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Was more like 18 minutes unfortunately but we're back.
09-12-2022 14:56
Uhm emergency! I have to pause this episode for like 10 minutes
09-12-2022 14:38
I do like that Simm gets the goatee and since he's lost the drumming it's a character progression that does somewha…
09-12-2022 14:37
Clearer pictures of Simm's outfit here.
09-12-2022 14:36
This thread has not lovingly mentioned Capaldi's hair as much as it should, consider this tweet an apology and atte…
09-12-2022 14:36
Akira Nishikiyama when he sees Kazuma Kiryu return to Kamurocho.
09-12-2022 14:35
Fuck this episode is just so good. Capaldi doesn't have a single bad finale.
09-12-2022 14:34
A jellybaby offering? This puts a 4th Doctor reference in every series of Capaldi's era, though this one is complet…
09-12-2022 14:31
Good scene!
09-12-2022 14:30
The light from the window shines on her metal heart, cute.
09-12-2022 14:29
I like this idea of Bill only seeing herself as herself. Also means you get to make good use of Pearl Mackie.
09-12-2022 14:29
Love Delgado's look here, it's also playing on Capaldi's outfit in an interesting way the red underside.
09-12-2022 14:26
I mean I'd have been a fan if they brought MacQueen in, but I'm sure it'd do nothing for general audiences. But wha…
09-12-2022 14:25
Also never rewatched this finale 2-parter, and I've also forgotten how 12 dies.
09-12-2022 14:24
So all in all I don't like the use of Simm but I also am fine with it.
09-12-2022 14:23
Short of bringing back Beevers or doing MacQueen which are insane decisions that would never be permitted on televi…
09-12-2022 14:23
10 Years in the first floor made you a fucking pussy! Bring that shit Doctor!
09-12-2022 14:20
But to be fair, what else could he do. And the new personality is good.
09-12-2022 14:20
I don't like that Moffat just turned Simm into more of a generic Master, he's lost all the personality of his RTD i…
09-12-2022 14:19
Love how hard Moffat leaned into the Mastercest.
09-12-2022 14:18
I love Simm and Missy together, but I have complex feelings towards Simm in this episode (it's not that complex)
09-12-2022 14:18
She's saying this because The Doctor Falls and also she made him fall in Logopolis!!!!!
09-12-2022 14:17
This was one of the promo photos for the episode! What a good ending sting for a cold open btw.
09-12-2022 14:16
Shooting the Mondasian Cyberman off at night always looked so haunting, then they became scarecrows in the morning.
09-12-2022 14:15
I forgot to say it! Previous episode has the same title of a Big Finish River Song story that's not only much worse but came before it.
09-12-2022 14:13
What a great cliffhanger. Next up we have Genesis of the Cyberman otherwise known as The Two Masters otherwise know…
09-12-2022 14:12
09-12-2022 14:10
It's the Master!
09-12-2022 14:10
Why does he act surprise, I thought he already knew.
09-12-2022 14:10
I love the fear the Doctor has around the cyberman.
09-12-2022 14:09
Always found him calling them this extremely fannish and a bit odd.
09-12-2022 14:08
Bill, the first cyberman, I love it
09-12-2022 14:08
I like the way this episode comfortably sits alongside Spare Parts in terms of early Mondas.
09-12-2022 14:07
The Two Masters.
09-12-2022 14:04
The halfway there Cybermen are so horrifying. Really good choice to bring back this classic design.
09-12-2022 14:02
The cutting between the two floors is so expertly done, I'm in love with it.
09-12-2022 13:59
I love the look of this city.
09-12-2022 13:59
I'm so in love with this episode I'm forgetting to livetweet.
09-12-2022 13:55
Moffat at his peak is unparalleled untouchable.
09-12-2022 13:47
What a fucking little sequence of utter horror snuck into this episode.
