Gage J. Tolin (26K/? for Book 1!) (@GageWrites) — Aspiring asexual sci-fi/fantasy author💜🖤 Any/all🏳️‍🌈 Atheist⚛ Leftie🌹Metalhead🤘 #TransRightsAreHumanRights
I'm old enough to have used a payphone, vhs, and cassette tapes, and classrooms still used projectors when I first…
30-01-2023 17:27
30-01-2023 17:22
I think that humanity started to go down hill when we stopped putting "Here be dragons" on maps.🐲
30-01-2023 17:21
Nah, but one time I did see a set of three lights in the night sky move in a straight line horizontally, then strai…
30-01-2023 17:16
@TheEmoDragon It's weird how the government is supposed to interfere with monopolies and bad corporations, but they…
30-01-2023 17:15
@Kiraofthewind1 Yes! Nymyra travels far and wide. Some of the other major characters travel across multiple contin…
30-01-2023 17:12
Gage Tolin in The Life and Times of Gage Tolin
30-01-2023 17:06
@MaceAhWindu How you gonna say this when the man, the myth, the legend, Zach Wilson exists?
30-01-2023 17:04
Ask me questions about my books characters! Any questions that you want! #ama
30-01-2023 16:49
In my book universe, all spells are in one language, Old Saurian, which isn't even spoken anymore outside of those…
30-01-2023 14:10
If you couldn't tell, this was meant to feel kind of like a random encounter in an RPG.
30-01-2023 14:09
RT @anas_abdulhak: Less than 100 followers away from 2k 👀
30-01-2023 14:04
Feel like I've not been super active on here these last few days, I'm okay, I just loathe social media😅
30-01-2023 13:51
@ChudsOfTikTok I don't like either team, but the NFL is less annoying with the Eagles, so I'm picking them🦅
30-01-2023 13:28
@mikekaess Nice of your cat to go ahead and claim the couch as their own.
30-01-2023 10:40
These are the cultures and languages that I'm using as a baseline for my fantasy peoples own cultures and languages.
30-01-2023 10:38
@asher_elbein Only one of these animals has fists, so I should be able to win a fist fight with all of them but the…
30-01-2023 10:12
@JUNlPER He gets shot in the head in Panic Room. He also has cornrows in the film, so he totally deserved it.
30-01-2023 09:11
@TheEmoDragon I'm of the belief that most professional sports are "rigged" or at least influenced by higher-ups so…
30-01-2023 08:41
@TheEmoDragon There were definitely some questionable calls, and some missed calls. Rigged? Maybe, but a lot of it…
30-01-2023 08:38
@Gingerdome81 Tough call for 2017, but I went with Dunkirk
30-01-2023 08:25
@KaoticLeftist Keeping the train rolling, bby. Solitary confinement has got to go, it's inhumane.
30-01-2023 08:20
@KaoticLeftist Also, smaller crimes, like drug use, and petty thievery, should get a slap on the wrist at most. No…
30-01-2023 08:20
@KaoticLeftist Adopt a prison system that is more rehabilitative than punishment (like Norway). Abolish the death…
30-01-2023 08:19
@EllieGabalus My most controversial opinion is that I don't children, especially toddlers, should be allowed to att…
30-01-2023 08:02
@TheEmoDragon Funny how two of them wouldn't be allowed in Congress today. We've gotta get rid of the age requirem…
30-01-2023 07:25
@StokesTheWriter Adonis Creed going Super Saiyan after he gets knocked down during the movies climax and gets up at…
30-01-2023 07:19
@lindberg_rich Not at all! Light spoilers, but my MC is eventually a monarch (it's pretty telegraphed), and the vi…
30-01-2023 07:15
Like, Romania pretty infamously overthrew their communist government, and executed its leader by firing squad.
30-01-2023 06:24
Romania is literally not a communist country. Also, all of the things you list as being wrong with Romania are wro…
30-01-2023 06:18
@EllieGabalus Wilson is weird. He was uber racist with a God complex, and passed some truly awful legislation. But…
30-01-2023 04:08
RT @illaurastrates: The artist / the art #HumanArtists #noaiart
29-01-2023 14:11
29-01-2023 13:57
They're building a new AT&T cell power right across from my house. Can't wait to finally get 2 whole bars!
