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Woohoo! https://t.co/VXL0AGWS8z
28-09-2022 03:31
🫰🫰🫰🙌🙌🙌🙌 https://t.co/g1NnzvRivA
27-09-2022 05:08
RT @LatticeExchange: 🚨 Don't sleep on this! 👀 @JennyCoInc, the first Healthcare Data Exchange powered by Web3 🧬, will be the next project…
27-09-2022 05:08
RT @Dagnum_PI: RIP mainnet 1.0 We had some good times 🥲 Nuking old and rebuilding fresh mainnet 2.0 nodes $DAG #Nodes https://t.co/svKADh…
27-09-2022 05:07
RT @Dagnum_PI: Also thanks for all the testnet people that helped make mainnet 2.0 possible! we had good times been an amazing 10 months 🥲…
27-09-2022 05:07
RT @HSethv: @BenJorgensen @Conste11ation I'm genuinely excited to see the vision come to fruition. I have every confidence that the team wi…
27-09-2022 05:05
🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/cBSz7p3tUk
27-09-2022 03:24
RT @Dagnum_PI: Node idea what's happening #September24th I do node that September 27th 🗓️ The day before Mainnet 2.0 😎 @node_army will be…
23-09-2022 18:14
RT @CryptoTwins_Liz: I am so so so excited for @EnterTheVoidNFT 😍😍😍
23-09-2022 08:53
RT @am_in_i_am: 🚨 In October @LatticeExchange will be airdropping the following tokens to veLTX holders for fee sharing from their past lau…
23-09-2022 08:52
🥰 I love my mum! And we love $DAG 😁 Mainnet 2.0 coming soon!!! https://t.co/Bkz05KSL0X
23-09-2022 05:10
RT @SingbIade: Just wait until $DAG decouples again 😈
21-09-2022 16:07
RT @JennyCoInc: $JCO fam - it's time for a giveaway! A JennyCo T-shirt will be given away to 10 lucky followers who: ✔️ Like this tweet…
21-09-2022 09:49
RT @ThePlomer: https://t.co/llHteT2bmQ I have feel inspirated today, I hope you all like it. This is a video for Dag Community. Feel free…
21-09-2022 09:49
I’m going to @Spread_da_fiyah’s upcoming Space. Will you join too? https://t.co/pYL90aAlVx
21-09-2022 04:04
RT @Dagnum_PI: Change is inevitable! If you're not willing to change the business to the changing market/environment you won't survive. Lo…
20-09-2022 09:15
RT @SwoopDag: Ok. $DAG Main Net 2.0 about to land 500 $DAG #giveaway to a random follower who ✅ likes ✅ retweets ✅ follows @metalected…
20-09-2022 09:06
RT @Dagnum_PI: The global economy is now $100 Trillion 🤯 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day! $DAG only needs to tokenize…
18-09-2022 16:00
RT @Dagnum_PI: Without developers you have no apps! @EnterTheVoidNFT $ETV non-fungible Gadget protocol #NFGP will allow any developer to m…
18-09-2022 03:02
Lol https://t.co/aEgWMIHibO
17-09-2022 14:00
So cute!!! This is true talent! https://t.co/wZDSZcYcxd
17-09-2022 11:27
RT @HGTP_Phil: It's weird, on one side I see NFTs with real utillity and unique artwork...and on the other side a comic stone that sells fo…
17-09-2022 11:27
RT @BearWolfMonkey1: Oooooooshhhhhhh @BNBCHAIN on @StargazerWallet now. All the $CBD kids will be stoked 🔥🔥 LFG $DAG #HGTP
