CynthiaR (@CynthiaRivera74)
@MayorOfLA @BSSLosAngeles Just read an article on the LA times about your first 100 days. Great job in getting 1k…
26-03-2023 21:15
@Not_RyanLewis @livefreeordeb @nagy_minaj In every field you will see bad people. Bad cops, bad dentists, bad surg…
26-03-2023 01:53
@Imposter_Edits This part of California was heavily Republican a few years back, but many people from LA have made…
26-03-2023 01:50
@atrupar These people have no substance. It is only hate and fear mongering. Don't repubs get tired of all the lies and b.s?
26-03-2023 01:41
@livefreeordeb @nagy_minaj Until you need the Union to stick their neck out for you. Why do you think there is a p…
26-03-2023 01:36
@i_am_mzleathers @kellyan126 @nagy_minaj @0liviajulianna wow, so sorry to hear this.
26-03-2023 01:32
@RonFilipkowski I just saw one black person. I would be scared to be in that crowd.
25-03-2023 19:13
@FloridaManInMO Bible/Christian clubs at schools should be ban if they go by their definition for banning books.
25-03-2023 06:48
@natsechobbyist @chrislhayes People see what they want to see, a simple observation, logic reasoning, is enough to…
25-03-2023 03:09
RT @AmoneyResists: [email protected] nails it. The fact that it is unprecedented in American history for a former President to be indicted is meanin…
21-03-2023 18:04
@EdKrassen Costello thought he was going there to gossip and invalidate Cohen, lol. I wonder what those six emails…
21-03-2023 00:46
@LangmanVince This motherfucker was one of the biggest bigots this country has bred. Rot in hell!
19-03-2023 19:55
@FPWellman @rajivscribe So happy to read this. The Iraqis have endure a lot of heartache since we invaded their cou…
19-03-2023 04:16
@nathaliejacoby1 In prison! the man is poor of character and any humane trait. Jail is where he belongs.
19-03-2023 01:27
@ThisWeekABC @jonkarl We want to see him arrested! NOW!
19-03-2023 01:20
@gtconway3dg @Folon15 @gtconway3d Who is having a party this weekend celebrating trumps arrests!
19-03-2023 01:18
@RandPaul The little shit and his parents knew this shirt was going to be controversial. There is a dress code and…
18-03-2023 19:05
@BillyCorben @WestPalmPD wow, kudos to the police officer(s) for keeping their cool. This man is going to jail for…
18-03-2023 19:02
@RevDaniel If there is a God who will take parents in the rapture leaving kids behind, I do not want your cruel god.
13-03-2023 22:13
@GREGORYABUTLER @IAmPoliticsGirl @cruzn101 Your thinking is what elected DT in 2016. He was able to put three supre…
12-03-2023 04:05
@jaketapper This people are demons in humans clothes. How can they be this heartless, biaaaaaatch!
09-03-2023 23:46
@atrupar I thought Obama was the best president of my life time, I was wrong. President Biden is the best presiden…
09-03-2023 23:38
@MsDaisy39 @writingjax @GeraldoRivera Stay in your crazy alternative reality. You people have become a bunch of cr…
09-03-2023 03:18
@Donthejuan2 @writingjax @GeraldoRivera The Q sham'an didn't even have a trial, you know why? bc he pleaded guilty…
09-03-2023 03:14
@ReglerDude @GeraldoRivera You should go to Fox/CNN history of this event when it was happening live. All is there…
08-03-2023 22:14
@writingjax @GeraldoRivera It doesn't matter how the media reacted. How did you react when you saw the footage at…
08-03-2023 22:05
@matthewdmarsden @mmpadellan haaaaaaa haaaaa haaaaa! no he is not!
07-03-2023 03:29
@Corbin4Congress @JackPosobiec Did you call for this for J6 insurrectionists? No you did not, back the blue my a...!
07-03-2023 03:26
@JackPosobiec Nicely staged fireworks, lol.