29-01-2023 13:56
RT @aJeffSchiller: Not living in the U.S., but still want your MAGIC POWDER fix? MAGIC POWDER Volume 1 will be the first MAGIC POWDER cam…
29-01-2023 13:55
Four words to describe my WP, Hymn to the Heroes, book 1 Humanist Intrigue Diversity Machiavellian
29-01-2023 13:16
@bhavya_reads Eyeglasses exist for visually impaired people, though they're not as advanced as ours in the real wor…
29-01-2023 10:18
There were two superhero movies released in 2009, in which the opening credits are the best part of the movie.
29-01-2023 10:14
@Arcane_Author Do you have any fantasy creatures/beings that are of your own creation? Or any lesser known mythical beasts?
29-01-2023 09:07
RT @TheMagicPowder: The first rule of MAGIC POWDER: SPREAD the MAGIC POWDER! 4 followers away from 80! https://…
29-01-2023 08:33
@KaoticLeftist Killing a pet should be considered murder
29-01-2023 08:21
@mikekaess Magneto seems like the type of dude who'd fuck anyone, as long as they were a mutant.
29-01-2023 07:38
@TheEmoDragon Simple really, Hinkle has literally zero grasp of politics, beyond whatever buzzwords are currently popular.
29-01-2023 07:37
@balefulprimal Not a single bard, but there is a traveling troupe of Orcs who perform across the continent. They use throat singing!
29-01-2023 06:41
@fuzzdoomrip @TheRecidivists Probably my favorite Ozzy album!🤘
29-01-2023 06:39
After surviving the Holocaust, Magneto wanted to use his mutant powers to prevent something similar from ever happe…
29-01-2023 06:38
Kudos to the Goblins in Lord of the Rings for not looking like the typical embodiment of Jewish stereotypes under a fantasy gaze.
29-01-2023 05:54
@KaoticLeftist Remember when Tom Morello said that people should punches on his show, and Bill was like "No, uwu, punching Nazis is bad"
29-01-2023 05:52
@CarniolanLeshy One of the weirdest things about Western leftists is how they seem to think that empires and imperi…
29-01-2023 05:51
@SilvStevenson I'm largely sex repulsed, but I think it's really weird, and kind of dumb, that so much media these…
29-01-2023 05:45
@KaoticLeftist Bill Maher is the textbook example of a self-righteous entitled neoliberal He even brags about the…
29-01-2023 05:27
Day 28 Nymyra and her party encounter a lich! Reposted because I didn't notice that I over-cropped🤪 Sorry for no…
29-01-2023 05:26
@TheUncannyBurt @KaoticLeftist They'd probably have to keep it under wraps until after the election. Americans have…
29-01-2023 05:23
@SilvStevenson Wasn't Shrek on a green one? I feel like I remember that
29-01-2023 04:56
@jennelikejennay Depends on the culture. Saurians just use magic to be rid of their poop, Elves have complex underg…
29-01-2023 04:55
@KaoticLeftist We've had 46 Christian or Catholic presidents, and look where we're at. Maybe an atheist or agnosti…
29-01-2023 03:05
RT @CBDev95: We are 5 backers away from 100, and $763 from funding! Let’s wipe the floor with our goal, and get these books in your hands!…
29-01-2023 02:54
I live in a small town with less than 5k people. We don't have a hospital, a cinema, or even an Olive Garden, but…
28-01-2023 17:42
Fun fact: You can think that this architecture is cool, dope even, without being a weird ethno-fascist.
28-01-2023 17:34
@SxarletRed Fun fact: The guillotine gets its name from French physician Joseph-Ignace Guillotin. Guillotines are…
28-01-2023 17:17
Remember when the controls for "shoot" in video games were mapped to the bumpers instead of the triggers? Those were the days
28-01-2023 16:57
@HexxedWriter Happy birthday, James! Hope it's a good one😊
28-01-2023 16:56
The cantina scene in Star Wars: A New Hope, one of the most iconic scenes in history, is described in just 3 paragr…
28-01-2023 16:49
@chrisdurstonish Either that or the Saurian magic-infused meats, particularly salmon.