17-09-2022 06:16
RT @Dagnum_PI: Google and Facebook are against regulations because they have a monopoly of your data and are making billions selling it. @…
17-09-2022 06:16
RT @chainstatspro: As #data is king, so to it stands that he or she who accesses the right #onchain data the fastest has the edge. Knowing…
17-09-2022 05:30
RT @bitcoinprophet1: Embrace Cherish Collect Store Digital art 🥰
17-09-2022 05:28
Oh my!!! 👀👀👀😍😍😍 https://t.co/DfziWGD27D
17-09-2022 05:08
@Dagnum_PI @Conste11ation It's gonna be the best 🔥🔥🔥
17-09-2022 04:49
Looking forward to what's coming!!😍 Team @Conste11ation is one of the most professional I know. They are working wi… https://t.co/FUU3Nn3Cm6
17-09-2022 04:44
RT @Dagnum_PI: Without law, order and standards you have chaos. This will all come down to who is compliant. #Crypto $DAG $LTX
16-09-2022 18:30
Incredible! 👏👏👏 https://t.co/FK1dQcdbRV
16-09-2022 03:25
RT @Dagnum_PI: What's gonna happen when #Crypto realizes @EnterTheVoidNFT #NFGP can take existing NFTs like @BoredApeYC and give them a abi…
16-09-2022 03:23
RT @CryptoTwins_Liz: @Dagnum_PI 來抽獎囉!! @hgtp_ping @NYC2Changsha @Avril97391334 @bungeegumeee @caiweiyu1 @beckyg6a @jhang_syu @GreyWu1121…
14-09-2022 07:22
My favourite project! 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/jSaazzJwQB
14-09-2022 05:51
RT @EnterTheVoidNFT: Tomorrow! V2 of our whitepaper will be released. What to expect: ⚫️ NFGP (Stack/language agnostic logic processing e…
14-09-2022 05:50
RT @am_in_i_am: I’ve been diving deep into $ads and the more I review the more I’m wowed by what @AlkimiExchange is launching This may be…
14-09-2022 05:50
RT @Dagnum_PI: 🚨 Giveaway Starting September 18th🗓️ I'll give away $100/day 🤑 in $DAG as we countdown until the 28th with release of mai…
13-09-2022 18:04
RT @Dagnum_PI: How's that hedge against #inflation going? Remember data will be a currency soon and data flows 24/7 #Crypto $DAG $LTX HGTP
13-09-2022 18:04
RT @NetflixCrypto: @AltcoinMage $LTX @Lattice fundamentals easily support $5 🔥
13-09-2022 18:03
RT @AltcoinMage: Will $LTX 2X within a month? post your opinion $DAG chads.
13-09-2022 18:03
RT @paradiseDBTR: Seeing what is coming with @LatticeExchange, I would hate to be holding a large bag of @Uniswap, @SushiSwap, @PancakeSwap…
13-09-2022 18:03
RT @Dagnum_PI: The bear market doesn't phase me because I've been stacking #Crypto with utility $DAG $LTX $ADS $BioFi What have you been s…
13-09-2022 18:03
@Dagnum_PI https://t.co/tsWaaYZLGu
13-09-2022 05:02
Me me me!!!! https://t.co/fPWdxC2fkH
13-09-2022 05:01
RT @Sykodelic_: SUPER EXCITED to announce we have a MEGA AMA coming up with @EnterTheVoidNFT! 🔥 I will be speaking with @MrDigitalDive1 th…
12-09-2022 23:37
RT @JustLive4It: Just zoom out. Something special with $DAG is on the horizon.
