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My hand maybe hurting again auugh... I guess tomorrow we rise and grind
27-03-2023 02:52
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RT @PatrickZircher: A comic book writer shared this with me: https://t.co/0a9XUr0O1x
27-03-2023 02:50
@cearavs stylistic choice(negative)
27-03-2023 02:34
RT @missdash_: you will not lay a hand on this child. https://t.co/OQ1xe3xj69
27-03-2023 02:23
i need to draw something for it... but i have work...uhhhgjh
27-03-2023 01:38
voice of cards soundtrack after the games became a trilogy and are selling music hits different...
27-03-2023 01:38
RT @vernie_dk: Jade meeting a deadline #FireEmblemEngage #FEエンゲージ https://t.co/5PtyQp1piu
27-03-2023 01:32
RT @capybarasoup: drakengard 3 https://t.co/uBGmicbbcK
27-03-2023 01:07
@NieRGame thank you nier twitter person would you be kind enough to tell us of your favorite character and game in the voc trilogy
27-03-2023 01:00
RT @NieRGame: Wait until you see who created the Voice of Cards Trilogy... Have you played any of the games yet?
27-03-2023 00:55
RT @Xander_Wolk: Amber, Brodia’s #1 silly little guy #FireEmblemEngage #FEEngage https://t.co/h9jhegZi1o
27-03-2023 00:31
@Ephwaim one of my favorite sketches ever frfr
27-03-2023 00:30
@rainbowfirebird THANK YOU STILL
26-03-2023 20:17
@littlemissdash_ You are gods strongest soldier🫡
26-03-2023 20:13
RT @dark_knightaura: thank you for your commission @Metalheadx21 !! one of the commissions i had the most fun drawing!! https://t.co/1uPfmi…
26-03-2023 20:11
@MemieChalphy Nintendragondragoons
26-03-2023 20:10
@hunnyblasters I'll try!! Thank you!!!
26-03-2023 19:59
@rainbowfirebird Yes I'm gonna eat dinner and wait for the house to get a bit warmer thank you friend
26-03-2023 19:59
WERE FINALLY HOME I'm about to pass out..
26-03-2023 19:48
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RT @sylessae: retweet if you really really really really really really really really really really real…
26-03-2023 13:24
@ExaltedBrandAO3 Elm: milady I believe it's time I've told you about incognito mode and clear history...
26-03-2023 12:55
RT @aloneditee: Apollo’s gift of prophecy
26-03-2023 12:44
@ExaltedBrandAO3 But his voice is so crispy...
26-03-2023 12:43
RT @art_vtm: Tiki #FireEmblem #TokyoMirageSessions #FE https://t.co/aFsnBTwd0B
26-03-2023 11:24
RT @AdamCreyton: Engage's luxury jewellery magazine volume 2! In this volume, learn how to nuke your enemies from across the map with a c…
26-03-2023 09:07
@Panco_1812 Atk spd catch 4 is limited to cav/fliers... oh poor man
26-03-2023 08:52
RT @art_vtm: Maiko #FireEmblem #TokyoMirageSessions #FE https://t.co/1Iqnzy8dF2
26-03-2023 08:43
Did my dad started using my dms as saved messages. Father. Really.