28-01-2023 16:48
@chrisdurstonish Halfling pastries for sure. The Halflings, or Hobbs, are kind of like Switzerland, they're always…
28-01-2023 16:48
@James_Finegan I love these! I title mine, however difficult that may be😅, and number them. Though since my series…
28-01-2023 16:40
@SilvStevenson I know they were talking of at least doing civil unions, which isn't marriage, but it'd be a massive…
28-01-2023 16:39
@bhavya_reads Similarly, creatures such as Griffins are present, but nearing extinction, along with the Pegasus.
28-01-2023 16:37
@bhavya_reads Dragons are believed to be extinct, as they've not been sighted in nearly 1,000 years. Much of our r…
28-01-2023 16:36
@BetaDecayPlus That is actually pretty disappointing, would've been a pretty fun minigame. I think that the Order…
28-01-2023 16:34
Here's all of the chapter titles for the upcoming Hymn to the Heroes, book 1!! NOTE 1: There's also a prologue, bu…
28-01-2023 12:37
@ManOfToad Saurians are ruled by mages, but a republic. Gnomes are a heptarchy, so the power is divided evenly amon…
28-01-2023 12:12
@ManOfToad Various. The "main" polity is an empire that I modeled after the Holy Roman Empire. There's other monar…
28-01-2023 12:10
@ManOfToad Haven't noticed it with muted words, but I have started seeing accounts get unmuted. Granted I have dum…
28-01-2023 12:04
I've noticed that many accounts which I previously had blocked (Russia/Putin simps, conservatives, etc.) have myste…
28-01-2023 11:54
Four words to describe your book. For, Hymn to the Heroes book 1 (subtitle tbd) - Superheroes🦸🦸‍♀️ - Princess👸 - T…
28-01-2023 11:28
Lord of the Rings is more progressive than Harry Potter
28-01-2023 09:25
@JKratzer27 Capes of course
28-01-2023 09:13
These bullet points read like 90s DVDs that would list the special features like this: -Closed captions -Interacti…
28-01-2023 09:01
Russia is miles closer to fascism than Ukraine, or most countries in Europe. Your idea of politics is limited sole…
28-01-2023 09:00
@MatthewDownhour Anyone who doesn't think that the USSR, or Russia in general, weren't/aren't imperialist has no un…
28-01-2023 08:55
@KaoticLeftist But we did get a renamed Washington NFL team! All it took was the entire planet protesting peacefully
28-01-2023 08:49
@ChudsOfTikTok "Blacks"
28-01-2023 08:48
@BElizabeth0 @QIAwards Ah, congrats, Bailey!!
28-01-2023 08:32
@TheWritingRefe1 Traditional mounts (horse, elk for elves, and dire-oxen for larger peoples) are available for ever…
28-01-2023 08:31
@jkj2kxx There are evil spirits, like banshees, liches, and ghouls (zombies), but no outright demons. None of the…
28-01-2023 08:02
@firescenes Not during the time period in which the book series is set, though it does far into the future.
28-01-2023 08:00
@AuthorMarkRunte Technically yes, though it's an outlawed magic field. A king was assassinated, and the assassin to…
28-01-2023 07:59
@JonahMSalcedo Dried apricot is pretty popular for the rich, alongside milk made from the same fruit or from nuts.…
28-01-2023 07:58
@jkj2kxx Yes to all except for demons. Magic is only possible to be learned by certain people (down to genetics), a…
28-01-2023 07:57
@INCspotlight Any number of things! Hunts and feasts are common, the educated may read or teach. Visits to the tave…
28-01-2023 07:55
@AgathaGrimke bickering and footsteps, plus the odd commotion from down in the city. Cats do exist, both domestic…
28-01-2023 07:19
@AgathaGrimke since it incurred a tsunami, and wrecked much of the northern/eastern coast. Storage of bread varies…
28-01-2023 07:17
@AgathaGrimke Yes, they have pies, mostly restricted to fruit or bread pies though, as chocolate doesn't grow on Is…
28-01-2023 07:15
@KaoticLeftist Hear me out, Stalin fucking sucked and he gave socialism a bad name, same goes for Mao.
