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RT @Will_O__: Right now I really do need your guys help, I have payments I have to make next Friday, I can't cancel, I'll need $500 by next…
09-12-2022 04:58
@wind751 Fen.
09-12-2022 04:54
@natsosafe Hahaha hahaha heheheh
08-12-2022 20:51
RT @EtheringtonBros: Our feature artist/reference for today is YET ANOTHER EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD page of HAND studies, by the talented @kennym…
08-12-2022 18:03
RT @Zombbean: Reminder that I do commissions! My Carrd: https://t.co/NTesZUZhMo Patreon: https://t.co/loRDZivSpG Best way to contact me is…
08-12-2022 18:02
RT @bellchimearts: Reminder that my comms are open! Gonna open 6 slots of PWYW flat colored pictures!! Dm me for info!! https://t.co/aWEXnL…
08-12-2022 00:09
@wind751 And they love you!!!!!
05-12-2022 19:05
@SteampunkSergal I have like... four. XD
05-12-2022 19:04
@wind751 Eeee! My darlin's are loved! :D <333
05-12-2022 18:14
RT @hakurines: AUTO BUY: 50 usd
05-12-2022 05:28
I know this is fishing... But.. I would.. honestly appreciate this right now. Will be saving the answers for.. low… https://t.co/krmR8t5ecc
05-12-2022 00:55
@wind751 You are an absolute treasure. I mean that in all ways. You're a joy to talk to, you're so supportive, and… https://t.co/jE8z1hvoDp
05-12-2022 00:54
RT @MyGeekBlasphemy: Oh my God. OH MY GOD. I have found The Book. You know, the one that you read when you were 13 and barely remember anyt…
05-12-2022 00:07
RT @Zombbean: Commissions Sheet and Prices >w< b Extra details can be found in my commissions page: https://t.co/Seec2W9hg9 https://t.co/gE…
04-12-2022 18:46
RT @kawaii_blue368: https://t.co/cN7VZcOuza
04-12-2022 03:14
@Temmielovesya Hahaha!!!
04-12-2022 01:14
@wind751 8th comment - go evil
04-12-2022 00:55
@Temmielovesya Pfffffhffffahaa!
04-12-2022 00:54
@naxlevelnat I think he's going to keep it. Looks good on him. XD
04-12-2022 00:53
@Temmielovesya He will! "It's so cozy!"
03-12-2022 13:01
@Temmielovesya I think they're both going to get one. Sha would look freaking adorable in one that was even bigger. XD
03-12-2022 11:54
Saw this going around and I had to put *somebody* in it. Who better than the LazeKing himself? #guhthewolfskeleton… https://t.co/g4njBqS6Bj
03-12-2022 11:51
@DustytheDingo Pfhfhh
03-12-2022 05:08
@wishingstarjar He is loved and is cute. That's some truths!
03-12-2022 03:47
Well, bust my buttons! https://t.co/PoQOFpLKoQ
02-12-2022 14:27
@hakurines Ode or Clk would be fantastic! :D Love your work! https://t.co/AfYTvmKOMo
02-12-2022 09:45
RT @hakurines: 666 FOLLOWERS (?) (nice number) THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH U GUYS SO... ART RAFFLE follow retweet post a character referen…
02-12-2022 09:14
@wind751 I believe in yooooooouuu! Tiny potattoooooo!!
01-12-2022 23:15
@LateNightTvShou the creeeeeemeee!
01-12-2022 09:44
@wind751 https://t.co/squ77IS9Vy
01-12-2022 06:17
@wind751 whooo's pandering? meeeeee
01-12-2022 05:05
@wind751 https://t.co/FjMwF0WjyW
01-12-2022 05:04
RT @KawaiiSensei_jp: 胸筋と腹筋が苦手な人はこういう考え方もありかも🤔 People who are not good at pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles may have this way of thinki…
30-11-2022 19:32
@Temmielovesya @wind751 Dumb ideas, nuthin! 80% of the floofwolves wouldn't exist without you!
30-11-2022 01:23
@Temmielovesya https://t.co/1gQ6M4W1ot
30-11-2022 01:21
@wind751 Freaking Tch.
30-11-2022 01:20
Oh hey look. They're pulling a DA! https://t.co/SN0KO9wQKy
29-11-2022 13:16
29-11-2022 04:12
@BlankFogFiction I'm so smoove. XD
28-11-2022 19:17
@BlankFogFiction I like it!!
