄 #katamaridamacy #watercolor #inks
09-12-2022 02:59
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RT @_wholesomegames: Introducing Tiny Glade by @PounceLight! Let yourself unwind in this cozy building game. No management, no combat, no…
09-12-2022 02:59
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RT @GatorsDaily: wat
09-12-2022 02:58
RT @TheDovetailor: By the way, we are always on the lookout for folks who'd give our RPG a spin for one shots or short sessions. If you all…
09-12-2022 02:58
RT @macarthur_dd8: Pathfinder 2e Pro Tip: You can always use Athletics for initiative as long as you kick down every door you see. This is…
09-12-2022 02:00
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RT @UrsulaV: Heh, saw a comment suggesting that the only way to deal with AI art is to make it so uncool and mockable that no one wants to…
09-12-2022 02:00
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RT @northyme_: Character sheets for the boyfriends 😌 #DnDcharacter
09-12-2022 00:52
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RT @NeolithicSheep: The time to stop is when you look at that water and see how fast it's moving and realize you have no idea how deep it i…
09-12-2022 00:52
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RT @jacquelineUWS: Red morph Eastern Screech-Owl bathed in sunlight. 💕🦉 #birdwatching
09-12-2022 00:16
RT @NeolithicSheep: Counterpoint: all of the birds in the infamous song are currently either domesticated or exist in quantity in the capti…
09-12-2022 00:14
RT @yoshisquared: Dressing for a lavish party requires the utmost care and thought. You'd hate to be embarrassed, wouldn't you? Better dres…
09-12-2022 00:06
RT @lilaclilyjewels: This is exactly why I’ve been slowly taking small amounts of packages in each day and making them scan every single on…
09-12-2022 00:04
RT @HaggardHawks: REGRATULATION is the act of celebrating something again.
09-12-2022 00:04
RT @bexone: @UrsulaV “The previous owner tried to DIY it” might be the single greatest 7-word horror story ever written
08-12-2022 23:32
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RT @sqshiijelly: 🍣
08-12-2022 23:27
RT @fossilforager: New pins will be available in my shop tomorrow (12/9) @ 12 pm PST! ✨🐛
08-12-2022 23:24
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RT @TheOnion: Elon Musk Worried He Won’t Have Enough Twitter Employees Left To Fire On Christmas Eve…
08-12-2022 23:17
RT @Amaretta_: ‼ I'll be retiring the Rendered and Art Nouveau comm options in the new year! If you still want to get one of these, send in…
08-12-2022 23:16
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RT @crevicedwelling: creatures that make you feel the emotions. not sure which ones
08-12-2022 23:16
0 327
RT @50WattsDotCom: illustrated bug parade from a 1920s Japanese magazine
08-12-2022 23:14
RT @AmandaChadburn: Late entry for #HillfortsWednesday. This is a beautiful model of the “Marueleza oppidum”, Arrola mountain, in the Basqu…
08-12-2022 23:14
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RT @PKirigami: 森に潜むマルヤクデ
08-12-2022 23:13
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RT @dreamwisp: Some news: I'm going to be sharing a link for sign language interpreters who are comfortable interpreting for TTRPG games/st…
08-12-2022 23:12
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RT @beatonna: It has been known for decades that there are elevated cancer rates and other health issues in the Indigenous communities livi…
08-12-2022 23:12
RT @met_costume: Ensemble, 1878 #fashionhistory #costumecollection
08-12-2022 23:11
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RT @nim_illust: Two Birbs ✨ #illustration
08-12-2022 23:11
RT @AEDerocher: Just a sweet looking polar bear for Thursday. Photo taken from @PolarBears Buggy One supplied by @FrontiersNorth for resear…
08-12-2022 23:11
@LionintheTrees But what would it cost to commission a Mari Lwyd? >.> 👉👈
08-12-2022 22:53
RT @savebutterflies: Give a gift that gives back to nature this Christmas 🎁 Our half-price memberships make the perfect present for the w…
08-12-2022 22:51
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RT @Foureyedalien: Order up! 🍣 One Tatsugiri! #PokemonScarletViolet
08-12-2022 22:50
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RT @fossilforager: Coleoptera of North America 🪲✨
08-12-2022 22:11
RT @TSRodriguez14: Hobgoblin Ranger, Dmiri Yoltosha, from Age of Ashes, Isometric Art Remake #IsometricArt #Artwork #Artist #Digitalart #Mo…
08-12-2022 22:07
RT @Fenrirs_Chosen: #Pathfinder2e is for Everyone.
