When mining companies fail to provide accurate data, regulators must step in

When mining companies fail to provide accurate data, regulators must step in

Mining companies are required to provide data on the mining industry’s production, use, and production processes, but they don’t have to do so, according to a federal panel appointed to review the industry’s business practices.

The National Mining Board of Canada’s review, released Tuesday, recommends that the federal government require all mining companies to provide the information in a timely manner, including in writing.

It also calls on industry stakeholders to make changes to ensure mining companies provide accurate information, including providing a public database of mining operations.

The industry has struggled to comply with the requirements in recent years.

The federal government has been working to address the issue by mandating mining companies submit to annual audits and make publicly available the information they collect.

But the National Mining Association, which represents the nation’s mining companies, has said the industry has failed to provide adequate information on the production, usage and use of minerals.

The NMA is calling for the federal regulator to mandate that mining companies include the information required by the federal mining act in a public resource information centre.

The Mining and Metallurgy Association of Canada said in a statement the federal review “strongly supports” the industry providing the required information.

The report recommends that Canada establish a national data-sharing plan for mining companies and for mining organizations to work toward a common data collection and sharing framework.

The mining industry is “under enormous pressure” to comply, the NMA said.

“In many ways, we have already failed,” the association said in the statement.

“The mining companies have been in the mining business for a long time, and have made it clear they intend to stay in the business.”

A mining industry spokeswoman said in an email that the industry is looking forward to the report’s release and will make further comments later this year.

A report by the industry-backed Institute for Fiscal Studies earlier this year found that mining firms were undercounting the amount of minerals mined in Canada.

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