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@Omri_Marian Isn’t that what research assistants are for? I used to take the prof’s note and find the cite… which…
07-12-2022 22:52
@loganallec @JStaatsCPA This is why I’m not worried about AI
07-12-2022 22:15
If anyone is looking for a experienced tax professional, this local establishment seems qualified. #taxtwitter
07-12-2022 21:18
A demonstration seeking to “Free Iran” in front of the @nytimes HQ. A curious location, alas.
07-12-2022 21:14
@loganallec @JStaatsCPA Also, is it legal to be named Logan and not have facial hair? Asking for a friend.
07-12-2022 21:00
@loganallec @JStaatsCPA I don’t think AI could find shifting tax consequences or transitory allocations until they’…
07-12-2022 20:59
@amyleerosen Hear me out: go get some guacamole.
07-12-2022 20:55
@SmithMatthewC Imagine if they had bayonets too.
07-12-2022 20:29
Whenever @EmDeeEm sees me tweeting about crypto.
07-12-2022 19:04
@tiffanyclay @BadLegalTakes Yes and they split criminal and commercial into two divisions as well. Unfortunately t…
07-12-2022 18:13
@SmithMatthewC At least they all have guns now
07-12-2022 18:12
@PKubeyEA @EmDeeEm Yeah I agree with Phyllis. It’s at least worth researching more.
07-12-2022 17:43
#MattClub out here solving all the problems.
07-12-2022 17:42
@mountainwesttax Small accounting firms (30 or fewer) with legitimate subject matter expertise are very difficult t…
07-12-2022 17:41
@BadLegalTakes New York Supreme Court is a trial level court (Supreme refers to jurisdiction). The Court of Appeal…
07-12-2022 15:58
Wordle 536 5/6 ⬜⬜🟨⬜⬜ ⬜⬜🟨🟨⬜ 🟨🟩🟩⬜⬜ ⬜🟩🟩🟨🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
07-12-2022 08:37
I just scheduled a bunch of memes over the next week or so. This describes my thoughts on them. I hope you enjoy…
07-12-2022 08:17
@bubbaprog @smbrnsn
07-12-2022 08:11
@IraGilligan Eight hours? You start too early IMO
07-12-2022 06:54
Same building, different angles.
07-12-2022 04:15
The clouds are so low that the @EmpireStateBldg is obfuscated at around 600 feet
07-12-2022 03:26
@EmDeeEm @cordes_tax 🖕 cookie time. Go spoil your dinner
07-12-2022 00:53
What’s going to happen? A decade of appeals and it’s not like the people who did business with them before will change that. Yawn.
07-12-2022 00:34
@LorilynWilson As Matts are wont to do.
07-12-2022 00:18
@goodtaxtakes There should be a tax for adults who wear sneakers with dress clothes too.
07-12-2022 00:17
@goodtaxtakes Is that just the Jordan sub-brand of Nike?
07-12-2022 00:08
@LorilynWilson Maybe your eyes are still bloodshot after #MattCon2022 this weekend
06-12-2022 22:42
@EmDeeEm @JStaatsCPA @DailyTaxMemes Jason seems like the kind of guy who’d pay a premium too.
06-12-2022 22:37
@KJSAcct The latter
06-12-2022 22:31
@idkshane See you shouldn’t have left your old job
06-12-2022 21:28
@AccountingAsArt The audit manager?
06-12-2022 20:33
@Omri_Marian Also democracy and anti-slavery
06-12-2022 20:32
@goodtaxtakes @LIFOMichael “In the greatest city in the world” wasn’t about Scottsdale. South Park had some thoughts on Scottsdale.
06-12-2022 20:31
This meme is WAY too wordy, but I think it still works.
06-12-2022 19:30
@goodtaxtakes @LIFOMichael Are we really comparing art museums? Is that really the argument?
06-12-2022 19:24
@LIFOMichael @goodtaxtakes We have the most firefighters.
06-12-2022 19:14
@EmDeeEm @cordes_tax 🖕 eat a cookie
06-12-2022 18:40
@goodtaxtakes I go to museums in New York all the time. I go to parks and historical monuments too.
06-12-2022 18:30
@EmDeeEm @cordes_tax Also challenge accepted. 🖕enjoy buying new pants
06-12-2022 17:39
He can’t commit tax fraud if there aren’t any taxes to pay. 🙃🙃🙃
06-12-2022 17:29
@EmDeeEm @cordes_tax This unchecked aggression will not stand, man.