28-01-2023 07:11
@KaoticLeftist The idea of a human being having a trillion dollars turns me into Karl Marx faster than the Flash can run across the planet
28-01-2023 07:08
@preterniadotcom Isn't there a new game? Maybe they could resurrect it?
28-01-2023 06:59
@dizzheart Coffee does not exist in Isur, though they types of teas that have similar effects.
28-01-2023 05:04
0 11571
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 78 years ago today over 7,000 prisoners of the German Nazi camp #Auschwitz, including some 700 children, were liberate…
28-01-2023 05:01
Sometimes my inner white person comes out and I say "Well, gosh golly gee," when I really meant "Well, fuck."
28-01-2023 04:43
@lilaeris_9 Definitely the Merchant's Guild if you want to get their peacefully, with their money they could easily…
28-01-2023 04:42
28-01-2023 04:38
@lilaeris_9 Not quite, but sort of. There's guilds for certain trades, like smiths, sellswords, shipbuilding, etc.…
28-01-2023 04:29
Stolen. Hit me!
28-01-2023 04:23
@the_best_frank Remember when that 17 year old kid was literally just eating a burger, and that cop shot him multip…
28-01-2023 04:20
@RdklGirl This one from @BElizabeth0 is really good! It's not my usual genre, but I loved it!
28-01-2023 04:18
@bestoutwrites Congratulation!
28-01-2023 04:01
RT @TheMagicPowder: You probably have the first four MAGIC POWDER books, since you're following THIS account, but do all of your followers?…
28-01-2023 02:30
Day 27 There are over 60-ish named characters in book 1 of Hymn to the Heroes alone, so the series total might be…
27-01-2023 16:40
@_LPCowling I've mostly been listening to George R. R. Martin, but I'll check him out too!
27-01-2023 07:42
I've been watching interviews of my favorite authors talking about books and writing, and I think it's really helpi…
27-01-2023 07:31
27-01-2023 07:29
@MemphisQuinn Nixon testing out the cocaine before distributing it to inner cities
27-01-2023 07:25
Update: I don't think mood boards are for me. I'm not really a visual person, and prefer text or speech when trying…
27-01-2023 07:24
@BrndnStrssng Whenever I see bad movie posters for modern films, I'm reminded that Amadeus had an all-time poster..…
27-01-2023 07:22
@ARTHURdented Tolerance... for the United States?
27-01-2023 07:19
"Actual labor" and "Landlords"😂😂😂😂 All workers are part of the working class, landlords are not workers.
27-01-2023 04:25
@bkbaxter1 @thehill @TheHillOpinion That's the point. Reps don't want kids to keep documenting the failure of our p…
27-01-2023 03:58
@EllieGabalus Federal government should be able to step in when governors overstep their bounds
27-01-2023 03:57
@EllieGabalus "Looks like a teenager" followed closely by "cute" Bold strategy
27-01-2023 03:55
Attempting to make a mood board for my novel, and I could use some assistance. Firstly, what exactly is a mood boa…
27-01-2023 02:57
27-01-2023 00:40
Gage Tolin in "The Life and Times of Gage Tolin"
26-01-2023 16:06
I like when villains are about to kill someone, and it's someone old, sick, or somebody they respect (the hero?👀),…
26-01-2023 15:39
Writing a novella about the 150 year old cedar chest in my poession that has a key broke in the lock, thus preventi…
26-01-2023 14:45
I let the goth girl that I'm talking to give me a tarot reading, unless you wanted an idea if I liked them or not.
26-01-2023 14:34
Day 26 Yes! Nymyra is sometimes called Nymie, or simply Nym. #FantasyIndiesJanuary
26-01-2023 14:10
@CBDev95 Hit me with your 5!
26-01-2023 10:23
My second grade girlfriend's birthday. The secret identity of nearly every comic book character. Pointless statisti…
26-01-2023 09:16
@JessicaLBurbank Genuine question: What if it were a coalition of various states?
