US mining drill site ‘could be contaminated by COVID-19’

US mining drill site ‘could be contaminated by COVID-19’

According to an analysis by TechRadars, a US mining company, a drill site near Corpus Christi, Texas could be contaminated with COVID and other infectious diseases as a result of the spread of the coronavirus.

Cisco, the mining company behind the drilling project, is working with Texas Department of State Health Services to assess the health of the drilling operation.

In the study, TechRadaru noted that the drilling site was in an area that was already under construction, and that the site had already received numerous complaints from local residents.

TechRadarf reports that this may have affected the work of the local health department.

The drilling team had already drilled the area with the drilling machine before it was inspected.

Techradars reported that the drill hole was 1.8 meters deep and that some of the drill material was also contaminated with an organic material that can be harmful to humans.

The company also warned that the contaminated drill material could have caused the drilling process to fail and cause an explosion.

The state has also notified the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that there may be a possibility of contamination in the drilling area.

The drilling company has reportedly been advised to take steps to reduce contamination, but no date has been set for their next steps.

As part of the Texas health department’s investigation, the company will also be working with the local emergency management agency to assess possible health risks related to the drill site.

Consequences of the contamination have not yet been determined, but the drilling company told TechRadaris that they would conduct further testing on the site to determine the extent of the spill.

The US government has been trying to stop the spread and spread of coronaviruses, which are airborne viruses that are transmitted by respiratory droplets, or aerosols.

As a result, coronaviral coronavirosts have been spreading faster than ever, and have become a growing threat to health.

According to the CDC, the spread has been “unprecedented” and is “on track to cause the death of more than a million people in the United States by the end of 2020.”

The US health department has been warning for several months that coronaviremia is spreading faster in the US than ever before, and it has urged the public to wear masks when outdoors.

The coronavioids have become an increasingly common form of infectious disease, and some states have started restricting access to outdoor activities.

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