How to avoid the mining industry’s pollution problem

How to avoid the mining industry’s pollution problem

Mining industry pollution is a serious problem in Australia, and mining companies are doing everything they can to reduce it.

But the Australian Bureau of Meteorology is warning the number of coalmines in Australia will double in the next five years, which could mean millions of jobs are at risk.

“There is a significant risk that mining activity in the coming years will have a major impact on the availability of water and other resources for the local communities,” the bureau said in its 2016 National Coalmines Data Report.

“As mining activity increases, there will be a risk of groundwater and aquifers being depleted, and aquifer water resources being depleted,” it added.

“In addition, the increased mining activity could lead to a loss of water quality and potential impacts to local communities.”

The report also noted that some mining companies had not complied with environmental guidelines for decades, and some mining operations were polluting the water supplies of local communities.

The bureau’s latest National Coalmine Data Report found that about 9,700 coal mines operated in Australia in 2016.

It found about 1.7 million tonnes of coal was mined in the country in 2016, representing a 7 per cent increase over 2015.

The report noted that there were 1,500 coalminers in Victoria, with about 1,600 operating, and about 1 million tonnes being mined in Queensland, with 1,000 operating.

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