28-11-2022 19:16
RT @radiostarmaniac: openin these again
28-11-2022 04:14
@dappleapple_art Gaaah.. *flails*
27-11-2022 21:24
@lycovore At all the characters. XD
27-11-2022 21:21
@lycovore https://t.co/2CcdH2WuN2
27-11-2022 21:20
@Temmielovesya It is very Boofy. XD
27-11-2022 21:20
@Temmielovesya Pffhhffee dangit, lol!
27-11-2022 21:16
@lycovore Okay... I hate how perfect this is. XD
27-11-2022 21:16
Yoinked from Vanny and Kael. XD https://t.co/dYvKMgRFoI
27-11-2022 21:08
@dappleapple_art https://t.co/DcqBMVArcm
27-11-2022 21:06
RT @hakurines: ✨𝓪𝓭𝓸𝓹 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓼𝓪𝓵𝓮 ✨ ✨Trade or resell ✨Always credit me for the original desing ✨I work with Paypal ✨You will get the image i…
27-11-2022 20:47
RT @hakurines: "Stop staring at me with em Big old Eyes" https://t.co/17bFi2bCBE
27-11-2022 06:18
RT @Maped18_Gallery: Commissions are open! If you are interested just give me a DM. 😊😎 #commissionsopen #Commission #Fiverr #maped18 #anim…
26-11-2022 23:49
@Temmielovesya Yes.. Yes, I am. XD
26-11-2022 11:01
@BlankFogFiction @Temmielovesya Heeyyy.
26-11-2022 10:30
@Temmielovesya Full displaaayyyy!
26-11-2022 10:30
Neither Fell Bro likes PT days in the Guard. #saucyrun2022 #arkthewolfskeleton #yetanotherrep https://t.co/enNENJliqE
26-11-2022 10:00
@bellchimearts I've got more! XD https://t.co/Ozb0MqJSSg
26-11-2022 03:19
For #fanbotfriday and one of my favorite bands, Steam Powered Giraffe, here's GDv3 and v2! #fanbot… https://t.co/i0IS8xePi9
26-11-2022 01:44
RT @beegeewanders: Monster Researcher Eclair studies the social play behaviors of Werewolves. 🐺🌕 Original Comic by @spicymancer Johnny -…
26-11-2022 01:36
@BlankFogFiction Thank you!! :D
25-11-2022 21:14
Touchy touchy... Well.. little more than touchy. #Saucyrun2022 #SshandNei #soultouching… https://t.co/cU2MouFeW6
25-11-2022 12:45
@naxlevelnat They came out so cute!!!
25-11-2022 06:13
@LateNightTvShou Fountaiinnss!!
25-11-2022 02:24
@DustytheDingo High honor!
25-11-2022 02:23
@SteampunkSergal https://t.co/8awzUjUH4M
25-11-2022 02:23
@Temmielovesya She suckin' his soul out, hehe. Thank you!! Realized that his tail would just block the whole dang… https://t.co/FvFI7sUlAl
25-11-2022 01:56
Well... there's definitely a meal happening today.. Hehe. #SaucyRun2022 #EraandClk #deepthroating https://t.co/mDT1bGubRa
25-11-2022 01:52
@bellchimearts https://t.co/0MTyUricFb
24-11-2022 21:58
@naxlevelnat Eeee, excited!!
24-11-2022 21:54
@bellchimearts Gimme gimme *grabbyhands*
24-11-2022 21:53
RT @naxlevelnat: Jevil Plush Jevil Plush! I rushed this during my work break :'D #deltarune #jevil #fangamer #jevilplush https://t.co/gLH6…
24-11-2022 09:06
@Fliwiya It reminds me of that 'I need to cry but my foundation was 40 dollars' vine. I love it! Poor Red. XD
24-11-2022 02:33
RT @hakurines: promotion! two characters Half body by 50 USD! and get a free chibi icon! https://t.co/Ba06jKKNSX
23-11-2022 23:58
@naxlevelnat @Fliwiya Tagging on this, will contribute too! :>
23-11-2022 20:28
@naxlevelnat Yaaaaaayyy!!!!!