26-03-2023 08:08
@fLarryon I'm so gonna draw her I'm sorry
26-03-2023 08:06
@fLarryon Mmm yes. Taking notes
26-03-2023 08:01
@fLarryon 👀👀 listening
26-03-2023 07:58
26-03-2023 07:48
@someonesayven Little sommie omg🥹
26-03-2023 07:47
RT @someonesayven: continuing to rough out older alcryst designs (Usual Affairs and Wedding Suit) ft. a very rough alear because I cannot p…
26-03-2023 07:46
RT @art_vtm: Mamori #FireEmblem #TokyoMirageSessions #FE https://t.co/3QiQ09m8Qx
26-03-2023 07:39
Lrt I look like this
26-03-2023 07:25
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RT @muco_vetro: ざんきょうちゅう ミスはっけんの おもいで! https://t.co/qAmXKh4Z7p
26-03-2023 07:24
RT @art_vtm: Yashiro #FireEmblem #TokyoMirageSessions #FE https://t.co/KkdJTxUW7e
26-03-2023 07:23
RT @kaorudrawshere: The (doomed) halidom of Ylisse (also my fav thing ive ever done for chrobin or anything at all as well😳😭) https://t.co…
26-03-2023 07:20
@crescentmoontea AWW OYSOTK Yeah it was shared around but I think because it was in a set?? I'm not sure 😔
26-03-2023 05:10
@FreeRealEstdale It's okay lmao I thought it was funny and happy everyone else agree
26-03-2023 00:12
RT @_ONEINCHSWING: doodle ジェーデ ( Jade ) https://t.co/YH1R9vHzCz
25-03-2023 23:43
I am currently not fit to be in a public place get me out of here I have tragic lesbians to think about and do nothing else
25-03-2023 23:25
RT @pikachutali: hehoo all :] I'm finally starting ko-fi requests hehe <3 I'll do either chibi or headshot reqs just hit me up :3 https://…
25-03-2023 23:23
Anyway eirfjorm angst is eating away at me in amount never seen before and I can't do anything but to lay down and… https://t.co/1TD37jRXlK
25-03-2023 23:17
RT @JadesnapArt: it's not this but I'm gonna say it is https://t.co/zXNVQMwaPW
25-03-2023 23:09
@contra_entry I'm sorry... he's so babygirl
25-03-2023 23:08
RT @contra_entry: https://t.co/xH7AVEhJ9A
25-03-2023 23:08
Also don't want to be a headache with reposts </3
25-03-2023 23:08
I actually didn't do the most popular fe artwork bc thing I simply don't know
25-03-2023 23:08
RT @maleficauraa: that one time i gave everyone depression <3 https://t.co/y0l4l3adJu
25-03-2023 22:35
RT @dark_knightaura: thank you @MisoSoup247 for your commission!! ❤️❤️ https://t.co/lWQRIevJnO
25-03-2023 21:43
RT @yokotaro: The Voice of Cards Trilogy. :)
25-03-2023 21:37
RT @do0104b: 【進め!ゲームサントラ部】2023 Voice of Cards TRILOGY 3枚組 上記シリーズの ドラゴンの島 できそこないの巫女 囚われの魔物 のサントラ。こういうダウンロード作品のサントラがもっとCDで出ますように。 https://t.c…
25-03-2023 21:36
RT @NoisyPixelNews: Voice of Cards Trilogy Bundles Now Available; Launch Trailer - https://t.co/HIbfSXyIdv https://t.co/xiKRphrTm6
25-03-2023 21:35
RT @NoisyPixelNews: Voice of Cards Trilogy Reveals Launch Artwork of Main Characters- https://t.co/HIbfSXyIdv https://t.co/Biv2dMjDVR
25-03-2023 21:35
RT @songofancientss: i keep drawing elendira #trigun https://t.co/47xpkfelNp
25-03-2023 21:35
Except for meeting the cousins everything else was miserable and they'd still try to force me to stay gjggfujdh
25-03-2023 19:28
Couldn't do anything today... but hey I'm returning tomorrow so :)
25-03-2023 19:28
RT @SHlGEOKAGEYAMA: that time i drew 20 fe girls😭 https://t.co/ZyP2rafXSo
25-03-2023 19:24
RT @art_vtm: Eleonora #FireEmblem #TokyoMirageSessions #FE https://t.co/xfPPt9UozR
25-03-2023 19:20
RT @dark_knightaura: you've all seen these pieces thousands of times and you're going to see them thousands more 🫡🫡🫡 https://t.co/0i8X9lOQ2g
25-03-2023 17:07
RT @niersrepose: sketch https://t.co/0wifw8eglx
25-03-2023 16:58
RT @FlREEMBLEMS: bumping! i still have some slots open- especially in the bust styles and sketches! ^__^
25-03-2023 16:57
RT @kusoneminoizumi: アイコンの元絵の神🐉様 https://t.co/iwOG1fKrwD
