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RT @amomima7777: Мой разворот в зин по бедствиям Хуаченовский разворот Где подписать петицию чтобы мосян написала 5 томов но от его лица,…
27-03-2023 06:15
RT @Aliafonzy43: If a man isn’t like this: I don’t want.
27-03-2023 04:11
RT @hyacinthsuns: sometimes i forget that batman is like some people’s straight male power fantasy. what do you mean you don’t know batman…
26-03-2023 22:19
RT @S__Deek: #天官赐福 #TGCF #hualian #HeavenOfficialsBlessing #huacheng #xielian “I won’t.” “You will,”💔
26-03-2023 14:35
RT @kevinbolk: That’s why when you develop a girl’s property you need to have either one kinda bland, boilerplate protagonist that can be i…
26-03-2023 08:24
RT @gegejuices: hua cheng really used his female form just to live out his femme fatale fantasies hes so fkn real for that😭😭😭
26-03-2023 08:20
RT @MaybeJamesCheek: Definitely don't expect to see something really cool by @S__Deek or anything. I won't see you then because I defiantl…
26-03-2023 06:48
RT @MaybeJamesCheek: Hey, just so you guys know that nothing cool is going to happen next Saturday. I won't be streaming. It's not somethi…
26-03-2023 06:48
RT @ginkgocrown: proposed Twitter feature: when you block someone you can add a note to their profile so when you inevitably stumble across…
26-03-2023 06:08
RT @gremlinyibito: the thing about wang yibo is that he is such a humble good boy who deserves the world
26-03-2023 06:08
RT @Q_Review: If the Internet Archive is taken down it will be akin to the burning of the library of Alexandria. There is content on that w…
26-03-2023 06:06
RT @Black_Knight767: @Muffin_Chips Phelps also produces less than half as much lactic acid as the average person, so he basically never get…
26-03-2023 06:03
RT @Muffin_Chips: No rules were ever implemented to prevent Phelps from exerting those biological advantages. He won 23 Olympic gold medals…
26-03-2023 06:02
RT @Muffin_Chips: Michael Phelps had a wingspan longer than his height, a hyper-jointed chest, double-jointed ankles, and lung capacity tw…
26-03-2023 06:02
RT @hourlymoka: Mind you ☝🏿 this a cis teenage girl voguing (a form of dance) at a ballroom show (not drag) with her parents supervising/su…
26-03-2023 06:00
RT @gremlinyibito: @ everyone who gets to film xiao zhan: thank you for the content but know that I’m jealous af
26-03-2023 05:19
RT @wxyzybxz: 230325 HauteCouture_Style weibo Xiao Zhan wearing Elie Saab spring/summer 2023 haute couture series men's wear, winning the…
26-03-2023 05:18
RT @xzhan1005: xiao zhan is a literal prince
26-03-2023 05:18
RT @gremlinyibito: oh to have xiao zhan smile at me like that, a girl can dream
26-03-2023 05:18
RT @gremlinyibito: xiao zhan is so freaking fine and he knows it😵‍💫
26-03-2023 05:18
RT @wxyzybxz: Xiao Zhan for Weibo Night 2022 first look. second look.
26-03-2023 05:17
RT @gremlinyibito: do you see that smile? that’s the smile of someone who knows what effect he has on people. xiao zhan why can’t you let m…
26-03-2023 05:17
RT @gremlinyibito: congrats to wang yibo and xiao zhan, I’m so proud of my boys🎉they both deserve the awards for their hard work, truly the…
26-03-2023 05:17
RT @gremlinyibito: are you seeing that smile and laugh? I missed seeing xiao zhan like this
26-03-2023 05:17
RT @powieluvr: hua cheng changing to different outfits during black water arc
26-03-2023 05:16
RT @thekansta: abandoned wip of ruoye and e'ming...maybe i'll finish later lol #tgcf
26-03-2023 05:16
RT @gremlinyibito: oh yes sports *gulps*
26-03-2023 05:15
RT @gremlinyibito: xiao zhan, why would you?!
26-03-2023 05:14
RT @ten_muder: 君は、いくつ?
26-03-2023 05:13
RT @ryosolo_t: 「哥哥?」 #TGCF
26-03-2023 05:13
RT @dailyzlinghe: #zhanglinghe sitting next to tian xiwei, tan jianci, zhang jingyi, & song yi at the 2022 Weibo Night #张凌赫…
26-03-2023 02:34
RT @Thea_TGCF: #천관사복 #TGCF #天官賜福 화성의 손에 붙잡힌 신상은 그대로 마구 발길질하며 버둥거렸다....
