SavyB4by🪬🖤 (@1savyb4by) — Loyalty over errrything🖤 road to motion ⭐️ 🌊
RT @Zazamyodor: If yo girl smokes a lot of weed she’s goin to cheat u
30-01-2023 15:15
RT @FredoBang: Im just tryna help😂😂
30-01-2023 14:54
0 14801
RT @theereal_one: tax returns: $7,352 me at red lobster: bring me Eugene Krabs
30-01-2023 14:53
RT @PrettyAss_Thug: 🤣🤣🤣
30-01-2023 14:47
RT @iiambrittany_: That is Lil Bill & the social worker from Lilo & Stitch
30-01-2023 03:22
RT @midwestbarbiee: It’s so easy for a white person to thrive in Black spaces.
30-01-2023 03:19
0 12335
RT @Ace_Archist:
30-01-2023 03:19
RT @artsy_udorji: oh you’re one of THOSE mothers… 😟
30-01-2023 03:18
Sumn bout a shorty callin me handsome do sumn to me 🥴
30-01-2023 03:18
RT @screwyoumegn: Please watch the waitress. It’s TEARS in my eyes.
30-01-2023 00:53
@DYKEARlES @samoadoll Living up to your name I respect it 😭😂🤝🏾
30-01-2023 00:50
RT @samoadoll: Found all his socials…His twitter likes is porn and school fights yalllll I need to do a background check before entertainin…
30-01-2023 00:49
0 15315
RT @chefmade_92: When Ed was grounded and his parents removed the staircase out his room 😭
30-01-2023 00:27
0 20288
RT @zionnndestinyyy: Madagascar was so unserious 💀
30-01-2023 00:27
RT @Mlu__N2: Mirror never lies🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
30-01-2023 00:26
RT @ughramik: If you have a favourite ex please don't even look in my direction 😭😭
29-01-2023 13:12
0 10228
RT @therealsupes: what’s the most unrealistic moment in the fast & furious movies? i’ll start…
29-01-2023 13:11
RT @Dexerto: There is nothing like gaming friends
29-01-2023 13:10
29-01-2023 13:00
RT @Notdojaaa: Sucking on a fake jersey is nuts. You gone get mesothelioma.
29-01-2023 13:00
RT @upblissed: this niggas captions wild son😭😭
29-01-2023 13:00
0 10430
RT @BradleyMartyn: Stay safe boys.
29-01-2023 12:41
RT @KDTrey5: Shaquille doesn’t know ball?
29-01-2023 12:38
0 19846
RT @GAlexander21: Mans got up like it’s 2nd & 8
29-01-2023 12:37
RT @yemiiscool: yea golden corral df
29-01-2023 12:34
RT @PrinceHAK33M: 45 years old.
29-01-2023 12:25
RT @semaJ7272: Almost immediately causes an accident lmfao
29-01-2023 12:25
RT @MikaNicoleeeee: This yosohn
29-01-2023 12:24
RT @FromAerin: How you let the nigga voice Rick AND Morty? That’s the definition of putting all your eggs in one basket fr.
29-01-2023 12:24
RT @aniceburrito: Helpful if you lack object permanence
29-01-2023 12:06
RT @MUNCHRIH: That’s literally Ice Spice in both pics 😭
29-01-2023 12:04
RT @D4hz4hn: Why are people saying "not everything needs to be connected" this isn't everything bro this is Shazam and his main bad guy
29-01-2023 11:46
0 15505
RT @upblissed: “i shot her anyways” LMFAOOOOOO
29-01-2023 11:44
RT @doitmuvaaa: My tax return: $300 A crack head that hasnt worked all year with 4 kids: $8k
29-01-2023 11:42
RT @raphousetv2: He met his son for the first time after being released from Prison❤️🙌🏾🙏🏾⛓️
29-01-2023 11:37
RT @SaeedDiCaprio: maybe they will understand pronouns now ?
