Gold rush will see a major spike in demand for BHP and Rio Tinto’s mining stocks

Gold rush will see a major spike in demand for BHP and Rio Tinto’s mining stocks

In the past year, BHP has sold more than $300 billion worth of gold, copper and silver, according to market research firm FactSet.

It’s a trend that has also seen Rio Tintos and Rio Mining, a Chinese mining giant, also see big spikes in demand.

Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement A recent report by the Australian National University found the number of Australian gold miners has surged to the highest levels since 2007, as miners across the country look to make a profit.

The average Australian miner is now looking at a $1.7 billion profit, up from $1 billion last year, the research said.

Advertisement Mining companies also said the boom in demand from overseas has helped drive demand for mining equipment, as well as for the construction of mines in other countries.

Gold, silver and copper miners have also been using the gold rush to boost their margins, as companies are now looking for new ways to boost sales.BHP is already one of the biggest mining companies in Australia.

Its mines include the BHP Gold mine in Western Australia, which is the world’s biggest open pit gold mine, with a production capacity of more than 2 million tonnes.

Rio Tincos mines are also based in New South Wales and Queensland.

“Gold prices are at record highs and we are continuing to ramp up our mining operations in the Northern Territory and the Kimberley,” Rio Tinsos CEO Jim McGregor said.

“Our ore is being mined in very high quality areas.

The demand for gold is in a great position to continue growing.”

While the boom has brought a big boost to the country’s gold mining industry, it’s not without risks.

BHP said in its annual report to shareholders last year that it was also concerned about the impact the recent surge in gold prices had on its business.

“The recent increase in gold price is a reflection of continued high gold demand in the world,” the report said.

“As a result, we have continued to review our supply plans, and our current plans are in line with our objectives for the foreseeable future.”

“We are currently evaluating our supply plan and our business outlook for the coming year.”


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