06-12-2022 16:34
@EmDeeEm @cordes_tax 🖕
06-12-2022 15:53
@goodtaxtakes Must be why they have all the great museums there.
06-12-2022 15:53
Wordle 535 4/6 🟩⬜⬜⬜🟨 ⬜🟨⬜⬜⬜ 🟩⬜⬜🟩🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 The color of your energy
06-12-2022 08:30
@LindseyStarrett @LorilynWilson I mean, what's the worst that can happen?
06-12-2022 06:59
@wifemomcpa100 Then stop pretending you are giving him a choice. 😉
06-12-2022 06:59
@LindseyStarrett @LorilynWilson I say try it and see what happens.
06-12-2022 06:58
@cards_fan_66 Clients get to do that shit once.
06-12-2022 05:14
@LindseyStarrett @LorilynWilson I did that years ago when I was at Legal Aid. I just got the other attorney into m…
06-12-2022 05:10
@LizDoogCPA Writhing in pain
06-12-2022 05:08
@TomGatorCPA @BruceDSteiner @idkshane @JStaatsCPA @kjb_cpa @MagisterTax @seattle_tax I believe the former and am no…
06-12-2022 04:49
@BruceDSteiner @TomGatorCPA @idkshane @JStaatsCPA @kjb_cpa @MagisterTax @seattle_tax With current bonus depreciatio…
06-12-2022 03:58
@nickmeals 23/33 195 0 1
06-12-2022 03:23
@nickmeals Also, you do realize that the finalists are just the top four vote recipients, right? There isn't an ac…
06-12-2022 03:19
@nickmeals He can come. There are a lot of really nice hotels and lots of fun things to do. They just reopened th…
06-12-2022 03:17
@nickmeals I still think Peyton got hosed.
06-12-2022 03:14
@LorilynWilson I know, right?
06-12-2022 03:00
Doug seems to be in favor of increased government funding of the SEC, CFTC, and FBI. I'd be fine with that.
06-12-2022 03:00
@TomGatorCPA @idkshane @JStaatsCPA @kjb_cpa @MagisterTax @seattle_tax OH or the outsourced CFO too. People ask me…
06-12-2022 02:59
@TomGatorCPA @idkshane @JStaatsCPA @kjb_cpa @MagisterTax @seattle_tax Just wait until the tax lawyer tells the acco…
06-12-2022 02:55
@LorilynWilson @MagisterTax @idkshane @JStaatsCPA @kjb_cpa @seattle_tax I bet most people don’t realize what’s happ…
06-12-2022 02:16
@wifemomcpa100 He sounds like a gentleman and a scholar.
06-12-2022 01:48
@wifemomcpa100 Doing something or metaphorically getting kicked in the nuts isn’t really a choice.
06-12-2022 01:43
@JStaatsCPA @MagisterTax @idkshane @kjb_cpa @seattle_tax No.
06-12-2022 01:34
@MagisterTax @idkshane @JStaatsCPA @kjb_cpa @seattle_tax I mostly deal with their accountants, who generally accuse…
06-12-2022 01:32
@MagisterTax @idkshane @JStaatsCPA @kjb_cpa @seattle_tax Basically every OA I written requires pro rata distributio…
06-12-2022 01:26
@idkshane @JStaatsCPA @kjb_cpa @MagisterTax @seattle_tax I remain unconvinced most clients have ever read their operating agreement.
06-12-2022 01:21
@JStaatsCPA @kjb_cpa @MagisterTax @seattle_tax I’ve seen a lot of CPA-drafted operating agreements over the years a…
06-12-2022 00:29
@JStaatsCPA @kjb_cpa @MagisterTax @seattle_tax I should note that it doesn’t name a partnership representative. Sigh.
06-12-2022 00:05
@Tyler_Menzer @TheBig4Tweets Or really an advisor. They capitulate to get more work instead of doing their job.
06-12-2022 00:04
@Tyler_Menzer @TheBig4Tweets If you’re really good you don’t have to have a hook. If you’re crappy you have to oper…
06-12-2022 00:03
@Tyler_Menzer You should talk to people who were junior auditors. They don’t know anything, just ask @TheBig4Tweets.
05-12-2022 23:56
@JStaatsCPA @kjb_cpa @MagisterTax @seattle_tax
05-12-2022 23:52
@Tyler_Menzer Don’t look for why you don’t want to find, Tyler.
