How to keep mining companies from leaving Australia

How to keep mining companies from leaving Australia

A group of miners have launched a campaign to stop the mining industry from leaving the country.

Key points:The group wants mining companies to be able to export their products to other countries and not only Australian export marketsThe mining industry is struggling with a low commodity price, high capital cost and high regulatory costsThe group’s aim is to keep the mining sector hereThe group has been calling on the mining companies, including those in Australia’s big mining companies such as Rio Tinto and Rio Troughton, to sign a declaration to stay in Australia.

“The mining sector is a multi-billion dollar industry here in Australia, and it is a sector that we should be proud of,” said Chris Hinton, a Queensland mining industry leader and a former chairman of the Australian National Mine Association (ANMA).

“We’ve had a good run for decades and I think the people of Australia should be able look back on the past and say, ‘how many times has that industry been here?'”‘

It’s our job to keep it here’Hinton said the mining groups should be free to do what they want in Australia without fear of losing their jobs.

“We have got a job to do to keep our country here, we’re not going to leave.”

“There’s not a lot of opportunities to be found in Australia for mining in the world, so the best way to help this industry stay here is to work with them to keep them here,” he said.

“It’s the mining community’s job to make sure that they’re staying here.”

They have a lot to lose and they’re our family, and we should keep them.

“The Queensland Mining Association’s Queensland Mining Strategy is aimed at keeping mining companies in the country and not just export markets.

The strategy is focused on creating a culture of openness, transparency and cooperation in the mining and mining related sectors, including the mining of iron ore, iron ore and minerals.

The group is also calling on Australian export companies to agree to a declaration that they will continue to operate in Queensland for the next three years, or until they decide to move to a new country.”

That will be the last mining company that is going to go,” said Hinton.”

And if we can keep that industry here, I think we’re doing a good job.

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