12-09-2022 05:18
RT @am_in_i_am: $ads has the lowest market cap with the highest upside in the shortest time horizon more than any other #hgtp coin - and an…
12-09-2022 05:17
RT @Dagnum_PI: The total cost of identity theft in 2020 was $56 billion @Finnovant $BioFi has a solution ✅Say-Tec combines state of th…
12-09-2022 05:16
RT @Dagnum_PI: Digital Advertising is a massive $350B industry! 🤯 @AlkimiExchange $ADS is building a decentralized exchange for #adtech…
12-09-2022 05:16
RT @Payometry: Have you heard the news? We're launching our automated platform. More than an inflation hedge, our #PaymentsGuidance tool…
12-09-2022 05:16
RT @CryptoTwins_Liz: 🔥🔥🔥 This is what I have been waiting 👌🏻👌🏻 Global liquidity pool is coming? 👀 DAG ecosystem now supports ERC20、Polygon…
12-09-2022 05:07
@altifbrown https://t.co/Y9rRayKGwL
12-09-2022 05:07
🔥🔥🔥🔥🚀 https://t.co/4gcaQeefxf
12-09-2022 05:05
RT @chaindbymywings: Sincerely believe that there is no better place to put my money than $dag $ltx $ads. Dag and it's ecosystem = key to c…
12-09-2022 05:05
RT @Spread_da_fiyah: "Tweaking Healthcare legislation to allow patients to keep their own medical records with Blockchain self sovereign id…
12-09-2022 03:59
@Dagnum_PI @Spread_da_fiyah https://t.co/FQP9u4Qy0L
11-09-2022 20:47
@Dagnum_PI https://t.co/IuKwe8WsSq
11-09-2022 04:02
RT @am_in_i_am: As of today, there are 705 DTM’s Sharing a pool of 3,500,000 $dag = 165 dag per day On Oct 1 the pool goes up to 4M 🤩…
10-09-2022 17:11
@KirkDBorne @Dagnum_PI @Stonedpipez @NetflixCrypto @Sykodelic_ @paradiseDBTR @THECHAINMEDIA @MHiesboeck… https://t.co/rdLNakicQb
10-09-2022 17:09
RT @hgtp_ping: @Conste11ation @CryptoRickNL @BigDataNova @jennyco A must join hypergraph hour for everyone ! Healthcare matters
10-09-2022 06:15
RT @Conste11ation: Long-awaited #HypergraphHour happening next week! 😎 Our special guests @BigDataNova & Jenny Diggles, Co-Founders of @Je…
10-09-2022 06:15
RT @Dagnum_PI: HGTP is many things but vaporware isn't one of them! You aren't going to sell the Department of Defense and the United Stat…
10-09-2022 02:31
RT @Conste11ation: We are pleased to be seen as a solution to the Blockchain Trilemma by the experts at @Hackernoon 🤩
09-09-2022 18:12
RT @Conste11ation: You asked for it, we delivered.
09-09-2022 13:31
RT @CryptoTwins_Liz: 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 I see you! #BUIDL Global liquidity is coming!
09-09-2022 13:30
RT @BenJorgensen: Solving the #Blockchain trilemma - @hackernoon nailed the problems plaguing the #cryptocurrency and developer adoption w…
08-09-2022 18:24
RT @paradiseDBTR: The #DTM $DAG rewards are 🤯... Why the hell did I wait so long! Quick thanks to @am_in_i_am for all of the education. The…
08-09-2022 16:09
RT @Payometry: More and more companies are being encouraged to abandon debit and credit card payments. We think that is a big mistake. #pay…
08-09-2022 16:08
RT @Dagnum_PI: 1hr $DAG + @UpholdInc with @MHiesboeck #HGTP 🚀
08-09-2022 04:05
RT @Spread_da_fiyah: T - 25 minutes $dag $btc https://t.co/jqQbYyo5pH
08-09-2022 04:05
RT @PashKrypto: Why would anyone not use Cross Chain Swap? Seems like a no brainer. @LatticeExchange best invention since sliced bread.…
08-09-2022 04:03
RT @Hammyscookie70: Don't lose sight $DAG chads, all the noise is just noise...don't fuck up your bags. This is the beginning
08-09-2022 03:58
@ClareShone10 @Crypto1Rev @Conste11ation I respect every1's opinions whether they do weed or not. I also believe so… https://t.co/yClKCj2R5s
08-09-2022 03:57
RT @CoinDesk: Ownership is a core tenet of Web3, but we've only just begun to scratch the surface of what that looks like for different sec…
07-09-2022 18:23
@CoinDesk @tknevents Exciting!!!