07-03-2023 03:24
@ananavarro @chrisrock I turned it off after 20 minutes. Cringy to another level, the tone was full of anger, he s…
06-03-2023 05:08
@AnaCabrera They have a van Gogh look to them 😍
04-03-2023 02:55
@nathaliejacoby1 Grandpa Joe, and I would vote for him again!
03-03-2023 00:54
@DonaldJTrumpJr Your dad was an entertainer dude, wtf is your problem. Zelensky was a comedian, and good one. Now…
27-02-2023 03:42
@Jim_Jordan Trump had a Gold toilet to shit, what are you talking about?
27-02-2023 03:40
@JackPosobiec You hate Biden and the people of Ukraine. Why? Are you Russian?
26-02-2023 19:31
@RonFilipkowski His elbow all over her breast, yuck!
26-02-2023 19:29
@bennyjohnson If she had naked pics all over the internet I might be.
25-02-2023 20:34
@joncoopertweets more liberal!
25-02-2023 20:30
@Where2Now @bennyjohnson This is what you get, Deregulation and Tax Breaks for the rich. Be safe in your super Red state.
23-02-2023 18:12
@BMeiselas Santa Monica Sunsets are the worst, just don't come to Cali!
20-02-2023 05:32
@AnaCabrera You should, Your body is healthy and ready! a guaranteed entry does not come easily.
18-02-2023 03:13
@barstoolsports Good luck in finding a therapist in that crowd, most people would not know how to help you.
16-02-2023 01:56
@RepMTG @AOC If she were to debate you, she would give credibility to your crazy. You pick on teens who have been…
15-02-2023 21:53
@SenatorRomney You should be more specific and also mention she was the first white woman. The rest of us second c…
14-02-2023 20:10
@RobertGarcia I just run the Surf’s City marathon in HB, if I would have known this earlier, I would have skipped this race.
11-02-2023 09:39
@sunsungirly Why did her filter made the forehead as big as the rest of her face? weird!
04-02-2023 23:47
@RepMTG @RepAOC @CNN We don’t want them to debate a clown, it would be a waste of her time.
03-02-2023 19:12
@SpeakerMcCarthy Most of you still believe trumpy won 2020. so, stfu!
03-02-2023 02:15
@TheTweetOfRhea Carbon dating is one way. If you hike down the Grand Canyon, it is easily visible as well.
29-01-2023 23:04
@DougWahl1 Schiff for the Senate, and CA Dems better Gerrymander the heck out Porters district so she can have her…
27-01-2023 13:18
@Alyssa_Milano Very easy, ban assault weapons, do a buy back of the ones circulating. I never had a "shooting dril…
26-01-2023 03:29
@mikepompeo Look at you saying something sensible, in the interest of the US and NOT Russia.
26-01-2023 03:23
@mkraju They voted for the man he said he was, not for this sham of a human being.
25-01-2023 09:24
@stevemagness Fenix Sapphire Solar from Garmin!
24-01-2023 22:32
@Acyn Would love for it to rain🤣
24-01-2023 05:27
@cooIboobs Demon looking, ugly!
23-01-2023 19:44
@ananavarro Wow, just amazing that every accusation from the GOP is a confession! Nothing wrong with being a drag b…
21-01-2023 04:45
@atrupar There is a video of him dancing as drag. He genuinely looks happy being one.
21-01-2023 04:38
@notcapnamerica So much talent wasted on hate and bigotry, she could have been an amazing advocate for what is right and decent.
15-01-2023 21:04
@cynthia_hayes Can't wait to be there in the spring and summer, the lakes and waterfalls are goin to b gorgeous!
12-01-2023 23:53
@HeathMayo @RepKatCammack This woman represents such a red part of FL, it will be difficult to get rid of her. I g…
08-01-2023 20:59
@Rep_Stansbury @PramilaJayapal @RepAOC @TeresaForNM All of you give me hope! please fight, fight, fight the coming…
08-01-2023 20:54
@JohnFetterman @giselefetterman We watched the movie yesterday, we blinked 😂 cause we didn't see you, about to yout…
08-01-2023 20:45
@jachristian I started running/hiking with a couple of group, it has become a life style after ten years, I no long…
08-01-2023 20:33
@RepJimmyGomez what an adorable baby 😍
04-01-2023 03:32
@BaluRajguru @andersoncooper If they don't give a shit about them, why are Harry and Meghan constantly in the front…
02-01-2023 21:42
@CabbotEllie Damn, the Governor looks fearless! love it, Go team!