26-03-2023 02:27
@WyomingParmesan Nooooo lmaooo this seems like an error. I demand a redo lol
26-03-2023 02:24
RT @MakikoArt: But I think “Daddy” would be good there too 👉👈❤️ 🐥: myart TGCF tianguancifu Heaven Officials Blessing hualian 天官赐福 Art…
26-03-2023 02:23
RT @dcyiyou: my bf: there should be a twitter option to fight someone, and if you win, you get all their followers me: can I tell you about…
26-03-2023 00:30
@Jilted_Love I’ve noticed the same with a lot of my favs, and I have also wondered if I should be concerned 😅
26-03-2023 00:30
RT @CATACLYSMICEVIE: Xie Lian in book 4
26-03-2023 00:12
RT @wxyzybxz: ‘so, wyb apparently couldn't come because busy filming, couldn’t take a day off. But changed his mind at the end. He filmed f…
26-03-2023 00:12
RT @ZorionDaiz: they did marry tho, it went as well as u'll expect a wedding organized by kids to go both didn't know how the whole proces…
25-03-2023 19:53
RT @Y__UOvOU__Y: 🐰〰️🦊
25-03-2023 19:50
RT @www_caxar: blood on the white carpet #天官赐福 #TGCF #HuaCheng
25-03-2023 19:50
RT @lanawaay: The art for TGCF zine 🔥 #TGCF #HuaCheng
25-03-2023 19:50
RT @juwas_Shop: need TULAMP💖
25-03-2023 19:50
RT @sourboxes: 🍎: Lan Zhan! #mdzs #wangxian
25-03-2023 19:11
RT @wxyzybxz: [Full Xiao Zhan Cut] 230325 Weibo Night 2022 Congratulations Xiao Zhan winning the actor of the year at weibo night 2022 🥳…
25-03-2023 17:14
RT @xzhansoul: I want to praise how well-mannered Xiao Zhan is. His presence always bring so much warm to me, he just really is so polite t…
25-03-2023 17:01
RT @IndilAirfinde: OMG! Second new amazing and so precious outfit 🤩 WB NIGHT WITH XIAO ZHAN #XiaoZhanWBNIGHT22 #XiaoZhanWBStarsNight22 #…
25-03-2023 17:01
RT @bjyxnoa: XIAO ZHAN SECOND LOOK #XiaoZhanWBNIGHT22 #XiaoZhanWeiboNight
25-03-2023 17:01
RT @Suibian2248: Xiao Zhan in the second outfit took his seat in the audience. cr. 朱砂痣·肖战 #XiaoZhanWBNIGHT22 #SuperStarXiaoZhanWBNight ht…
25-03-2023 17:01
RT @ForeverDaytoy: Aaaahhhh.....he's making this little cute cute expressions 😍🥰 WB NIGHT WITH XIAO ZHAN #XiaoZhanWBNIGHT22 #XiaoZhanWBSt…
25-03-2023 17:01
RT @wxyzybxz: Congratulations Xiao Zhan winning Actor of The Year 🥳 #XiaoZhanWBNIGHT22
25-03-2023 17:00
RT @IndilAirfinde: As usual people cannot don’t stare at Xiao Zhan 🤣 WB NIGHT WITH XIAO ZHAN #XiaoZhanWBNIGHT22 #XiaoZhanWBStarsNight22…
25-03-2023 17:00
25-03-2023 17:00
RT @wxyzybxz: Xiao Zhan walking at the backstage. His smile so shy so happy 😍 #XiaoZhanWBNIGHT22
25-03-2023 17:00
RT @wxyzybxz: 230325 Xiao Zhan for Weibo Night 2022 Photo Thread taken by Fansite cr 周末限定·0805x1005 #XiaoZhanWBNIGHT22 #XiaoZhanWBNIGHT2…
25-03-2023 17:00
RT @wxyzybxz: 230325 Weibo Night 2022 x Xiao Zhan Backstage with 2nd look #XiaoZhanWBNIGHT22
25-03-2023 16:59
RT @lanhzhou: xie lian