07-09-2022 18:23
RT @Dagnum_PI: If you think companies are only looking at $XRP for P2P payments process for B2B, B2C, or C2C... And aren't looking at deplo…
07-09-2022 06:00
RT @Stonedpipez: He aint lieing Anons hope you are paying attention $Dag https://t.co/ahDBwUThZC
07-09-2022 05:59
RT @NoelGib81098302: Who's ready for the new LatticeExchange ?$LTX $DAG #Crypto https://t.co/KV9EIzR0IN
07-09-2022 03:47
RT @am_in_i_am: An internet that can capture data value in the form of tokenized ownership So that data ownership can always be traced bac…
07-09-2022 03:47
RT @chainraise_io: @tknevents capital raise is live on our platform! And available to all investors, both non-accredited and accredited. Bo…
06-09-2022 20:34
RT @EnterTheVoidNFT: #NFGP /soon https://t.co/xeGzFR86Y9
06-09-2022 19:12
RT @_JennyCo: Who is ready for a September to remember? Hypergraph Hour: September 14th Lattice Launchpad: September 27th #OwnYourHealth…
06-09-2022 18:26
RT @bitcoinprophet1: i'm engaged to the network that will take over the entire web3 ecosystem, tradfi world, &all things data... this is no…
06-09-2022 18:26
🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/Gn0ONzEPso
06-09-2022 17:11
@CryptoTwins_Liz @Dagnum_PI Every morning @CryptoTwins_Liz makes green smoothie for me 🤣 best sister ever!
06-09-2022 16:41
😏😘 I didn't really follow what's going down in the HGTP community. But I do sense some bad vibes and see ppl removi… https://t.co/LK1BZwt1km
06-09-2022 16:37
RT @Dagnum_PI: ToDAG 2pm PST @MHiesboeck will be landing on Outpost: HGTP to discuss 📢 @UpholdInc + @Conste11ation PS: $DAG is now #1 boug…
05-09-2022 16:00
RT @JustLive4It: Oh the memories. We will be back soon enough frens. HODL tight. $DAG https://t.co/sBHFYW5HCJ
05-09-2022 04:18
RT @Dagnum_PI: GM 😘 Hopefully everyone makes it
04-09-2022 08:58
@hgtp_LA https://t.co/MGf0pCjdCd
04-09-2022 07:34
RT @bitcoinprophet1: $DAG is digital wealth and future top 5 crypto the world will run on @Conste11ation 's Hypergraph if you node, you…
04-09-2022 05:19
@CryptoTwins_Liz Hahahah https://t.co/EqpRv6qx55
03-09-2022 19:44
RT @CryptoTwins_Liz: Bottom is probably not far at all when you see people lose their shit and this place turns into a shit show. Being ang…
03-09-2022 14:34
RT @Dagnum_PI: @KirkDBorne @Conste11ation Also getting $DAG now is like getting $SOL when it was $0.57😎
03-09-2022 05:43
RT @Dagnum_PI: Believe me it is gonna be ok😘 PS: If on Testnet make sure you have notifications [ON] ✅ @nodegarage is getting 🚀 Remembe…
03-09-2022 05:42
RT @Dagnum_PI: @BenJorgensen @Conste11ation It's like @L_Cryptard saying "It's like a flower 🌺 and you can't force it to bloom." We all k…
03-09-2022 04:00
RT @BenJorgensen: Sometimes it takes a little time to discover the good music because it wasn't forced on you and it was most likely drowne…
03-09-2022 04:00
RT @AlkimiExchange: IT'S LIVE! 🎉 Check out the latest episode of #wearealkimists with our special guest Vincent Boujnah, Alkimi Exchange…
02-09-2022 03:44
LFG $ADS!!!!!!! https://t.co/BBajfRbFds
02-09-2022 03:21
RT @SpaceISAC: Hey $DAG and Blockchain Community, @Conste11ation is on the members-only roundtable session "Cryptocurrency, Applied Utility…
01-09-2022 19:40
Me!!!! https://t.co/IlQSbI4cJF
