India’s salt mining industry booming, mining companies welcome report

India’s salt mining industry booming, mining companies welcome report

The mining industry is booming in India with companies like Sonatite Ltd.

and Shriya Minerals Pvt.


investing millions of dollars in infrastructure and new mines, with a focus on India’s biggest salt deposit, the Western Ghats.

A year ago, the industry was struggling.

The state-owned mine owned by the Sonatites was among the worst hit by the 2013-14 monsoon floods, and mining production plummeted by 40% in just a year.

Now, the state-run company says it has managed to re-enter the business, and has recently secured new licenses to expand its mines. 

While the mines are now operating smoothly, there are still problems, including a shortage of trained workers.

In some places, the mining companies are not even hiring. 

“We are struggling to hire people and the lack of training is worrying,” said Rajesh Yadav, a spokesman for Sonatit, the company’s parent. 

Despite the challenges, Sonatity has managed it. 

Sonatite says its mines are producing 10.7 billion tonnes of salt every year. 

Rajesh Yadadav, Sonatei chairman and chief executive, speaks at the Narendra Modi’s Bharat Sanchar Nigam meeting in New Delhi. 

Source: Reuters photo by Praveen Swami | License:  CC BY-SA 3.0

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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