02-01-2023 04:52
@MikeSington oh my, what a sweet surprise!
02-01-2023 04:38
@donwinslow such a mom thing to do, lol.
02-01-2023 04:30
RT @Brink_Thinker: Finding 6 bald eagles on your front porch deserves endless retweets
01-01-2023 03:02
@CollinRugg Every one who is elected by the people should have their taxes available for us to see.
31-12-2022 20:45
@donwinslow wow, despicable, this man has always been rotten.
31-12-2022 20:41
@DrRayMD The water bottle 😂🤣🤣🤣 for those super long rides!
31-12-2022 20:16
@soulstice798 @nathaliejacoby1 Your comment is dumb, you don’t know a thing about me to assume I am poor.
26-12-2022 20:16
@MisterScottyKay @nathaliejacoby1 The question itself is a fantasy. Regardless of my answer it would be a “fantasy…
26-12-2022 20:11
@soulstice798 @nathaliejacoby1 Most charities are formed bc of atrocities done by greedy billionaires.
26-12-2022 20:09
@nathaliejacoby1 Billionaires! we would eliminate, war, hunger, and our planet in peril by just eliminating billionaires.
26-12-2022 05:28
RT @rhett_chavez: This tweet is just to piss off some people…
21-12-2022 23:36
RT @AdamSandler: Have a great Chanukah and thinking of you all
19-12-2022 18:59
@SenSchumer Happy Hanukkah to you and your family.
19-12-2022 18:42
@RonFilipkowski What a low life.
19-12-2022 18:30
RT @JimDrumheller: Ever notice with the Christian right you never see, We need more laws to help the poor! Or We need healthcare laws to h…
16-12-2022 21:50
@bubbaprog OMG, they took the wrong guy. LAPD F U! you people are so incompetent, is pathetic! This is what my fn tax $$ is paying for.
15-12-2022 03:11
@GalenMicheal Yes, absolutely!
14-12-2022 22:39
@joncoopertweets I'm giving him an 8. Roe v. wade should have been ratified by now, and The Marriage Act should ha…
14-12-2022 22:35
@nathaliejacoby1 My 16 year old and my husband has not had covid, I got it three months ago. We are all immunized,…
14-12-2022 22:24
@RpsAgainstTrump They are anti-reason!
12-12-2022 02:20
@cbouzy My hubby and I watched the episodes, we live in LA, both of us felt that Megan's fam was a "normal LA famil…
10-12-2022 19:58
@kyrstensinema Oh Sinema! Sinema! Sinema! your vote is in the pocket of big Pharma, that is who you represent. AZ…
09-12-2022 19:15
@ACTBrigitte When people say "I have seen reports" without an actual citation, sounds like a trumpy lie to me!
09-12-2022 06:23
@joncoopertweets edge to edge biter!
09-12-2022 06:21
@nathaliejacoby1 It depends on what we call "God" to me IT is the force of all beings and everything that exists, we are part of IT.
09-12-2022 01:06
@bennyjohnson Why didn't trump asked his buddy at the kremlin to free him? just wondering.
08-12-2022 21:56
@RonFilipkowski your Fuhrer trumpy wanted the f-ing taliban in US soil, he freed all the terrorists we had before t…
08-12-2022 21:37
@NoLieWithBTC wow, I wish she would put this passion passing single payer healthcare, or for every kid in the US to…
08-12-2022 21:35
@TomiLahren You were calling us snowflakes in 2016, remember?
08-12-2022 05:11
@MayraFlores2022 @tedcruz Will keep praying if you know she is bisexual? just asking.