23-11-2022 19:41
RT @Juckport: Bringing back the best artist meme of all time it never fails to help me feel better https://t.co/TX2ipVzGxj
23-11-2022 19:05
@Temmielovesya My diva man. Rigel knows his pupper. XD
23-11-2022 11:15
@theladyjssem Aaandd he's melted. XD
23-11-2022 10:51
Rigel is @theladyjssem's gorgeous gent.
23-11-2022 10:24
@BlankFogFiction Thank ya thank ya! Rigel is so cool!
23-11-2022 10:23
Ah enjoying time together, Rigel does know all of his Mrf's wily ways... and how to 'combat' them. :P… https://t.co/b7C1vfzItN
23-11-2022 10:09
RT @WholesomeMeme: https://t.co/FbrihkhW2E
23-11-2022 09:42
@AboSinsin It's true!! I'll bet they're fannntasstic, and if you did show them off, I'd be all flail and hyped. :D
23-11-2022 08:52
@AboSinsin I'm sorry you feel that way, I'll bet yours are awesome!!
23-11-2022 08:33
@hakurines @naxlevelnat Pin! Pin Pin, how I love hiiimm! :D
23-11-2022 08:22
RT @OceanSkulls: Friendly reminder, folks! My hands are itching to draw fun art for you! And itchy hands are the wooorst, so help a dude ou…
23-11-2022 03:35
@Dragonrose44 I am over the moon at this piece, it's SO good!! :D
23-11-2022 03:30
@Temmielovesya He'd look cute in that outfit too. XD
23-11-2022 00:47
Boof to like... everybody that needs it. https://t.co/QqFn5sBDyi
23-11-2022 00:44
RT @hakurines: open HB commissions and icon too! just for 15 usd per icon full color! https://t.co/BXB76kbcbq
22-11-2022 20:11
@Temmielovesya The only sweet he's got a hankering for. XD Yay! I'm glad you're still on board.
22-11-2022 15:25
@BlankFogFiction Just means I got to like it again!
22-11-2022 08:51
Dem be Purple's legs, natch. Purple is @dappleapple_art's lovely darling.
22-11-2022 08:49
Nrr isn't typically a messy eater... but for one meal, he absolutely is. #SaucyRun2022 #Nrrthewolfskeleton… https://t.co/ag1bmD1EAe
22-11-2022 08:48
Eff it, you get tomorrow's saucy early, because I want to go to bed.
22-11-2022 08:46
@naxlevelnat They're so cooooolll.
22-11-2022 03:41
RT @Zombbean: I just realized ALL MY MEDS were due as well as my electric bill! Some of it covered (thanks to my brother) but I still need…
21-11-2022 23:41
@theladyjssem Clk: *pouts* Ooh..
21-11-2022 11:51
@Temmielovesya That's why I went with the pose I did. He's got squeakable cheekies!
21-11-2022 11:41
@Temmielovesya They really are. <3
21-11-2022 11:40
21-11-2022 11:18
@theladyjssem Clk: "Our codes were jammed, Ace, our phones didn't work, and.. and Guh was out of smokes, I'm sorryy..."
21-11-2022 11:15
@hakurines It is absolutely amazing, I adore it! Thank you for drawing my boy! :D
21-11-2022 11:08
21-11-2022 11:06
Kiyuki is @bellchimearts's sweet love.
21-11-2022 10:18
Kiyuki is the very, very best, and Ode has no issues saying so. #SaucyRun2022 #OdeandKiyuki #tentaclekisses https://t.co/BchbewHIxC
21-11-2022 10:17
@wind751 <333
21-11-2022 06:07
@Temmielovesya He does take his lazy to the highest degree. XD
21-11-2022 01:31
@Temmielovesya The best kind for Guh. Can smoke and get the touches. XD
21-11-2022 01:27
@theladyjssem Clk: Ace, I'm sorry!! It was out of my hands!
21-11-2022 01:27
@DustytheDingo That guy's foley work is dang impeccable. XD
21-11-2022 00:34
@natsosafe He diiidd.. I'm sorrrryyyy.. XD I kind of love how this one came out.
20-11-2022 22:55
@Temmielovesya I wanted a kind of apocalyptic thing, and what's more apocolpytic than zombies?
20-11-2022 22:55
I love drawing RP scenes so much. In @natsosafe and I's, Guh and Clk got caught in a zombie AU, drawn there by a fa… https://t.co/LeUItrPN2n
20-11-2022 22:44
@wind751 Completely mathematical truth!
20-11-2022 21:37
@lemurcatart ..... yesssssss!