09-12-2022 13:46
This whole sequence is so haunting. I'm really glad this episode takes such a hard swerve into this unnerving hospi…
09-12-2022 13:45
Of course since Rachel Talalay is directing this and the final episode it's going to look absolutely amazing.
09-12-2022 13:43
This might be on of the Master's best disguises, I don't think you'd realise it was Simm if you didn't know he was…
09-12-2022 13:42
I love the ship in the blackhole and out of sync time flow, I think this might be Moffat's best use of that trope he loves so much.
09-12-2022 13:41
And the Mondasian Cybermen! So horrifying in this episode with the slow process of Cyber-conversion.
09-12-2022 13:38
I like these flashbacks for just bringing back Bill and the Doctor's casual relationship to the forefront to furthe…
09-12-2022 13:36
I fucking love this moment, so harsh and unexpected. Leads to some great stuff too. Wow!
09-12-2022 13:32
Still surprising NuWho is somehow allowed to say bitch if they want to.
09-12-2022 13:31
I believe Missy when she says Dr. Who is his real name.
09-12-2022 13:29
09-12-2022 13:29
For his final story Capaldi is back in his original outfit, which he's worn for like half the episodes in s10 anywa…
09-12-2022 13:27
Fan of this opening with Missy playing Dr. Who.
09-12-2022 13:26
The guy who did this black hole effect was just a fan on youtube who got popular!
09-12-2022 13:25
Now it's time for the series 10 finale and the end of NuWho, and subsequently my thread! World Enough And Time & The Doctor Falls!
09-12-2022 13:23
08-12-2022 16:38
@possessedbox I guess she just isn't. Not really a fault of me. I like her fashion style, I just think he dresses n…
08-12-2022 16:10
@possessedbox Donna had a review. If the outfit is noteworthy I mention it! My only rule is to also mention the uno…
08-12-2022 16:05
I ship it tbh
08-12-2022 15:06
Redditors about to theorise Missy is pregnant with the Doctor's child and that's why she's been having emotions.
08-12-2022 15:06
I'm not posting every little thing Gomez does but there's so many little things she does throughout her performance…
08-12-2022 15:05
Gomez just radiates charisma.
08-12-2022 15:03
It's a very different mode for Who than the usual which I do respect, poetic and mystical.
08-12-2022 15:03
When you actually see the underside everything just works, but you don't get it often.
08-12-2022 15:02
Also like the whole crow thing, very fun and very cute.
08-12-2022 15:02
Also ending up with the same take as last time. It's a nice episode that does some cute things I rather enjoy. It's…
08-12-2022 15:01
There's a few 7/Ace-isms in this episode I found cute, Runo can't quite shake off that dynamic.
08-12-2022 15:00
Doctor Who opinions that make you feel like this?
08-12-2022 14:59
The sexuality scene is a fun one. Bill is close minded for not being bisexual TenTooBased
08-12-2022 14:46
Ends up working quite nicely as a bridge to the following episode.
08-12-2022 14:42
This episode looks quite nice, really stands out as looking nicer than the average series 10 episode.
08-12-2022 14:40
I like the casting for the Roman legion, not just white guys as many would've done.
08-12-2022 14:36
12 i swearing 2 t-shirts secretly underneath the jumper, very curious.
08-12-2022 14:33
Also is the first time we see 12 in Scotland? I can't think of any other time he's been there.
08-12-2022 14:30
I like Nardole's outfit here, Hitchhiker's Guide energy.
08-12-2022 14:29
Another all-darks, very dissapointing. The blue underneath is nice but it really is funny the best part of 12's loo…
08-12-2022 14:27
I forgot Bill was into Romans, Amy Pond vibes.
08-12-2022 14:26
I remember just finding this fine at the time, I also never rewatched it.
08-12-2022 14:24
Let's get this rewatch done with I want to watch other things like other Doctor Who! Time for Eaters of Light, the…
08-12-2022 14:23
She's in the TARDIS! Silly Nardole!