01-09-2022 17:47
RT @Dagnum_PI: 🚨 Pre-bid officially verified @AlkimiExchange adaptors, and they began onboarding publishers ready for the launch of Mainne…
01-09-2022 11:49
RT @CryptoTwins_Liz: Stay tune for all $DAG Hypergraph events in September 😍😍😍✌️
01-09-2022 02:43
RT @am_in_i_am: Do the math $dag will be the base layer of web3 $eth $dot $sol $ada $hbar will all have state channels on the Hypergraph…
01-09-2022 02:43
RT @altifbrown: “Critics are loud, but success is louder” - Matshona Dhliwayo
01-09-2022 02:37
RT @Dagnum_PI: Who is excited about the Hypergraph Hour? DoD update & Genesis block date🔥 🚨 Don't forget tomorrow is September 1st and $D…
31-08-2022 18:04
RT @htgp_diplomat: Probably nothing... 👀🔥 @AlkimiExchange $ADS https://t.co/surVZq7EGE
31-08-2022 17:02
🔥🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/k0rYw90QUz
31-08-2022 03:58
🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/rUfnMOutDM
30-08-2022 04:30
🥰🥰🥰 love to y'all! https://t.co/GPIMnZCKnI
29-08-2022 05:28
RT @CryptoJustina: CYBERLETE 2 Quick background on @Conste11ation: support directly from the Office of the Secretary of Defense; signed on…
28-08-2022 07:13
RT @hgtp_ping: the companies building on #HGTP $DAG keep growing everyday.. I can't keep up with all the updates for each channel.. this i…
27-08-2022 19:04
RT @Conste11ation: The next #HypergraphHour is just around the corner! 💥⏰ Don't miss out on an update on everything DoD and on something w…
27-08-2022 05:40
RT @DAGLTX207: Current price: $DAG - $0.076 - 197 M Mcap $LTX - $0.47 - 15 M Mcap $ADS - $0.121 - 12 M Mcap The conservative targ…
25-08-2022 02:32
RT @HGTP_Phil: Have you ever wondered what IQ this man has? @wyatt_noise For those that don't node, he is CTO at @Conste11ation $DAG vs…
25-08-2022 02:31
RT @Dagnum_PI: $OBS https://t.co/n0m2oRGnWk
25-08-2022 02:28
RT @EnterTheVoidNFT: What is @EnterTheVoidNFT ? Here is our company overview 👇 https://t.co/fy57yepkTS
25-08-2022 02:27
RT @Conste11ation: Come talk with us and @PunchlineAA⁩ 🔥 https://t.co/d1F9ZX8SbB
25-08-2022 02:27
RT @bitcoinprophet1: IMO it doesn't matter when @Conste11ation 's mainnet goes live people won't care in a month all that people will be…
25-08-2022 02:27
RT @bitcoinprophet1: if you invest with a 3-5-10+ year outlook, you don't have much to worry about... except your own patience!😉 the golde…
25-08-2022 02:27
RT @bitcoinprophet1: My love for NFTs and the incredible artists around the world is infinitely scalable like @Conste11ation ‘s Hypergraph…
25-08-2022 02:27
RT @geojamofficial: We empower community-generated content. Geojam gives users ownership and stake over their community with our cryptocur…
25-08-2022 02:26
RT @hgtp_ping: It’s not easy to handle all testnet folks from all around the world ;) Good job for all the folks and I have learnt so much…
23-08-2022 09:44
RT @Payometry: @am_in_i_am Thanks so much Dagnum!! We have BIG things coming. Our patent-pending tech launches in Web 2 in a few weeks! It…
22-08-2022 12:42
@RobertGraham24 $FAN @tknevents is what you looking for 😻
20-08-2022 04:51
RT @am_in_i_am: 🚨 What is Generative Economics? How does it work? 🤔 Why is $DAG unique amongst all else? Listen in to my newest yout…
19-08-2022 16:45
👀 https://t.co/kkGGfxY8Fk