20-11-2022 20:40
@natsosafe You do?! Well, they're totally awesome for asking. Thank ya, thank ya! (And hehehe, that's truuueee.)
20-11-2022 10:39
A request for some Guh. One in which I was happy to draw. Guh's powerset is smoke manipulation, and it can be mad… https://t.co/agXnHnUnmz
20-11-2022 10:30
@wind751 It's totally how it works!!!
20-11-2022 04:49
**Pokemon Evolution Spoilers** Nothing can convince me, even when I do play it, that this Pokemon is not the sassi… https://t.co/sj5qAjsNNa
20-11-2022 02:04
@Temmielovesya They're so cute. Trying not to say too much, but like.. heart snatched by weed cat line.
20-11-2022 01:32
I haven't even played the game yet but I am in love with the Sprigatito line (because I love seeing the designs)...… https://t.co/Q7eu09EAXc
20-11-2022 01:30
@natsosafe Yeah, he's *not pleased*.
20-11-2022 01:25
@natsosafe Gonna reply here too, even though I did it on the other one. Pin.. :< (human gets it, angy skellywolf does not)
20-11-2022 01:22
@natsosafe I know... D:
20-11-2022 01:12
@natsosafe .... Pinnnnn... *cries*
20-11-2022 01:11
@natsosafe https://t.co/0MnoiPU8xg
20-11-2022 00:58
@SweetSoulLov3r hahahaha!!!! Yessss!!
19-11-2022 23:35
@SweetSoulLov3r I cannot tell you you're wrong because it's so on point. Just... it's so on brand it hurts.
19-11-2022 23:20
@fern_forest3 @SweetSoulLov3r I hate to insert myself into a convo, but the joke had to be made. Partner: what am… https://t.co/KDAxAuKwfp
19-11-2022 23:19
Bree is after some of them too. Darker looks aren't Nei's style.. Bree, however? Wants the last row of cardigans. XD
19-11-2022 14:54
@Temmielovesya If I didn't live in Satan's armpit, I'd be in a lot of them myself. XD
19-11-2022 14:52
@Temmielovesya Seriously, I LOVE these designs. Nei doth grabbyhands.
19-11-2022 14:50
Oh hey, look. Nei's entire new wardrobeto be drawn in. So cute! https://t.co/gNrdeydHlU
19-11-2022 14:48
RT @KawaiiSensei_jp: 迫力ある絵を描きたい時の参考にどぞ🔥 Please use it as a reference when you want to draw a powerful art! https://t.co/cB3oSGJy8H
19-11-2022 11:49
@VixNickNacks This is adorable!
19-11-2022 11:49
@BlankFogFiction Longer than the lolly, lol.
19-11-2022 11:05
@Temmielovesya Heheheh.
19-11-2022 10:58
@Temmielovesya Hehehehe. Had to play into it. He's obliviously saucy. XD
19-11-2022 10:49
It was brought to my attention that my darling Boofy has not been part of #saucyrun2022. Problem with Boof... he'… https://t.co/OMYglvUW1s
19-11-2022 10:07
@DustytheDingo Thank you!!
19-11-2022 09:51
@DustytheDingo I do enjoy drawing them! :D
19-11-2022 09:48
@bellchimearts *adds to list*
19-11-2022 08:18
@natsosafe Ooh, That can be arranged!
19-11-2022 03:56
@SteampunkSergal I'm trying to avoid using characters that aren't mine... but.. maybe. :P
19-11-2022 03:56
@Temmielovesya *done one
19-11-2022 03:14
@Temmielovesya ... Holy shit, you're right, I haven't done of of him OR Mrf yet!
19-11-2022 03:13
Hm.. need Saucy ideas for tonight... Don't want to break my streak.
19-11-2022 03:10
Dammit, discord, please put a scroll wheel on the side with the freaking server icons, there has to be a way to mov… https://t.co/WoMNsxWtNy
18-11-2022 22:59
@Pajamazon https://t.co/V93ITKF28E
18-11-2022 22:55
RT @nBHerE0: Boost!
18-11-2022 22:53
@naxlevelnat https://t.co/uytj9SBjSQ
18-11-2022 22:11
@bellchimearts You're so sweet. <3
18-11-2022 22:11
@Temmielovesya Your reasoning is totally innocent! :p
18-11-2022 20:45
@Temmielovesya Kind of tempted to, actually, there's a lot of really pretty refs for this genre.
