beyond (@BeyondOur_W0rld) — Predatory birds and bird looking things are a W idk im gonna try to make a redbubble i think
@Osiris9156 All solid characters
30-01-2023 09:59
Peregrines especially wtf they have no reason to be so silly
30-01-2023 09:36
If you all have any more photos of raptors like these PLEASE send them these are why I keep going. They just have :…
30-01-2023 09:36
I NEEEED more photos like these, like why are they all so silly (a thread)
30-01-2023 09:36
#Acheroraptor, a medium sized Saurornitholestine. This genus hails from the famous Hell Creek Formation, which has…
29-01-2023 08:40
Peak raptors
29-01-2023 07:12
In the crashee vehicle, all four passengers were under the influence, and the driver was taken into custody for DUI…
29-01-2023 04:56
Family member just got sideswiped by a drunk driver. No one was hurt, and she broke with enough time that they hit…
29-01-2023 04:56
@HourlyLizards What happened?? Was just watching his falcon video when I read this
29-01-2023 04:49
RT @tonykarpinski: OIL PAINTING, lion 😊❤️☀️. Slightly sharper image to the last post ( requested by a few followers )…
27-01-2023 10:14
sure pronouns - he/him height - 5'7" zodiac sign - Sagittarius smoke - nah tattoos - not yet piercings - nah fav…
26-01-2023 09:56
@jackthevulture Very nice reconstruction, not too many get Dromaeo's headshape right, but this one seems to really nail it
26-01-2023 05:24
@SirBlameson true
25-01-2023 11:01
Just wanting to check in with you all, would you all be interested in a discord server revolving around…
25-01-2023 11:01
Still frame concept, silly little passion project
25-01-2023 08:04
For the #birders out there that know their history, does anyone know the reasoning why J G Keulemans painted the Ma…
25-01-2023 07:13
In 1987, the reports of being bitten by a New Yorker was put at 1,587 incidents, with the amount of shark attacks r…
25-01-2023 07:09
friendly reminder to everyone that, in 1987, you were more likely to be bitten by the last photo than any of the th…
25-01-2023 07:09
@BruhDinosaurFan I was happy until I saw this quote tweet. Curiosity kills the cat ig.
25-01-2023 06:49
RT @dino_man06: Where my “Die-No-Ki-Rus” homies at???
25-01-2023 04:52
RT @palaeodaniel: 3D photogrammetry has the potencial to democratize access to fossil collections worldwide. Here is a test conducted at o…
25-01-2023 04:51
RT @BenkeArt: I haven't posted anything for a while, but finally I have completed this Tyrannosaurus painting:
25-01-2023 03:21
RT @Sketchy_raptor: A compilation of recent downtime scribbles
24-01-2023 11:21
RT @PPaleoartist: @Sketchy_raptor what's this animal? ive never seen it before is it some obscure coelurosaurian??
24-01-2023 11:21
Yurg being a mid-sized Dromaeosaurine, and Achero being a fairly sized, long legged Saurornitholestine.
