Australia’s mining industry services sector to shed 1,000 jobs as new mine closures are announced

Australia’s mining industry services sector to shed 1,000 jobs as new mine closures are announced

CricInfo title Australia has announced a 1,100 jobs cut for the mining industry in a bid to rein in a mining boom article Croydon, England (CNN) Australia’s biggest mining companies are to shed thousands of jobs as part of a nationwide plan to slash mining jobs.

Key points:The Australian Mining Industry Services Association (AMISA) said the government will cut 1,200 jobs in the mining sectorA new, national policy for the sector announced on MondayThe AMISA has said it will cut 2,000 positions in the sector over the next two years as the country attempts to clamp down on “unacceptable” mining practicesThe move follows a series of mining closures announced by the government in recent weeks, which included a closure of a mine that had a significant impact on communities in the regionThe Australian mining industry is Australia’s largest employer, with more than 13,000 people employed in the industry.

The company, which operates in the Northern Territory, South Australia and Victoria, has been hit by a series the closures, which have included a mine shutdown at Lake Burley Griffin in the northern state of Tasmania.AMISA president Paul O’Sullivan said the company’s chief executive officer, Bruce Murray, had met with his local and state counterparts to “make a real commitment” to “put more money into the industry”.

“The impact on our communities is real,” he said.

“There is a significant community impact to these closures, the impact on families, and our staff are impacted by the closures.”

The reality is that these closures have impacted our ability to attract and retain skilled workers, and in some cases our ability even to retain those workers.”‘

Very important’The Australian Chamber of Commerce, the Australian Mining Association, the Northern Australia Mining Council and the Australian Industry Group all backed the move, and have also joined a call for the government to “cut back on the unnecessary and unreasonable regulations on the mining process”.

The AMISEA said it would also be cutting 1,400 jobs in its regional branch, and its own mining industry operations in Western Australia and the Northern Mariana Islands.

The AMISA said the cuts would affect people in the country’s mining regions, and that the government’s new policy would “focus on creating a more productive and sustainable mining industry for Australia”.

The mining sector employs more than 10 million people in Australia.

The government has previously promised to cut mining jobs by half by 2022, but has yet to provide a timeframe.

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