05-12-2022 23:50
@katallentax 280E 🤝 crypto We are special
05-12-2022 23:49
@TaxHacker I'll fight you
05-12-2022 23:02
@taxtweet It’s a New Yorker. What else do you expect?
05-12-2022 22:43
Wait until he finds out about the regulations that implemented 336(e).
05-12-2022 20:35
People should be kicked in the shin every time they use "whilst".
05-12-2022 20:23
@ComedianChicago The future where the machines hunt humans
05-12-2022 19:30
Michael Irvin going nuts about the Cowboys being up 21-19 after three quarters, then scoring 30+ points because the…
05-12-2022 19:30
@IraGilligan @ajthecpa1226 Hot house? Heirloom? Cherry?
05-12-2022 18:49
These are the days when you wish your bed was already made It's just another manic Monday (Ooh-oh) I wish it were…
05-12-2022 17:18
Wordle 534 4/6 ⬜⬜⬜⬜🟨 ⬜⬜🟨⬜⬜ ⬜🟩🟩🟩🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
05-12-2022 08:15
The Cowboys’ thoughts on the Colts
05-12-2022 07:24
The Indianapolis Colts
05-12-2022 07:18
The Skynet-controlled future in Terminator 2 takes place in 2029. 🙃
05-12-2022 06:07
I do not understand the Hall of Fame voters. Thank you for your time and attention.
05-12-2022 05:04
@AccountingAsArt @kjb_cpa @LorilynWilson @fintaxdude You don’t recommend cost seg to all of your clients! Boo hiss!
05-12-2022 03:08
@AccountingAsArt @kjb_cpa @LorilynWilson @fintaxdude No you don’t. That’s your favorite thing in the world.
05-12-2022 02:39
@AccountingAsArt @fintaxdude Actually, @LorilynWilson is the expert on this
04-12-2022 22:32
@andreacpa0 If you come here you should try.
04-12-2022 22:32
(I did not make this. It’s part of an exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York.)
04-12-2022 21:39
Madison Square Park, the Flatiron Building, and the Appellate Division First Department in Gingerbread form.
04-12-2022 19:44
Presented without comment.
04-12-2022 19:24
Wordle 533 3/6 🟩⬜⬜⬜🟩 ⬜🟨🟩⬜🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
04-12-2022 09:16
@TwightFinancial He’s bright but he’s a toddler so he isn’t literate.
04-12-2022 08:39
@adammarkowitzEA Also, they lost to a school whose claim to fame is that Brett Favre stole money from welfare to pay for stuff
04-12-2022 07:48
@adammarkowitzEA ::whispers:: Penn State would make it over Ohio State.
04-12-2022 07:41
@adammarkowitzEA They should just let the tv networks pick teams.
04-12-2022 07:34
@adammarkowitzEA Every team they beat ended up like 7-5 or 6-6. I’m too lazy to check this so let me know if I’m wrong.
04-12-2022 07:30
@adammarkowitzEA I got this gem:
04-12-2022 07:16
@adammarkowitzEA Penn State and New Mexico State
04-12-2022 07:04
@Jpittscpa3 When TCU beats a good team I’ll consider it, but nah.
04-12-2022 06:59
@kjb_cpa He’s a sweet young man.
04-12-2022 06:58
@kjb_cpa He caused the accident, Kyle. He did hug them afterward.
04-12-2022 04:28
@PasoFlyrod K State was the favorite lol
04-12-2022 03:48
“Trains crash! Uh Oh!” - Nephew
04-12-2022 03:39
Georgia, Michigan, Alabama, Ohio State.
04-12-2022 03:09
Georgia is really good. #analysis
04-12-2022 02:50
The Brooklyn Bridge and City Hall.
04-12-2022 02:42
@AJMCPA91 @nickmeals I’m not convinced Ohio State couldn’t get hot and win it all either. Georgia Ohio State and M…
03-12-2022 21:53
@nickmeals So Ohio State and Alabama?
03-12-2022 21:37
@lstranathan Oh absolutely the third
03-12-2022 21:36
@LorilynWilson @sweatystartup And the people who make campaign donations to people who make the laws own real estate.
03-12-2022 21:34
@EmDeeEm I’m not on his good list
03-12-2022 20:57
@itownhard If you look around the room and you think everyone is the idiot, you’re the idiot for hanging out with them. That’s Nick.
