🖤🖤Dark._.X🖤🖤 (@Dark__X__4)
Just need a long break from everything.....
23-09-2022 06:48
I don't care about anything anymore, I already lost everything.....
23-09-2022 06:42
Believe me a boy can suffer anything and he will never tell that pain to anyone 🙃
23-09-2022 06:34
A sad person trying to make another sad person smile. That's friendship❤
23-09-2022 06:09
I'm not ignoring you, I'm just waiting to see that you will put effort to talk to me Or not...
23-09-2022 06:00
WHAT IS BIRTHDAY..? The day When you get fake wishes and You smile...
23-09-2022 05:48
In the era of physical love let's take a long walk by holding hands tightly»»🥰❤🖤
23-09-2022 05:27
It is not my nature to be silent, If I'm silent today there is a Reason Behind it.....
23-09-2022 05:10
It is not my nature to be silent, If I'm silent today there is a reason Behind it.....
23-09-2022 05:10
I don't care about looks but damn.! Your smile and eyes melt my heart in seconds🖤❤
21-09-2022 15:00
I think we don't meet by accident, we did because God wants us to meet💞
19-09-2022 17:27
Don't try to be perfect for me.. You are already more than i deserve ❤🖤
18-09-2022 03:58
Don't try to be perfect for me.. You are already more then I deserve ❤🖤
18-09-2022 03:57
Na hum topper Na hum failure Hum to wo hai jo exam se ek din Phle padh kar pass hote hai...😎
12-08-2022 20:21
You don't get mature with your Age, you get mature with the Situation you see...🍁
08-08-2022 16:43
I'm not a perfect friend, but I promise that you can trust me..
07-08-2022 16:43
Relationship don't need cute Voice and lovely face, it needs Beautiful heart and unbreakable Trust.... ❤🖤
07-08-2022 05:45
School taught us : A - for Apple. B - for ball. C - for cat. And life taught us : A - for Anxiety B - for Broke… https://t.co/YZY0Vkehfe
20-06-2022 13:06
I want to tell to my books that “you deserve someone better”
17-06-2022 05:22
Maybe!! I am not best person in Your life but one day you hear my name and you will smile and say Damm “He was different”❤
14-06-2022 04:39
Dear bestfriend🥺❤ Tere bin jee nahi lagda, Tere bin jee nahi sakda...
16-05-2022 05:06
I want a friendship where people Say, damm!!👀 They are still together🥰
08-05-2022 08:08
Stay loyal to me, I'll qurban My ‘ego’ & ‘attitude’ for you..
08-05-2022 04:53
Yaha 13-14 saal k baccho ko Bhi turu lobh mil jaata hai aur Ek mai hu jise aaj thak shirt aur T-shirt main counfusion hai...
30-04-2022 05:14
Problem : shut ! up I love you:)
27-04-2022 06:21
Me : Nobody loves me :(
27-04-2022 06:20
Better having a fake friend, I love to have a loyal enemy....
27-04-2022 05:46
Take the Risk and Tag the person You want to date.....😊💖
25-04-2022 13:40
Waise toh single life is best. Lekin koi pat Jaye toh relationship Bhi buri nai hai...😅
25-04-2022 04:53
Kabhi meri bestie se baate karke Dekho...
23-04-2022 05:12
Kon kehta hain ladkiya gaali Nhi deti...
23-04-2022 05:10
Nothing can be better than spending time with your best friend.
22-04-2022 04:57
I don't force anyone to stay With me. If you find yourself Happy without me then please Be happy....
21-04-2022 05:31
Which one hurts more?...💔 1. Seen but no reply. 2. Unseen but online.
20-04-2022 14:06
Dear girls, Touch is also a Right. It should be given to a person, Who deserves it.
20-04-2022 07:59
Boys have ego🥱
19-04-2022 06:03
Boys don't have attitude problem!
19-04-2022 06:02
🥀Baat karne ke liye topic nahi Interest matter karta hai!!
18-04-2022 11:56
Sometimes all you need is peace. No phone, No people. Just peace...:)
18-04-2022 04:44
School🏫 The last place for unlimited fun!!