25-03-2023 15:41
RT @NovemberTimeX: Messed up my coloring so bad, ill redo later, uh Hey, Heidr #FEHeroes https://t.co/jfurOIhjrd
25-03-2023 15:40
RT @theprinceofiris: Today's FE World Character Spotlight: Rafiel (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) https://t.co/2wBbLe4Rg8 https://t.co/0dtL61P…
25-03-2023 15:40
RT @missdash_: muspell resplendent azura!!! https://t.co/0ZKWb2ZQea
25-03-2023 14:21
@FreeRealEstdale Awh... Is that too short
25-03-2023 14:17
@FreeRealEstdale "Anything that isn't fe4" is genealogy of the holy war too long for you also😭😭
25-03-2023 14:15
RT @cearavs: The right one for memes; the left one for actual art :3 It's been a while since I've drawn something, I'll definitely go back…
25-03-2023 03:18
@FreeRealEstdale Sooo,,, https://t.co/eDplWRAc2X
25-03-2023 01:35
RT @Im_drumk: Thank you @cheetz0 so much for accepting my cmm!! https://t.co/hL0s8NpTRe
25-03-2023 01:21
RT @FreeRealEstdale: Sharena #13 out of 6757 because I said I'd draw her once for every single CYL vote #FireEmblem https://t.co/BB5MMrMf…
25-03-2023 01:20
RT @Ct1YoFP: Sommie has killed many and has committed several war crimes https://t.co/WPygAlPJl4
25-03-2023 00:23
@d4ggerfish If I may, one often feels like this towards their own art more often than another person looking in. To… https://t.co/7Os4zD2P6J
24-03-2023 23:52
RT @Barnabisms: Will you take his hand https://t.co/XgF0kewAWx
24-03-2023 23:45
RT @mirensiart: a wip of T H E M ! ! ! https://t.co/nV0egltalo
24-03-2023 23:43
RT @marsboers: ok we get it ur in love ☺️☺️☺️ #dialear https://t.co/HxqNTW0qSY
24-03-2023 22:39
I'm so normal tonight I swear
24-03-2023 22:31
@ExaltedBrandAO3 Thou... twitter user... do you have count of how many times you've seen the lad...
24-03-2023 22:28
RT @SquareEnix: The Voice of Cards Trilogy is now available to purchase on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Store, and Steam. To commemorate t…
24-03-2023 22:26
@FlREEMBLEMS Actually a good food shall depend on the taste and not the presentation
24-03-2023 22:23
24-03-2023 22:22
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RT @d4ggerfish: pandreo and fogado doodles :] #FireEmblemEngage https://t.co/ddreKlYcMV
24-03-2023 22:10
RT @FlREEMBLEMS: lil drawing of alear i did while in a very boring work meeting 😎 #fireemblem https://t.co/NRnW20MRnh
24-03-2023 22:05
RT @Cos_Nunki: This four clearly pop off on Twitter ! It feels nice to share again Fjorm and Freyja ! ☺️ And yes, I know, Freyja is still n…
24-03-2023 21:58
@OneWingedExalt Do it faster before the headache
24-03-2023 21:45
RT @Dt75Art: according to tumblr here's a few of my classic shitposts https://t.co/x3FQiTgmzW
24-03-2023 21:39
RT @art_vtm: Touma #FireEmblem #TokyoMirageSessions #FE https://t.co/yyMUh2O9EX
24-03-2023 21:36
@rainbowfirebird YEAHG. YEAH
24-03-2023 21:36
24-03-2023 21:31
Thank you @cheetz0 so much for accepting my cmm!! https://t.co/hL0s8NpTRe
24-03-2023 21:25
RT @kuiper_boy: a good kid #NieRReplicant #NierGestalt https://t.co/f2t4NJPdgP
24-03-2023 21:01
@DDBoftheStars By lawd this website is soooo functional
24-03-2023 21:00
RT @erika_akiire: Pirate Líf and Alfonse duo for a Zine I did! #FEHeroes https://t.co/grY8X1ZrCB
24-03-2023 20:59
RT @RacecarArt: This reaction to FE1 getting localized. https://t.co/5WApww0VRw
24-03-2023 20:20
@WeinieCheeser My bad😔
24-03-2023 20:16
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RT @kuhuhu_kun: This marihilda drawing :0 https://t.co/k9mWqGx2pH
24-03-2023 19:19
24-03-2023 19:12
RT @RuleTimeSpace: Dude! The guy that voiced The Wolf in Puss in Boots The Last Wish! DESERVES some kind of award! Did SUCH an awesome job!…
24-03-2023 17:35
@vraleth Banger jarn friend!