19-08-2022 07:29
RT @Spread_da_Fiyah: The businesses building on @Conste11ation are all quite revolutionary in laying down the ground work of building the f…
19-08-2022 03:47
RT @EnterTheVoidNFT: Here’s a sneak peek of what your @Voidagers PFP may look like👀(WIP) #voidagers #TheUnknownAwaits https://t.co/2qRhimyy…
19-08-2022 03:12
RT @EnterTheVoidNFT: This utility-rich @Voidagers NFT collection will play a key role in our community governance model and reward programs…
19-08-2022 03:11
RT @EnterTheVoidNFT: What would it look like launching an NFT collection using @EnterTheVoidNFT ? Here is a PoC using our @Voidagers colle…
19-08-2022 03:11
RT @hgtp_ping: what's better than having $DAG going into the wallet daily? You can get your Dor Traffic Miner (#DTM) now with a discount o…
18-08-2022 14:14
RT @LatticeExchange: 📢 PSA: we've been made aware of a copycat Lattice site & have taken steps to report the site & address the issue. H…
18-08-2022 04:43
RT @Conste11ation: Did somebody say #bearmarket? 🐻 Keep calm and carry on building 🚀 $DAG $LTX #HGTP #Crypto https://t.co/uA2T0KEaUo
17-08-2022 18:02
RT @paradiseDBTR: $DAG goes to $1+, guess what I am doing? $DAG goes to $.02, guess what I am doing? The same damn thing... #buying. No…
17-08-2022 16:27
👀👀👀 huge things coming!!! https://t.co/xPj8HRw5aD
17-08-2022 07:14
RT @EnterTheVoidNFT: For todays update, we are highlighting #VoidLink - Our API for businesses and creators. #VoidLink can be used to int…
17-08-2022 07:14
RT @Conste11ation: Following a recent chat with the wonderful people over at @VentureBeat... 🤩 We've received some great coverage from the…
16-08-2022 18:15
RT @EnterTheVoidNFT: Today we are excited to provide even further insight into The Void NFT Marketplace. #TheVoid is a primary & secondary…
16-08-2022 15:07
@EnterTheVoidNFT @Conste11ation Incredible! Just incredible! 😻🫰🫰🚀
16-08-2022 15:06
RT @Conste11ation: Say hello to @EnterTheVoidNFT - a new NFT marketplace project building on #HGTP creating new NFT standards supporting co…
16-08-2022 05:38
RT @TechwarePortal: Christopher Greer - CEO https://t.co/yFWHfV1qae Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Techware Labs, Inc. Almost 20 y…
16-08-2022 05:32
RT @CryptoTwins_Liz: Hacks are 8rywhere! We need better cybersecurity services! @TechwarePortal is building on @Conste11ation that puts se…
16-08-2022 05:32
I can't wait to create my own cute nft collections with this no code feature! I love cute things! 🤣😻 https://t.co/UfHH9qwu3X
15-08-2022 06:24
RT @Dagnum_PI: @EnterTheVoidNFT Most people don't understand how expensive it is to hire someone to develop something for them. This no-cod…
15-08-2022 06:23
RT @Dagnum_PI: With hundreds of thousands of users data in the pool already @_JennyCo $JCO is definitely worth looking into and will have a…
15-08-2022 05:08
RT @paradiseDBTR: The #bull market is coming. 💯 FACT. #Utility will 🚀. 💯 FACT. #Accumulate as much #utility as you can. 💯 FACT. Y…
15-08-2022 05:08
RT @Dagnum_PI: "I'm not saying HGTP can do everything.... But it probably can" @Conste11ation Co-founder and CTO @wyatt_noise 🛠️tools a…
15-08-2022 05:06
RT @Dagnum_PI: Speaking of @LatticeExchange launchpad listing Who's excited for @Cyberlete $Leet listing tomorrow?