29-01-2023 11:32
RT @ysmammri: my ass is not listening to that
29-01-2023 10:50
0 17322
RT @kennalise1: i see shrooms are very popular with everyone now and i feel like its important to say this. if you are predisposed to any t…
29-01-2023 10:50
0 10647
RT @Sir_CQ: After 3 shots it’s my birthday too tf
29-01-2023 10:50
RT @upblissed: as a man there’s jus some emojis you should simply never ever touch
29-01-2023 10:46
RT @AlimationsX: What was this shit even doing in Bikini Bottom
29-01-2023 10:07
RT @dtewill: This nigga Rylo said “kill a nigga in designer, he get Bur-buried.” lmaooooooo
29-01-2023 08:30
RT @kiracantmizz: there’s no coming back from this
29-01-2023 08:19
RT @DevinMcHale_: It can’t happen 3 times right
29-01-2023 08:19
RT @BornAKang: She interrupting them but wanna scream lol
29-01-2023 07:55
0 14439
RT @jkiingjkis: makes me burst out laughing every damn time
29-01-2023 06:36
“This hoe sucks” has me in tears 😂😂😂
29-01-2023 06:35
RT @BornAKang: Thought this was a voiceover lol
29-01-2023 05:02
0 12011
RT @peytoven_: Y’all movin real quick with these black cops but the white ones take months to get indicted….
29-01-2023 05:01
RT @baby_johnz: So you just gonna sit everywhere with your ass out??
29-01-2023 04:59
0 18923
RT @premes0le: Just saw a tripod at the gym and realized I looked dead into the camera…it was nice knowing y’all
29-01-2023 04:56
RT @stormiji: Can’t make ts up it’s so funny 😭🤣
29-01-2023 04:13
RT @june_space_: Found this in my backyard, does funny things to my camera when i open it >.<
29-01-2023 04:12
0 12263
RT @AniGamerNX: In The Amazing World of Gumball, Darwin's shadow became more transparent in Season 2 onwards. One of the reasons is due to…
29-01-2023 04:12
RT @Justinbobbyx13: LALA is in every show getting clapped this is crazy Multiverse Coochie
29-01-2023 04:10
RT @WhyTheEnn: Turns out you can just enter the building of any university and just???? Vibe inside??? They don't check who enters????
29-01-2023 04:09
Trae young wanna be an assist demon all games except today huh 😒
29-01-2023 04:09
RT @Zazamyodor: When yo wife think y’all broke but you been hiding money from her
29-01-2023 02:15
RT @MajinKrow: I hate how rappers don’t even respect rap as an art form. Why does “I want to be considered an artist” always follow with th…
29-01-2023 02:10
0 26155
RT @heartpopz: The entire movie had me cackling but
29-01-2023 02:09
RT @tyler02020202:
29-01-2023 02:09
RT @d2kingdom: daffy is one of a kind for sure
29-01-2023 02:08
RT @laeswrld: he always looks like a nervous wreck next to bad bitches
29-01-2023 02:08
RT @SaycheeseDGTL: Update on the Bronx rats we posted last night. “The rats figured out how to escape the traps” 🪤 🐀
29-01-2023 02:06
0 12431
RT @rickydenham: Oscar was doing THEE MOST reacting like this 💀💀
29-01-2023 02:04
RT @biggroovyjudy: i’m still trying to figure out why she got punched
29-01-2023 02:04
0 12461
RT @KyEdwardsJr1: Bro my heart literally just shattered 💔🥺 RIP RANDY 🕊️♾️
29-01-2023 01:56
0 13077
RT @mayhemiac: Bro. I am about to get fucking fired.
29-01-2023 01:55
RT @BRIaboutit: Oh the paper plate too?? Please! I’ll never turn my back on Sams.
29-01-2023 01:53
RT @venomdollz: I had everyone so mad this day LMAOO
29-01-2023 01:52
@FineAssIdi Nd Now we wait 😈😂
29-01-2023 01:51
RT @FineAssIdi: Wearing thong bikinis when you have a fat ass looks dumb
29-01-2023 01:50
RT @poodaaa_: You can tell who was raised by a side Ho
29-01-2023 01:49
RT @Vhoyde: Bumping into your ex and knowing that your night is sorted >>>>>
29-01-2023 01:33
0 26186
RT @BradleyMartyn: Gyms in 2023 😂😂😂😂
29-01-2023 01:10
28-01-2023 20:44
RT @heyheedie: we all know this song bcuz of her
28-01-2023 20:17
0 11695
RT @PlayBoi_Ash: I want God to send not 1 but 2 floods
28-01-2023 20:12
RT @partynextweexnd: wearing no bra with your nipples poking through your shirt makes your clothes look soooo cheap especially if they’re p…
28-01-2023 19:15
0 17926
RT @InternetH0F:
28-01-2023 18:52
0 15046
28-01-2023 18:51
Is dat….