26-01-2023 08:50
The founders were fine with owning human beings, so maybe I don't care what they think🤷‍♂️
26-01-2023 08:49
Don't Follow! This is arguably the greatest EP ever released
26-01-2023 07:53
Horror movie. The Academy pretty notoriously hates genre films
26-01-2023 07:41
Took the LeftValues and 12Axes tests again Seems that I continue to radicalize with each passing day. Based or na…
26-01-2023 07:06
You have GOT to be fucking kidding me
26-01-2023 07:04
@ReelBrew I have around 800+ DVDs, and I'm not looking forward to buying them all again as Blu-Rays😅
26-01-2023 06:40
Forgot to add alt text It's a message from Twitter Support that says my Tweet was flagged as sensitive. My Tweet s…
26-01-2023 05:26
@BRasmussenReal Guess Elon is just mad that his bestie got caught🤷‍♂️ Conservatives have been on here calling for…
26-01-2023 05:24
At this rate, the only GF you'll get will be made of butter
26-01-2023 05:22
@DCU_CORE Hmm, the concept art was very Fleischer inspired. I kind of love it!
26-01-2023 05:21
Are you joking right now?
26-01-2023 05:20
@TheEmoDragon I think that the EU model is the future, at least the near future. If they adopted a Swiss styled dem…
26-01-2023 04:32
@TheEmoDragon Congress won't. Imo, the federal government should step in when states overstep their bounds. Our obs…
26-01-2023 04:31
@apadillafilm6 Some of them even go so far as to incorporate their colonies directly into the state proper, thus fu…
26-01-2023 04:05
@MAnthonyHarris1 I don't explicitly depict the fantasy religions in my WIP as evil, even though my MC is a bit of a…
26-01-2023 03:58
RT @DennisMenheere: I'm very excited for the #acrossthespiderverse movie, so here's a little Spider-man piece I did.. RTs and hearts much…
26-01-2023 03:53
@Luna_Ouroboros I would actually kill for an album of children covering black metal tbh
26-01-2023 03:48
@Luna_Ouroboros Deadass though, when they covered "USA for Satan" by Venom, I ascended to another plane of existenc…
26-01-2023 03:47
@Luna_Ouroboros Can't wait for Kidz Bop's cover of "Entrails Ripped from a Virgin's Cunt" by Cannibal Corpse
26-01-2023 03:42
@DanFitzWrites When I think of Sapphic, I think not so much purely in romantic or sexual love between women, but al…
26-01-2023 03:26
@KaoticLeftist Oh god, oh fuck, the Idahoans are invading Montana!
26-01-2023 03:24
@ColetonMastick Whenever I need a pick me up, I know that the IG porn bots will DM me some shit like "Heya sexy, I…
26-01-2023 03:23
Blocking anyone who defends J*stin R*iland☺️ Grown ass man who referred to a minor as "jailbait", he can piss off.
26-01-2023 03:22
0 24414
RT @tillytildaa: I hate this fucking video it's so simple yet it makes me laugh everytime i have no sense of humour it's just dumb shit lik…
26-01-2023 02:25
26-01-2023 02:22
@Esqueer_ Referring to the Civil Rights movement as "black rights" irks me for me some reason, and I can't figure out why
25-01-2023 17:04
@AuthorGoodwin Love it!!
25-01-2023 16:56
Under my regime, it will be illegal to be a sad man
25-01-2023 16:55
Fleas contribute more to society than you do. Absolute scum.
25-01-2023 16:52
@SxarletRed Guillotines are super cool. We should all have guillotines. I think Chaya would LOVE guillotines!
25-01-2023 16:50
@Meredith_author Bit of both? I plot out each chapter with less than a paragraph of what's going on, and then buil…
25-01-2023 16:32
Think I ought to try my hand at making a mood board for my book, eh? This will be fun!
25-01-2023 16:31
RT @jessav_writes: Hi #writersoftwitter ! I'm Jessica, and I write SFF with a heavy dose of horror. I'm getting ready to go on sub with my…
25-01-2023 16:30
Day 25 Characters for sure! You can have a rough story, but if you've got well-written and well-rounded characters…
25-01-2023 16:22
@DougaWood1 Sending love your way, Doug! Best of luck❤
25-01-2023 16:18
I feel like taxidermy and scrimshaw were probably pretty common
25-01-2023 16:07
@SenlisHasWings I'm glad that I've avoided your random Tuesday blocks😌.