04-12-2022 17:39
Alpha Centurai is back! But why didn't the Doctor call them a transphobic slur??? Ooc imo.
04-12-2022 17:38
But a fun episode! Very standard Gatiss affair but I find pulled off quite well. I love the effect of the murdered…
04-12-2022 17:36
This hand rising is a pretty evocative image, maybe someone should use it for some kind of poster.
04-12-2022 17:29
Bill saying she's police. Tiring.
04-12-2022 17:26
You know this episode was written by a gay man because the men casted are very attractive.
04-12-2022 17:25
Very boring gender politics going on here, but at least they're not misogynist.
04-12-2022 17:20
Curves because she's a woman.
04-12-2022 17:16
Bill's pop culture references would work better if they all weren't things from the 80s.
04-12-2022 17:08
I've never rewatched this episode, and I'm actually quite a fan of it. Though maybe not as much as previously professed under duress.
04-12-2022 17:01
I love the Victorian spacesuit look, mixing these two worlds does make for some great stuff.
04-12-2022 17:01
I think it's funny that Nardole is shoved off as Gatiss didn't want to bother writing for him.
04-12-2022 16:59
Gatiss heard that Bill was a sci-fi fan, an understated part of her character till now, and ran with it.
04-12-2022 16:59
They're not wearing the fankwank suits AHHHHH I HATE THIS. (I do quite like this actually)
04-12-2022 16:57
Gatiss is reaching a level of British undiscovered.
04-12-2022 16:56
This cold open is like a Children in Need sketch.
04-12-2022 16:55
Jojo was fucking amazing, anyway back to Doctor Who. We have the most Gatiss episode ever with Empress of Mars! A V…
04-12-2022 16:54
@noknowli @SmappysIsland I don't think an A.I would recognise what I make as having faces
04-12-2022 16:40
That episode over with, abysmal. Till next time! I have Jojo to watch today anyway.
01-12-2022 14:26
New alteration, if he didn't cover up that blue shirt I'd quite like this look! It's the blue lining underneath the…
01-12-2022 14:22
Still don't like the episode but I appreciate using Bill's love to surpass her (hypothetical) love for Doctor used to consent for the monks.
01-12-2022 14:19
This is like a better version of Akhaten's ending.
01-12-2022 14:19
My name is Donald. I’ve seen The Doctor Falls, are there any other episodes with my name in them?
01-12-2022 14:18
Honestly I think if Steven Moffat co-wrote this it could work. He'd set it on the right path in regards to monks' c…
01-12-2022 14:10
The Narrator:
01-12-2022 14:09
If this was the 13th Doctor she'd fry Bill's brain in an instant.
01-12-2022 14:08
Missy was the only good part of the episode, I may claim. We'll see if that statement is true.
01-12-2022 14:06
Missy literally just said "Awkward..."
01-12-2022 14:05
Missy is back!
01-12-2022 14:00
The Bill narration framing also doesn't quite work imo, it's a very weird thing to give her character in the last few moments.
01-12-2022 14:00
Why even fucking have the whole pure consent plan if you're just gonna rule by fear anyway. It's so fucking dumb.
01-12-2022 13:59
It literally feels like this episode was written in an alternate universe where Pyramid didn't characterise the monks in the way they did.
01-12-2022 13:57
This sucks, it's awful.
01-12-2022 13:56
Also I dislike the Doctor's undue cruelty to Bill here. Too cruel even for his series 8 characterisation.
01-12-2022 13:52
Love the outfit here, a nice dusted and dirty look which is quite nice. Not good as his regular outfit like I think…
01-12-2022 13:50
Amazing how from Bill's consent onwards this trilogy takes such a harsh nosedive to shit.
01-12-2022 13:47
It feels Toby Whithouse completely lost the ability to write after series 6. Though an argument can hold what made…
01-12-2022 13:43
Magpie cameo
01-12-2022 13:42
The Joker
01-12-2022 13:41
This dystopian society doesn't feel a proper continuation from Pyramid. It sounds more like how you'd go on from Ex…
01-12-2022 13:40
Once again wearing his classic costume, which is quite boring.