25-03-2023 16:59
RT @nocontextscats: Me when I see bed
25-03-2023 16:59
RT @xzhan1005: he really just looks like this
25-03-2023 16:58
RT @gremlinyibito: xiao zhan is really not gonna let me live
25-03-2023 16:58
RT @m_hakozaki: お花見🌸 #cherryblossoms #桜 #金魚
25-03-2023 16:58
RT @inubrush: Wei Wuxian with different hairstyles 💇 #MDZS #魔道祖师 #WeiYing
25-03-2023 16:58
RT @gremlinyibito: a meme😭
25-03-2023 16:58
RT @Cpop_Melon: 2022 Weibo Night [Beijing Time]: - Red Carpet: 14:30-17:00 - Reception: 17:00-19:00 - Event: 19:00-22:30 - Link for Lives…
25-03-2023 08:42
RT @alonna_lee: The classic nostalgic red cup. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see this? It’s Pizza Hut for me. https://…
25-03-2023 08:40
RT @RespectfulMemes:
25-03-2023 08:40
RT @bootleghomiee: "Gen Z will never understand" and its a reference to one of the most popular movies ever made
25-03-2023 08:40
RT @Trungles: I occasionally hear people wondering when The Magic Fish takes place, and most people rightly guess it's in the 90s, but I'm…
25-03-2023 08:36
RT @kijaeha__: I study meteorology and can explain what’s happening here. That one tree in particular fucking sucks
25-03-2023 08:36
RT @sleewpy_: Is this... A loyal silver butterflied man? #tcgf #mxtx #XieLian #HuaCheng #HuaCheng #hualian #hualianfanart…
25-03-2023 08:34
RT @pomssum: we do not talk abt the fact that he's canonically bisexual nearly enough i think
25-03-2023 08:34
RT @suddenlyapples: 💜 1000 - a puppy!!!!!! thank you for putting up with tamagocheng 🥳!!!
25-03-2023 08:33
RT @scretladyspider: Demisexuality is not experiencing sexual attraction at all until a bond is formed - a bond which is particular to the…
25-03-2023 08:30
@CATACLYSMICEVIE Holy shit. I thought I was the first nly one who did this lolol
25-03-2023 08:26
RT @DanKe_hhh: Have seen many arts went to the other/wrong way, in case people are not familiar with Chinese ancient costume cultures, just…
25-03-2023 08:24
RT @_warakite_: 日課🏃‍♂️ 現代まで生きる花怜 #TGCF
25-03-2023 08:21
RT @tzdnx800: Thanks to @dumbdanmeibois Auntie gege
25-03-2023 06:04
RT @LemonSourHour: Hua Cheng all bloody protecting the humans on Mount Tonglu 🥲 #tgcf
25-03-2023 06:03
RT @strawhatpudding: if i had a nickel for every time one of my favorite mangaka publicly endorsed a BL series, i would have two nickels wh…
25-03-2023 06:00
25-03-2023 05:59
25-03-2023 05:58
RT @RealLyndaCarter: This is a gay test.
25-03-2023 05:51
RT @1capplegate: Going to try and sleep but my rage is keeping me awake. Candace Owens, do you know when you have seen pictures of me how f…
25-03-2023 05:49
RT @pk_kenzie: if you want to work in animation and specifically do character design i need you to know its not about designing a bunch of…
25-03-2023 05:47
RT @ladynoirose: Only in usa...