08-12-2022 22:07
RT @Ballad7Dice: Praise be to our Shining God! Hear from Saint Bernard Busybody about this wonderful religion! Join Saturday at 4pm CST fo…
08-12-2022 22:07
RT @Rulelord2E: You've heard of "elf on the shelf" now get ready for #Pathfinder2e #Pathfindermemes
08-12-2022 22:06
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RT @MusicalChaotic:
08-12-2022 22:06
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RT @coco__glez: 🌙✨
08-12-2022 22:03
RT @monarobot: Awesome Pinocchio exhibit at the @MuseumModernArt !
08-12-2022 22:02
RT @atlasobscura: And if you need a last minute gift (we’ve all been there), we have the solution for you. Here are some of our favorite gi…
08-12-2022 22:02
RT @zebeev: Saw some comments in the last one where people were throwing out other ideas... just tossin' this one out into the aether too..…
08-12-2022 21:46
RT @HaggardHawks: The verb PARK, as in to park a car, was originally a military term used in the early 1800s to refer to army vehicles and…
08-12-2022 09:28
RT @Royarach: Also have Windfish crystal suncatchers now too! Just listed!
08-12-2022 08:11
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RT @rainylune: what if i told you i commissioned an artist to draw my frog plushies as a boy band 🐸
08-12-2022 07:53
RT @amandaherzman: (rts adored!💖) my last sh☀p update for the year is now live! limited stock of herbologist zines volumes 1, 2 and 3 are a…
08-12-2022 07:19
RT @sapphaholic: My lizard from @CurlworksKigus meets my lizard, Rhubarb!
08-12-2022 07:17
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RT @JamaalBowmanNY: Tonight at midnight, 1,100 workers at @nytimes are going on a 24 hour strike. Here’s what you can do… Do not engage wi…
08-12-2022 07:17
RT @catplantsupply: Clover 🍀✨ Made in @womp3D
08-12-2022 07:17
RT @sawdustbear: the high priestess (another animated tarot card)
08-12-2022 06:56
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RT @caiabresebun: Youse gonna regret the day you ruffled The Tiger’s fur #AceAttorney
08-12-2022 06:55
0 1087
RT @RebeccaRHelm: HAVE YOU SEEN THE OTHER TURKEY?! There are only TWO species of turkey in the whole world. The North American brown "wild…
08-12-2022 06:54
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RT @SleepiMali: Faerie Petal Dragon 🐲🌸
08-12-2022 06:53
RT @jonrog1: No, no, it wasn’t multiple economic crashes, school shootings, the rise of LGBTQ+ hate, a million deaths and tens of thousands…
08-12-2022 06:53
RT @PhoebeBane: @macarthur_dd8 @Werserker_Draws Always love showin' off my PF2e character art, lol. Unbreakable Goblin Magus~…
08-12-2022 06:51
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RT @cr_scannell: -slides this harpy across the table to u-
08-12-2022 06:51
RT @NeolithicSheep: Seriously I have worn my patu from Mr Haneif at Nuristan Fashion every day since it got cold. I sit outside to drink my…
08-12-2022 06:41
RT @TanShaoHan: HAHA omg @charsiewspace drew this part of our LEVEL 1 GOKA UNDERWORLD ADVENTURE. they were supposed to play dead and let th…
08-12-2022 06:41
RT @KOINNews: A federal memo obtained by #NewsNation is warning about intentional attacks on power substations in the Pacific Northwest.…
08-12-2022 06:39
RT @camelliakyoto: Tamaori-hime (珠玉織姫) can be bought with a presentation box and serving plate, both featuring a spool motif (西陣織の糸巻). Fla…
08-12-2022 06:38
RT @thisishannako: OH HELLO I painted a crewgi figure for charity and THERE IT ISSSSS. I've never painted a figure before but I did my best…
08-12-2022 06:36
RT @miskiart: This is such a huge blow to photographic copyright i cannot even begin to express. this is such a deeply -obvious- case too I…
08-12-2022 03:16
RT @sawdustbear: My last blog post contains a mini gift guide for people who are into my general *waves hands* deal. Some people say they'v…
08-12-2022 03:15