24-01-2023 11:21
POLL TIME, excited to do both of these so however it swings I'm all good with Both are pretty much smaller counterp…
24-01-2023 11:21
24-01-2023 02:37
RT @VilleSinkkonen: sketchy Procoptodon
23-01-2023 06:17
@VilleSinkkonen Super fucking nice
23-01-2023 06:17
@EDGEinthewild I usually keep mine in the boxes on the shelf, but if not I put the boxes in my closet, they’re just…
23-01-2023 06:09
Which movie have you watched more than 7 times? Answer with a gif
22-01-2023 03:33
@HBivittatus True facts, with Sky Jung
22-01-2023 01:23
@ratshitter345 Not disappointed, but it’s gonna take a little while
21-01-2023 10:26
Sometimes a sleep paralysis demon can be in the form of an uncanny humanoid, or the unknown silhouette of a figure…
21-01-2023 10:25
it would be sick to find out dromie sickle claws are actually meant to hold on to their boards as they hit the gnar…
21-01-2023 09:39
#Dineobellator, a Eudromaeosaurian of questionable affinity. Originally thought to be a Velociraptorine, a reexamin…
21-01-2023 09:33
RT @ShitpostGate:
19-01-2023 09:05
Two #Megaraptor scuffling at night, Ms Paint. Done in response to the paper released detailing the musculature and…
18-01-2023 11:45
RT @AnatRecord: New research by Alexis Aranciaga Rolando, @antarcticdinos et al. reconstructs the arm muscles of mysterious meat-eating din…
18-01-2023 11:32
RT @TM9380: The fact that, until relatively recently, whole groups of dinosaurs were just unknown, is still crazy to me. Megaraptora is a g…
18-01-2023 10:10
@cmkosemen @simonroyart
16-01-2023 10:40
RT @TheCartelDel: MidJourney, Stability AI, and DeviantArt are now being sued in a class action lawsuit for using copyright art without per…
15-01-2023 21:14
Alright the new dromie is taking a little longer than normal, and thats really down to a lot of new info surroundin…
15-01-2023 13:34
RT @PrimevalArtist: The stalking reaper of Hațeg Island, Hatzegopteryx thambema! One version with a tomial tooth, one without as it cannot…
15-01-2023 11:31
@Paleoguy073 @EDGEinthewild Very true, also thank you for the reminder panda hands are so WEIRDDD
15-01-2023 05:12
@duckwithsandls @EDGEinthewild You got me there
15-01-2023 05:10
Some #dromaeosaur wings to help practice the different feather groups. Wings might seem like a challenge but when b…
15-01-2023 05:09
@EDGEinthewild Also going ‘back’ to eating vegetation?? As if the most basal tyrannosauroids were for some reason h…
15-01-2023 05:03
@EDGEinthewild But we can? Also the panda example is an L take. Pandas with their small canines and broad, flat mol…
15-01-2023 05:00
RT @HIIRAGI_SYUMI: ウバザメのジャンプとか初めて見たww
14-01-2023 10:40
#Argentavis, the ‘magnificent teratorn’, here depicted in more of a raptorial form than usually seen.Though their c…
14-01-2023 10:04
RT @RaviAhuja20: RIP Lisa Marie Presley. She died of cardiac arrest at age of only 54. She was at the golden globes not even 5 days ago. Bu…
13-01-2023 12:36
RT @crockpics: Rest in Peace Lisa Marie Presley. #RIPLisaMarie #RIPLisaMariePresley
13-01-2023 12:35
@Dekerrex The fact that the Tyrannoraptor is pretty much in line with the way dromaeosaurine (that being utah and a…
13-01-2023 12:24
RT @ToxodrisX:
13-01-2023 12:20
RT @artofzachary: Official #conceptart for the "Akula" for #AvatarTheWayOfWater. A thread 🧵. On my first day after being hired, @DylanCole…
13-01-2023 11:21
RT @SirBlameson: dude this villain arc was insane
12-01-2023 10:03
RT @fishboy86164577: Hey yeah maybe *don’t* take other peoples’ skeletal artworks and mash them together without credit + permission. If so…
12-01-2023 07:10
New dromie up by the end of the week, stay tuned
11-01-2023 09:35
RT @PalaeoPittman: Saddened to hear about the passing of #JorgeCalvo. Jorge made numerous important contributions to palaeontology, includi…
11-01-2023 09:34
RT @alexriesart: yo check out this dinosaur. Photographed by Mike Ashbee
11-01-2023 04:02
RT @antrodemon: This genre of games need to be eradicated 💀 These games out in so little effort one of their characters is just called CEO.…
10-01-2023 08:41
2022 was definitely the year of style experimentation for me, here’s to 23! @PPaleoartist @JedTaylorArtist…
10-01-2023 07:37
Goofy behavior
09-01-2023 06:37
False Killer Whales, maybe not the biggest, or the smartest, but they are definitely the silliest cetacean
09-01-2023 06:37
RT @TM9380: Regardless of just how smart T.rex was, it had everything it needed to not only survive, but thrive, in its environment. Over 4…
09-01-2023 06:15
RT @Tomozaurus: Quick reconstruction of the new dromaeosaurid Dineobellator notohesperus. I wouldn't be suprised if this ends up being a sp…
09-01-2023 03:41
RT @GSchnakenberg: While working in our archives, I found an old metal box. Inside was a long-forgotten roll of silent 8mm film marked "The…
09-01-2023 03:34
@SirBlameson TRUE, didn’t think of that
09-01-2023 00:02
RT @paleeoguy: Tyrannosaurus is trending for interesting reasons.