25-03-2023 05:47
@CATACLYSMICEVIE ….but it’s been historically proven, again and again, that sacrificing freedom of speech and press…
25-03-2023 05:46
@CATACLYSMICEVIE These people like to shift the goal posts when they don’t understand what the definitions of thing…
25-03-2023 05:44
RT @Swilua: three years ago we got word the public library was closing and we were allowed to come check out books one last time with no re…
25-03-2023 05:41
RT @AutisticCallum_: “You’ll miss being a child; your childhood years are the best years of your life!” Autistic me: *is relieved childhoo…
25-03-2023 05:40
RT @jalpari____: bumping this up because i need their follower count to drop even lower until it's nothing 😡 yibo__official is a fake accou…
25-03-2023 05:39
RT @powieluvr: #天官赐福: the fall of xianle
25-03-2023 05:32
RT @hannasj20: Since our NaZhan team from Our Song season 1 is so high on weibo hs, let's revisit how cute Xiao Zhan is in that show. Tho…
25-03-2023 02:07
RT @gremlinyibito: xiao zhan playing with oreos 🥺
25-03-2023 02:06
RT @IndilAirfinde: Weibo Night official account dedicated a post to Xiao Zhan: “The voice is clean and pure, the singing is melodious and…
25-03-2023 02:05
RT @nutty_1005: Na Ying reminisces about the time where she and Xiao Zhan (Team Nazhan) practiced for "Our Song" together in another variet…
25-03-2023 02:04
RT @XiaoZhan_OFC: 【230324 Photo】 #XiaoZhan1005NewsPort #XiaoZhan #肖战 #SeanXiao OREO Weibo updated: OREO produces cakes! Discover more de…
25-03-2023 02:04
RT @alalacita: This artist had it right when he made this amazing artwork of #XiaoZhan out of oreos. ⚫⚪⚫ © 喵不可言工作
25-03-2023 02:04
RT @gremlinyibito: *dreamy sigh* xiao zhan is just so breathtakingly beautiful
25-03-2023 02:00
RT @gremlinyibito: *shaking* can’t wait to see xiao zhan at weibo night 😍
25-03-2023 01:59
RT @jalpari____: xz and his soft squishy cakester orebo trending 🥺😋🙈 cc: @ravenxblondie
25-03-2023 01:58
RT @jalpari____: side by side on the top of a snowy mountain. (this made me way more happy and emotional than it should have) #WangYibo…
25-03-2023 01:58
RT @2ha_spoiler: 정말로 가족처럼 보이는걸 #天官赐福
25-03-2023 01:57
RT @azdom6644: Treat nerves with hualian #hualian #HuaCheng #TGCF #xielian
25-03-2023 01:55
RT @luobinghole: full fucking offense but no one slayed as hard as i did this day
25-03-2023 01:10
RT @artforalbert: @chatnoirtwt i realized like an hour into this that she’s supposed to have a hippie style and i got a bit lazy so just pr…
25-03-2023 01:09
RT @kasu_numa: ☔️6月の知己☔️ こちらのイラストで参加させていただきました! #兎辰年知己カレンダー企画
25-03-2023 01:07
RT @gremlinyibito: a reminder that wangxian are married and they have a son
25-03-2023 01:07
RT @togo2828: うぇいいん😘
25-03-2023 01:05
RT @baneberry16: Wu Ming #tgcf
25-03-2023 01:05
RT @SBDLWJ0523: the many emotions of noodleji
25-03-2023 01:01
RT @nao_miragggcc45: ミスターバグ&レディノワール #MiraculousLadybug
25-03-2023 01:01
@debwriting Doooo itttt
25-03-2023 00:46
@Foxy_joy_ The red panda omg 😭😭😭
25-03-2023 00:40
RT @Foxy_joy_: What animal would Xie Qingxin be? - #tgcf (Hualian's baby)
25-03-2023 00:30
RT @nahz_oaix: ok to be real for a moment, weibo night is a more formal sort of event, so half the time, it’s actually pretty boring. exce…
25-03-2023 00:13
RT @peonybookmark: I’m out shopping with the kid at Dangerfield and I found the Wei Ying rack.
25-03-2023 00:10
@R0MANTICALLYURS I am speechless
25-03-2023 00:08
RT @PwipplesArt: Restock! ♥️ I’ll have these available at #Nadeshicon this weekend ! :) And I’ll sell the left-overs on Etsy at the begi…
25-03-2023 00:07
RT @shiiqingxuans: I'm devastated
25-03-2023 00:07
RT @shiiqingxuans: when despite everything feng xin and mu qing came to assist xie lian once again
25-03-2023 00:04
RT @crocodeadline: ‘HE’S NOT MY TYPE!’ #fengqing
24-03-2023 22:42
RT @daily_dolce: Panda choux puffs 🐼 by sweet_essence_
24-03-2023 19:11
RT @chigirikisser: this
24-03-2023 19:10
RT @sourboxes: tiny moshangs for u 🐹🧊#svsss #moshang
24-03-2023 19:09
RT @CristinaVee: Do you remember when you had to type “HTTP://“ before the web address or are you not old
24-03-2023 19:09
RT @XiaoZhan_OFC: 【230324 Photo】 #XiaoZhan1005NewsPort #XiaoZhan #肖战 #SeanXiao Xiao Zhan Weibo updated: The Weibo Night grand ceremony i…
24-03-2023 18:48
RT @wxyzybxz: IT IS OFFICIAL!! CONFIRMED!! Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan will attend Weibo Night 2022🥳🥳🥳 Lets get ready!