15-08-2022 05:05
RT @EnterTheVoidNFT: $ETV has well-defined utility throughout our entire suite of products and services and can be used to buy, sell, creat…
15-08-2022 04:51
RT @EnterTheVoidNFT: Today we are excited to introduce our void-ecosystem utility token, $ETV. Enter The Void Token or $ETV is a L_0 utili…
15-08-2022 04:51
RT @Dagnum_PI: Not sure how this thread 🧵 got messed up, but the company I was trying to tag was @cavnue and think they'd be a perfect fit…
14-08-2022 16:43
RT @SJCrypto: $DAG just fired buy signal on 2W. Can i hear you saying: ATH ? https://t.co/u1WIBmSiCp
14-08-2022 12:05
RT @Dagnum_PI: @SJCrypto If Alkimi releases w/o issues.....then yes new ATH for $DAG is almost guaranteed
14-08-2022 12:05
RT @CryptoTwins_Liz: Get in before it’s too late! $DAG is only $0.11 today! 😜 I have a feeling it will soon go back to $0.3 and beyond 😉
14-08-2022 12:05
RT @JuliusOptimus: Here is Wyatt @wyatt_noise discussing the @Conste11ation $DAG journey and shouting out the community (& @BrianOBeirne1).…
14-08-2022 08:15
RT @EnterTheVoidNFT: We have another announcement coming tomorrow! Stay tuned :) 😎
14-08-2022 05:41
Pay attention guys! Pay attention!!! You don't wanna miss out on this one!!! @EnterTheVoidNFT can totally level up… https://t.co/RlNgF30oM7
14-08-2022 04:38
RT @Conste11ation: It's been a week since #HyDef22 and many of us are still buzzing! 🤩 ICYMI, the full show is now available on YouTube! 💥…
13-08-2022 18:13
RT @Dagnum_PI: GM 🌞 Crypto is at a crossroads now. You can continue ignoring HGTP, or you can embrace change and realize the future of DLT…
13-08-2022 16:43
@evilkitty69696 @BrianOBeirne1 Great content! Go girl!
13-08-2022 02:47
RT @evilkitty69696: Hey $DAG Fam! I wrote a simple ELI5 intro to DAG & why it is special. I shared it with noob friends and family to int…
13-08-2022 02:46
You don't know how huge this is!!! Congrats to @EnterTheVoidNFT ! They have visions and goals like no one else's! https://t.co/WOlS5EymLf
13-08-2022 02:13
RT @EnterTheVoidNFT: #NFGP - Build new, dynamic and programmable NFT applications in your preferred coding language utilizing our Layer-2 L…
13-08-2022 02:08
I'm so excited about @EnterTheVoidNFT !!! I know there is so many exciting things awaits! I really cannot wait to s… https://t.co/XFIIvkKAhz
12-08-2022 17:39
RT @paradiseDBTR: Been waiting for this one again... Specifically @mgoldm on the token life cycle (see 26:18). I am really starting to get…
12-08-2022 16:34
He described @Conste11ation $DAG so we'll lol that's exactly what they have done lol https://t.co/jDktEHodbr
12-08-2022 16:33
RT @adamchorley: 📢Big Shout out to our AMAZING community!📢 $ADS 🥩 across our two pools has reached over 50m! That's HALF our entire circ…
12-08-2022 13:22
RT @MHiesboeck: One day there will be a #hypergraph in every town
12-08-2022 06:24
RT @EnterTheVoidNFT: Don’t forget to join!