08-12-2022 02:06
@RonFilipkowski There were many of our soldiers closeted back then. These repubs hate towards our LGBTQ community,…
08-12-2022 01:32
@Lillster6 @_Star_Fire_1 @MrsKallashiNYC @NoLieWithBTC A Civic lesson for ya. The Senate does not need the house f…
07-12-2022 20:27
@AmbJohnBolton naaah! we want you to own trumpy. the sex tapes were not enough, his criminal tendencies and the ly…
07-12-2022 20:02
@JimDrumheller badge of honor!
07-12-2022 18:17
@joncoopertweets Extremely sad news, I hope she gets better and the help she needs.
07-12-2022 09:07
@karagoucher I even count the miles I log walking my dog 🤣😊😊😊I do about 8 miles a week with him plus my 40 running miles weekly ❤️
07-12-2022 02:10
@PettyLupone Empathy ❤️
06-12-2022 22:04
@CarlosHappyNPO The preacher of an independent baptist church preached two hours against the "evils" of "Hotel Cali…
06-12-2022 07:26
@ACTBrigitte Yes! Yes! And yes! After they lose again, it will feel glorious!
05-12-2022 21:54
@WalshFreedom 100%
04-12-2022 02:43
@yearsley_david @POTUS Hands down #45
03-12-2022 23:15
@POTUS Yes you are Mr. President! Keep on using that pen!
03-12-2022 23:14
@RonFilipkowski This killer is a trump in the making gaslighting his followers. Sad how easily people believe this lies.
03-12-2022 20:42
@dsupervilleap A First Lady for the ages. Kind, sympathetic, and graceful. That’s our First Lady 🇺🇸❤️
02-12-2022 10:07
@POTUS Lovely picture 🇺🇸🇫🇷
02-12-2022 10:00
RT @notcapnamerica: Y’all wanna see a dead body?
01-12-2022 23:18
RT @Atticus59914029: Still stuns me sometimes that my conservative evangelical people I grew up with all my life hated this man yet loved T…
01-12-2022 18:29
@MayraFlores2022 I have been boycotting them since forever, lol. Can’t afford them!
01-12-2022 10:21
@nathaliejacoby1 99.9% of Christians.
30-11-2022 01:19
@nathaliejacoby1 Apple only.
29-11-2022 19:10
@ksorbs Sen. McCain is the reason it was red, with him gone, the Republican Party better get its act together or it…
28-11-2022 23:38
@RpsAgainstTrump I am a democrat, I was all for Senator John McCain in 2008. He was a patriot, a good man, a great…
26-11-2022 20:18
@katiehobbs A fellow hiker, I love you more! so glad reason won over lunacy!
26-11-2022 20:12
@laurenboebert You or your kids are not flashing guns in this picture. You'll kind of look normal!
25-11-2022 04:44
@kim_amerie Many Lives Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss, the only book that has helped me cope with the passing of my sister.
24-11-2022 19:28
@TucsonRomero @katiehobbs Yay, I am in Tucson for Thanksgiving visiting family. It feels so good to be in a state…
23-11-2022 19:36
@atrupar This is who they elected, this is what they get. So very sad for all the innocent lives lost in the last two week. Just horrible.
23-11-2022 19:33
@laurenboebert Girl, we are coming for you in the next election, you are equally hated in CO3. Your vulnerability…
19-11-2022 19:35
@JoJoFromJerz Do not join a church, most of your traumas will come from it if you do.
19-11-2022 19:31
@lavern_spicer @laurenboebert Not really, we are looking forward to 2024. CO3 people will make sure bobo is defeat…
19-11-2022 19:29
@laurenboebert We are coming for you in the next election bobo. Make your money now while you can, you will become…
19-11-2022 19:24
@DeglerShawn @BethMooreLPM @CaseyMattox_ but you are ok with guns, you are ok the poor starving, you are ok with ou…
18-11-2022 06:48
@Victorshi2020 followed!
18-11-2022 06:01
@HouseGOP Desperate to pin something on Biden. You won’t succeed, the American electorate is able to see through your conspiracies.
17-11-2022 22:50
@RonFilipkowski She is about to do some grifting from her followers. She learn well from her master.