01-12-2022 13:39
I love the monk design and I also like how goofy it ends up feeling by the end of the trilogy, commonplace even.
01-12-2022 13:38
And now onto Lie of the Land!
01-12-2022 13:35
Now the episode's big issue. Bill's consent which is meant to be out of love doesn't fully feel that way, it's out…
01-12-2022 13:35
Is this Peter Harness' only good episode?
01-12-2022 13:34
Spruce this episode up a little this could be the regeneration episode, or just the end of the two-parter. Instead we have Lie of the Land.
01-12-2022 13:33
Blue undercoat, I never noticed this before. Interesting variant but I'd rather it stay red.
01-12-2022 13:23
Yeah this episode has the terrorism line cut, removing it makes the jump to bacteria feel too unnatural. Ruins the…
01-12-2022 13:18
I like the idea they will only take a planet if one consents to it, and it needs to be pure consent.
01-12-2022 13:14
Liking this episode a decent bit so far, some nice tension building.
01-12-2022 13:08
Had to do it to em
01-12-2022 13:07
They're hard at work
01-12-2022 13:07
They cut out a line from this episode referencing terrorist attacks as a possible reason for the end of the world.…
01-12-2022 13:05
Seriously, I love this look.
01-12-2022 12:59
I enjoy seeing these two scientists, who accidentally cause the end of the world.
01-12-2022 12:57
A red shirt! Look how good this looks! The splash of colour it adds that creates the look!
01-12-2022 12:55
There's a nice jacket in this scene. Reminds me of a certain character, but on which person? Well, there really is…
01-12-2022 12:48
Now time for 'The Pyramid at the End of the World" which is a lovely title but middling episode (I've never rewatched it)
01-12-2022 12:47
I like the way Moffat links the Missy execution scenes with the main story through little sprinkles of phrasing and…
01-12-2022 12:42
@possessedbox Sure! But not too notable an outfit imo.
01-12-2022 12:40
He said it!
01-12-2022 12:40
Huh, I remember the president having resembled Donald Trump.
01-12-2022 12:36
I love the look of the monks, properly horrifying and grotesque.
01-12-2022 12:28
Capaldi's hair has expanded in size btw, and will continue to.
01-12-2022 12:23
I don't think any episode in series 10 has looked exceptionally good yet, but the baseline has reached a very high…
01-12-2022 12:23
Nardole having to be the Doctor's Big Finish narrator is a funny gag.
01-12-2022 12:18
This stuff doesn't make too much sense but the Doctor still needs to be told what he's not seeing so I don't mind.
01-12-2022 12:17
uhmmm Bill wouldn't reference Harry Potter.
01-12-2022 12:15
I have made commitment to not comment on Bill's outfits in s10, I'm just accidentally posting a screenshot that fea…
01-12-2022 12:09
I like Bill's little date interrupted by the pope, also her mom is a fun character despite the scant appearances.
01-12-2022 12:08
A very classic everyone who reads this note dies, with a suicide angle.
01-12-2022 12:06
I remember loving this episode, but the other two not too much.
01-12-2022 12:05
Pope Francis! I think that's the actor from Turn Left
01-12-2022 12:04
He also wore his classical s8 outfit in the cold open where he's standing outside the box, I didn't screenshot caus…
01-12-2022 12:03
Velvet coat hoodie combo returns. Still think he should have had a red t-shirt in the mix of things.
01-12-2022 12:03
Peter Capaldi receiving the episode script emailed to him from Moffat.
01-12-2022 12:02
Do quite enjoy this scenes, from what I remember. I've not seen the monk trilogy since airing.
01-12-2022 12:01
I like Capaldi's dusted up coat here Gets across his new vibe while keeping the s8 look. Though not my optimal look…
01-12-2022 11:59
MONK TRILOGY TIME! Can I finish s10 before the end of this week? Let's find out!