28-01-2023 18:49
RT @BornAKang: He can’t keep getting away with this
28-01-2023 18:49
RT @MambaSZN: “The NBA is scripted” Gordon Hayward after reading his script on October 17th, 2017:
28-01-2023 18:48
0 15993
RT @earringdealer1: the way even the drone got scared and ran back in the house
28-01-2023 18:44
RT @upblissed: why tf u choose this pic? u couldnt find anything else? what’s the link?
28-01-2023 18:44
28-01-2023 18:43
0 11836
RT @kiracantmizz: this world has gone soft...
28-01-2023 18:42
RT @OvOBrezzzy: Dude named Hubert 💀💀💀💀
28-01-2023 18:42
RT @vidsthatgohard: The crate challenge feels like a fever dream 😭
28-01-2023 18:40
RT @ShaunnaMinx: @FightHaven I saw a vehicle slide on the wet surface and skid out of control. A guy thought he was super human and tried t…
28-01-2023 18:39
Sheeesh she so fine😮‍💨😍😍
28-01-2023 18:19
0 10675
RT @krassenstein: This Tyre Nichols video should truly disgust every American. The vast majority of police are good people but Police bruta…
28-01-2023 18:18
RT @BornAKang: How they let that happen lmao
28-01-2023 18:16
0 11064
RT @JamesDGrambo: I’m sure there’s another meme in your folder to visually describe how you felt in this situation.
28-01-2023 18:15
RT @UTxBeezykingwi: When my wand breaks and I gotta get it out the mud against a muggle
28-01-2023 18:15
RT @BDTRELILBROTHER: Y’all mad at Beyoncé for performing in a country that’s hate gay people for 24 million ???? Y’all would literally hate…
28-01-2023 18:15
0 13067
RT @_E_Johnson: When you tryna grab some dumbbells at the gym and notice a tripod
28-01-2023 18:15
Y’all remember dis?? Dis was a different tiktok era
28-01-2023 18:10
RT @mpilokhumalo_: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
28-01-2023 17:17
RT @aaditeaa: modern family threw in every episode every single time
28-01-2023 17:14
0 10789
RT @sammyisagenius: When Riley called Santa Clause a “bitch nigga” and he realized it didn’t hit hard enough
28-01-2023 17:13
RT @Albeeezzy: We watching movies on Twitter now?!
28-01-2023 15:37
RT @faiththegemini: Omg please pray for Nicki!!!
28-01-2023 15:36
RT @Zvbear: Seen a hot girl getting choked by the heavy bar bells at the Gym and I walked right passed her and minded my business
28-01-2023 15:35
RT @ruby_rafaelina: A 29 year old woman enrolled at my old high school and just got caught today. She went for a week and no one knew anyth…
28-01-2023 15:35
0 35421
RT @heyyitsjanea: having your child clean after a grown ass man is insane
28-01-2023 15:32
28-01-2023 07:43
RT @DYKEARlES: @sIowsparty
28-01-2023 07:42
RT @sIowsparty: :(
28-01-2023 07:42
0 10775
RT @moiciaratoo: So sweet I love this, but now it makes so much more sense why Keith Lee talks the way he does:
28-01-2023 07:39
RT @C_HANN_ING: RIP to my uncle who was Double Vaxxed. Here he is just last year helping out in Ukraine .
28-01-2023 07:38
0 17320
RT @Fiyasohollywood: tea is a lot of them are NOT hiring, it’s called “ghost jobs” and apparently they post jobs to make it seem like the j…
28-01-2023 07:38
RT @hale1914: Parents need to be parents. These kids are out of control and are a large part for the current shortage. Teachers don’t get p…
28-01-2023 07:37
RT @trendingjerm: Update on the teacher her leg got broke and left on a stretcher* last messages we got from the teacher*⚠️…
28-01-2023 07:32
0 13270
RT @QfoeSicko: “That’s my sis who passed”
28-01-2023 07:31
0 20704
RT @mpilokhumalo_: The writers of Modern family were WAY AHEAD of their time😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
28-01-2023 07:25
0 33224
RT @WhoTFissim: Ngl Apple not giving us a charger & headphones anymore is CRAZYY
28-01-2023 07:25
@fairyartmother @ItsFkinLitLmao Dis is where I insert camp lazlo ‼️
28-01-2023 07:25
RT @fairyartmother: Here’s a thread of cartoons you vaguely remember or thought were a fever dream.