17-11-2022 20:51
@RonFilipkowski They don't learn do they? are they going to do Bengazhi again? Hunter again? The Clintons? the Obam…
17-11-2022 20:07
@cbouzy I never expected 100% accuracy, but I knew you were predictions were going to be close. Thank you for not…
17-11-2022 20:05
@joncoopertweets They are testing our Alliance, we must respond, but how?............this is why we need our great…
16-11-2022 01:04
@SenAlexPadilla @JohnFetterman @PeterWelch Wohoo, in our house we voted for you! 2 votes!
16-11-2022 01:00
@nathaliejacoby1 Mine, I am on both!
15-11-2022 19:14
@IsabellaMDeLuca The same way Biden won. By not calling the late Sen. McCain loser, by not acting like an attentio…
15-11-2022 17:46
@kyrstensinema @katiehobbs Girl, we have our eyes on you! We will primary your ass. You didn’t help any of your De…
15-11-2022 06:03
@katiehobbs Felicidades desde Los Angeles! Voy para Tucson to spend Thanksgiving with familia. So proud to see this beautiful state blue!
15-11-2022 05:33
@Liz_Cheney @KariLake Yes! Sweet revenge in the best way!
15-11-2022 05:24
@SummerForPA Love your coat! Congrats on your win, and go give hell to those republicans!
14-11-2022 21:31
@MeghanMcCain They called Heroes losers, they thought their lies were stronger than truths, I hope they go back und…
14-11-2022 05:17
@AdamForColorado How high is that mountain? Looks awesome to hike there!
14-11-2022 04:33
@bennyjohnson Keep on spewing lies, you will loose much more bigly in 2024. Americans are tired of your lies and bs.
13-11-2022 21:21
@TomFitton If his camp pays for it, sure! They will probably find more votes for Kelly!
13-11-2022 21:17
@joncoopertweets Just donated!
13-11-2022 21:07
RT @TrumpsTaxes: Video footage of Chuck Schumer blocking Mitch McConnell from taking back the Majority tonight.
13-11-2022 21:05
@SarahPalinUSA Fuck, she just admitted that we send our daughters and sons to war because of oil. This is evil! I…
13-11-2022 21:02
@atrupar If he has to say "We are not a cult" it means they are a cult! lol.
13-11-2022 20:59
@RonFilipkowski Crazy grandpa!
13-11-2022 20:56
@AdamForColorado Adam, I hope you win, but if you do not, please challenger again in the next cycle. We will help…
13-11-2022 20:08
@theRealKiyosaki Proof! proof! proof! you never question AZ before 2020. Why now? After John McCain died, that se…
13-11-2022 20:05
@ksorbs Because of stupid jokes like this, GenZ will come for you all. Keep it up!
13-11-2022 03:11
@TulsiGabbard There is no love like Christian hate, maybe you should practice more love and less hate towards every…
12-11-2022 19:45
@JonesForAR What an amazing race you had, we are all very proud regardless of the outcome. Our democrats volunteer…
12-11-2022 19:21
@davidhogg111 We need to investigate if they are cheating their people and suppressing democracy.
12-11-2022 19:19
@SenatorRomney Social Security is NOT an entitlement, Medicare is NOT an entitlement. The PPP "loans" was the bigg…
12-11-2022 19:17
@NabilahIslam Congratulations on your win, we hope to elect more last names like yours!
12-11-2022 19:12
@DeaconBlues0 I agree, Biden asked for two more senators, because of those two. Hopefully we keep the house.
12-11-2022 19:10
@SharonCollinsC4 @JerasIkehorn If he chooses to retire, Gavin Newsom would be perfect. CA just past Germany as the…
12-11-2022 19:06
@JerasIkehorn yes, I have always loved him. He has competent people around him, and knows how the government runs.
12-11-2022 19:04
@goody_tracy @AdamParkhomenko same here, I had the same problem.
12-11-2022 18:56
@nathaliejacoby1 🫀
12-11-2022 18:50
@Bret4333 @ByronRompeAF @AOC LMAO ignorant biatch, you need to wake up. The women and youth vote will be the GQP b…
12-11-2022 12:17
@RonFilipkowski naaah, her ugly soul starting to come out!