24-03-2023 18:45
RT @nahz_oaix: Links to watch Weibo Night 2022 this Saturday, March 25th Weibo: Tencent:…
24-03-2023 18:45
RT @poofmalyakaet: #TGCF #hualian parading his bride
24-03-2023 18:44
RT @gaynaegis: Still one of my favorite #hualian pieces #TGCF #tgcffanart
24-03-2023 18:44
RT @retiredpeach: Coffeeshop!au #hualian #tgcf
24-03-2023 18:44
RT @bakbak__2: 히이잉 허이잉 #天官赐福 #tgcf
24-03-2023 18:43
RT @SarahCAndersen:
24-03-2023 18:41
@arrowsenic @FeligamiForever @marizoegami Kagami broke up with Adrien because he was being a shitty boyfriend who s…
24-03-2023 18:37
@WyomingParmesan Also Marinette and Kagami are very good friends now who care about each other very much 😭 They wou…
24-03-2023 18:32
@WyomingParmesan It’s SO BAD like “east asian girl is ‘racist’ toward other east asians because she mispronounced s…
24-03-2023 18:30
RT @CartoonsHateHer: As the wife of an actual Greek man, these trad accounts need to stop obsessing over “our” culture lol. In a real Greek…
24-03-2023 18:25
@planetmuqing Teenage Mu Qing like “This guy is so annoying….and pretty….but also stupid….and I absolutely do not w…
24-03-2023 18:25
RT @gegejuices: hua cheng vs eming is so funny cuz eming is basically hua cheng when he was like 18 or something and hua cheng has beef wit…
24-03-2023 18:15
@_xueyu_tanhua_ Like they literally asked if there was anything they could do to save Hua Cheng at the end…and imme…
24-03-2023 18:14
@_xueyu_tanhua_ I don’t think they would be *close* friends necessarily but as far as distrust, any of that kind of…
24-03-2023 18:10
@gegejuices Fr tho, some people get so very pressed about the most minor of things on here
24-03-2023 18:06
@WyomingParmesan Because they probably don’t actually watch it and just caught like two or three episodes on TV 😆
24-03-2023 18:04
RT @TheHowardWang: Damn, Xie Lian really is just like me fr
24-03-2023 15:58
@gegejuices I don’t know he managed to not pass out during the third thing lol
24-03-2023 02:42
RT @shiiqingxuans: idk why but it makes me so emotional how xie lian didn't have anyone to even talk to for many centuries until san lang a…
24-03-2023 02:40
RT @ZorionDaiz: my imagination fails to perform if im in a bad mood n i hit my face w my phone so guess how i feel rn haha…
24-03-2023 02:40
RT @SockFlower: developments with the eyebrow eyepatch discourse
24-03-2023 02:37
RT @AutisticCallum_: The irony of saying that an autistic person can’t understand sarcasm and then interpreting everything they say as sarc…
24-03-2023 01:19
RT @accursedclowns: @gegejuices Hong er: I hate everything and everyone and I’m gonna ruin this ceremony by dying One minute later: 😳 woa…
24-03-2023 01:19
@woofmeoww This has me cackling 😂
24-03-2023 01:18
RT @woofmeoww: "Hua cheng wouldn't be friends with fengqing post canon" who do you think is helping them file the divorce paperwork
24-03-2023 01:15
RT @CATACLYSMICEVIE: Freedom of speech =/= freedom from criticism by the way, which is why--short of spam and targeted harassment--Ao3 allo…
24-03-2023 01:15
RT @EmpressLuxiva: This is big time cringe. Why is it so hard to commission artists to make original art for you?? Saying its the artist'…
24-03-2023 01:13
@WyomingParmesan What
24-03-2023 01:11
@SistertotheQue1 @Fawnmisty_ There are people who get very angry at the very thought of this
23-03-2023 23:05
RT @Fawnmisty_: I believe in post canon hua cheng/fengqing friendship supremacy
23-03-2023 23:04
RT @bumble_lo: Just working on a lil somethin somethin 😘 #TGCF #hualian
23-03-2023 23:04
RT @Fern_arts: 🦋🌸 #TGCF #天官赐福
23-03-2023 23:04
23-03-2023 23:03
RT @cremechii: I’m on low battery mode🐱✨
23-03-2023 23:03
RT @AutisticCallum_: A lot of autistic people seem wise because we’ve “lived many lives”. Being open-minded, experiencing a lot of trauma,…
23-03-2023 23:03
23-03-2023 23:02
@planetmuqing I dont usually get them confused in official images, but fanart can be hard to tell sometimes….
