When Iran mines its own uranium: Why is the US pushing sanctions on Iran?

When Iran mines its own uranium: Why is the US pushing sanctions on Iran?

A new report from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) shows that Iran is likely to export more than $50 billion worth of its uranium to international customers in the next five years. 

“The IRGC has already demonstrated that it can obtain large quantities of uranium by producing a large quantity of uranium ore and using it in its nuclear weapons programs,” the IAEA wrote in a new report published Thursday. 

But despite the recent IAEI report, the US is now in the process of pushing new sanctions on Iranian leaders, which could hurt the nuclear industry. 

In the new report, IAEa noted that the U.S. has also targeted Iran’s uranium enrichment facility at Fordow, in western Iran, in addition to the IRGC’s uranium production facilities at Qom and Khomri, both in western Tehran. 

Uranium enrichment is considered the main means for making a nuclear weapon, and the United States has threatened to impose economic sanctions on the country over its nuclear program.

The report also said that in the last three months, Iran has been shipping “at least” 30 tons of uranium to the U,D.C., site of a planned uranium enrichment plant in western Iraq, which the IEA says was likely intended to provide fuel for the Arak heavy water reactor.

The report said the ARAK reactor would be used to produce enriched uranium for a heavy water nuclear reactor, but the reactor would not be operational by 2020.

The IAEAC added that Iran’s shipments of uranium, despite being a suspected diversion of the Uranium One deal, have not been reported by U.N. officials. 

Iran has long claimed that it has no intention of using the heavy water reactors to make nuclear weapons.

But the IAA said the IRAK plant has not been operating since it was built in 2003, and it is not clear when it will be shut down. 

A U.K.-based watchdog group, the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), has said the URA, Iran’s nuclear enrichment facility in western Turkey, is likely used for uranium enrichment and a plutonium reprocessing facility.

The campaign has also called for sanctions to be imposed on Iran’s central bank and other Iranian entities.

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