12-11-2022 11:46
@mmpadellan My goodness, how can one not vote for her after watching how uncomfortable she makes all these billiona…
12-11-2022 11:17
@glennbeck You, the dead sob rush, hannity, ingraham, tucker, and many false prophets, created this monster of the…
12-11-2022 11:10
@CaptMarkKelly I donated to your campaign, the best investment with great return!
12-11-2022 11:01
@laurenboebert You are 💯 correct, we will get rid of you, if is not in this election, we will on the next. We can…
12-11-2022 01:33
@laurenboebert If we don’t get you out this time bobo, we will at the best election, you thought you were safe but…
11-11-2022 20:59
@Acyn Wth, is he crying?
11-11-2022 06:43
@MarcACaputo Even republicans are hoping for AG Garland do something to stop trump!
10-11-2022 23:46
@lifeizwide @yesh222 @baseballot this is funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
10-11-2022 23:10
@nathaliejacoby1 Gavin Newsom from CA. We just surpassed Germany as the fourth largest world economy. We have a surplus in our budget.
10-11-2022 22:01
@georgehahn Everything looks amazing, but what is that in your mouth? a cigarrete? nooooooooo!
10-11-2022 20:06
@marcorubio You know the answer to this, why don’t you explain it to your followers!
10-11-2022 09:23
@JayeshP20856132 @joncoopertweets Florida state legislature passed laws allowing mail in ballots to be counted as t…
10-11-2022 08:27
@ACTBrigitte Keep on pissing them off with tweets like this. Thanks Gen Z for getting out to vote, make sure to he…
10-11-2022 00:33
@AOC I can't love this enough! esa pendejete de Mayra, she represents those Latinas we cringe about.
09-11-2022 22:52
RT @AntonioArellano: Hi! I'm the VP of Comms for NextGen, the nation’s largest youth voter mobilization organization. In the face of hate a…
09-11-2022 20:59
@laurenboebert We did get out and vote you out!
09-11-2022 10:27
@atrupar This one hurts!
09-11-2022 07:18
@Mollyploofkins MSNBC
09-11-2022 06:40
@Heather96734 @cbouzy @sarnib05 She will, she is out performing Biden, and there are still a tone of ballots that are from blue counties.
09-11-2022 06:03
@west48thstreet @runningmanfa @jjstraka34 @gelliottmorris You must be watching fox news where they lied to you. Th…
09-11-2022 05:59
@joncoopertweets California!
09-11-2022 01:42
08-11-2022 23:52
@JonesForAR Buen trabajo! Vamos Arkansas!
08-11-2022 06:48
@ask_aubry Oh wow, this is scary, very very scary. The police dropped the ball at not asking his name, I hope they…
08-11-2022 03:44
@joncoopertweets No yet, We are dropping our ballots at 7:30 on our way to work. We are in Cali, blue all the way!
07-11-2022 23:50
RT @annesecure: Most effective voting ad yet 😳
07-11-2022 14:01
RT @JimHendren1: Decency - I miss it. @gop
07-11-2022 13:56
@JonesForAR wow Arkansas, this is a clear choice. What an amazing and inspiring resume Dr. Jones has.
07-11-2022 13:46
RT @JonesForAR: It's About Time we choose love over fear. It's About Time we have a leader who leads with compassion for everyone, not just…
07-11-2022 13:44
@nathaliejacoby1 I loved Nancy, Laura, Hillary, and Michelle! All fine ladies our girls can look up to.
07-11-2022 07:47
@nathaliejacoby1 I will not fly without a mask.
07-11-2022 05:14
@AnaCabrera @MarcReporting Oh my goodness, a sub friggin three hours😱amazing! Congratulations on an amazing finish!
07-11-2022 05:11
@RonFilipkowski This man is using “the I’ve read” lie, just like trump gaslighting his followers.
07-11-2022 02:00
@headwyvern @katramdeen This is not Keanu, this is a fake. The real Keanu does not have social media. You can be…
06-11-2022 09:51