24-03-2023 17:30
RT @vraleth: Probably one of these? I think they’re both cute 🥺 https://t.co/DJ2QtLnfHu
24-03-2023 17:29
RT @rainbowfirebird: omg guarder i know its you I can ID your style BAKSDJAKLSDJALKDJA YOU DREW THIS I https://t.co/g9tMXeAUP2
24-03-2023 17:15
RT @FlREEMBLEMS: got a request to draw janaff!!! ^__^ #fireemblem https://t.co/2G0aWv4TcJ
24-03-2023 17:10
@littlemissdash_ No I think I might need to completely move em to like discord or email or something because this is. Mmmmmmmm thanks ratman
24-03-2023 17:09
FUNCTIONAL WEBSITE. https://t.co/Lw2eI0fcRz
24-03-2023 17:06
RT @KnightlySong: Adding two because Lucina got the most here on Twitter while Leonie hit over 1k on Tumblr. Lucina I can understand, Leon…
24-03-2023 16:46
0 13941
RT @ShouldHaveCat: https://t.co/kxMt2rXld8
24-03-2023 16:26
RT @herdwicoco: It's this one... Berkut and Rinea :) https://t.co/F6wDiQbQHn
24-03-2023 16:14
RT @courtneygodbey: My girls 💝 https://t.co/GjIEvCuopL
24-03-2023 16:10
@crownedexalt Maybe it's the artist in me but I look at their entire face and try to make of everything in their fa… https://t.co/uKgCQDaVyY
24-03-2023 16:08
@BladedSandstorm Make hel deen
24-03-2023 16:05
0 3290
RT @PunchingCat: https://t.co/JzqwNK3xQG
24-03-2023 15:51
RT @snarkygourmet: https://t.co/hC2rXEPT2V
24-03-2023 15:32
RT @kimmycatsuragi: jumpy #Persona3 https://t.co/40481BGpjz
24-03-2023 15:30
@crownedexalt Fun fact about CloverK (I believe is their name?) They have one of the most popular brushes in the clip studio paint materials
24-03-2023 15:25
This has to be one of the strangest questions I'm asking in this account BUT I was looking through the voc concepts… https://t.co/F0Z2i11wf7
24-03-2023 14:19
24-03-2023 14:15
0 5547
RT @nowweriot: https://t.co/VwFBKguLOU
24-03-2023 13:56
@SharenaVonAskr Is that not really you from another universe 😭😭
24-03-2023 13:52
@VeronicaOfEmbla ...right. glad to know I'm not the problem here
24-03-2023 13:40
Sometimes I forget how GAY the catgirl was for her ...forgot her name
24-03-2023 13:08
Al'e bisexual lighting... https://t.co/6eUTQH8qxz
24-03-2023 13:08
RT @eirikaily: Painted over a 9s sketch 🤖✌️ https://t.co/EK3hxYMtoI
24-03-2023 12:31
RT @ArgosUltima: tiny Kainé?! https://t.co/vgiCkhVa0r
24-03-2023 12:24
RT @grimastiddies: im going with this one https://t.co/twKL2Gz6n4
24-03-2023 12:23
0 2226
RT @JonLamArt: Japanese Congressman are meeting with Stability Ai. This is going to destroy Japanese art and culture in ways that will ripp…
24-03-2023 12:08
@PlusMin03340269 We should draw sharena in every universe kozaki has illustrated for...
