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RT @KariLakeWarRoom: 🚨 Breaking 🚨 We've been informed the entire Yavapai BOS, with one Democrat exception, expressed a belief the election…
29-11-2022 06:17
RT @its_the_Dr: Did you see this?
29-11-2022 06:16
I wonder what the penalty might be for certifying an obviously fraudulent election?
29-11-2022 05:23
RT @ProfMJCleveland: Wait! I thought we were told when 2000 Mules released that this wasn't possible?
29-11-2022 01:52
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RT @elonmusk: The Twitter Files on free speech suppression soon to be published on Twitter itself. The public deserves to know what really…
29-11-2022 01:44
RT @SquillMama:
28-11-2022 18:12
RT @JackPosobiec: CCP officers cracking down on the protesters in Hangzhou, mass arrests
28-11-2022 18:11
RT @ColdWarPatriot: Lotta Volkova a top designer for Balenciaga And Adidas.
28-11-2022 18:10
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RT @curioslight: A thread on WHO is REALLY behind the #Balenciaga ads: The Devil In Disguise: Lotta Volkova 1. She has been one of the ma…
28-11-2022 16:45
RT @JackPosobiec: Words cannot express the horror of the tragedy of Urumqi The CCP left these people to burn alive
27-11-2022 17:40
RT @kylenabecker: The ugly truth comes out.
26-11-2022 21:28
RT @JamesBradleyCA: Fun fact: The 50% of Twitter advertisers who just left because Trump is back were fine spending money here when there…
26-11-2022 21:27
RT @Eric_Schmitt: Some takeaways from the deposition of Fauci: ▪️Fauci knew the Lab Leak theory had merit but it’d come back to him & sough…
25-11-2022 16:43
RT @ShawnnaLMBolick: @Garrett_Archer @stephen_richer @merissahamilton @dondophx @tylerbowyer @GeneralBrnovich @maricopacounty @marcoattorne…
24-11-2022 17:47
RT @TheEmmapreneur: @MeghanWalsh_ @SAFFtweets @realsarahvernon @lizyeld @JB_Conley @taywil64 @futuremediapro @moor_facts @letshearthetru @p…
23-11-2022 21:03
23-11-2022 20:59
RT @disclosetv: NEW - Colorado club shooter identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, attorneys say. Meanwhile, it was reveal…
23-11-2022 16:37
RT @RedWingGrips: Attend a 4-hour Capitol protest and the FBI will spend the next few years hunting you down and destroying your life. For…
23-11-2022 16:34
RT @kylenabecker: @elonmusk @Twitter Think I'm kidding? Most of these outlets are fake news machines. You can add the AP's fake news report…
23-11-2022 16:31
RT @ThatParentP4P:
23-11-2022 01:21
RT @TPostMillennial: Democrat Representative Carolyn Maloney from New York is under investigation for soliciting an invitation to the 2020…
22-11-2022 18:07
RT @tmddyan2:
22-11-2022 17:56
RT @RandyDeSoto: @TrendingLiberal @KariLake Is there really any doubt if Dems voted 3-to-1 over Republicans on Election Day and Katie Hobbs…
22-11-2022 17:49
RT @RedWingGrips:
22-11-2022 17:45
RT @TRHLofficial: I love new Twitter.
22-11-2022 16:39
RT @AdamCrigler:
22-11-2022 06:27
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RT @Rothbard1776: For those keeping track at home, news after the midterms: Hunter Biden’s laptop is real. FDA backtracked on Ivermectin.…
22-11-2022 05:22
RT @Wasred4skins: Looks like FTX and SBF gave millions to democrats in Arizona. Katie Hobbs was not elected, she was selected!
21-11-2022 22:15
RT @JustTheNews: New Trump special prosecutor overturned by Supreme Court, tied to IRS scandal
21-11-2022 18:22
RT @CBS_Herridge: CBS News has obtained data from a laptop purported to have belonged to Hunter Biden. The data came directly from the sour…
21-11-2022 17:09
RT @DrEliDavid: 🤔🤡
20-11-2022 21:46
RT @porridge2022: @DjtTyler @JohnBoweActor And here are all the receipts 🥱.. &
20-11-2022 21:46
RT @notagunbunny: Everyone on Twitter rn 🤣🤣🤣
20-11-2022 21:32
20-11-2022 20:38
RT @domesticTara: Another big win for! This ABHORRENCE has been removed from the 3 Chesterfield county high schools…
20-11-2022 00:30
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RT @hodgetwins: Imagine having a US President like Giorgia Meloni in Italy. 🔥
20-11-2022 00:21
19-11-2022 16:24
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RT @elonmusk: Reinstate former President Trump
19-11-2022 06:38
@Annakhait Silver coins or bars!