08-01-2023 10:50
RT @CloudedQuagga: Bajadasaurus! #PaleoArt #Dinosaurs #Dinosaur #Artwork #Art #Sauropod
08-01-2023 03:55
08-01-2023 03:50
RT @TomHoltzPaleo: Since people have asked for it, a thread 🧵 on the new paper about Tyrannosaurus (and other) dinosaur intelligence. The s…
08-01-2023 03:50
RT @zhejiang0pterus: You know what else has a comparable estimated number of forebrain neurons to what was found for T. rex in that paper?…
08-01-2023 02:33
RT @Paleosculpts: This does NOT actually mean T. rex had what it takes to build tools or solve problems (though both are tasks a wide range…
08-01-2023 02:26
Did you run down to check out the new vinyls that came in?
08-01-2023 01:56
This whole #Tyrannosaurus tool use thing has gotten out of hand fast. Rex did NOT need to use tools when it had the…
08-01-2023 01:34
RT @FabioAleRomero: I feel this needed more work on the feathers but, I guess for now is enough, finally finished Argentavis on its wide fe…
08-01-2023 01:17
What if I, hypothetically speaking, made a Discord server regarding most the stuff I'm about here on Twitter (birds…
07-01-2023 12:36
RT @8Bit_Satyr:
07-01-2023 12:21
@RustledDoodler Pretty much things like behavior today (if it's seen in archosaurs/lepidosaurs) is where I would un…
07-01-2023 09:28
@RustledDoodler Oh 110%, things like mating pairs, group hunting, rearing young, and dare I say it tool use in the…
07-01-2023 09:25
Would you all like to see more of these profile series in the future? I love working on them and have some ideas fo…
07-01-2023 08:17
We also have a hard time understanding the intelligence of actual living animals, so when comparing modern day stuf…
07-01-2023 04:06
For those wondering, the whole Tyrannosaurus baboon thing is really hard to prove legitimately. The study wasn’t do…
07-01-2023 04:06
#Velociraptor, not only one of the most well known Dromaeosaurs out there, but one of the most well known dinosaurs…
07-01-2023 03:57
J.J. Kuhn with a nestling Ivory Billed Woodpecker, Lousiana 1938. One of the only photos of a living nestling of th…
07-01-2023 02:17
This is so sweet omg 🥹
06-01-2023 12:02
As the case with many species endemic to Papua New Guinea, they are fairly under-researched, and future work with s…
06-01-2023 11:08
Papuan eagles coexist on the island with several other eagle species, both endemic and migrant. These including Wed…
06-01-2023 11:08
In terms of breeding, it's suspected they are mostly solitary, forming stable mating pairs and breeding throughout…
06-01-2023 11:08
Owing to their South American relative, the Papuan eagle is a forest hunter, and has similarly short and broad wing…
06-01-2023 11:08
In fact, though an unscientific note, they share a pretty similar build in terms of shape and proportions to the No…
06-01-2023 11:08
Characteristics of the Papuan Eagle include: -A creamy colored belly -Brown or black colored back -Mottling of the…
06-01-2023 11:08
The Papuan Eagle itself is the only species within the genus Harpyopsis, and is closely related to the South Americ…
06-01-2023 11:08
Accipiters do not include the following raptors: Falcons, Owls, NW Vultures. On the talk of eagle taxonomy, they ar…
06-01-2023 11:08
