NFL’s $500 million deal with Cameco mining company ends after six months

NFL’s $500 million deal with Cameco mining company ends after six months

The NFL has signed a contract with Camecom Mining to develop and operate a $500-million mining facility in the northern New Mexico state of New Mexico, the league announced Wednesday.

The deal with the company, which is one of the world’s largest mining companies, comes just two weeks after the NFL announced that it had agreed to buy the rights to televise football games.

The announcement came days after the league began airing the games on the NFL Network, and as the league has struggled to find ways to keep up with growing demand for its games.

In its announcement, the NFL said the Camecom facility would “provide an unparalleled experience for the NFL and other professional sports leagues in the Northern New Mexico region, while also serving as a significant contributor to the economic and social development of the region.”

The Camecom project is one the NFL has pursued for more than a decade.

The NFL first sought the Cameco proposal in 2011 after the state announced a $400-million coal mine was under construction in nearby Barstow, which would have produced about 1.6 million tons of coal.

That project stalled, but a new coal mine in nearby Grand Junction, Colo., has been under construction since 2011.

The NFL announced in May that it would spend $1 billion to construct a new stadium in Los Angeles, but it has not announced how much it will spend on the Cameca project.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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