RT @Anuranton: People familiar with California tiger salamanders (Ambystoma californiense) what are your thoughts on this odd pale individu…
08-12-2022 02:31
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RT @dai2nofuwa: オーダー4体目が完成致しました! 今回はモデルとなった依頼者様が飼われていた愛鳥さんが、不死鳥に姿を変えて戻って来られました。 不死を望んだのは私だけじゃなかった 永い時を生きたくてそうした訳じゃない 私が居ないと寂しいでしょ ただ貴方が生きて…
08-12-2022 02:25
0 397
RT @CuriousZelda: You stop to rest your heavy head All thoughts and worries drifting But something keeps you wide awake Your butt is slowl…
08-12-2022 02:17
RT @QuinnStone42: #SimplyPF2e No. 32 and 33: Striking with Melee and Ranged Weapons. Remember to look at your weapon's traits! Some weapons…
08-12-2022 01:57
0 158
RT @DelteilMelissa: Anurognathids are just sky gremlins. Pretty sure it’s @WryCritic who mentioned at #TetZooCon these little guys were fl…
08-12-2022 01:56
0 289
RT @AlisonFisk: Amazing ‘once in a lifetime’ find announced yesterday by MOLA! A gold necklace made up of Roman coins, gold, garnets, glass…
08-12-2022 01:55
RT @mondomascots: Unashi, a colorful cow standing on two legs and balancing a pear on its head, is the mascot for Totsuka Ward in Yokohama…
08-12-2022 01:49
RT @jeffvandermeer: I don't collaborate much since the time I sent 30k of very innocent fantasy novel I was stuck on to a seemingly perfect…
08-12-2022 01:30
RT @sheydgarden: i do portraits, by the way! no they're not $3 or whatever the hell that app is charging! because i'm a real person with a…
08-12-2022 01:10
0 2249
RT @MaxwellFrostFL: LETS GO!!! Congratulations to Senator @ReverendWarnock, the Organizers, staff, volunteers, and all of Georgia. Thanks f…
08-12-2022 01:09
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RT @Cy_lindric: coloured some little bits & trinkets
08-12-2022 01:09
0 29882
RT @TIME: The Women of Iran are TIME's 2022 Heroes of the Year #TIMEPOY
08-12-2022 01:07
0 1120
RT @TBrosuis: Wrapping up intro biology lab research presentations in style. Hand knitted and designed- every major phyla covered in the cl…
08-12-2022 01:07
RT @SailorShrimpp: 🦀 Hi, I’m a carcinartist who draws illustrations of crustaceans and shares fun facts! 🦞If you like crustaceans and learn…
08-12-2022 01:07
RT @viv_iam: The #cougar kitten lingered at the deer hide long enough to leave a few video clips behind (4 strung together here). Listen cl…
08-12-2022 00:38
RT @tentakrool: Finished up shading this art in order to have an example for my updated commission sheet. Aubrei is just so fun to draw, sh…
08-12-2022 00:36
RT @HaggardHawks: To be WAKERIFE is to be unable to sleep. To be COLDRIFE is to be susceptible to the cold. To be WASTRIFE is to be proflig…
07-12-2022 23:20
RT @yoshisquared: Ereshkigal, goddess of death, stands strong even in her grief, an insurmountable force no living being can overcome. http…
07-12-2022 23:10
RT @RemiliaGrimm: Wanting to run/play in: BloodLords, Strength of Thousands, Outlaws of Alkenstar, Kingmaker. Almost had a BloodLords part…
07-12-2022 22:49
RT @micahdraws: Anyone have a Strength of Thousands game that needs another player? I've played through book 1 and a teeny bit into book 2,…
07-12-2022 22:49
0 27888
RT @lauren_wilford: a YouTube comment about the way AI destroyed the field of translation years ago
07-12-2022 22:40
0 53501
RT @KawaiiZealot: HEARTBREAKING: Poor girl has to get out of the soft warm bed even though she is so so so so comfy
07-12-2022 22:40
RT @Kiradraws1: ❄️I'M OPENING SOME SLOTS FOR WINTER❄️ DM me if interested!!
07-12-2022 22:27
0 592
RT @tncts: dreaming about robots probably...🤖🌥️✨ #artvsartist #artvsartist2022
07-12-2022 22:27
RT @missmonstermel: One of the first things i made to sell online in the early 2000’s were painted wood cut-outs- guess ive come full circl…
07-12-2022 22:21
RT @RoseCocoVT: if you'd like a little meow meow, I'm opening up a few more slots before the year ends!