The Papuan Eagle, otherwise known as the New Guinean Eagle, the Papuan Harpy, or the Kapul Eagle, is a large specie…
06-01-2023 11:08
ALMOST MISSED NATIONAL BIRD DAY Let's talk about the Papuan Eagle (a mini-thread)
06-01-2023 11:08
RT @Coolio_Art:
06-01-2023 01:51
RT @harugarden0206: 本日の毛玉 #ガマグチヨタカ 自撮り風
05-01-2023 20:21
Oh wow we’re already nearing 200, never thought it would get this far but sweet
05-01-2023 06:55
5 more, then it's all strung together
04-01-2023 11:09
RT @brendalyonsart: "Stillness", a falcon watches the snow over a mountain forest. 9X12 inches, ink on watercolor paper.…
04-01-2023 11:05
RT @xzjHmY883ZRaLTd: こんな言葉があるか知らんけど 狩初めʕ•ﻌ•ʔฅ 15分くらいは付き合わされます 今年も変わらず元気なチビ戦闘民族で嬉しいよ(˶◜ᵕ◝˶) #ピグミーファルコン #pygmyfalcon…
04-01-2023 11:05
#Deinonychus, one of the most influential genera in paleontology, specifically dinosaur paleontology. With the help…
04-01-2023 08:49
@Shadonic_Hedge Z-Boomer. If you know him you understand, if you don’t it’s very good that you don’t
04-01-2023 08:47
@DoodlinMcDraco It’s Z-Boomer take humor, don’t take it seriously
04-01-2023 08:47
@Evoincarnate “B-but crocodiles eat things, on land. Shouldn’t that make them cursorial??”
04-01-2023 06:11
Today I learned that no matter how different they are in several different ways crocodilians are the only good comp…
04-01-2023 06:09
@Zegh8578 @Goji_Saurus Because in the states it's a soda rather than actual orange juice
04-01-2023 05:51
@jimmadseni Maip?
04-01-2023 05:48
@sykesjeff Sadly I've never been able to get a good photo of the Harrises, but new year new opportunities
04-01-2023 05:41
@sykesjeff My area's big three species are Red tailed hawks, Cooper's Hawks, and Harris Hawks, though in the early…
04-01-2023 05:39
@Schticklord Coming out to greet the guests
04-01-2023 02:38
Pandion haliaetus, the #Osprey Acrylic on canvas, 2023
04-01-2023 01:02
@Dino__whore @j_stocky Almost pissed myself from this, golden comment
03-01-2023 10:35
RT @coreyspowell: Researchers have discovered the first known "virovore," an organism that feeds on viruses. Probably there are many others…
03-01-2023 10:31
RT @alp_kur: 今年は動物の勉強がんばります。
03-01-2023 06:55
RT @queen88772608: 2023,あけましておめでとうございます 今年の初雪の朝となりました かなり積もりそうです 年始ははる君とえま君です #シロフクロウ
03-01-2023 06:47
RT @peacockluca1: Smol!
03-01-2023 05:16
@knight_Steve_ To play the devil's advocate, it does seem like the 65's wrists are bendable like ours, as the right…
03-01-2023 04:48
@Lfc7862 @liamleewashere @HowThingsWork_ Gravity believers when I tell them it's still considered a theory:
03-01-2023 04:35
RT @HowThingsWork_: Melibe viridis is a carnivorous sea slug with a gelatinous vacuum cleaner for a head. 😮
03-01-2023 04:30
03-01-2023 04:04
RT @Oceanographyy: Wait... Those aren't dolphins!
03-01-2023 03:16
Second viewing of Avatar today, wanted to wait a bit in order to have it through my mind to see it fresh.
02-01-2023 20:34
@Philoceratops Ornimegalonyx chilling?
02-01-2023 19:59
@PPaleoartist Dreaded, terrible even
02-01-2023 09:57
@MMugger96 Haast’s eagle hunting the usual prey; tall, two legged animals
02-01-2023 08:02
I Moa'd my dromie on accident and now I have to add the wings on top of everything already lined up, great start to 23.
02-01-2023 05:30
@HodariNundu Oh sweet, awesome spot!