03-12-2022 19:46
@joe_vincent22 @LorilynWilson The purpose of depreciation and amortization is to match the deduction with the econo…
03-12-2022 19:45
@Omri_Marian @SmithMatthewC That’s literally a product of the equal funding requirements of Title IX. The side eff…
03-12-2022 19:06
@SmithMatthewC I’d like more attention to be focused on how Qatar is a violent, theocratic dictatorship that used s…
03-12-2022 19:04
@ajthecpa1226 Attn @LorilynWilson
03-12-2022 18:59
@SmithMatthewC The word soccer first appeared in England and is derived from “association football”. So blame the…
03-12-2022 18:58
Nick is the absolute worst and I’ll bet $20 I could lower his taxes because I bet his advisors aren’t that good.
03-12-2022 18:45
@Love2Travel @LorilynWilson They’ll just have to wait seven years to get their investment back.
03-12-2022 18:43
@KalapuyanMama @AtlantaTax That’s a problem.
03-12-2022 08:01
@IraGilligan You rn
03-12-2022 08:01
@adammarkowitzEA @superfreak60 Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha
03-12-2022 08:00
Georgia, Michigan, TCU, Ohio State
03-12-2022 07:38
@adammarkowitzEA @superfreak60 I want to let you know that the pac-12 still doesn’t deserve to have a team in the college football playoff.
03-12-2022 07:33
@nickmeals Best hit ever was Quinten Coryatt.
03-12-2022 06:52
@EmDeeEm @JStaatsCPA @LorilynWilson I bet @LorilynWilson bought it. She has all that influencer money.
03-12-2022 06:35
@JStaatsCPA @LorilynWilson @EmDeeEm You should check the code. 🤔🤔🤔
03-12-2022 06:32
@kjb_cpa @idkshane #TeamSayFuck
03-12-2022 06:21
@KalapuyanMama @AtlantaTax Is the only address in NY?
03-12-2022 05:45
@AtlantaTax @adammarkowitzEA @EmDeeEm @jessicametras Yeah Manhattan is the land of little hills, so really it’s a small town.
03-12-2022 05:44
@Omri_Marian Every day is a treasure. Good point.
03-12-2022 05:43
@LorilynWilson @EmDeeEm I think you need an NFT first
03-12-2022 05:42
@LorilynWilson @EmDeeEm In college I used to make parodies to songs and put them in my AIM away messages. I’ll see what I can do.
03-12-2022 05:41
@SethHanlon 😢😢😢
03-12-2022 04:46
@Omri_Marian Isn’t that every day ever?
03-12-2022 04:45
@EmDeeEm That may still be true, which is fucked up.
03-12-2022 04:43
@LorilynWilson Bonus depreciation. I remain unconvinced that it changes behavior enough to offset the cost.
03-12-2022 04:42
@LorilynWilson @EmDeeEm You should do a series of TikTok videos parodying shake it off titled write it off
03-12-2022 04:38
@EmDeeEm @jessicametras @adammarkowitzEA My condolences.
03-12-2022 04:19
@LorilynWilson @EmDeeEm So you’re more of a business, woman than a businesswoman?
03-12-2022 04:19
@LorilynWilson Make sure to deduct it all then I guess
03-12-2022 03:07
@AtlantaTax @KalapuyanMama If you formed in NY then you have to file, but watch out for NY’s sourcing rules as they…
03-12-2022 03:03
03-12-2022 02:26
@LorilynWilson This is getting weird
03-12-2022 02:06
@IraGilligan You said “hit” and I do not remember it therefore it was not a hit
03-12-2022 00:33
@IraGilligan This is how we do it?
03-12-2022 00:30
This is like Thank You For Smoking, but if Nick’s son were the miscreant, not Nick.
02-12-2022 23:11
@TaxHacker @LorilynWilson I’d go Old Forester, but you and @cordes_tax make good points.
02-12-2022 22:45
@LorilynWilson I have everything that’s needed for the official drink of MattCon2022: Rye Old Fashions
02-12-2022 21:53
@davidleary No sorry that was @idkshane
02-12-2022 21:45
@DaveWeil I think a lot of them think their generation knows best.
02-12-2022 21:39
@DaveWeil That’s the demo that votes, so no.
02-12-2022 21:13
@mountainwesttax @Blythe_MG Yet you left that job? Jeez.
02-12-2022 20:32
Silence is complicity.
02-12-2022 20:31
@fintaxdude Its not it. Possessive goes before the gerund.