12-08-2022 06:24
RT @EnterTheVoidNFT: ⚫️THIS FRIDAY⚫️ Join us for a #TwitterSpaces event with the CTO of @Conste11ation , @wyatt_noise , to discuss the futu…
12-08-2022 06:23
RT @CryptoTwins_Liz: @beckyg6a @MHiesboeck @iingwen @MOFA_Taiwan @CryptoTwins_Eva @audreyt also needs to learn about @Conste11ation $DAG 😜
12-08-2022 06:23
RT @beckyg6a: @MHiesboeck @iingwen @MOFA_Taiwan @CryptoTwins_Liz @CryptoTwins_Eva Message worth spreading and a collab worth looking int…
12-08-2022 06:23
RT @MHiesboeck: #Web3 helps #Taiwan 🇹🇼 secure information against #cyberattacks https://t.co/4q16W8o6EN
12-08-2022 06:23
RT @_JennyCo: Your healthcare data is valuable. Who currently benefits from your healthcare data? 🧵 $JCO $DAG $LTX #HGTP https://t.co/COp…
12-08-2022 06:22
RT @Conste11ation: Missed out on #HyDef22? 👀 The full Founders Roundtable starring Head of Community @altifbrown, CEO @BenJorgensen, CCO @…
11-08-2022 20:38
RT @am_in_i_am: Who's ready for fresh youtube content on generative economics? $dag is my passion
11-08-2022 19:51
RT @andyhp68: #NFGP. That’s it that’s the tweet
11-08-2022 17:25
RT @Dagnum_PI: Free Wyatt
11-08-2022 16:43
RT @bitcoinprophet1: I'm just as bullish&excited today about the future of @Conste11ation as when I first discovered it in late 2018/early…
11-08-2022 15:27
RT @wyatt_noise: @JustLive4It @VitalikButerin I just wish folks like @VitalikButerin would even be open to discussion let alone collaborati…
11-08-2022 13:33
RT @CryptoTwins_Liz: Pay attention people! Things are happening! @AlkimiExchange $ADS 🔥😜😜😜 #layer0 https://t.co/NIlSCw2tsU
11-08-2022 09:10
Oh! I'm so ready!!!!! https://t.co/HLyNzt0oMq
11-08-2022 05:37
RT @Spread_da_Fiyah: After HyDef '22 this past Saturday. I can easily say, $Dag will be one of the greatest assets weve seen this millenni…
10-08-2022 13:36
@Spread_da_Fiyah @terramoonvnture Awesome stuff!!!
10-08-2022 13:36
RT @Spread_da_Fiyah: Shout out to @terramoonvnture Over just the past two months, I entered $dag at 0.051, & .06 $ltx at .033, & .038…
10-08-2022 13:35
RT @CryptoTwins_Liz: @tknevents $FAN 的中文 thread! 稍微介紹一下我對 $FAN的認識 目標: Make every fan a VIP (把每個fan都變成VIP) 基本上這個dAPP的應用涉及運動、娛樂、音樂、社群媒體等等,只…
10-08-2022 07:41
RT @crypto_storm777: [email protected] will be receiving the $DAG pillow I am holding in my right hand on Thursday. To my knowledge, him and I…
10-08-2022 07:03
@am_in_i_am @Conste11ation @Foursquare This is great! Thanks Andrew for creating this infograph. More people should… https://t.co/ktFclQFbdt
10-08-2022 05:25
RT @CryptoTwins_Liz: One of the projects founded by female entrepreneurs & built on @Conste11ation. Must support! @ArankaASKS is brilliant…
10-08-2022 05:07
RT @tknevents: Partnership Announcement! @tknevents and the University Blockchain Alliance (UBA) are officially partners. With a network o…
10-08-2022 01:51
RT @Conste11ation: The official Constellation documentation hub has been released. Learn, Build & Validate. All in one place. Check it o…
10-08-2022 01:43
RT @AshburyLegal: @paradiseDBTR @Conste11ation We’re glad that both our slogan and our concept for DIY legal (which is essentially our slog…
09-08-2022 16:02
RT @paradiseDBTR: This is the @AshburyLegal slogan. They just introduced a DIY legal kit for new protocols to launch their project in the @…
09-08-2022 16:02
RT @CryptoTwins_Liz: Wonder how easy it is to soft #Stake🥩$ADS on @AlkimiExchange Labs? I just staked for a friend and recorded the whole…
09-08-2022 15:36
RT @CryptoTwins_Liz: I cannot wait for my VOID PASS 😍😍😍 Lots of things are happening on @Conste11ation ecosystem. - Mainnet 2.0 - The Vo…
09-08-2022 08:49
RT @Dagnum_PI: @adamchorley The day of reckoning is coming
09-08-2022 08:20
RT @adamchorley: Alt coins are as different to BTC as BTC is to fiat currency. They serve completely different purposes. So when maxis call…
09-08-2022 08:18
@JuliusOptimus @Conste11ation What a good idea!!!
09-08-2022 05:10
RT @CryptoTwins_Liz: 😎😎😎 missed out on the presale~ I’m gonna join the #Launchpad
09-08-2022 05:07