01-12-2022 11:58
@possessedbox Would've been extremely bold and I'd be a fan of that.
29-11-2022 14:08
Very shocking reveal but I'm so glad they did this. Really changed up the following serial!
29-11-2022 14:01
Episode's over, very good stuff. Not Mathieson's best but one of series 10's.
29-11-2022 14:00
Bill and metal suits controlling her.
29-11-2022 13:50
I love that 12 goes blind from sacrificing his helmet for Bill.
29-11-2022 13:44
This episode is a great space zombie thriller. Uses space for a lot of interesting tension too.
29-11-2022 13:34
I do like that 12's meanness seems to have concentrated itself into Nardole.
29-11-2022 13:24
Another middling outfit, too many darks!
29-11-2022 13:20
This is definitely the most explicitly leftist episode of Doctor Who, Planet of the Ood right after.
29-11-2022 13:15
Also I've never rewatched Knock Knock before, or the episode I'm about to watch, Oxygen!
29-11-2022 13:14
12 keeping Missy in a box to make her good is quite a fun scenario.
29-11-2022 12:58
The young people writing in this episode is especially weak.
29-11-2022 12:48
I like that this episode is trying to do something interesting with the audio mixing, probably the most interesting part of this thing.
29-11-2022 12:41
Love this
29-11-2022 12:37
The Little Mix part of this episode feels so odd, but charming under Capaldi.
29-11-2022 12:31
This guy's performance is a nice one, very odd old man.
29-11-2022 12:28
She's wearing a bi shirt this episode, which is why I ask. Not commenting on the fashion in any way here.
29-11-2022 12:23
I don't remember if Bill is a lesbian or bisexual, I know Pearl Mackie is bi but I forget about the character.
29-11-2022 12:23
He's talking about #HarrySullivan but that fact was cut out of the episode.
29-11-2022 12:22
Uhmm Time Lord isn't a species ://
29-11-2022 12:18
A return to a series 8 look, very weak after everything we've seen since.
29-11-2022 12:18
Pretty weak cold open by the way.
29-11-2022 12:17
I remember this story was available in a special audio mode where it could sound like the whole thing was happening around you.
29-11-2022 12:17
I think the guy in green is #HarrySullivan's grandson.
29-11-2022 12:14
Alright time for Knock Knock!
29-11-2022 12:13
Episode over with, yeah it's good!
28-11-2022 13:39
I'm surprised how well this episode is working on all cylinders. Did not expect this to be standout.
28-11-2022 13:26
Love this bit. Not only does it offer a quite pushback from earlier on to add nuance to the depiction of England bu…
28-11-2022 13:24
Like this shot
28-11-2022 13:16
I love the look of old diving suits.
28-11-2022 13:15
Despite being in a series run by Steven Moffat Bill feels quite real as a young woman in the late 2010s.
28-11-2022 13:13
I like Bill's angry scene with the Doctor. All around good episode I think.
28-11-2022 13:08
This episode is quite admirable for straight up just featuring the death of a child
28-11-2022 13:05
I like this interaction.
28-11-2022 13:00
Omg Pete the lost companion I will always be annoying
28-11-2022 12:57
I always love it when they dress up for the era.
28-11-2022 12:57
This episode deals head on with the racism of the regency era in a satisfying way, from what I remember.
28-11-2022 12:56
This story is set in 1814? That's Regency not fucking Edwardian. Edwardian is 100 years later Doctor Who fans are s…
28-11-2022 12:55
Capaldi's hair is not as big as I remember.
28-11-2022 12:54
Alright time for Thin Ice!
28-11-2022 12:53
Oh I wonder what's next!
27-11-2022 14:22
On reflection this ending isn't as bad as I remember, it's not great as it comes in too immediately but I do like t…
27-11-2022 14:20
I don't remember this bit at all.
27-11-2022 14:05