18-11-2022 21:53
RT @KariLake: After registering at ASU, Tiffany's son received a text offering him $250 to rally for Democrats In line to vote, he was tol…
18-11-2022 21:05
RT @0rf: BREAKING: I made a vid showing election fraud claims from both Dems & Repubs. In no way did I advance or endorse any of the claims…
18-11-2022 21:03
18-11-2022 21:02
RT @JackPosobiec: I was in Maricopa County on election day this year I’ve covered election day in Philadelphia for years I’ve never see…
18-11-2022 18:07
RT @sweetdreeams1: SHOCKER! WaPo Sheepishly Admits the FBI Found No Nuclear Secrets, or Anything Else, in Mar-a-Lago Raid – PJ Media https:…
17-11-2022 23:50
Business associates including Joe Biden!
17-11-2022 23:23
RT @elizableu: "connects Hunter Biden and his business associates to international human trafficking, among other illegal activities." http…
17-11-2022 23:23
RT @StevenTylerAZ: Statement from LD17 House Representative Elect @LizHarrisMBA ------ Thank you Liz for doing the right thing, it's a ra…
17-11-2022 23:20
RT @ITruthsker: oh yea - This is a good day!!
17-11-2022 23:18
What’s this? Just the Exposure of the Biden Crime Ring on Fox News is all. Share this like ur hair is on fire!…
17-11-2022 22:36
RT @matthewdmarsden: Tweeting this again. We sympathize with every person that was duped. For those that called for us to be denied heal…
17-11-2022 16:04
RT @KariLakeWarRoom: There was overwhelming criticism for the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors at the public hearing on the events of e…
16-11-2022 22:12
RT @themarketswork: The DNC has been quoting this 11 million number of illegal immigrants since 2005, when the Pew Research Center complete…
16-11-2022 22:11
RT @floydbrown: Learning more about the illegal schemes used by Maricopa County to disenfranchise voters. According to the election rules,…
16-11-2022 22:11
RT @RobertPLewis:
16-11-2022 22:11
RT @LadyJustice6910: 🔥🔥🔥
16-11-2022 22:10
RT @Timcast: oh snap
16-11-2022 20:03
RT @hodgetwins: So Fetterman AND Katie Hobbs won? One can’t say a full sentence and the other hides from her opponents. Perfect represen…
16-11-2022 19:22
RT @DavidKotiw:
16-11-2022 19:17
@buzzbombSloth @tylerbowyer They are all corrupt as well.
16-11-2022 19:15
RT @KariLakeWarRoom: Ballot harvesting is illegal in Arizona. But it's a lot easier to do when you have access to the voter rolls through…
16-11-2022 19:12
RT @EricMMatheny: The FTX money laundering scandal isn’t even a week old and Congress is ready to send Ukraine another $37 billion without…
16-11-2022 18:20
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RT @KatieDaviscourt: BRAZIL: A revolution is currently underway as citizens rise up in protest over what they say is a “stolen” election. h…
16-11-2022 18:15
Interesting... A Supreme Court case regarding the 2020 election just hit the docket it involves the possible remo…
16-11-2022 08:25
RT @wmahoney5: @Kirkralphb @whackamolio @donwill94062871 @Tinybutfierce1 @GlennWhite1 @rchandler312 @JoeActual70 @WharfRat1969 @Sportsmomma…
15-11-2022 21:01
RT @laralogan: MORE ARIZONA DATA: Only 17% of Maricopa Election Day Voters Were Democrat, Only 23% of Primary Election Day Voters Were Demo…
15-11-2022 20:20
RT @1FreeInhabitant: I also find it rather interesting that one of Trump's final tweets—before being silenced—referred to GIANT VOICE. "G…
15-11-2022 20:18
RT @FogCityMidge: We were trying to tell everyone this. It’s the same reason democrats had very few campaign events or campaign signs out.…
15-11-2022 20:18
RT @LibertyHackerAZ: Our volunteers at this location reported only 3/10 ballots tabulating on Election Day. Pictured below 7:56 pm. I recei…
15-11-2022 01:57
RT @StevenTylerAZ: Were these ballots ever located at an offshore facility, at any point, either before or after, Tabulation? Hearing that…
15-11-2022 01:00
RT @leslibless: On Election Day in Maricopa County, (which are the votes being dropped now) Republicans made up 52.7% of the vote, to Dems…
14-11-2022 23:37
RT @RealMarkFinchem: INVESTIGATE
14-11-2022 23:36
RT @MrAndyNgo: Update: The Canadian #Antifa member caught on camera ramming his car into Freedom Convoy protesters early this year was char…
14-11-2022 22:53
RT @jamie_reinhold: @matthewdmarsden 2/ “Election Denier” is the newest term designed to shut down any conversation. Like Anti-vaxxer, insu…
14-11-2022 22:19
RT @DavidLimbaugh: When are you naive holdouts going to realize that it’s no coincidence that the pseudo adherents to the pseudo religion o…
14-11-2022 22:06
RT @MrDrewENT: These people R sick!!! Symbolism will be their downfall… For real !