28-01-2023 07:23
RT @sixinchbeys: back when she used to throw that wig on like a hoodie
28-01-2023 07:19
RT @beyoncegarden: this is why Beyoncé doesn't do interviews anymore😭😭😭
28-01-2023 05:46
28-01-2023 05:45
28-01-2023 05:40
0 10846
RT @tryna_be_famous: Whew.
28-01-2023 05:40
How long has it been since there’s been a good ass good ass game??? 😂 ima say the bubble they was ballin like a mf Tj Warren went nuts ‼️
28-01-2023 04:38
RT @joshhart: My wife slapped the shit outta me last night cause I was smiling in my sleep…
28-01-2023 03:23
Real nigga shit 🤝🏾
28-01-2023 03:23
0 22156
RT @QualityFights: he hit the teacher, and the classmate ended it
28-01-2023 03:21
RT @Loccdawggg: See I miss back in the day when other students would beat up kids like this
28-01-2023 03:20
RT @AdinUpdatess: Twitch banned 3 of their biggest black streamers all in the span of a week.
28-01-2023 03:20
RT @neycancer: porn killing niggas
28-01-2023 03:15
RT @YCP4EVRRR: i feel like on tubi they be having sex forreal
28-01-2023 03:14
0 16893
RT @InternetH0F:
28-01-2023 03:13
RT @lovecraftcuntry: You be sounding so good then the lyrics be so corny
28-01-2023 03:10
RT @ocgenisis: Alabama Barker. A real life Bratz😭🧊
28-01-2023 03:08
RT @big_business_:
28-01-2023 03:07
0 26086
RT @STEFisDOPE: Really gotta ask yourself who is raising these kids. It’s time to have some uncomfortable conversations.
28-01-2023 03:01
RT @jhilikeye: why would you get a half up half down knowing your head look like that?
28-01-2023 03:01
Nigga YES
28-01-2023 02:59
RT @SomaKazima: Kim is forever funny for this 😭😭😭
28-01-2023 02:59
0 10528
RT @ayemandaaa: This one’s a goodie 💀 Modern Family is low key underrated lmao
28-01-2023 02:58
0 24224
RT @BigQadi: instagram really snapped with “block any other accounts they may make” feature 😂
28-01-2023 02:58
RT @chefmade_92: Fun culinary fact: a brownie is more of a cookie than it is a cake. Distinguished by the fact that it’s classified as a fi…
28-01-2023 02:57
0 14304
RT @platini954: Is that her sandals or…
28-01-2023 02:57
RT @TheBlackLayers: They made it mandatory to post job salaries and now you see shit like salary range $30,000- $125,000. BFFR
28-01-2023 02:57
RT @Gluvvvvvv: dis da shit film twitter b tellin me to watch over Spider-Man lol
28-01-2023 02:56
Lmaooooo shiii it’s outta Drake nd The Weeknd for me 😂
28-01-2023 02:56
RT @heyyitsjanea: i want a chicken wing boil now wait
28-01-2023 02:53
RT @SupremeDreams_1: Niggas just be lying for no reason, dude at the rec told me he was 90% from 3 in the corner. Then why are you here man…
28-01-2023 02:53
Ohhh Pa was pushin 👀
28-01-2023 02:52
RT @DailyLoud: 2 Chainz found his late father’s cash stash 🙏
28-01-2023 02:50
Hell nahhh😭😭😭
28-01-2023 02:37
Dis the one hoes be the first to call someone homophobic but weaponize it soon as a nigga do sumn they don’t like…
28-01-2023 02:34
RT @mrF3RDINAND: @raphousetv2 Add it to the list
28-01-2023 02:31
Nun but air between dem ears nd under dat wig 😂
28-01-2023 02:31
RT @meigotti: y’all remember when justin bieber car broke down in the hood & they made him sing hold tight & do push ups 😭😭😭😭😭😭
28-01-2023 02:27
RT @Notzachpowers: @emiliallure @Dexerto What you mean by that
27-01-2023 21:46
RT @MTNDEWGaming: @Dexerto This. This right here is what it’s all about. What a moment
27-01-2023 21:46
RT @thatbadmanlil: @Dexerto Meeting ya online homies for the first time is a magical moment 💯
27-01-2023 21:46
RT @LinusLogic: @Dexerto
27-01-2023 21:46
0 12333
RT @Dexerto: Meeting his online friends had him flabbergasted
27-01-2023 21:46
@estjaziah Lmaoooo all the hoes sayin she trippin nd shiii but when it be the other way around….💀
27-01-2023 19:41
City boys up 😈‼️
27-01-2023 19:40
RT @estjaziah: can’t make this up - Summrs
27-01-2023 19:37
RT @minasdemon:
27-01-2023 19:32
@FineAssIdi LMAOOOO how you lose a fight nd you the only one swinging 😭😭😭😭
27-01-2023 19:32
RT @FineAssIdi: This is so pathetic. I hate that teachers have to go through this
27-01-2023 19:31
RT @ninakapri: all these semesters and y’all scammers still don’t got that McGrawHill method
27-01-2023 19:29
RT @__Curtdoggg: Bitch I’m finna go buy me a chicken. They got me fucked up.