17-04-2022 09:43
Sitting alone and enjoying your Own company is better then Being surrounded by fake people
17-04-2022 04:58
Yes, that's me!!
16-04-2022 09:45
Face - ugly Voice - ugly Hair - ugly Body - ugly Smile - ugly
16-04-2022 09:45
Trust your girl, Because you will never know how many boys want her. But she decided to choose you and make you her king.... ❤🖤
16-04-2022 05:25
Teenage age will make you realize... That how peaceful is darkroom. 🖤
15-04-2022 08:54
Be honest....Who was there for you at your worst time.. 🙃
14-04-2022 16:21
Introduce yourself with the name your favorite person gave you.. ✨
14-04-2022 08:07
Someone:why you reply so fast? Me:Because I know how it feels to be ignored:)
13-04-2022 05:04
Never try to turn your friendship into relationship trust me dono Kho doge...🥺🙃
12-04-2022 04:46
New college. 60 new faces. 16 new friends. Still, I dial the 6-years old number Whenever I need a best friend.
11-04-2022 19:50
No matter how loyal good you are, people can replace you anytime...
26-03-2022 16:15
According to your phone I'm Your ? Iphone : Ex😍 Samsung : lover🥰 Vivo : crush💖 Redmi : boyfriend/girlfriend👫 Infi… https://t.co/vOV0u5ly2V
25-03-2022 05:18
Which side of me did you meet first? 1. shy😝 2. talkative☺ 3. Rude🤨 4. Friendly🤗 5.crazy😜
24-03-2022 13:08
Mention the best person you meet online💞....
24-03-2022 05:33
Some have friends, some have Soulmate, but I have both in you... ❤🖤
23-03-2022 17:34
Some friends are not Only friends We call them “ meri jaan ”❤💖
23-03-2022 03:51
One day I'm just gonna disappear:)
22-03-2022 11:20
Never be too much available for Someone, otherwise you will Lose your importance...:)
22-03-2022 04:11
21-03-2022 18:01
Someone: How much broken are you? Me: If death comes in front of me, I will hug it.
21-03-2022 04:03
Rule number : 1 No matter how hard life gets Never touch alcohol and cigarette !!
19-03-2022 04:16
Dear god, please clear my mind From overthinking. I'm tired....🥀
17-03-2022 21:01
When you become too nice, People start using you...🙃
17-03-2022 04:13
Learn to be alone, not everyone will stay forever:)
16-03-2022 17:44
My bestie useless😜
12-03-2022 18:08
Me - shameless😅
12-03-2022 18:07
Future - hopeless😁
12-03-2022 18:07
Water - tasteless 😝
12-03-2022 18:06
Why boy's love the mother Most ?
08-03-2022 18:27
Dear bestie when life will give you Thousands of reason to cry . I will give you million of reasons to laugh that's my promise.🤞
05-03-2022 04:47
Suicide doesn't end the pain. It will just increase the pain of those actually cares. :)
04-03-2022 20:16
Finally Everyone left, One by one....🥺💔
11-02-2022 18:13
no matter how good or bad you Are everyone will start ignoring you When they find someone interesting Than you...😢
10-02-2022 18:19
No one notices your sadness untill it turns into anger, and then you're the bad person.
06-02-2022 16:05
The time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself.
06-02-2022 10:46
I went through my darkness time alone so I'm sorry if I act like I don't need anyone.. 😌
01-02-2022 17:21
The best feeling in the world is being loved back by the person you love.. 💖
01-02-2022 17:19
Have you ever went automatically silent when you hear something that hurts your feelings...❣️
01-02-2022 17:16
Nobody met you by accident God have planned everything Just believe on him✨❤
30-01-2022 18:23
Family problems, Carrier pressure, Future tense, Going through pain And still smiling over everything, That's what we are all about.
29-01-2022 12:09
Pet's are better than human because they know how to bring good in you When you're in worst condition❤
29-01-2022 05:10
29-01-2022 05:06