14-11-2022 22:05
@dphillipsaz @KariLake Mine was in person, on election day, scanned successfully. Supposedly.
14-11-2022 21:51
RT @TOMRJZSR: This is so unfair to women ! Men need to stay out of Women's activities ! He sure didn't win for beauty,he won because of WOK…
14-11-2022 21:10
RT @TRHLofficial: Either John Fetterman is too sick to be in the Senate or he is well enough to lead and therefore, well enough for ridicul…
14-11-2022 21:08
RT @DominofromAZ: Has anyone seen @GeneralBrnovich & @DougDucey?
14-11-2022 21:07
@KariLake Voted in person on election day, ballot scanned after 10 tries. Still not counted.
14-11-2022 21:03
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RT @KariLake: 🚨 ATTN: Your vote may not have been counted. You can check the status of your ballot at Share this…
14-11-2022 21:02
Arizona residents - check your ballot status even if you voted in person. Mine was read on election day (took 10…
14-11-2022 20:04
RT @elizableu: Twitter has added a reporting option for minor survivors experiencing sexual exploitation on the platform.
14-11-2022 19:39
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RT @RepThomasMassie: We should immediately stop payments to Ukraine and begin a thorough audit of the $60 billion that Joe Biden and Congre…
14-11-2022 19:37
RT @PamKirby: I’m old enough to remember back in 2010 and 2014 when Maricopa County Elections reported > 95% of the ballots on Election Nig…
14-11-2022 19:30
RT @skipselect1: You just ain’t whistling Dixie!
14-11-2022 19:29
RT @johncardillo: Something is very wrong in Arizona. It makes no mathematical sense that the GOP State Treasurer won reelection by a qua…
14-11-2022 19:28
14-11-2022 06:32
14-11-2022 06:13
@TaylorinAZ5 @DrAndrewJackson @maricopacounty Not gonna assist in the fraud in any way!
14-11-2022 04:47
Nothing suspicious here...
14-11-2022 01:56
@TaylorinAZ5 @DrAndrewJackson @maricopacounty Cactus High School - It took 10 tries before the machine accepted my…
14-11-2022 01:55
RT @DelrayAvener: @KariLake @pnjaban Has anybody looked into this?
13-11-2022 21:03
RT @TRHLofficial: Monday: FL goes into state of emergency Tuesday: “Purple” FL holds election, counts votes, calls it that night Wednesd…
13-11-2022 18:19
@DheezKnutz @jessibridges @TRHLofficial Sure. Thats why PA voted for Fetterman! 🤣😂🤡🤡
13-11-2022 18:18
@jessibridges @TRHLofficial The opposite happened with Blake Masters and Kari Lake, who is hugely popular here. I…
13-11-2022 18:16
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RT @TRHLofficial: Congratulations to the Senate democrats for suddenly pulling ahead & winning surprise victories By the perfect margin…
13-11-2022 08:22
RT @KariLakeWarRoom: 96 hours ago, @billgatesaz & @Stephen_Richer spread false information through @MaricopaVote, that led to the disenfran…
13-11-2022 08:13
The stakes are really, really high. Do you really think the Dems are gonna risk blowing up the whole game? Katie…
13-11-2022 08:11
RT @RAZ0RFIST: They're mad at him because Stephen Richer has spent two years mocking and antagonizing anyone at all who suggested Maricopa…
13-11-2022 08:06
I don't think the people of Arizona will stay quiet if Katie Hobbs pulls out a 'miraculous' win.
