Mining industry is ‘more resilient’ than ever

Mining industry is ‘more resilient’ than ever

Mining and mining related industries are “more resilient” than ever, according to a recent study.

The study, published by the US government’s National Mining Statistics Institute (NMISI), found that mining industries in the US have seen a 30 percent drop in mining fatalities since 2009.

This was in line with the recent drop in the number of fatalities in the mining industry as a whole.

“Mining is more resilient to the impact of climate change than any other industry,” said Dr. Brian Hirsch of the NMISI in a statement.

The mining industry is the only industry in the United States that relies on fossil fuels for most of its energy production.

“The fossil fuel industry is at the epicenter of climate disruption.

The fossil fuel energy system is at war with the climate,” said Hirsch.

The industry was also one of the fastest growing industries in 2015.

The numbers for 2016 and 2017 show a 10 percent drop from the year before, with the biggest decrease in mining deaths.

The biggest drop was in mining related jobs, where the industry experienced a 17 percent drop.

This is despite the fact that the number dropped from 1.7 million jobs in 2015 to just under 900,000 in 2016.

Mining is also at the heart of the coal industry.

Coal mines are among the most polluting industries in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

Coal mining jobs in the country grew at a steady pace over the last decade, according the study.

It is the biggest source of job losses in the coal mining industry, with about 9.7 percent of the industry.

The National Mining Association, a trade group for the mining and mining-related industries, called the study a “significant achievement.”

The NMISIs research found that the industry was among the least likely to see a drop in total mining fatalities.

“There is no silver bullet, but we can take actions to address the root causes of climate-related disasters,” said Tom Muellner, vice president of the National Mining Coalition.

“We need to stop burning coal, and we need to get mining back on track.”

Mueldner also pointed to the need for a more diversified workforce.

“One of the reasons we have seen the mining sector grow so fast is because of the number and diversity of industries in this country,” he said.

“This means that we have more opportunities for workers who are able to take on more challenging jobs in mining and related industries.”

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