07-12-2022 22:21
0 1889
RT @gunsnrosesgirl3: Hummingbird heaven 📹 magdalena_sanchez
07-12-2022 22:09
RT @Kiradraws1: CHIBI SLOTS OPEN TOO!! Just cause. I love drawing chibis 🥺
07-12-2022 22:09
0 10680
RT @GatorsDaily: he wanted to join the picnic 😭
07-12-2022 22:01
0 1486
RT @NYTimesGuild: After 20 months of negotiations, enough is enough: Today, more than 1,000 @NYTimesGuild members pledged to walk out if @n…
07-12-2022 22:00
RT @HeightAdvantage: Some of my contributions to the recently released Pathfinder Lost Omens: Impossible Lands. AD: @robosapienx Copyright…
07-12-2022 21:57
RT @graysonism: friend's Tiefling Precog they're going to be playing in my starfinder game, with their Aasimar Confidant they have a V/joh…
07-12-2022 21:56
0 128
RT @nimasprout: Excited to share the rest of the Bugsnax artwork created for @YoungHorses and @iam8bit Vinyl Soundtrack Release! All artwo…
07-12-2022 21:54
0 395
RT @kitschchris: Moongazing (2019) in loving memory of Dad 🌹
07-12-2022 19:55
0 107
RT @califlair: new year new pinclub theme ❄️🥺
07-12-2022 19:55
RT @rpgtoons: 🚂 TRAIN HEIST 💨 A chaotic weird west one-shot in which the players are outlaws that plan to rob a train IT WILL NOT GO AS P…
07-12-2022 19:55
0 309
RT @OMMultiverse: ⚔️Tamagotchi meets TTRPG anyone?⚔️ Stay in character between sessions of your campaign in Long Rest, a new OMM experiment…
07-12-2022 19:53
0 291
RT @bbiryo: 团珠蛛🤲💚💛 喜欢小毛线团
07-12-2022 19:53
0 6997
RT @PKirigami: 自然に溶け込む蛾たち
07-12-2022 19:51
0 119
RT @Weird_AnimaIs: Sepia mestus cuttlefish from the southwest Pacific Ocean grow to 6cm long. (Photo John Turnbull)
07-12-2022 19:51
RT @Cryptid_Create: The Snowy Griffún Plush Kick-Starter is now LIVE :) Here is the trailer for our plush. Follow the link in our comment…
07-12-2022 19:48
0 465
RT @shlorp: This axe was so fun to do ✨
07-12-2022 19:48
0 951
RT @yescynfria: handpainted smashed milk tea on plywood 🌝✨
07-12-2022 19:48
0 2091
RT @sanhomaydraw: New year's coming...
07-12-2022 19:47
0 1236
RT @keymonster: Autumn Leaves Dog 🍁 #digitalart #Procreate #ArtistOnTwitter
07-12-2022 19:47
0 816
RT @milcah_doll: whipped cream🍓🥣🧁
07-12-2022 12:16
0 101
RT @maxando: My personal favourite #butterfly photo of the year. Clouds of male Adonis Blues battling in the air at Anchor Bottom, Sussex.…
07-12-2022 12:16
0 3766
RT @lizzo: Fit for a McQueen👑
07-12-2022 05:55
RT @_anchorsarecool: fairy #4 #drawing #sketch #doodle #fairy #fae #sweater
07-12-2022 05:55
RT @_anchorsarecool: fairy #3 #drawing #sketch #doodle #fairy #pixie #sprouts #sparkles
07-12-2022 05:55
RT @_anchorsarecool: another quick fairy sketch #sketch #doodle #drawing #fairy #fey #goblin #insect #pants
07-12-2022 05:55
0 111
RT @_anchorsarecool: sketch before work #sketch #drawing #imp #fairy
07-12-2022 05:55
0 582
RT @TrenchTrotter: In 1919 /1920s they cleared the battle field of Verdun of the dead. This image shows the skeletal remains of friend and…
07-12-2022 05:54
0 144
RT @EverydayMerlin: this sums up one of the biggest struggles freelance artists discuss behind closed doors, the reality is that once you d…
07-12-2022 05:52
RT @envygreenmanor: ALERT!! We just found some additional Cotton Goblin & Spooky shirts!! click here to snag them before they’re gone!! ✨…
07-12-2022 05:51
RT @KiennaS: *waves* who are some POC TTRPG product reviewers? Shout them out please (and if you are one, please link to site/social media…
07-12-2022 04:04
0 102
RT @lizulimu: Firebird
07-12-2022 04:04
RT @Jamie__Flack: The Gov! All done with his base layer, the fuzz. I'm going to do all his clothing as separate layers so i can mix and mat…
07-12-2022 03:59
0 109