02-01-2023 05:30
@jimmadseni @necrowow2 Your style + Ceratosaurus goes unbelievably hard
02-01-2023 02:23
RT @Monstermash042: Guess what releases this year 😁
02-01-2023 02:20
@Shadonic_Hedge We shall see
02-01-2023 02:13
@booyahbornu @Coolio_Art (pretty sure it was meant to be a giga)
02-01-2023 02:09
@booyahbornu @Coolio_Art Stout megaraptoran
02-01-2023 02:07
RT @SerpenIllus: #Inktober Day 20. Two Utahraptor (the largest dromaeosaurid) are very curious about a tank-like Gastonia (a nodosaur) that…
02-01-2023 00:45
RT @MichaelChiappo3: Starting off the new year with some adjustments to the #Hadrophone! In this iteration, I’ve replicated the curvature o…
01-01-2023 23:56
Should I redo the Utahraptor profile? I mean it’s good, and I wouldn’t change the coloration, just the pose and upd…
01-01-2023 23:34
RT @GhaspOfDeath: Achillobator piece based on one I made last december, which is based on a piece @Gatorrrrrrrrr made.…
01-01-2023 13:00
@GhaspOfDeath @Gatorrrrrrrrr This is super fucking raw, love it
01-01-2023 13:00
RT @osmanthus3688: あけましておめでとうございます! 今年もよろしくお願いします #アカアシチョウゲンボウ
01-01-2023 12:59
@TheSharkDoctor Oh man love how you can see the eye in such detail here, you can even see the very faint ring of bl…
01-01-2023 12:42
RT @Orribec: 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘌𝘯𝘥. An 𝘈𝘭𝘢𝘮𝘰𝘴𝘢𝘶𝘳𝘶𝘴 is taken aback when a "sun" abruptly rises in the south. Held this piece for a few months as it seem…
01-01-2023 12:39
RT @digital_duck: It’s very concerning that not a single person in the replies takes this seriously. Why is it such a popular belief that s…
01-01-2023 12:38
Next up for the chart, a decently sized dromie that's grown in popularity very recently here on Twitter thanks to a…
01-01-2023 11:56
@Philoceratops The new giant Bissekty dromie; we can't really give it a name nor a size, but the fact we have a new…
01-01-2023 11:52
Bird-of-prey shaped Dromies rise up. Gotta love this piece
01-01-2023 11:10
RT @the_paleoguy: Deinonychus eye. Really looking forward to finishing this. :)
01-01-2023 06:59
@Coolio_Art Can not be said enough, the dedication to both the animation and making the model itself; standing ovation
01-01-2023 06:47
@scowdich @TheIneptBirder Absolutely
31-12-2022 07:57
RT @ZombieSaurian: #Estemmenosuchus! A burly #Dinocephalian #Synapsid from Middle #Permian #russia ! My personal favorite of the Synapsids,…
31-12-2022 07:36
@MarjoSerra_Art Highly recommend these books if you're looking for a bird theme
31-12-2022 04:18
List for the movie releases I've seen this year. Slight dropoff after The Bad Guys, with the first 8 being very clo…
31-12-2022 03:53
How it's looking so far #orbit
31-12-2022 03:30
31-12-2022 03:09
Have a soft spot for this species, and if the Australian megafauna hadnt died out I would have moved back home, tru…
30-12-2022 12:42
Greyscale profile of #Thylacoleo carnifex, the largest of its family, the largest predatory marsupial ever to live,…
30-12-2022 12:37
@Coolio_Art This actually rocks, might have to incorporate it into future dromie designs.
30-12-2022 09:53
Does anyone know why Thylacoleo is so WEIRD looking? What is this thing
30-12-2022 09:50
@DragonsofWales Ah yes, because now magically people are apparently less capable of making work now that ai is able…
30-12-2022 02:30
Personal take, paleo anachronist media (modern times/paleo stuff) is a very hard thing to pull off well, but when i…
30-12-2022 02:16
@TiltAndGo Super onboard with this!
30-12-2022 02:08
Like this, NOW!!!