13-11-2022 08:06
RT @jessiprincey: Perfect steal
13-11-2022 08:04
RT @LangmanVince: What do you trust more 👇
13-11-2022 05:59
RT @leslibless: Colorado had a ballot drop 30 minutes ago, of 6,729 votes, but NOT ONE OF THOSE VOTES were reflected on Lauren Boeberts rac…
13-11-2022 05:56
RT @leslibless: OMG! They’re calling the Nevada Senate race for Cortez Mastro over Adam Laxalt! Laxalt wants a recount! He was ahead th…
13-11-2022 05:55
RT @_Janey_J: Dr Mike Yeadon ~ “The kind of planning and thinking it takes to have done what has happened, are people who would worship sat…
13-11-2022 05:36
RT @rising_serpent: The circle of Filth.
13-11-2022 05:27
RT @ggreenwald: Please watch this fiery video and remember that Katie Hobbs is now overseeing an extremely disputed and tight election in A…
13-11-2022 05:13
RT @drdenwalker: RSV was a known complication of the [email protected] bb documented in their initial 3 month trials….along with many other “autoimmune”…
12-11-2022 20:34
RT @elizableu: “I care about victims/survivors of human trafficking. I want to learn more about how to prevent the crime in my community an…
12-11-2022 18:49
RT @its_the_Dr:
12-11-2022 17:46
RT @AdamBaldwin: #ChangeMyMind Katie Hobbs didn't recuse herself from election oversight, so… Trump does make a fair point:…
12-11-2022 16:47
I dunno, certifying election results and devices seems pretty important here.
12-11-2022 04:43
RT @JohnStossel: Inconvenient fact about electric cars #3: Slavery and child labor are used to build the cars. And they’re almost as…
12-11-2022 04:41
Oh really? "Oversight and administration of secure and accurate elections".
12-11-2022 02:45
RT @WhatMilton: @KenS25529870 @KariLake @katiehobbs Mostly because everybody knows that Katie Hobbs doesn't 'run' the election.
12-11-2022 02:44
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RT @KariLake: BOMBSHELL: Election Expert Gina Swoboda gives an update on the election in Arizona
11-11-2022 23:13
RT @jellen805: "This is how things work in Arizona, and have for decades"--Bill Gates, Maricopa County Supervisor Honey, I've voted here s…
11-11-2022 19:50
11-11-2022 19:49
11-11-2022 18:30
@CarlDanowitz @BlueCollarDood @UNAFRAIDnSTRONG @scrowder Um, 90%+ of the candidates Teump endorsed won. And his ra…
11-11-2022 02:10
RT @pnjaban: The biggest problems right now in Arizona are Maricopa and Pima Counties. The Pima Recorder is even more political and less co…
11-11-2022 00:35
@honestsportz @scrowder Just say no to drugs. You are completely out of touch with reality.
11-11-2022 00:06
@BlueCollarDood @CarlDanowitz @UNAFRAIDnSTRONG @scrowder That's what happens when you listen to the MSM. Or maybe he's a shill
11-11-2022 00:05
RT @ThatParentP4P: [email protected]11 @tylerbowyer @JackPosobiec @scrowder @pnjaban They’re holding onto these Election Day in-person votes…
10-11-2022 23:44
0 11818
RT @DianeSare: Last night I had over 55k votes and by this morning, less than 30k.🤔
10-11-2022 23:07
@kelliwardaz @GeorgeSteer13 @DougDucey @GeneralBrnovich They don't because they are in on the scam.
10-11-2022 23:07
RT @GrahamAllen_1: We stopped trusting “experts” right around the time the couldn’t define what a man or woman was…
10-11-2022 22:52
BREAKING Project Veritas: Connecticut School Director Placed "On Leave" After Detailing Sexual Fantasies with Minor…
10-11-2022 22:14
RT @ThatParentP4P: @TaylorinAZ5 @VICE [email protected] “WITHOUT EVIDENCE” is trying to imply that the issues weren’t targeted and that they occurred…
10-11-2022 21:38
10-11-2022 21:30
RT @Lucky17171717: @JeromeAdamsMD Anyone consider the reason for the Spike in RSV???? Pfizer and Moderna have some ideas 💡…
10-11-2022 21:28
@AlexGon21810561 @JeromeAdamsMD Only if you want to exponentially increase their risk of myocarditis.