02-12-2022 20:29
@katyesterday @Blythe_MG Ehhh new hires might just not notice it
02-12-2022 20:28
@decarrera I want him to live his best life immediately.
02-12-2022 20:28
@Tyler_Menzer @EmDeeEm I’ll have [redacted] from UVA review it because he’ll believe anything.
02-12-2022 19:30
@Blythe_MG I think the Uber to work has to be. No way they’re paying for that.
02-12-2022 19:28
I used his dad’s contact information. “Yes, I have to send a check for $500,000. Where should I mail it?” “Can y…
02-12-2022 19:25
I’m doing contingent beneficiary designations for my life insurance and they’re asking for my nephew’s phone number. He’s a toddler.
02-12-2022 19:16
@tnix113 I know you’re trying to troll, but 0-3-1 against Michigan. I’m still waiting for the first Ohio State QB to be a good NFL QB.
02-12-2022 19:11
@LizDoogCPA They take a lot of time to do and I’m lazy. I like the tax research but ehhhhh
02-12-2022 19:02
@idkshane Do you know how to sew? Hand sew and machine?
02-12-2022 18:46
@fintaxdude Today?
02-12-2022 18:38
@idkshane You’re a taste maker and a thirst trap? What can’t you do?
02-12-2022 18:38
I don’t get how countries are going to agree on Pillar I and Pillar II. We use different sized paper.
02-12-2022 18:26
@idkshane Your ratings are bullshit, Shane.
02-12-2022 18:26
I hit you like bang, we tried to forget it, but we just couldn't And I bury hatchets, but I keep maps of where I pu…
02-12-2022 18:17
This is why you should never hire management consultants. You’re paying for this bullshit.
02-12-2022 18:14
RT @taxgirl: Seeing SO MANY bad takes on the $600 reporting threshold. Here's a quick explainer. On the taxpayer side, your reporting requi…
02-12-2022 18:12
@idkshane Where did the Minions movie rate?
02-12-2022 18:12
@cfoandrew @adonnelly50 The correct response is “comedic genius knows no bounds”.
02-12-2022 18:06
Imagine having a job that’s sufficiently vital to the national interest that the President cares about contract neg…
02-12-2022 17:41
@SmithMatthewC Eh. We need to expand the base not create another exception/credit/whatever
02-12-2022 17:40
@fintaxdude “No, property taxes cannot possibly go up!”
02-12-2022 17:31
@fintaxdude Maybe you should spend some money on a viable alternative.
02-12-2022 17:30
@adammarkowitzEA $100,000,000
02-12-2022 16:37
@adammarkowitzEA No I meant the other way. Sorry, pre-caffeine. I think btc and wbtc are different assets. It re…
02-12-2022 16:37
@CathyWilliamsCA @EmDeeEm I know I’m going to offend you, but that’s not a positive.
02-12-2022 16:35
@fintaxdude Actually it’s more the local franchisees.
02-12-2022 16:35
@adammarkowitzEA I don’t think wrapped crypto is a wash. I’ve had this argument and I’m not doing it again.
02-12-2022 16:07
@EmDeeEm All that and all the maple syrup you can drink?
02-12-2022 16:03
@EmDeeEm T2 was good but I’ve always preferred the first Terminator (which I believe you are calling 1T).
02-12-2022 16:02
@fintaxdude That’s companies gouging you. It’s basically back where it was before in NY.
02-12-2022 16:01
@EmDeeEm For you that could be Canada
02-12-2022 15:52
@EmDeeEm @Tyler_Menzer And don’t fill pages with diagrams or large margins. Don’t be me when I was a 3L.
02-12-2022 15:51
@EmDeeEm Oh shit
02-12-2022 15:50
@JamesDoesTaxes Yes yes yes.
02-12-2022 15:50
@David_M_Kerr @Omri_Marian I agree (I’ve had this conversation with clients), but imagine that audit with an unrepr…
02-12-2022 15:50
@EmDeeEm @Omri_Marian Old and cold?
02-12-2022 15:48
@Tyler_Menzer It’s over Tyler. Let it die.
02-12-2022 08:59
@Omri_Marian Wouldn’t you wash your hands after baking bread? 🤔
02-12-2022 08:58
@Tyler_Menzer Tyler.
02-12-2022 08:58
$11-12B by applying wash sale rules to crypto? 🤯🤯🤯
02-12-2022 08:57