30-12-2022 01:18
Digging into "Varanoid Lizards of the World" and wow, Varanus salvadorii just continues to surprise me. I'm gonna w…
29-12-2022 14:46
In the context of the image, the pelican was merely responding to graze rather than actually knowing what hit it, a…
29-12-2022 12:20
Side project, #peregrinefalcon near miss on a #brownpelican, 0.15 seconds after initial impact. This was a lighting…
29-12-2022 12:20
#Adasaurus was a moderately sized dromie known from the Nemegt formation. Though Velociraptorinae consists of relat…
29-12-2022 10:25
Well the new Puss in Boots movie is really good; animation is really well done, settings and the story as a whole i…
29-12-2022 07:23
@j_stocky It would not take that much to make a raptorial pterosaur, as in a pterosaur that hunts other pterosaurs…
29-12-2022 03:28
Going in to see Puss in Boots rn, heard a lot of positives but I’ve gone in mostly blind apart from a few trailers,…
29-12-2022 03:24
Spoilered for the whole eaten alive thing, if anybody is uncomfortable with it. it’s pretty mild though so idk, just to be safe.
28-12-2022 08:33
#Gigantohierax and #Buteogallus, Pleistocene Cuba circa some years ago. Accipiters actually have a hard time actual…
28-12-2022 08:33
Folded wings are a treat, most likely will be done tomorrow or Thursday
28-12-2022 05:31
RT @JoschuaKnuppe: In addition it's a great way to explore art history through a paleoart lens, if possible I would like to turn this into…
28-12-2022 03:34
I'll join in, let me know below!
28-12-2022 03:03
27-12-2022 23:39
Took a few weeks to work on, but here’s an infographic I made regarding the crocodile monitor. No particular reason…
27-12-2022 22:06
@castlehavven Just a few examples, hope these stack up
27-12-2022 22:03
RT @Owlvillage_H: 【🎂原宿店🎂】 本日12月27日(火) 営業時間12:00-18:00(最終受付17:00) 本日終日満席となっております💦 またweb予約は前日までの受付ですのでご注意下さい🙇‍ 今日は王子…
27-12-2022 08:00
@Parker_ @BirdIzLife Have not heard of this, I'll have to give it a look whenever I can
27-12-2022 06:45
Normalize being a little silly and goofy sometimes #Utahraptor
27-12-2022 06:34
@jutyrannus I can see why it needed armor these things looks vicious
27-12-2022 05:36
While I can't say what the dromie-high is in regards to yet, I will say it will be pretty wild. The future looks p…
27-12-2022 03:21
@Shadonic_Hedge Then be sure to stick around the next few weeks, there's plenty more where these came from
27-12-2022 03:18
@BirdIzLife Have a lot of work to do with five books worth of raptor literature
27-12-2022 02:01
Family photo so far, will be formatted differently in the final iteration, and will be more accurately scaled to th…
26-12-2022 23:35
#Achillobator was a large and robustly built Mongolian dromaeosaur. Being reliably second only to Utah in size, it…
26-12-2022 13:04
For comp, Adasaurus on the left (Therizinology i believe) and Achillobator on the right (Gabriel Ugueto)
26-12-2022 02:14
Alright I've had my fair share of dromie work, however would like your opinion on who I should work on next. (I'll…
26-12-2022 02:02
Merry Christmas from the Hawks!
25-12-2022 19:26
25-12-2022 19:26
Merry Christmas and Happy Hawkidays everyone! #Atrociraptor was a smaller sized saurornitholestine dromaeosaur foun…
25-12-2022 09:07
RT @SiakaDibba: Barosaurus
25-12-2022 01:35
100% is the Christmas post and definitely not because I just wanted to not do it, yeah
25-12-2022 01:27
Lineart on the next one is finished, will probably post by tomorrow.
25-12-2022 01:26
RT @DinoDJ14: That’s right, we’re going back in time to 2012 to stop the ‘Papo Running T.rex™️’ from being made and SAVE dinosaur media htt…
24-12-2022 23:37
RT @RebeccaRHelm: EXTREMELY RARE footage of the elusive box jellyfish Chirodectes. Larger than a soccer ball, this jelly is a true ocean my…
24-12-2022 12:31