24-03-2023 12:07
@SharenaVonAskr Yay sharshar approves🥹
24-03-2023 12:01
@ExaltedBrandAO3 I bet it's WOMEN
24-03-2023 12:00
@PlusMin03340269 Okay fair enough lmao
24-03-2023 11:59
@FreeRealEstdale You're welcome bestie <3
24-03-2023 11:53
@PlusMin03340269 WHAT WHERE
24-03-2023 11:53
I am crying and whining that this is not my preferred medium HOWEVER it looks really good on her… https://t.co/9gQE3zM0z7
24-03-2023 11:46
RT @Dreamy_Musings: rrrr https://t.co/dznSxBD8T3
24-03-2023 11:44
RT @thegamelogicist: Voice of Cards Trilogy ✨✨✨ This series is underrated, all NieR and tabletop RPG fans need to play this! https://t.co…
24-03-2023 11:21
24-03-2023 11:20
(Clarification: rin hanai is the blond gal from the Japanese poker game drawn by kozaki that everyone said looks like sharena)
24-03-2023 11:16
Okay but who's drawing sharena with the rin hanai drip
24-03-2023 11:15
@ExaltedBrandAO3 This website is so functional
24-03-2023 11:07
@BladedSandstorm I WAS ACTUALLY THINKING ABOUT IT what if we force them to fight their dead retainers... evil
24-03-2023 11:05
@theprinceofiris NOOOOOOOOO
24-03-2023 10:50
RT @WeinieCheeser: Cute girl illustrated by Kozaki in a poker game of all things https://t.co/39hZR34uje
24-03-2023 10:48
@xora945 True true All the hel resp having awesome artwork I'm actually very proud
24-03-2023 10:32
24-03-2023 10:25
24-03-2023 10:14
BRO????!?!?!! https://t.co/c0T9ug3XFH
24-03-2023 10:14
RT @Linasart_: It would be so cool, if Gregory/Griss and Amber would have a support convo! I would have such a great dynamic!🥺💖 [#FireEmb…
24-03-2023 10:14
0 16676
RT @ShootaCat: https://t.co/UYoYQBX5UZ
24-03-2023 10:13
RT @KAINENlER: https://t.co/Bfya33bBPX
24-03-2023 10:12
Thank you fujisaka kimihiko🙏 https://t.co/UiaYQZwxum
24-03-2023 09:38
RT @littlemissdash_: @kira_not_found saw him on my timeline and i liked him!!!!! https://t.co/6CWhVtFI80
24-03-2023 09:37
RT @ArgosUltima: AIBA GRILLING https://t.co/8WZwZPG6Z5
24-03-2023 09:34
RT @xora945: I really need to do some more Fire emblem fanart. I really had a lot of fun with drawing some Hel designs. https://t.co/lpbVxf…
24-03-2023 09:34
RT @exaltiora: 17777. https://t.co/Tfp44FDoHj
24-03-2023 08:42
RT @valentinemesis: Rinea + Galleria #FireEmblem https://t.co/9WLRx1aPLR
24-03-2023 08:40
RT @FlREEMBLEMS: mcorrin warmup sketch for today 🐉 #fireemblem #fe14 https://t.co/XitXMhyTIJ
24-03-2023 08:39
This is ancient from when engage was just announced and characters were revealed but I still like it kinda<3 https://t.co/s6uC5REmYy
24-03-2023 08:01
Need more Louis art in my life...