23-03-2023 23:02
RT @SockFlower: hua cheng stapled his eyepatch to his forehead so it could be at a sexier angle like his eyebrow
23-03-2023 23:00
RT @zeldacw: [ Payback ] #tgcf SPOILER *a patreon sketch request
23-03-2023 23:00
Absolutely losing my mind over this
23-03-2023 18:09
RT @luyepiaofeng: omg tgcf cn release is coming out this month, published by guangdong travel & tourism press, with a total of 3 vols! vol…
23-03-2023 18:09
@ladyeternal178 🤣
23-03-2023 17:16
RT @fatfabfeminist: the “I don’t owe anyone anything” has fundamentally harmed the way we have viewed friendship is + has made it more tran…
23-03-2023 17:11
RT @EmmaTheDPStan: This is it. We say goodbye to them this week.
23-03-2023 17:09
This is making me so emotional rn 😭
23-03-2023 17:09
RT @AnipokeFandom: Promotions for Ash's final ever episode next week already in full swing in Japan.. Just seeing more than 25 years worth…
23-03-2023 17:07
RT @ThePokeRaf: Mark your calendars 📆 24th March 2023 - #ThankYouAshAndPikachu. Let’s push this existing hashtag created by @Aakash17001…
23-03-2023 17:06
RT @ninomaru9: 神さま
23-03-2023 15:10
@2ndbaseboy Oh, I believe it….only because, back when I was in high school in, an embarrassingly large amount of my…
23-03-2023 15:05
RT @bizarelittleman: important note in multiple fandoms I've seen, because I've seen it in multiple. The issue isn't queueing or camping or…
23-03-2023 06:11
RT @naixaie: 🌹✨
23-03-2023 06:10
RT @minminsem1: #tgcf
23-03-2023 04:57
RT @MasonAPark: So much more Desire to come… 😈
23-03-2023 04:36
RT @mikoratte: I’ll take proper pictures later but!!!! LOOK AT THEM OMG 😭😭
23-03-2023 04:36
RT @jussanekaki: 🌸演舞🌸 自分の背より高いくらいの武器とか振り回してるの大好きなんだよなぁ......🫶アリガタ #TGCF
23-03-2023 04:34
RT @wzcsjina: Today, I feel the need to remind everyone of THIS.
23-03-2023 04:23
RT @SidnerdArt: Colored them 💃💃💃
23-03-2023 04:19
RT @mdzshourly:
23-03-2023 04:17
RT @XI4NLE: san lang has something to say
23-03-2023 04:17
RT @renren85105: LOOK
23-03-2023 04:14
Does this mean I get to be hip and cool?
23-03-2023 03:59
RT @momsense_ensues: I was driving with my teenage niece and she turned on a band and said “they’re kinda underground, but I like them.” G…
23-03-2023 03:58
RT @kaeisn: Im trying to study for psych and under the autism summary there is this random picture of someones fursona ??!?…
23-03-2023 03:55
RT @lukasnette: look at them. bffs.
23-03-2023 03:55
RT @campbelIbain: the ship/s you’re OBSESSED with at ages 11-14 will never leave you like they will always be The Ship Of All Time even if…
23-03-2023 03:52
RT @hvlijing: 宣姬将军 #tgcf
23-03-2023 03:51
RT @ask_aubry: Imagine with your whole chest telling the world how bad you are at sex like this.
23-03-2023 03:49
RT @ComicLoverMari: Good morning guys 💖💖
23-03-2023 03:49
RT @metaleaterz: oh my god ??? new gerard lore unlocked who the hell is Chainsaw []
23-03-2023 03:46
RT @NoContextBrits:
23-03-2023 03:45
RT @nanyanglvr_: "mu qing as a kindergarten teacher" nah-uh. i want FENG XIN to be a kindergarten teacher, just imagine, jl and fx are co-w…
23-03-2023 03:45
RT @ErikaHarlacher: I really hate AI ☹️ please don’t use my voice without my consent, I can’t describe how violating that feels
23-03-2023 03:42