25-01-2023 12:42
Behold, my Top 60 favorite music releases of 2022! Also, metalheads, check out my blog, where I just posted a leng…
25-01-2023 12:35
@BrndnStrssng Every shot in Ambulance had my jaw on the floor. Cinema at its purest form. Criminal that it wasn't…
25-01-2023 12:24
@Limbo2072 Oh god, American conservatives who love shit like King of the Hill and Team America are hilarious.
25-01-2023 12:20
Nymyra is a Half-Elf, so her name comes from the Merinian (fantasy humans) name Nym, meaning "bright", and the Elve…
25-01-2023 09:21
For the fantasy peoples: I based each language on real world tongues, than combined the words. So, an Elf may have…
25-01-2023 09:20
For the superheroes: I usually give them a name related to their powers in some way, then another related to their…
25-01-2023 09:18
So, if the planet were suddenly destroyed by nuclear war, would one of the scientists have to go into work just to…
25-01-2023 09:07
I don't love the idea of Cyborg being a founding member of the Justice League, personally I'd have went with Black…
25-01-2023 08:58
@TheEmoDragon Pete Davidson
25-01-2023 08:53
I love random late night nosebleeds that leave the bathroom looking like a crime scene
25-01-2023 08:03
@lindberg_rich Home to fantasy creatures, it used to be open, and the inhabitants traveled the world freely. Which…
25-01-2023 07:37
@lindberg_rich Hidden by ancient magic on accident. To the people on the continent, it looks like it's wrapped in a…
25-01-2023 07:36
A minor character is Sikh, better learn everything about Sikhism before they make their appearance. I live for this shit!
25-01-2023 07:26
@lindberg_rich A fictional hidden continent between The Old World and the New, as well as some fictional cities in…
25-01-2023 07:21
@tropicalcamatte Learn from Lenin by supporting self-determination
25-01-2023 06:53
When I was 7, my mom moved to Florida (I live in Ohio), she didn't tell me that she had moved until she was already…
25-01-2023 06:51
I love democracy
25-01-2023 06:49
@SeraphIXBasarab @YerDadIsHot @theserfstv The hell does this have to with the Future Farmers of America?
25-01-2023 06:47
@YerDadIsHot @SeraphIXBasarab @theserfstv Ooh, fancy! You're so good to me😍🥹
25-01-2023 06:47
@SeraphIXBasarab @YerDadIsHot @theserfstv About an absolute goober of a human being, not about you.
25-01-2023 06:43
@SeraphIXBasarab @YerDadIsHot @theserfstv Yeah, we're going on a date tomorrow. We'll livestream it for ya
25-01-2023 06:43
@kondef @DanYunIsTrying Ooh yeah, that could totally work! I was thinking if they just did Armor herself in a wave…
25-01-2023 06:42
@SeraphIXBasarab @YerDadIsHot @theserfstv ? You literally screenshotted my bio, with the caption "Bro..." in an at…
25-01-2023 06:41
@SeraphIXBasarab @YerDadIsHot @theserfstv I'll let you figure that one out, champ. It's really not that hard to determine.
25-01-2023 06:40
There's a movie about this
25-01-2023 06:36
@SeraphIXBasarab @YerDadIsHot @theserfstv I really don't understand what your problem is with me tbh. So I'm a wri…
25-01-2023 06:33
@SeraphIXBasarab @YerDadIsHot @theserfstv ? Maybe they do. I don't really care. I have those things in my bio, so…
25-01-2023 06:32
RT @latestinspace: BREAKING 🚨: NASA has now discovered 5,241 other planets outside our solar system
25-01-2023 06:29
@kondef @DanYunIsTrying Really no idea how they could really nail a figure of her, but I'm curious to see any attempt honestly.
25-01-2023 06:28
@SeraphIXBasarab @YerDadIsHot @theserfstv Seraph, buddy ole pal, your bio is entirely about an online video game, y…
25-01-2023 06:28
@SeraphIXBasarab @YerDadIsHot @theserfstv Really, it took 25 minutes to come up with that? Take a bow!
25-01-2023 06:23