24-03-2023 07:59
0 1175
RT @MIKAMI_3up: ルイ https://t.co/dtY4Oinb16
24-03-2023 07:58
RT @art_vtm: Tsubasa #FireEmblem #TokyoMirageSessions #FE https://t.co/xMKH4gIUMb
24-03-2023 07:48
I am eternally cursed with waking up at 7 am even if I sleep at 4
24-03-2023 07:39
@abgthrasir @phubbzz I'll send gimme a minute
24-03-2023 07:27
RT @oreocorio: this chrobin akmfkmkmh https://t.co/TJMbdPagr3
24-03-2023 07:22
RT @VOICEOFCARDS: #VoiceOfCards シリーズ3部作が セットで楽しめる『Voice of Cards Trilogy』‼️  / 📢 Steam版 本日発売🎊  \ 🔸Steamストア https://t.co/7MGEoSq5II #ヴォイカ
24-03-2023 07:14
RT @end_spire: probably this one! had a really good time drawing it, so i'm happy people enjoy seeing it https://t.co/hnJ1rj4u7N
24-03-2023 07:00
@phubbzz @abgthrasir PLEASE IYGKEKGKGS I have no idea how else am I supposed to refer to that meme😭😭
24-03-2023 06:59
Do not ask me why with over 100 pieces drawn of them I won't use my own artwork
24-03-2023 00:50
I have two different thing with their arguments 1. Nobody ships it 2. Nobody has played any voc games… https://t.co/3Rq4MuMz4L
24-03-2023 00:50
RT @FreeRealEstdale: F!Morgan Comm :] #FireEmblem https://t.co/GxEMI4uedg
24-03-2023 00:42
@OneWingedExalt We can share the spot I'm sure 🤨 //j
24-03-2023 00:42
RT @GreenTapir0415: ジェーデさん✒️ https://t.co/Znz553sZQ2
24-03-2023 00:37
RT @AhLaToad: I still have people at cons tell me they remember this one 😊♡ https://t.co/vA38izdj4X
24-03-2023 00:35
@Oricalle Do not read the grandma's hidden backstory...
24-03-2023 00:35
@abgthrasir J this is unrelated but did u see my cockshame lif sketch
24-03-2023 00:16
24-03-2023 00:12
@mirensiart YAY I drew that with my finger :)
24-03-2023 00:08
RT @punchyfakegamer: [fee] mister cabbage……… https://t.co/Ee2y0vdZoM
24-03-2023 00:04
RT @Urbydizzy: creachers https://t.co/szWe3Com71
24-03-2023 00:01
RT @Urbydizzy: https://t.co/7xkqPaQgaF
23-03-2023 23:52
RT @drowzydruzy: im shitpost mcgee https://t.co/hbPeQENjxk
23-03-2023 23:48
RT @rewild28: Sketched my daughter, I am lanning to finish this. #oc #ocs #originalcharacters #originalcharacter https://t.co/CF167ezR6T
23-03-2023 23:47
RT @LoyaILieutenant: These two… 😭 https://t.co/cDC88RI9WN
23-03-2023 23:45
RT @Clya_Lyren: Actually both of these Ash pieces! #FireEmblem https://t.co/FnTgzNmdDn
23-03-2023 23:07
RT @sorryoutofrice: if i exclude my recent luci standee, this one https://t.co/HWgE3qPw5s
23-03-2023 23:03
23-03-2023 23:02
@Oricalle VOICE OF CARDS EXPERT HERE the demo of isle dragon roars is a very very short prequel/before story to the… https://t.co/vajaNgesdO
23-03-2023 23:00
RT @WhiteCatArts: Illustration for @DoDzine zine! Sigurd and Deidre will always be my favorites ! #聖戦の系譜 https://t.co/lMhbL4RRMP
23-03-2023 22:53
RT @mega_vanadis: The first one that comes to me is this one https://t.co/7ALwfscrDQ
23-03-2023 22:46
RT @fluzzard24: Apparently it’s my Oni Ryoma https://t.co/GMHMi3H5tV
23-03-2023 22:46
/ shifty. Also I said this other one in another tweet but writing isn't really my workflow. Too many ideas I cannot organize all that jazz
23-03-2023 22:45
I really, REALLY would like to do like charms and stands and such merchandise. But no funding no postal service no… https://t.co/WryIu8HwvP
23-03-2023 22:45
My uh. So called dream projects are limited to my country of origin I'm afraid https://t.co/jQudjTaAwC
23-03-2023 22:45
RT @jredmes: i want to work on drawing vocaloid art for people who do covers .....
23-03-2023 22:34
0 1228
RT @niermusicbox: song of the ancients (hollow dreams) 〳nier https://t.co/Po7hZeJhAv
23-03-2023 22:28
@theprinceofiris I've seen at least 3 people call it sharena😭
23-03-2023 22:17