27-01-2023 19:28
0 11859
RT @JelaniMoreno: telling a kid “im not ur friend” is like cussing them out they rlly do not play abt tht shit
27-01-2023 19:16
0 25060
RT @pallnandi: Slavery was probably 1000x sicker than what we think it was.
27-01-2023 19:16
0 11620
RT @Zazamyodor: Every time you show a bitch yo soft side she gotta put it on camera
27-01-2023 15:04
RT @GoldenNigglet: All jokes aside seein yo partner havin sex W someone else is a top 10 traumatic experience
27-01-2023 15:03
RT @troneze: Us men be fake happy. Go get that girl you’re really in love with.
27-01-2023 15:03
My read receipts don’t go off for NOBODY 😂‼️
27-01-2023 09:15
0 18784
RT @die4roro: bruh she used to be wildn 😭
27-01-2023 08:49
RT @dinnafashh: calling someone a troglodyte is the craziest insult in the english language to me. it feels like a slur
27-01-2023 08:47
RT @ihateelissaa: @noheartinhim Some girls will keep the baby as excuse to get him back 😭
27-01-2023 08:47
RT @briasiab2: @noheartinhim Then post “ it’s just us “ with the child like duh u knew that from the beginning 😭
27-01-2023 08:46
RT @noheartinhim: y’all be 3 weeks pregnant & the babydaddy already left , girl kill it wyd
27-01-2023 08:46
0 15196
RT @MissKilahMarie: I’m crying at ‘white folks’ being their final straw 😭
27-01-2023 07:36
RT @GlamazonJay: No because why they fucking snap on her like that??😭😭😭
27-01-2023 07:36
0 14190
RT @EDotCinco: i think its extremely pussy to let 1 out of 7 billion people ruin your idea of love.
27-01-2023 07:36
RT @BlkHkge21: @JBresean
27-01-2023 07:35
RT @Jayy1Tre: @JBresean “I’m a brick wall” tuh, yeaa aite nigga 😂
27-01-2023 07:35
RT @CallMeSyd21: Gotta love social media 😂😭
27-01-2023 07:29
27-01-2023 04:24
RT @atMeNextTimeGa1: @lyemcfly They are lifting the weight of can goods - stay at home!
27-01-2023 04:24
0 21629
RT @lyemcfly: Worst nightmare is some mid putting me on a gym Tik tok
27-01-2023 04:23
RT @DevinMcHale_: This was really this nigga last tweet LMAOOOOOO
27-01-2023 04:21
Bro said the full name…LMAOOOOO 😂
27-01-2023 04:21
RT @FastLaneTaddx: LMFAOOOOO bruh
27-01-2023 04:19
RT @Tuchie___: Dying of colon cancer at 35 is crazy especially since they don’t recommend getting screened for it until the age of 45. Ri…
27-01-2023 04:18
RT @Zazamyodor: You supposed to miss high school when u 19-20 not when u 28 nigga
27-01-2023 04:16
@rahsh33m Nigga said🤣🤣
27-01-2023 04:15
RT @africanglo: @rahsh33m He sound like courage
27-01-2023 04:13
RT @rahsh33m: He screamed just like a cartoon character 😂
27-01-2023 04:12
RT @VaushV: @TheJoeySwoll I legit think gyms should start enforcing a no recording policy I know it’s practically tradition but this influ…
27-01-2023 04:12