10-11-2022 21:24
10-11-2022 21:09
@Thirdnorth333 @cooterama @drandrewb Some of us just know how to look at information that conflicts and discern wha…
10-11-2022 20:56
@heidihartmannn @TheNumbCanadian @NorthBelle4 @drandrewb I like fresh air, thankyouverymuch
10-11-2022 20:46
RT @MarcoPolo501c3: Hey @elonmusk, is @Twitter still censoring the 459 violations of state and federal laws & regulations found on the Bide…
10-11-2022 00:45
RT @GeorgePapa19: North Carolina: 98% counted Wisconsin: 99% counted Florida: 99% counted Ohio: 97% counted Arizona: 66% counted Arizona…
10-11-2022 00:15
RT @Katlia124: This is fraud. New York and California perfected election theft
09-11-2022 21:24
@islandofcovid @Lee_CrollPhD Correction - VAIDS. Vaccine induced.
09-11-2022 20:56
BREAKING: Democrat New York Election Inspector Deceives Voting System to Secure Official Republican Position at Pol…
09-11-2022 20:51
RT @StevenTylerAZ: No, you should be pressuring the Legislature to pass comprehensive Election integrity reform that removes the machines.…
09-11-2022 17:23
09-11-2022 17:21
RT @hotrocks1977: @POTUS
09-11-2022 04:41
@patti0555 @TheSefto @NResh777 @slavnic_sinisa @akafacehots @POTUS Probably more than we think - on both sides.
09-11-2022 04:40
RT @ThatParentP4P: How ‘bout now??
09-11-2022 03:17
RT @Data_Orbital: IN-PERSON VOTING: As of 11am in Maricopa County: Rep - 48,756 (57.7%) Dem - 11,960 (14.1%) Ind - 23,822 (28.2%) Rep ED…
08-11-2022 21:36
RT @PollWatch2020: Turnout problem for Dems according to Dem analyst:
08-11-2022 21:35
RT @JoelWGibbonsV: Ukraine suddenly wants to negotiate... It's almost like the State Department told them to prepare for a Republican Cong…
08-11-2022 21:35
@leandros_vr @kylenabecker They won't. The cheating today is way, way too obvious.
08-11-2022 21:32
RT @ojacanu1: @kylenabecker
08-11-2022 21:31
RT @DrPaulGosar: This is accurate but it is unfortunate we have a 20% tabulator failure [email protected] had one job—make sure the tabulato…
08-11-2022 21:30
RT @kelliwardaz: It’s not only happening in Arizona…
08-11-2022 18:14
@yona1959 @juddmin @1goodtern Three times after triple vaxxed? Do you even hear yourself?
08-11-2022 02:29
@Politics4AR @purplediscomove @Margare90350660 @1goodtern No, we are creating millions of vaxxed, immunocompromised…
08-11-2022 02:28
RT @IAPolls2022: NBC POLL: Economic Satisfaction Trends (Yearly Polling Average) Economy (2021) Satisfied 48% Dissatisfied 52% Economy (2…
08-11-2022 01:36
RT @wrong_speak: Some of the people who are rightfully outraged at female genital mutilation of children in foreign countries are somehow c…
07-11-2022 19:04
RT @andrewdoyle_com: Twitter suspending accounts for stating biological facts = “That’s just accountability”, “Build your own platform”, “T…
07-11-2022 19:03
@NotSploshem @CJ_J777 @williamlegate @elonmusk Wait until you find out what they really do. The pic is accurate.
07-11-2022 18:58
RT @CJ_J777: @williamlegate @elonmusk
07-11-2022 18:57
@williamlegate @elonmusk I suggest you research a concept called 'federalism', which the vast majority of conservat…
07-11-2022 18:56
Still think the media tells the truth, and the CIA is trustworthy?
07-11-2022 18:16
All five made changes making it harder to cheat - and with not a lot of time to adjust. This might get interesting…
07-11-2022 10:03
RT @RyanAFournier: BREAKING: Envelopes filled with a "white powdery substance" were found at Kari Lake's campaign office. FBI, Phoenix PD…
06-11-2022 21:44
RT @TimKennedyMMA: Vote as if your business is closed, your children are locked out of school, family members are alone in a hospital or re…
06-11-2022 21:43
RT @ElijahSchaffer: Took it in a great direction!
06-11-2022 21:42
RT @SenatorRounds: Twice this week, President Biden has claimed he has “cut the federal debt in half.” Fact check: US National Debt was $2…
06-11-2022 05:19
RT @MrAndyNgo: Newly laid off ex-Twitter engineer Eric Shamow admitted to being one of the militants armed with shields during the #Portlan…
06-11-2022 02:24
RT @yaf: Amen.