RT @zoejayw: my piece for @TurnaboutCinema ! Ace Attorney Investigations 2 fans make some noise. It was an absolute blsat to participate in…
07-12-2022 03:59
0 610
RT @uwukko: if you're a queer individual stuck inside of russia, please do your best to stay safe and do NOT use russian social media or me…
07-12-2022 03:58
0 125
RT @STABLERCAKE: Oh, don't you feel fear Of all the stupid things
07-12-2022 03:58
0 7690
RT @SaadYacoob: Netflix is sticking its neck out because it thinks there's a market here. If you want to help break the taboo on representa…
07-12-2022 03:57
0 894
RT @JosiahHawthorne:
07-12-2022 03:57
RT @Ailustrar: #artvsartist2022 Most of the work I made this year is still under NDA :( but here are some sweet highlights.…
07-12-2022 03:57
0 102
RT @fivepaninis: We got a really tall gate to keep out the thief
07-12-2022 03:56
RT @Ismarus_art: Hey TTRPG friends! I’m considering creating a (royalty-free/commercial-use) 🎨 art pack for the use of TTRPG creators! Is t…
07-12-2022 03:55
RT @owlyjules: Since people seems to like him so much, I did a full pic of my Changeling King! Bird feets are more comfy in the fae world b…
07-12-2022 03:54
RT @missmonstermel: If I ever catch the kid who keeps graffitiing the wall across the street I’m gonna ask him if he can draw me and then “…
07-12-2022 03:54
RT @pondsizedocean: This person got my Etsy shop taken down in 2020 over wrongful copyright claims and upon being alerted Etsy refused to l…
07-12-2022 03:53
0 814
RT @Chiai_tea: Stubby bears 🧸
07-12-2022 03:22
RT @Yokai_Parade: another satisfied customer! get yours at our Etsy shop, because this stupid thing has not gone away yet😬
07-12-2022 03:21
0 295
RT @HillaryRonen: We just stopped the use of killer robots robots in SF. Complete reversal from last week. Common sense prevailed.
07-12-2022 03:02
RT @emmbrrr: someone in a discord server changed my display name from embie to decembie and i'll be going by that for the rest of the month
07-12-2022 02:58
RT @spellsinsugar:
07-12-2022 02:58
RT @DemiDevilQueen: woah look at this design I did for a (dead) rpgmaker project, and their sprite! It was supposed to be an adaption of t…
07-12-2022 02:58
RT @YuicihiroG: 北海道は今日も雪。 ユキハミちゃんはふわふわの雪に大満足です❄️✨
07-12-2022 02:56
RT @paizo: We wanted to share the memories some of the Kingmaker Adventure Path’s authors had when they looked back on their time helping t…
07-12-2022 02:55
RT @quihnn: Page 105 (gee im sorry im so late 😂 huevembers fault! ) #orc #comic #pathfinder2e #dnd https://t.…
07-12-2022 02:53
RT @IvyAges: 6! Fetchling! 18! Thaumaturge! 3rd #pathfinder2e #pathfinderdecember play with brushes and patterns. "Desiccant dust. Dries…
07-12-2022 02:33
RT @quihnn: I forgot I made this. Enjoy it so far while I'm trying to find energy to draw after work 😴 #dndart #pathfinder2e…
07-12-2022 02:33
0 590
RT @ao3tagsbot: I was put on this Earth to traumatize funny little fellas that don't exist
07-12-2022 02:19
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RT @elk_en: i updated Warren's hair and his face or whatever because i wasn't really feeling his previous design 😔 i think this is better.…
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RT @GamesDoneQuick: Oh word? Unapologetically Black and Fast is BACK in 2023! We're going to celebrate Black joy and SPEED all day Februa…
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RT @sophreas: Stardew valley chickens are best girls!
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RT @KikiDoodleTweet: If you wanted a print of Blossom, I usually print them on fine art paper at 12x18", but I'm making a batch of A3 EU si…
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