Australia’s top miner fined $2.5 million for alleged role in massive coal mine cover-up

Australia’s top miner fined $2.5 million for alleged role in massive coal mine cover-up

Australia’s biggest miner has been fined $4.8 million after a court found he had colluded with the state’s largest mining company to cover up the company’s role in a massive coal-mining cover-ups scheme.

Key points:Jens Schramm, head of the Commonwealth-owned mining company, KGW, was jailed for four years over the alleged roleThe court heard that KGW would pay $20 million to cover legal costs in the caseThe miner was given the maximum penalty of $5.5m over a decade in prisonThe Commonwealth-run company, which is the world’s largest gold miner, has pleaded guilty to 13 counts of serious criminal conduct and one count of dishonestly obtaining a commercial advantage from a public official.

In its case against the company, the court heard Mr Schramd’s involvement in the “black gold” operation could have resulted in $15 billion in damages to the company and the Commonwealth.

In December last year, a federal court found Mr Schrams role in the operation was a criminal offence.

Mr Schrams was fined $3.4 million in October for an “unlawful employment practice” but was allowed to continue working for the company after it paid the fine.

The company’s head of operations, Mr Andrew D’Arcy, is facing two criminal charges of serious corruption and one of dishonest management.

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