06-11-2022 00:50
RT @gc22gc: BANNON: STUNNING: 8 point Republican swing in latest poll…Bolduc in head to head race now in New Hampshire New England in pla…
06-11-2022 00:49
RT @SlavePrincess_: @kanyewest Did Lou Taylor conspire with the Kardashians and attempt to put @KanyeWest in a conservatorship just like sh…
05-11-2022 22:23
RT @catturd2: Funny how the people censored, throttled, followers removed, suspended, shadow-banned, ghost-banned, search banned, and treat…
05-11-2022 19:54
@katiehobbs Well, since you didn't seem to want to tell us what those solutions are in a debate, no one seems to wa…
05-11-2022 09:22
RT @BrianClowdus: Why did NBC delete this video? None of this makes any sense at all.
05-11-2022 09:18
RT @laralogan: MUST WATCH: @DemVictoryNV Staffer Bashes Hispanic Voters 'Latino Republicans' Reason Democrats Lose "They're 'muy machis…
05-11-2022 07:15
RT @OutlawBParker: #RedWaveComing #BloodRedMoon EVERYTHING will be red November 8th!!!
05-11-2022 06:54
RT @lovetocook12345: 1/3 Valuable news from Brazil🙏 This official explains the current situation to those present: "After the state of wa…
05-11-2022 06:05
RT @DrSamGirgis: There's a reason Biden said there would be prolonged midterm vote counting in his speech, and that reason should be clearl…
05-11-2022 05:43
@DrewCrawf @RoseCarol3 @kylenabecker @ArleneL67970129 @elonmusk @pfizer @Oreo @GeneralMills @Audi Gave up a huge Di…
05-11-2022 05:02
0 23118
RT @kylenabecker: If you are boycotting Twitter over @ElonMusk's respect for free speech, I'm done with your company. Looking at you: • @p…
05-11-2022 04:59
RT @lawyer4laws: Katie Hobb's Husband is a child psychiatrist whose focus is on transitioning Katie Hobb's says she's against ban on min…
05-11-2022 03:39
RT @peachiepeachess: This is going to be me this Christmas
05-11-2022 03:24
@cpbostrom @charliekirk11 Okay, groomer
05-11-2022 02:14
RT @charliekirk11: BREAKING: Katie Hobbs' child psychiatrist husband, Patrick Goodman, works at Phoenix Children's Hospital and is listed a…
05-11-2022 01:57
RT @TeddyDanielsTV: Well that didn’t take long. @TuckerCarlson lit her ass up about a week ago. MSNBC Cuts Ties Unexpectedly With Weekend…
05-11-2022 00:56
RT @Jim_Jordan: The Federal Bureau of Investigation, under the stewardship of Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garlan…
05-11-2022 00:56
RT @Idontbelieveinh: I must agree...
05-11-2022 00:55
RT @zerohedge: 90% OF TWITTER ASIA IS FIRED: SOURCE 85% INDIA TWITTER IS FIRED: SOURCE Is it a competition who can fire more?
04-11-2022 20:20
RT @VictorDHandson: Trump took no salary when POTUS and they investigated him then and now, yet no one investigates the Bidens. Take a glan…
04-11-2022 20:19
RT @VenturaReport: Fascinating to watch TV journalists not understand why Latinos are voting Republican, and calling them white supremacist…
04-11-2022 20:17
RT @shanermurph: Ha.
04-11-2022 18:42
Really interesting that nearly everyone getting Covid these days is vaxxed... And those 'Paxlovid rebounds' ???
04-11-2022 18:13
Following their vaccinations. Fixed it for you.
04-11-2022 01:19
I can't recommend this highly enough. Jump to 10 minutes or so for the really good stuff.
03-11-2022 23:52
Don't listen to @kelliwardaz. Vote in person, on election day. Don't make it any easier for them to cheat!
03-11-2022 23:50
RT @Ikennect: We need a Massive Red Wave
03-11-2022 22:15
RT @CourageHabit: "It's just pronouns" is the first train stop in the journey to mutilation surgery for minors. Getting children on the soc…
03-11-2022 22:14
RT @jsolomonReports: San Francisco DA vows to limit public's access to Pelosi attack evidence 'as much as possible' | Just The News https:/…
03-11-2022 22:14
@Beowoulf3 @joaquinlife Deaths during the Spanish Flu were due to mask wearing and bacterial infections. Wonder wh…
03-11-2022 21:58
03-11-2022 21:18