18-11-2022 20:43
@Bonescuits *presents friendship wrapped with a bow* Tadaaa
18-11-2022 12:51
RT @RexPhilia: As people jump ship and the platform availability to NSFW creators dwindles, I like to remind myself it's not about the numb…
18-11-2022 12:50
@Bonescuits That... was kinda the point, lol. :p
18-11-2022 12:50
@Bonescuits Nuuu, my Boof! He hath been absconded!
18-11-2022 12:43
@Bonescuits I give no danger. I am humble bearer of skelewolves. XD
18-11-2022 12:42
@LateNightTvShou Primo response. Top shelf. XD
18-11-2022 11:21
@AboSinsin You're so awesome. :)
18-11-2022 10:05
Twitter on fire won't stop the #SaucyRun2022! A boudoir shot of the beauty that is Bree... with the boooty.. and… https://t.co/c1nrVhnKaN
18-11-2022 10:03
@Bonescuits *sneaks a follow*
18-11-2022 09:59
@Pajamazon https://t.co/doZQKPx5GB
18-11-2022 08:41
*snortlaughing* https://t.co/yWvUgUAK1F
18-11-2022 06:18
@Temmielovesya I freaking love you.
18-11-2022 05:57
@Temmielovesya Gonna die as I lived.. drawin' smut. :P
18-11-2022 05:54
@Temmielovesya Darn straight! *clings*
18-11-2022 05:53
Just as a precaution, even though I'm staying like a barnacle until this ship sinks: Discord: GenniiD#7188 Furaffi… https://t.co/yZxnz0BpTs
18-11-2022 05:51
@bellchimearts https://t.co/Kj8xCVSPyz
18-11-2022 05:26
@bellchimearts I'm not throwing all of them... just one. :p https://t.co/eOxhmh1y7U
18-11-2022 05:06
@BlankFogFiction He do the blep. XD
18-11-2022 04:55
@BlankFogFiction So embawrressed... xD
18-11-2022 04:55
@popat0_chisps Do the thing! :D
18-11-2022 04:03
@Temmielovesya Heheh!!
18-11-2022 02:07
@Temmielovesya It's like seeing a shiny pokemon. Heheh.
18-11-2022 02:04
@Temmielovesya GUH BLUSH!!!
18-11-2022 02:01
@RFontesca Tbh, it'd be more of a stroll, lol.
18-11-2022 01:46
@RFontesca Pumpkin, ourple, and babybel wrapper. :>
18-11-2022 01:43
@bellchimearts I love you!!!
18-11-2022 00:53
@natsosafe *fingerguns* Aww, yiss!
18-11-2022 00:49
@bellchimearts Pumpkin and babybel wrapper. :D
18-11-2022 00:46
A little lore. If the Fresh bros blush hard enough, their neon shows up in an interesting fashion. It is RARE for… https://t.co/sZqysVSpCR
18-11-2022 00:43
@RFontesca Anytime! Glad it gave you a grin!
18-11-2022 00:27
@Temmielovesya Boof: *big huge smile* Heh.
18-11-2022 00:25
@Temmielovesya Boof: Yay, it worked!
18-11-2022 00:23
@ZippyDoZane Knives. So many knives.
18-11-2022 00:23
A lunchtime doodle Boofblep to make you smile on this Thursday! #boofthewolfskeleton #lilblep #multitudeAU https://t.co/HKFpQ7pNpm
18-11-2022 00:22
@gilded_pleasure Yeah. Same!
18-11-2022 00:08
@Zombbean Catch them 'mons!
17-11-2022 21:54
@Temmielovesya You are so darn sweet. I adore them so much too.. So glad you do too!
17-11-2022 11:45
@Temmielovesya They really are. They dig each other. Ssh has a bit of insecurity about his blathering. :>
17-11-2022 11:40
What isn't pictured: The ones on the other side of the camera very hungrily waiting for her to let them join her.… https://t.co/OJ09JipsEU
17-11-2022 10:22
@Viper_G_S Cute bois!!
17-11-2022 09:04
@bugereksiz This is so pretty!!
17-11-2022 09:03
@Viper_G_S I'm using the pose, I'm not putting poor Sha in that suit. XD
17-11-2022 07:41
@wishingstarjar I want to just pet his face! So cute!
17-11-2022 04:19