How to make a fake email to sell mining equipment

How to make a fake email to sell mining equipment

There’s a scam being hatched to sell equipment to people who don’t need it.

A series of emails purportedly sent to a company in Australia are now being investigated by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) following a tip-off.

The scam involves an email sent from a fictitious company in the US called Tires Direct, claiming to be a mining equipment supplier in Australia.

The emails claim to be from TiresDirect, but are fake.

The company’s website, which includes an email address, has been taken down.

The scammer in question appears to be using a fake name, but the company’s Australian address and phone number are still listed.

“The company has not been established,” a spokesman said.

“We do not have any information to indicate this email was sent from the company, nor that the email was from a real person.”

A person calling themselves the “owner” of the company has a similar email address and telephone number.

They claim to have a business account with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which would allow them to trade securities electronically.

When contacted, Tiresdirect said it had not received the emails.

In one email, the company claims to have received an “investment” from a “real” company, but in another it claims to be “an investor”.

The company says the “investor” is a “legitimate” investor, but it does not explain why it believes it is legitimate.

“There are no links or links to any legitimate companies,” the company said.

Police in the United States are also looking into the scam.

If you’re interested in buying equipment for the scam, you can contact Tires.

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